Alice Is Raped

by b biddle

Copyright© 2011 by b biddle

BDSM Sex Story: Alice is raped by her two stepbrothers

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Rape   Heterosexual   MaleDom   Spanking   Rough   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

When Alice and Helen had moved into Stanley's house his twin sons Bill and Bob were 17 years old. They didn't care much. They thought that Helen was hot and would have loved to fuck her hard, but she was their father's woman and so they only dreamed of doing so. The 12-year old Alice was gawky and as far as they were concerned just a trailer-trash brat. She was not of sexual interest to them. But in the time it took Stanley to enslave Helen (See HELEN IS ENSLAVED), Alice blossomed. Within the space of a few months she developed a squeezable round ass and very suckable tits. They weren't as large as Helen's but they were a shapely handful.

This did not escape the notice of Bill and Bob. Stanley's treatment of Helen did not escape their notice either. Clearly Stanley had made Helen his sex slave. They couldn't help but wonder if Alice might be fair game.

On the fateful Friday evening that Stanley forced Helen to accompany him to a weekend BDSM orgy a series of events transpired that were to have far-reaching consequences.

Alice had stayed after school to watch a soccer game. The game was exciting and in the crowd's enthusiasm a student sitting behind her spilled a 32-ounce cup of coke all over Alice. Maybe it was an accident, maybe it wasn't, but the damage was done. It soaked her hair and ran down her face. Her blouse and bra were stained and wet. The cold liquid on her tits forced her nipples to harden and they were visible through the wet fabric.

The liquid dripped down soaking her pants and even flowing into her cunt crack causing pleasant sensations in her clit. Alice and her clothes were a mess. There was no way she could take the public bus home in this condition.

She remembered that last semester she had left a shirt and shorts in her gym locker. So she got back into the deserted building and made her way to the girls' shower room.

A glance in the mirror confirmed her worst fears. She was a mess and unfit to be seen in public. She took off her top and she could see that her tits were soaked with sticky brown fluid. The tops of her tits pressed up by her bra were brown and sticky.

When she slipped off her shorts and panties she could see that even her cunt hair was a matted mess. Standing naked before one of the sinks she rinsed out her clothes, wrung them out and then hung them in various places to dry.

She grabbed a towel and headed into a stall. She turned on the warm water and stood luxuriating as the pleasant stream washed the coke out of her hair. The water streamed down her face and onto her tits. The sluicing water caressed her nipples and ran through her cunt and ass cracks giving her clit a pleasant sensation. She took a bar of soap and lathered up. She rubbed soap on her tits and reveled in the silky feeling of her slippery hands on her tit flesh. Her nipples extended and became diamond hard. She soaped lower on her belly and then rubbed the bar of soap in her cunt. It slid smoothly against her clit causing it to harden. She rubbed the bar of soap against her asshole while she finished fingering her cunt and had a nice little orgasm.

It wasn't one of those earth shattering orgasms that makes a woman scream until she passes out from lack of air. Alice was now barely 13. She was perhaps a sexually precocious thirteen but she had not yet learned how to reach fantastic highs.

So after her pleasant climax, she turned off the shower, put a towel around herself and went to find her wet clothes. She could decide whether to wear them or the clothes in her locker. She was aghast when everything but her tennis shoes was missing. The shoes were sitting neatly on top of her locker. Apparently the custodian had come through and picked up. Alice blushed as she considered the possibility that her private interlude might have been seen.

In any case she was resigned to wearing home the clothes in her locker. She got them out and started to slip the white shorts up her legs. She was startled and then horrified when she couldn't get them on. She suddenly realized why. She had put these in the locker back before she blossomed. Then she had been skinny and had no tits. Now she was shapely and stacked. She pulled and pulled and inched the shorts upward. The seams and fabric were nearly bursting and only after a great deal of effort and of wiggling and contorting did she finally get them over her ass and cunt. When she looked in the mirror she was appalled. Her ass crack and cunt crack were clearly delineated. Her camel-toe was blatant.

The tee was even worse. When she tried to pull it down over her tits the seams started to separate and the jersey fabric laddered and developed runs. When she finally got it on as best she could the picture looking at her from the mirror was appalling. The material was stretched almost to transparency. Her aureolae were clearly visible and her nipples were in danger of poking through the fabric. Even worse, the shirt was not long enough to fully cover her tit-flesh. The lower slopes of her cock-inciters were much in evidence.

She looked to herself like a street-corner hooker. She blushed crimson at the thought of having to get on the bus like this. But it was this outfit or towels wrapped around her. With trepidation she headed to the bus stop. Fortunately there was no one else waiting. The bus almost didn't stop. The driver indeed thought she was a hooker, but faced with her frantic waving he let her on. There were no seats in the front and she was forced to walk the length of the bus to get a seat. She could almost hear cocks hardening to thrust against pants as the men leered at her body. The woman looked at her disgustedly. She had never felt so humiliated. She hoped she never would feel that humiliated again. But her hopes would be vain.

As Alice made her way homeward she had no idea of what awaited her. Bill and Bob were celebrating their 18th birthday. They were a few dayse late, but since Dad and his woman were out of the house they had taken an opportunity to get drunk and watch porno films. Stanley had given them permission to use his stash and had even bought them two bottles of vodka.

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