Alice's Revenge

by b biddle

Copyright© 2011 by b biddle

BDSM Sex Story: Alice gets revenge on the step-brothers who raped her by making them her cunt slaves.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Coercion   Blackmail   Heterosexual   FemaleDom   Spanking   Rough   Humiliation   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   .

Bill and Bob came bounding into the room. They were taken aback at seeing their dad standing there with his belt in his hand. Their hearts sank as he glared at them. They knew that he had learned of their sexual abuse of Alice ( see ALICE GETS RAPED), the boy's thirteen-year old step-sister. Their glances quickly took in the presence of their step-mom and Alice sitting in wing-chairs. The females looked at them very sternly.

"You have raped and sodomized your sister. Because she is thirteen and you are 18, the penalty for that is life in prison. They were truly scared now. They realized what he said was true and that they would spend the rest of their lives being butt-fucked and throat fucked by disease- ridden convicts.

I have begged your step-mother and your step-sister not to prosecute. They feel you should go to prison. I begged and pleaded on your unworthy behalves and they have agreed not to prosecute under two conditions. One is that you will accept whatever punishment your stepsister wants to impose. He did not tell them that the second condition was that he himself would become a slave to these women's cunts. He was reminded of this condition because the presence of the huge butt-plug now in his ass was a constant reminder.

"Please, Dad, don't! We're sorry. They turned to Alice. We're sorry it won't ever happen again."

Helen their step mother chimed in—"It shouldn't have happened once. The choice is prison and submission to the cocks of convicts or submission to your step-sister." Alice just stared at them aloofly.

"Please, Dad. We're sorry. You should punish us, not Alice."

"Silence! " Roared Stanley. " From now on you will address her as Mistress Alice or as Ms Jones and it is definitely going to be Mistress Alice who will punish you." They stared at Alice with horror. Her cunt had dampened as she considered how she would subjugate their naked bodies. Her nipples, unseen, elongated and hardened. She had never felt so good and yet knew that she would soon be feeling even better than that. She had been humiliated by their treatment of her but she was certain that it would now all have been worth it as she reduced these two boys to abject slavery.

Bill and Bob couldn't keep their eyes off the 13-year old Alice. They had always referred to her as the snot-nosed kid. They had been startled on the day of the rape at how ripe her body was. She certainly didn't look only thirteen right now.

Her long auburn hair was piled high on her head. Her green eyes seemed as emerald as the suit she was wearing. It consisted of a form fitting jacket worn open over a white blouse. The blouse was unbuttoned to the waist and they caught a glimpse of skin and a hint of tit flesh. The skirt was tight and slit on both sides all the way to her waist. She had negligently crossed what seemed like an impossibly long leg over her knee. The naked leg was visible all the way to her hip. It didn't appear that she was wearing panties. She definitely was not wearing a bra. She was as composed as a 50-year old judge.

The thought of being punished by Alice caused their stomachs to churn and their faces to blush. They were already becoming a little humiliated. They had no idea how deep their humiliation would become. But they were still teen-aged boys. Alice's body and demeanor had its effect and their cocks involuntarily hardened. The sudden bulge in their pants was not lost on Alice who stared at their crotches with bemusement. This humiliated the boys a little more and they got harder still. Alice raised her eyes to their faces and smiled maliciously.

"Strip!" commanded their father. They made a final attempt to save themselves. "Please, Dad, not Alice, er I mean Mistress Alice Jones. You punish us. We'll be good."

"Get those clothes off now! Your empty promises mean nothing. You deserve to go to prison. This is the alternative." The boys, defeated not only by Stanley's determination but by the realization that the alternative was indeed many years in prison, began to strip.

As they began to comply Stanley sat down and made an unmistakable gesture not lost on anyone present that he was turning the proceedings over to Alice. The boys stalled at their briefs. Alice snapped at them—"Everything boys! Naked!" Stanley raised his belt and the boys, blushing now a bright crimson, stripped the last scrap of cloth from their now completely exposed bodies.

Instinctively they moved to cup and cover their crotches. Alice rose angrily to her feet. "Get those hands off your cocks!" They were startled by her language as much as her vociferousness and moved their hands away. Their hard cocks bounded into view not much softened by their embarrassment.

"How dare you have hard-ons without permission!" she said with feigned outrage. She was secretly thrilled that her sexy body had caused these erections in spite of their fear. She struck them each a vicious blow across the front of their thighs with a quirt that they only now saw was in her hands. They squealed and jumped and looked desperately for someone to defend them from this imperious women. Their parents' demeanor showed that no succor would be coming from that quarter. Helen's face, indeed, indicated delight at what was about to happen to these naughty boys.

Alice took one step closer to them, and with the quirt dangling from her wrist by its loop reached out and with one hand for each boy cruelly grabbed each boy's cock and balls and squeezed. They bent over in pain. "You are under my control and will do what I tell you to. If you do not react instantly and with enthusiasm you will be punished. If you try to resist, you will experience serious pain." She emphasized this statement with a cruel twist of their equipment causing them to bend over even more.

She released their cocks and balls and stepped back. The pain had done its work. Their cocks had wilted and even as she watched their cocks and balls pulled back into their crotches. She glanced at their equipment and sneered, "those are pretty pathetic! Get on your knees before me. Hand's behind your heads."

They fell to their knees complying and stared up at the impossibly tall women now towering over them. They thought they had never been so demeaned and possibly that was true. But they had only begun to experience the debasement that Alice had in mind for them.

As she towered over them she removed her jacket. Her blouse was of a very thin white silk and it clung to and molded her tits. Her hard nipples poked through the fabric and the wide plunge revealed the side and bottom slopes of large firm tits. Just a few days before they had fondled those tits and fucked her cunt and asshole. They would now pay the price.

In spite of her gorgeous, sexy body looming over them the boys were too terrified to harden, but Stanley noticed and his cock hardened. Helen saw his reaction and vowed that he would pay for this later. His cock was now hers to control and Stanley would get hard only when told to.

Alice glared down at the boys. "You have behaved disgustingly. You debased me and hurt me. Your father has begged that you not be sent to prison for the rest of your lives. I have agreed to that reluctantly and only with the understanding that I can have complete and total revenge. From now on you must do anything and everything I demand or you can try prison."

"You fondled me, spanked me, raped me and sodomized me. Now it is your turn. You are the ones who are going to be spanked, raped and sodomized and I am going to do it. I am going to spank you and beat you. I am going to force you to perform every obscene act I can think of and I have a very fertile imagination. I'm going to cause you pain and humiliation and degrade you completely. I am going to strip your ego from you as thoroughly as we have stripped your clothes. When I am done you will be gibbering pools of jelly."

She beckoned imperiously to Stanley who quickly moved an ottoman into position. She sat on it and commanded Bill over her lap. Using her bare hand she began to spank him with slow, punishing blows delivered with such skill that he almost immediately began to scream. His ass was soon bright crimson and he was writhing and blubbering. The boy's equipment writhing on Alice's lap caressed her cunt and increased her desire even further.

Bob got the same treatment. His ass was soon crimson and his stomach was roiling in shame. He was now under the control of a mere thirteen year-old who had recently been in his own power. His debasement was almost as painful as the spanking. Each blow to his suffering ass caused him to jerk in pain and with each blow his sense of humiliation increased. After Bob was shoved disdainfully from Alice's lap to join his still writhing brother, Alice rose and glared down at them.

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