A Rude Awakening

by Crisscross

Copyright© 2011 by Crisscross

Suspense Story: Sally is suddenly awakened one night by a dream and the dreams continue until, well, you'll just have to read the story to find out what happens

Tags: Fiction  

I awoke out of a deep sleep screaming, My husband woke up grabbing my shoulders. I tried fighting him off until he got me to realize it was him that was trying to hold me and that I had been dreaming. I sat there in the middle of the bed My nightie clinging to my sweaty body, still shaking from the fear I had felt in my dream. I sat there thinking, as I heard my husband return to his sleep. What had caused me to dream something like that anyway? Nothing even remotely like that had ever happened to me, yet it was me in the dream.

I'm a thirty four year old house wife, nothing fancy, just a typical five-foot five inch tall 34b 25w 35h, brown haired house wife, named Sally Bergman married to Paul Bergman. He's thirty seven years old, five eight tall, a plain guy who works hard to make us a good home. We live in a nice neighborhood nothing fancy just a nice place to live, the people are all friendly. The neighbors across the street from us are our best friends. John travels a lot, when hes gone, Barbra spends a lot of time visiting with me. They're both in there mid forties he's around six foot tall rather slim, shes around five nine and quite slim with long wavy reddish brown hair.

I laid back down unable to go back to sleep. The dream had been so real I was unable to get it out of my mind. As I laid there in the dark, the dream started coming back to me. I was sitting in a bar watching people dance, sipping on a drink. There were to burly looking guys trying to talk a woman into going along with them. She was pretty drunk and didn't want to leave the bar just yet. They bought her another drink and kept after her until she finished the drink. She slid off her stool and had a hard time walking but with one on each side of her they made it out the door. I decided I'd had enough to drink for one night and followed them outside, curious to see what was going to happen once they got her outside.

They were between the car's out away from the bar. She was struggling with them, trying to keep them from getting her into a car. Suddenly they started cursing and hitting her. One of the men had her by the hair holding her while the other hit her everywhere. He pummeled her face until it was a bloody pulp, hitting her several times in the stomach and breasts until she stopped screaming. All the while they were hitting her, she kept looking over to me as if for help. I tried going to her and calling out for help, but was unable move or utter a sound. They finally let go of her and she fell to the ground. As she laid there both men looked down at her then began cursing and kicking her until she laid there looking over at me with unseeing eyes. She had been beaten and battered until she laid there in a twisted heap, not moving at all. I somehow knew they had beaten her to death and I had seen it. That's when I had woke up screaming. It had been a dream, but a very real dream.

It was around three weeks or so after that, when once again I awoke out of another dream screaming. This time I was in a small fishing boat with another couple, a lot of people thought her and I looked a lot alike but she was blond, I have know idea why they invited me along as I didn't know either of them. Neither of them said a word to me, it was as though I wasn't even there. They had been riding around the lake until they had gotten to the far end where it was very remote. He said, I think it's to time to pee." They went ashore but I didn't have to go, so I stayed in the boat.

They soon came back and got into the boat. As soon as we got going again he asked for a beer, she said, "don't you think you've had enough to drink?"

Shouting back at her he said, "I'll fucking tell you when I've had enough to drink you dumb bitch, now give me a fucking beer."

She looked at him suddenly frightened. "Take me back to the car, I want to go home." He started laughing and rocking the boat from side to side, she screamed, stop, please stop, you know I'm afraid of water, I can't swim and your scaring me."

We were maybe a hundred yards from shore, when he grabbed her arm and started pulling her off the seat, she was screaming for him to stop. I just sat there watching as he pulled her off the seat. As he got her on her feet he let go. She had been pulling away from him so hard, when he suddenly let go of her arm, she fell over backwards out of the boat. She was screaming for him to save her. She looked at me holding out her hand saying, "please help me" I sat there and watched as she slipped under the water. I sat there once again unable to move. I looked over at her husband to see why he wasn't trying to save her. He was gone, I was alone. I woke up screaming again. My husband took me in his arms, holding me while I wept. Why was I having these dreams?"

