Maybe Bendy Straws Would Work Too...

by softi

Copyright© 2011 by softi

Sex Story: Agent Lauren awakes to find herself bound with her target over her...

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   NonConsensual   Mind Control   Magic   Lesbian   Light Bond   .

I think I've read a lot of stories like this, but I hope you find my take fresh, or at least interesting. For me, it's a mix of inspirations from the Akiko series by Aerosol Kid, Shockingly Black by EyeofSerpent, the Goddess Julia stories by slave lyra and Birth of Obedience by Iago.

Disclaimer: This story contains scenes of non-consensual sex between females and depictions of sexual slavery. If you are under 18 or offended by this type of material please do not continue. Otherwise, please read on and enjoy! Also, any resemblance of the characters in this work of people either living, dead or fictitious is unintentional and purely coincidental.

Maybe Bendy Straws Would Work Too

Lauren's arms were a little uncomfortable stuck above her head and her legs wouldn't come together. Cotton filled her mouth. 'Did I drink last night?' she thought. 'No, I'm on assignment.' Her eyelids felt glued together. It really was cloth in her mouth. She shook her head a bit as she pulled her eyes open and tried to spit whatever it was out. A painted nymph stared back at her instead of the trees she expected. She shut her eyes again and shook some more.

The picture of the nymph came into focus when she opened her eyes again. It wasn't the pine trees she expected. A cheery smell of soft, fresh linen did not fit in an evergreen forest. Neither did the comfortable bed she was lying on, nor the silk sheet covering her, nor the leather cuffs on her wrists and ankles. She lifted her head and saw the chains running to the bedposts.

'What the fuck happened?' she thought as she tested her bonds. 'Forest. I remember the forest next to CO-72. We'd come up from Boulder and scouted out a retreat.'

Lauren yanked hard with her arms and legs, grunting with effort as her muscles cried in agony and sinews strained to the breaking point. Her struggles only managed to move the thin silk sheet that was covering her body down, exposing her chest.

She heard a door swing open. Lifting her head, she saw a captivating dark-haired lady walk into the room. The woman shut the door behind herself and dropped her silk robe to the floor in one fluid motion, revealing a flawless body. "Hi Lauren." She stepped over the cloth on the floor and looked down at the prone agent. Lauren recognized her.


Her team had been sent into the foothills because some bigwig's perfect little Christian daughter came back from a weekend spiritual retreat spouting about her new love and devotion for Seren, the retreat's coordinator. After a talk that Mr. Bigwig thought went pretty well, the daughter proceeded to convert her friends one by one to her newfound spiritual leader's devotion. He found out when he came home early one day and found an orgy devoted to Seren in his living room, at the center of which was his perfect little Christian daughter getting fucked from behind by a cheerleader wearing a strap-on while his daughter ate out her best friend since elementary school.

Lauren and her team were dispatched the same day.

When they left the field office, they'd been briefed to check for any financial information pertaining to "suspicious activities". Apparently the perfect little Christian daughter knew where Daddy kept the credit cards.

The team found a spot to observe the retreat easily enough. The surrounding hillsides were covered with varying densities of the pine forest that dominated this region of the Rocky Mountains. Lauren scouted out the area and chose a campsite on the other side of the highway. It was perfect, covered in shadow much of the day and not directly visible from the road.

Lauren remembered vaguely heading across the highway that night to set up an observation point with Rod and Spike. Details got a little fuzzy after that. Had she heard a sound and stopped? Or felt a pinch? What about Rod and Spike?

Now Lauren was here, at the mercy of this woman. Her memory might be cloudy, but she knew that Rod and Spike wouldn't have gone down easily. 'I've tried.' She laughed to herself. Hopefully at least one got away and alerted someone to the ambush. Probably Spike; he'd always been a little sharper.

Then again, she shouldn't have been captured so easily. Maybe they were in other rooms, being interrogated in their own ways.

That was better than the last possibility.

"I hope you're comfortable," said Seren. "That will make all of this a little easier. The sheets are soft, aren't they?" She picked up the silk covering Lauren and ran it through her fingers. "Straight from China. A new convert supplied them shortly after he found his purpose in life." She smiled at Lauren. "I can see the concern in your face. You are worried about Spike and Rod? Don't fret, they are well taken care of." Seren sat on the side of the bed and tossed a duffle bag from the floor between Lauren's spread legs, letting the sheet fall off. "And we have some things to talk about, you and I, so don't let yourself get distracted worrying about them." Seren leaned in close. "I need to know what the HSA knows," she whispered. "And who in the HSA knows." She smiled again. "And what they are intending to do about it. And I know that you know, captain." Seren leaned back.

Lauren gasped, then fought to control her response. Seren knew who she was. This was bad. She tried to talk through the cloth in her mouth, shaking her head in denial. "I don't know what you're talking about," came out as "Mm bmomb nmmm wmmmt oomm rrm bbmmmin mbobt." Seren laughed.

"No need for denials, Lauren. I'll know the truth soon enough. You can't resist what I have in store, despite all of your anti-brainwashing training at the academy." Seren lifted a silver stick out of the black bag. Strange ruins gilded it's shiny sides. "This, dear agent, came from a temple in Greece. They used it to bond two Sapphic lovers in a marriage blessed by the gods." Seren gently stroked the two-headed dildo with her fingertips. "I've found another use, one you can't resist."

Goose bumps traveled down Lauren's exposed skin. This was one of the weirdest things she'd ever heard of. Obviously Seren thought she could fuck Lauren with the dildo till she broke and turned canary. It sounded like some nerdy college freak's sick lesbian fantasy. "Dude, this chick like totally fucked this other chick into submission and stuff. It was awesome." Lauren shivered.

"Sorry if it's cool, but I prefer it that way when I exert myself," Seren said. She traced with her fingertips down from Lauren's chest to her crotch. They felt strange to Lauren since she'd never felt the sensation of nails dragging along her freshly shaven pussy, and it sent little tingles around her body. Her own adolescent fantasies where she imagined waking up tied down played through her head, quivering into her crotch with terrified, helpless flutters of lust. They'd always involved some pirate or gangster, but never a crazed lesbian leader of a cult in Colorado.

Seren pulled a tube of lubricant out of the bag and squeezed a clear circle around the top of the silver tool. She touched the rod to Lauren's now glistening lips. Lauren pulled her hips away as best she could. It didn't help much; Seren pushed the dildo in anyways. "I must apologize, because I've really made this unfair." Seren gently worked the spike into Lauren's cunt. "While you were passed out, I injected you full of a cocktail of drugs that will keep you horny for weeks. Testosterone, Viagra, a few other things..." Lauren turned away as Seren leaned in to kiss her gag. "Soon, you'll be begging for it." She pulled the dildo outward to its tip, then slid it deep inside Lauren. Lauren felt sparks in her belly along the tool's length, adding to her increasing desire. She fluttered her eyelids before regaining control.

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