Blindfold Surprise

by Jethro Shiloh

Copyright© 2011 by Jethro Shiloh

Erotica Sex Story: A man's wife died and he is left with raising 15 year old triplet daughters. He decides to surprise them with new cum recipes. What do the girls do now with only a Dad to raise them?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Father   Daughter   First   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   .

WARNING: This story has cum being mixed in food. If this is distasteful to you I suggest you not read this story.

My wife had died of cancer and I was left with three teenage triplet daughters to raise. Dana, Debbie and Diana were 15 going on 25. They were all three built like the well known brick buildings with every brick in the right place. They were an open minded family and they grew up going nude inside the house. They knew they couldn't go nude outside or even in the pool because the next door neighbors could see into the pool area. Up to now there had been no sex and the girls were all still virgins.

I decided to have some fun with my three daughters. One morning I fixed oatmeal for breakfast. While they were getting ready for school I jacked off twice putting two loads of cum in the oatmeal. They came in to eat and I enjoyed watching them scoff down the oatmeal loaded with my cum.

I asked them "how was it?"

Dana said, "it's good. Has a different flavor to it."

Debbie said, "yeah it does taste different."

Donna didn't have a comment other than "it was ok".

The next morning I fixed eggs, bacon and grits. They liked eggs over easy so I put some cum in the eggs while they were cooking and another load in the grits.

The girls all commented on how great the breakfast tasted this morning.

Dana said, "we don't know what you are doing but it sure has tasted better lately."

I said, "well it was just a special sauce I whipped it up real quick". I had to chuckle at my own pun.

That evening I decided to take a direct course of action. I jacked off three times into a bowl. I stirred the mixture with my hard cock and set it on the table. When the girls came down for dinner they sat in their chairs and I blindfolded all three of them. This would be a real test because I had fixed minute steaks and mashed potatoes. Now I gave each of them a spoon of mashed potatoes with the special gravy. Actually it wasn't gravy. It was daddy's hot cum and I wanted them to taste it and try to figure out what flavor of gravy it was. They weren't sure.

Dana said, "it tasted salty otherwise not bad."

Debbie said, "it tasted ok to her."

Donna said, "it tastes like the flavoring you've had in our breakfast lately. So what is it?"

I asked, "do you liked it or not?"

They all three said they loved it.

I asked, "do you want more?"

"Dad ... stop with the suspense and tell us please."

I had them take the blindfolds off. I was standing in front of them so that the first thing they saw was the cum on the head of my cock from when I stirred the mixture.

They all three exclaimed, "Oh My God."

Dana said, "dad you have got to be kidding."

I said, "no I was not kidding. What you three have been eating the past couple of days is my cum mixed in with the oatmeal, eggs, grits and now the potatoes."

Debbie said, "it sure is a surprise but I am amazed at how good it tasted."

Diana said, "some of the girls at school had talked about giving their boyfriends blow jobs and that the cum tasted great. But we never knew until now."

Dad said, "since you three like it so much do you want me to continue to feed it to you or do you want me to quit?"

Dana said, "shucks I love it and I want more."

The other two said the typical "me too".

I asked, "ok girls be honest with me. Have any of you given anyone a blow job?"

They all three said "no."

"No sex either?"

Dana said, "no dad. We've heard the girls at school talk about fucking their boyfriends and one girl is fucking her brother, one girl is fucking both her dad and her brother. They all claim it is really great and they all love it. But we just haven't found the right boys to do it with. They all act like cool egotistical jerks and we hear the rumors about some of the girls. The guys are nasty. They take their virginity then call them whores, sluts, fuck toys and other names."

Debbie said, "yeah like that Gloria. She won't fuck the boys. She fucks just about all the teachers, coaches and by fucking the Principal she doesn't get expelled."

Diana said, "we don't want that reputation daddy. In a way we wish we could do it but we just don't trust the boys at school."

I thought, wow if there was ever an opening staring me in the face this had to be the ultimate opportunity.

I told the girls to finish up, do the dishes then we can talk about it some more. They said ok. I went in and watched the news while they cleaned up the kitchen and did the dishes. They came in the living room and said are we going to talk now?

I said I would like to be more comfortable if you don't mind. Let's go in the bedroom. I had a king sized bed so there was room for all four of us. I lay in the middle with Dana on one side, Donna on the other side and told Diana she could lie on top of me. I put my arms around Dana and Donna and pulled them close to me. They each put an arm over Diana

I said, ok tell me about the girl who is fucking her brother.

Dana said, she told us she and her brother were always together. They took baths together and slept together as their family could only afford one bed for them. When they got to be teenagers their hormones kicked in so they started playing with one another and then they decided to try sex. They both loved it and have been doing it ever since.

I said, "doing it? Doing what?"

Dana said, "you know."

I said, "you mean fucking?"

Dana said, "yes but I have a hard time saying that word."

I asked, "do their parents know it?"

Dana said, "I don't know if they do or not. She never mentioned it."

I said, "ok what about the girl having sex with her father and brother?"

Debbie said, "there were a group of girls sitting around talking about sex. Beth told us her weird tale."

