The Legacy
Chapter 2

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Action/Adventure Sex Story: Chapter 2 - After wondering what life has in store for a newly medically discharged career Marine Jake Thompson receives a new direction in life.

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Military  

I sat on the edge of my bed, and observed the orderly bringing in a small man. He looked to be in his early forties. He was dressed in a dark gray suit that was about six years out of style, and was carrying a briefcase.

He introduced himself as Mr. Jennings, of the law firm, Jennings, Jennings, and Talbert. They had been told, by my uncle Joe, where I was and that I was about to be leaving the Marine Corps. He said there was business to discuss with me, concerning the will of my father: Jack Thompson. This had me really interested. I'd never thought of there being a will, as my father had died over twenty-three years ago.

"I don't understand? My dad was killed more than twenty-three years ago ... while in combat ... and I am just now being informed that he left a will?"

"I'm sorry, but we have had to do this, exactly per your father's instructions. According to his will, he left you the deed to a twenty-five acre farm just outside of Wheeling, West Virginia. A sum of one hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred seventeen dollars has accrued from the funds left, after all the taxes were paid. He also left a personal letter for you."

After having me sign receipts that I received everything mentioned in my father's will, he then left.

After he left, I laid back down on my bunk, to read my father's letter.


If you are reading this, I'm no longer alive, and you are either out of the Marine Corps or soon will be. The reason I've done it this way is so that it did not interfere with your time in the service. I'm hoping you got as much out of the Marines as your Uncle Joe and I did.

You're probably wondering what you're going to do now, if you are like we were. The Marine Corps became pretty much your whole life. So after talking with Joseph, we decided that when you got out, you would need some sort of direction to point you in the way for the rest of your life.

Indeed the farm is the one where we used to live. If it is been very long, it is probably pretty rundown. It's up to you to either sell it (which I hope you don't do) or fix it back up. If you decide to fix the place back up, you'll discover things that can lead to whole new adventures. I won't tell you what they are. That something you must discover for yourself. However, at least it gives you something to consider.

Love, Dad

After reading the letter, I was more confused than ever. What did he mean by discovering whole new adventures? How would this point me in a new direction in my life?

Four days later, I was medically discharged from the Marine Corps. I would receive sixty percent of my pay, for the rest of my life. With that, plus what I had in savings, and the money I received from my father; I was pretty well set, for a while, as far as money went. I knew I would have to figure out some sort of job. I couldn't just sit on my ass for the rest of my life and do nothing. That would get old, very quickly. I figured the first thing to do, was hop a plane back to West Virginia, and check out the old farm. Then I would make up my mind what to do with the place.

I took a taxi to the airport with just my duffel bag, and small carry-on bag. I went to the ticket counter and told them I needed a flight to Wheeling, West Virginia. Learning that the fare was three hundred-twenty dollars, I just looked at the ticket agent in disbelief. That was nuts! It wasn't like I was flying clear across the country! Besides, once I got there, I'd still be without transportation!

After thinking about it for a few minutes, I decided that it really wasn't that far. Since I was in no hurry, I might just try and find a vehicle, and drive there. It was only about three hundred miles. I would, at the same time, have something to drive once I got there.

Retrieving my bags, I went back outside and found a taxi to take me to the nearest used-car dealer.

Arriving at the car dealership I started looking around just to see what they had on hand. After looking around at some of the pickups they had, I wasn't too impressed.

A sleazy looking salesman came out and started yammering in my ear about what great buys these were. I started to really get mad and told him to take a hike. When I needed him, I would call for a salesman. In the meantime, he should get the hell away from me. He started getting real belligerent, saying I couldn't talk to him that way, and that he would call the police.

About this time, an older gentleman came out, and asked what was the problem. I told him that the slimeball was about ready to let his mouth overload his ass.

The older gentleman turned to him and said, "Ted, go back in the office and wait for me."

"But, Dad! I was just trying to help him make up his mind," he whined.