As he held me he said, "I think you should see someone, tell them whats going on and see what they think is causing these dreams.

The next day I called around and found a therapist who could get me right in. She talked to me about the dreams then asked if I would be comfortable with her bringing in someone who specializes in dreams. I told her I didn't care who she brought in if she thought they could help me get rid of them. I met with both of them four times, before he asked how I felt about hypnotism. I said Id never really given it much thought.

He said, "would you be willing to give it a try?"

I thought about it for awhile then said, "yes, I guess I could try it as long as you can bring me back."

"Sally, contrary to what most people believe, hypnotism isn't really like what you hear about when it's used for show purposes. There is really nothing to fear, but it's entirely up to you, contrary to beliefs, if you are an unwilling participant you cannot be hypnotized."

"Okay then, I'm ready to try almost anything." I just slowly drifted away almost like in my dreams. I started seeing bits a pieces of scenes from the dreams and that's about all I remember. I have no idea how long I had been out. When I woke up I was wet from sweating, my hair was sticking to my forehead, I looked at the two therapists and asked, "well, how did I do?"

They looked at each and Dr Bannock said you done very well Sally, very well indeed. But before we try to figure out the answer to your dreams I think we should do more studies, how do you feel about that Sally?"

"I ah ya, I guess so, whatever you think we need to do."

"Good we, ll see you back in here on Friday, a week from today."

But that night I awoke again having a night mare, it had only been three weeks since the last one but it was just as bad.

I was riding in the back seat of a car, there was a man and woman in the front seat. They had stopped and picked me up after my car had broke down on the highway. They were both very quite when I first got in, but before long they were in a heated argument. He was accusing her of cheating on him and she was crying, begging him to listen to her, that she had never cheated on him. It was a cruel lie by one of her co workers to cause trouble between her and her husband, thinking if he could cause trouble, she would end up with him. She was begging her husband not to believe all the things he had heard. He pulled the car over to the side of the highway leaned over her, opened the door and shoved her out of the car screaming. Your a lying cheating whore, get the fuck out, as she landed on her back she looked up at me looking out the back window saying, "please help me." As I looked at her out the window I felt tears starting down my cheeks. I knew what was going to happen and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

He turned the car around and headed in the direction we had just came from. About a half mile down the road he slowed down, turned around and started back the other way. Even as dark as it was he turned off the headlights. Just as I saw her figure loom out of the darkness standing alongside the rode, he switched the lights back on. she threw up her arms to protect herself and her eyes met mine with the most terrifying look I had ever seen. The car struck her, throwing her into the air, sending her flying into the ditch. I woke up as he said you cheating bitch.

Once again my husband went to put his arms around me but this time I screamed at him to leave me alone. Jumping out of bed I went crying out of control into the bathroom. He came and tried the door but I had locked it, he said, "honey are you all right? please let me in, talk to me please."

I sat quietly in the darkness letting the tears run down my cheeks. I thought I knew now what the dreams meant, but also knew if I were to tell anyone they may have me committed to some psycho hospital. I knew I would have to learn to live with what I knew. I sat there wondering why it had happened to me. How were those people able to tap into my dreams. I suddenly realized all of the things I had seen in my dreams were murders. If the wrong person were to here about my dreams and what Id seen, they may come looking for me. This I rationalized was another good reason to not say anything to anyone.

My husband stayed outside the bathroom door pleading for me to come out. When I finally did come out he attempted to put his arms around me, but I shrugged him off saying, "please Paul not now."

He stood there watching me walk down the hall toward the kitchen, when he saw me pull out a chair and sit down he came to the kitchen. As he went to sit he said, "are you ready to talk now?"

I sat there not looking at him, then said, "you better go back to bed, you have to get up early, I'll be okay, I just want to be alone for awhile."

He stood up putting his hand on mine, are you sure you'll be okay Sally?"

I mustered up the best smile I could, "Yes Paul I'll be okay, I just need to be alone for awhile." Paul went back to bed leaving me alone with my thoughts. I didn't want to tell him the reason I didn't want to go back to bed was, I didn't want to go to sleep again. I thought if I didn't go back to sleep it wouldn't happen again.

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