Beth told us her brother got her cherry and they were doing it every afternoon after school before their parents got home from work. Beth said one of her girlfriends named Gina was also doing it with her brother.

Beth said she invited Gina and her brother over and they would do it with their brothers side by side. They thought that was so cool and then they got more daring. They switched brothers and did it.

I said, "I suppose you also mean doing it meant they were fucking?"

Debbie said, "yes dad I just have a hard time saying that word too so I will say 'doing it'. OK?"

I said, "I prefer fucking because that is exactly what they were doing ... fucking. Ok I'll accept 'doing it'. Continue your story."

Anyway, one day the four of them were fucking on the living room floor when Beth's dad came home early and walked in while they were doing it fast and furious. They were so preoccupied they didn't see him until after they finished. Beth's dad made a noise like he was clearing his throat. The girls screamed and tried to cover up but their clothes were too far away so could only use their hands. They started to get up and he told them to stay right where they were.

Beth said it was sorta funny watching her dad's face because he was ogling their bodies and apparently trying to see their crotches. Beth's dad said he was surprised to see his son and daughter doing it but he was more surprised at Gina and her brother doing it. Gina was the daughter of the police chief.

I shook my head and said, "no wonder Beth's dad was surprised. He had the scandal of the year on his hands with the Chief's daughter fucking in his house."

Debbie continued.

Beth's dad asked his kids what they think their mother would say if she found out what they were doing? Beth said mom would probably kill us and begged her dad to not tell mom.

Beth then said her dad asked Gina and her brother what they think her parents would say. Gina also begged Mr. Allen not to tell her parents. If other people found out it would ruin her dad's career and destroy her family. They didn't really think that they would get caught.

Beth's dad said well you are all four caught so what shall we do about it?

They all said they didn't know. Beth's dad he wanted to have a private talk with his son and daughter right now. He told Gina he also wanted to talk further with her so if she promised to return here tomorrow when he gets home that he wouldn't say anything to her parents. He told her that if she didn't return then he would call them. Gina promised she would come back. Beth's dad said then you two dress and go on home.

Now it was just his two kids and him. He told his son to go to his room. Then he took Beth who was still naked into his arms and looked her in the eye and asked her what she had to say for herself? She said she was sorry but please don't tell mom. You know she will freak out and ground both of us for life. So they made a deal that if she also did it with him then she and her brother could continue doing it as well and mom will never know. Just be more careful so she doesn't catch them.

Beth's dad pulled his pants down and began doing it to her right there. Beth said they both had a great climax and she really loved it. So that's how it started.

The next day Gina went back over to talk with Mr. Allen.

Beth and her brother sat in on the conversation when Gina and Beth's dad talked it out. He asked Gina what she thought her dad would say if he knew what they were doing? Gina told him that she wasn't sure but it would not be pleasant. Her dad asked Gina if she was doing it with anyone else besides her brother? She told him no, just him and his son.

Beth's dad told her that if she would do it him he will never ever tell her father or anyone else and she could continue to do it with her brother here. Gina nervously looked over at Beth and her brother. Beth said she winked at Gina and nodded her head yes.

Gina knew she had a lot to lose so she agreed to do it with him. Beth said to her surprise her dad did it to Gina right then and there on the floor. So Beth and her brother began doing it right beside them. The two girls looked at one another and held hands while the two did it to them.

Then Beth said her dad and brother switched and her dad was doing her and her brother did it to Gina. Gina was shocked to see Beth doing it to her own dad but Beth said Gina got into it hot and heavy. Beth said now she and Gina do it with their brothers in the afternoon and Beth's dad fucks Gina when he gets home.

Beth said they almost got caught again. While she was doing her brother and her dad was just cumming in Gina the phone rang.

It was Gina's mom looking for her. Beth said there she was on the floor with her brother's thing inside her and beside them was her dad and Gina with his thing still inside her and talking to her mother. Yes Gina was there and she and his daughter were doing their homework. Yes she is a very fine, resourceful and talented young lady and you should be proud of her.

Beth said it was hard for her, her brother and Gina to keep from giggling so loud as they were thinking if she only knew it was Sex Ed homework. Her dad told Gina's mom they were giggling at something on the TV. Yes I'll have her go straight home after they finish their lessons. Then they hung up. Beth's dad told them she was just checking on Gina to see if she was really here since Gina had told them she had been coming here every day.

Gina told Beth's dad that she appreciated him making her mother feel good with the nice compliments. Beth's dad said those words translated meant you are one of the two best fucks in the whole county. The other one is my daughter Beth. Beth said Gina blushed and said she didn't think she was that good. He told her then maybe she needed more homework.

Beth said Gina did him two more times for that and said he could do her any time he wanted. When they finished Beth and her brother liked watching the huge amount of white stuff pouring out of Gina's vagina. Beth got real daring and went down on Gina and licked all that stuff up. Beth raised up and kissed Gina and gave Gina some of her dad's cum. Then they both swallowed it. Beth said it sure did taste good. Gina said yeah it tasted better than she thought it would.

"So that's the story as she told it to me dad."

I said, "Debbie that is one hot story. I'm surprised you could tell it in such a descriptive fashion without using the F word."

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