"I've told you, over and over, not to call me 'dad'. I'm not your father. Whatever my daughter saw in you is beyond me. Now, get into the damned office and wait for me."

Turning to me, he apologized saying, "I'm sorry about that, I've told him over and over that we try to sell quality products here. He doesn't need to try and pressure the customers into buying. I'd fire his ass, except my damn-fool daughter up and married him. He was the big man on campus, and the star receiver of the football team. To me, he's just the asshole she married. Maybe I can help you find something that you would like. What you are looking for?"

"I was just discharged from the Marine Corps this morning, and was going to fly back to Wheeling West Virginia. They wanted three-twenty for a no-frills flight, which I thought was ridiculous. It's only a little over 300 miles, and I wouldn't have transportation once I got there. I decided to come buy a vehicle and just drive there."

"Semper Fi! You say you were just discharged this morning? What'd you do, retire after twenty?"

"Nope, I was medically discharged after twenty-three years with Recon. I was badly wounded on our last mission, and now the Marine Corps says they no longer need me."

"That's too bad. You shouldn't be treated that way, after being in so long. Just what kind of vehicle were you looking for? I can make a good deal, for a fellow Marine."

"I inherited a small farm, and was thinking maybe a pickup ... but all I see, here, is cheap 'economy' Jap junk."

He thought for a minute said. "I think I may have just what you want. A couple of days ago I took a 2009 Silverado in as trade. It's not out here, because it had a different color box lid. It's in the paint shop out back, getting repainted. I think you might like it. It has low miles, a crew cab, an eight-foot bed, and four-wheel drive. The lady who had it was a recent widow, and the truck was too big for her."

Thinking this was just what I mind, I said, "That sounds pretty good. How much are you asking?"

"I allowed the widow fifteen hundred as a trade on a small economy car. It seems like a lot for a twelve-year-old pickup, but she didn't have any money, and I felt sorry for her. Basically, I just swapped her straight across on this little Honda Accord I had. Since the pickup has just been detailed and painted, I can let you have it for twenty-five hundred. I'll fill both saddle tanks, too. That will give you a hundred gallons of fuel to get you home."

Thinking this deal little too good to be true, I asked to see it. We went back to the paint shop, and he showed me a two-toned blue Silverado. It looked like it has just come off the showroom floor. Looking inside I noticed that the pickup only had eighty thousand miles on it.

I looked at the engine. It was easy to see that someone had taken very good care of the truck. The engine compartment alone, had more chrome than I'd ever seen put on a work truck. This truck must've been someone's pride and joy. We started it up, and took a test drive.

Pulling back into the car lot, I turned to the gentleman and said, "I think we have a deal."

He said, "That's fine. Why don't we go into the office and do up the paperwork, while my people out here finish the work on the bed."

"More work on the bed? The truck looks great. What more do you need to do?"

"Oh, they're just getting ready to spray the inside of the bed with Rhino Liner. Since this is a new paint job, without the liner the bed would scratch up very easily. The paint hasn't had time to really harden, yet. It only takes about thirty minutes for the liner to set, and it should harden enough to prevent it from getting too scratched up, in about three days. You'll have a fine work truck when it's finished."

This deal just kept getting better and better. What really surprised me happened when we went inside, to fill the paperwork out. The twenty-five hundred included all taxes and licensing, and I wasn't charged for the liner, or anything else. Asking about this, he said that he included the tax and was just giving me a permit, since I would be taking it to another state and licensing it there. He also said that he believed in taking care of fellow Marines.

"I don't see how you can gain business like this you're giving me this truck for just what you have in it and even filling it with five hundred bucks worth of gas! I don't see how you can make a profit like that."

"I don't always have to make a huge profit. Besides, the car I traded for the truck only had twelve-fifty tied up in it. So you see, I actually have a seven hundred fifty dollar profit, by just doing a little horse-trading. Besides, fellow Marines should stick together."

Still not believing my good fortune, I loaded my stuff into the cab of the truck, and headed for West Virginia.

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