The Legacy
Chapter 3

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Action/Adventure Sex Story: Chapter 3 - After wondering what life has in store for a newly medically discharged career Marine Jake Thompson receives a new direction in life.

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Military  

Wasn't this just great? Here I was, stuck in this little town, until at least Monday. It was going to be another three days before they put that asshole Carl in front of a judge. Then the jerk would probably just plead not guilty and be released on bail. Anyone else would get six months, to a year, just for spitting on the sidewalk.

It wasn't as if I was in any great hurry. What really burned my ass, was the double-standard system!! If the plain working class people should do anything wrong, they get the book thrown at them. Most of them can't afford a good lawyer, so they get appointed a 'public pretender'. However, some rich asshole can literally get away with murder, by bringing in a whole team of high-class expensive lawyers. He'll get off with just a slap on the wrist.

I was still kicking myself for not busting him up good while I had the chance, but I knew that if I had, it would be me sitting in jail with the fresh out of school public pretender telling me to just plead guilty and he will get me off with only two or three years. That's justice, in this world.

Now I was sitting in my cheap motel room trying to find something other than soap operas or infomercial drivel on the idiot box. I had already been through the town trying to find something interesting to do. I swear these small towns rolled up their sidewalks come five in the afternoon on weekends. I heard a faint knocking coming from the door. Opening it, I saw a vision of loveliness. It was Laurie, from last night, holding my shirt.

"I didn't get a chance to thank you for last night. Here you came to help me when the asshole hit me, and you almost got killed."

"I never thought Carl had the balls to take a shot at me. It's a good thing he couldn't shoot worth a shit." Then, realizing to whom I was talking, I added, "Sorry about the language."

She laughed and said, "That's okay, I've heard a lot worse. I'm just lucky he was such a poor shot. I cleaned your shirt for you, and thanks for letting me use it."

"I couldn't let you walk around with blood all over your clothes. I hope you could get the blood out of that expensive blouse you were wearing last night."

"I didn't even try! Carl bought me that blouse. I think he did it just to turn heads and show people what a big man he was, by going out with me. It just makes me sick thinking of the way he treats people. He treated me like those rich guys treat trophy wives. Just a piece of eye candy shouting that's how rich and powerful I am, that I can have someone like this."

"What I can't understand is why you were ever with him in the first place. Obviously, besides being beautiful, you're talented and smart."

"At first, Carl was very sweet and attentive to me. But when he was either drinking or hanging out with his friends ... that's when he'd become a jerk. I'd heard rumors about the way he really was, but I didn't believe them. I guess I was a little starry eyed. He was a star athlete in football and baseball while we were at school. Anyway, he always seemed to hang out with all the elite people. He always had these fancy cars, and went to the best places, and his family is the richest one in the county."

"I hope you don't take this wrong, but you could do a lot better than that jerk. I found out last night he probably won't even be doing any time for what he did. Hell, he should get five or ten years for attempted murder. But, after Monday, he'll probably be out on bail."

"Besides returning your shirt that's the other reason I'm here. He's already out! When they took him to jail last night, they only charged him with disorderly conduct. He was released to his own recognizance. From what I was told he's driving around with a rifle in the gun rack of his pick up."

"WHAT! Disorderly conduct? That bastard was shooting at us! Come on, we need to get to the police station, and get this straightened out, right now."

With her giving me directions, we found the local police station a few minutes later.

Storming inside, I said, "I just found out that Carl..." realizing I didn't know Carl's last name, I turned questioningly to Laurie. She said. "Lewis, Carl Lewis." Turning back to the desk sergeant I continued, "I just found out that Carl Lewis was released last night on his own recognizance, and that he is only charged with disorderly conduct. Since when is attempted murder only disorderly conduct? That asshole took a shot at me, and was trying to find me to take another shot when I disarmed him. Now I'm told he's driving around town, with a rifle in his back window!"

"I don't know anything about any attempted murder. All I was told that he was in a bar fight. Carl Lewis is the son of one of our most prominent citizens. Just who the hell do you think you are, coming in here and telling us how to run things?"

"I'm the guy he took a shot at. Now I find out he's not only not in jail, but driving around with a rifle in his truck when he's already tried to kill me once."

"The only charge brought against him was disorderly conduct. Carl has been an outstanding citizen of this county so why shouldn't we PR him?"

"Your so called outstanding citizen has been raising hell around here for years. Just look here. Isn't Laurie also a member of this community? See the marks he made, hitting her in the face. That's what started everything last night. After he hit her, I knocked him on his ass to keep him from hitting her again."

"You hit him? Maybe I should lock your ass up for disorderly, too!"

I pulled out my cell phone and hit speed dial and said, "Bethesda Naval Hospital? This is Staff Sergeant Jacob Thompson can you connect me to the Judge Advocate General Office?"

I easily avoided the desk sergeant's grab for my phone as he said, "What are you doing?"

"You said you were going to arrest me. I'm arranging for a lawyer to represent me. I think by the time he's done, I'll own this shit hole of a town."

"I didn't say I was arresting you, just that maybe I should. It does take two to fight."

About that time, a voice came on the line, so I held up a finger to the desk sergeant I think he thought I was going to tell them to never mind and was surprised when I said, "This is SSgt Jacob Thompson, I was discharged medically yesterday from the Naval Hospital there. On the way home I stopped in this little hick town, now I have all kinds of legal problems. Can you recommend a good lawyer?"

I listened to him for a minute and repeated so the desk sergeant could hear.

"So, since I'm a disabled Vet, and medically discharged, the military will represent me free? That's great."

Then I went on to describe what had happened the night before and that the police had just charged him with Disorderly Conduct and turned him loose. Now he was driving around with a rifle in plain sight, and, the police were threatening to lock me up! The man on the phone then asked to speak to the desk sergeant. After handing him the phone I couldn't hear what was said until the desk sergeant gasped, "Force Recon!" and turned white as a sheet.

After he hung up and handed me back my phone he said, "You could have easily killed Carl Lewis last night couldn't you?"

"It would have been easier than capturing him alive."

"Can I ask then why you didn't? He was trying to kill you."

"It wasn't necessary. He was too stupid in the way he was to be able to kill me, though he might have killed someone else."

"Since I am here, I need to a place a formal complaint against Carl Lewis for attempted murder. I'll tell you right now that if daddy's boy Carl tries anything with me he's going to end up either in the hospital or the morgue. At this point I couldn't care which."

"I'll be watching you. You start any trouble in my town, and you will be sitting in my jail."

"Oh, I won't be starting anything. However, I may just be finishing it. Now where are those complaint papers I want Carl Lewis, to be charged with attempted murder?? There are plenty of witnesses! This time when he's locked up, he had better stay locked up!"

I filled out the paperwork, then turned to Laurie and said, "Okay, I think we're done here. Now show me where Carl's father lives."

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