Club Cfnm

by b biddle

Copyright© 2011 by b biddle

Sex Story: Tiffany and her friends get into CLUB CFNM where all the servers are male, naked and ready for abuse.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Coercion   Heterosexual   FemaleDom   Spanking   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   .

Tiffany and her two friends moved excitedly into the club. She was a little surprised they had gotten past the door-guard with their fake ideas. They had all dressed carefully and wore makeup, but they were really only 15, not 22. She scanned the room and was impressed with its elegance. Her eyes stopped on the main attraction. Just inside the door was a line of naked young men who snapped to "attention" when her eyes fell on them. They put their hands behind their heads and thrust their elbows back. They spread their legs and pushed their hard cocks and balls forward.

The girls would have a hard time choosing their server (referred to as "slave") for the evening from such a delectable group. Tiffany, being the boldest of the friends, started down the line caressing each boy's cock and balls in turn. A casual swipe at their nipples while she grasped their member allowed her to judge the connection by how much it twitched. Her friends, emboldened by their surroundings and Tiffany's actions followed along. The boys were of all colors and heights but they all had well-toned bodies and large, hard cocks. Their bodies gleamed with a light coating of oil.

After the girls had examined all the possible choices they collectively selected a short boy who looked like he might be a gymnast. His muscle tone was perfect and he had rock-hard abs. But because he was short, his huge cock looked even bigger compared to his short body. He had a smooth, round and spankable ass, something they knew would be important as the evening wore on. They had every intention of partaking from all of the delights of CLUB CFNM. His name was Bill.

They indicated their choice to the Maitresse 'D and followed Bill to their table, their eyes drinking in the shape of his fantastic ass.

After they were all seated, the boy stood in front of them, his cock within reach as they ordered their drinks. Tiffany said with a leer "we'll make sure these are the last we pay for."

Tiffany stood and pressed her body behind him. She rubbed her body against his back and ass and with her left hand caressed his chest and nipples. Her right hand grasped his cock firmly and pumped it. All the while she whispered in his ear. "Think about my juicy cunt and how you'd like to fuck it. How'd you like to suck my tits?"

In spite of Bill's training and his knowledge of what would happen if he came, he could not control himself. It didn't help that the other two girls were making a great show of rubbing their own tits and sneaking a finger to their twats. He soon found himself beyond the point of no return and just before he erupted he screamed "I'm cumming!" All female eyes in the room turned towards him as his cock began to spew great torrents of jizz as Tiffany continued to pump him. He came and came. Tiffany was startled by the great quantity of jizz and how far it was being flung, coating their table with his slimy spunk.

The girls were ecstatic. There were rewards for forcing a slave to squirt and they were eagerly awaiting them. The least reward was that their next round of drinks would be free. But they didn't order yet.

The other women in the club were cheering them. Dragging their servers by their cocks they formed a circle around the triumphant girls and their spent slave. They began to cheer—"Spank! Spank! Spank!"

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