More for Rena

by Fast Eddy

Copyright© 2011 by Fast Eddy

Horror Sex Story: Saving Rena required drastic measures.

Caution: This Horror Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Mult   Reluctant   Rape   Mind Control   Drunk/Drugged   Slavery   Fiction   Horror   BDSM   Sadistic   Torture   Gang Bang   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Leg Fetish   .

After the encounter with the gang, Fred turned up. He was found floating face down in a marshland at the state park. His death was ruled an accident. The rest of the gang knew better, and they were gone within twenty four hours of Fred's discovery.

Rena and I were still going strong with her living at my house. I spent every opportunity fucking her and she seemed to love the attention that I heaped upon her. She had a character flaw though, she became addicted to being bound and raped.

I still worked as an usher on Sunday Matinees and Rena got in free. As I was making my rounds I discovered that Rena was missing. I was not worried; I thought that she was in the ladies room. When she didn't return to her seat after a half hour, I became concerned and started looking around for her. I was just lucky; I was walking across the front of the seating area when I heard a moan come from behind the projection screen. I went backstage to investigate and found a nude Rena kneeling in a doggie position, with a guy pounding her pussy from behind, while another guy was lying on his back under her, sucking on her hanging boobs. The third guy was ramming his cock into her mouth violently. Both guys greased her at both ends simultaneously and she fell over on her side, asking for another round. I stood there frozen in my spot as the guys got into position and started on her again. I could see that she was a willing participant as she urged them on to fuck her harder. She was begging them to fuck her ass while they were inside of her pussy

I backed away from the scene in front of me and finished my shift. Rena was not seated in the theatre when my shift was over, so I headed home without her. She never made it home that night, and I left for school without her.

Rena caught up with me at lunch and asked me why I hadn't met up with her between classes. I told her that I thought that she hadn't come to school today. Actually, I didn't want to associate with the slut, knowing that she was once again the school punchboard.

Rena now went out on weekends; she would be gone until Sunday evenings and sometimes I wouldn't see her until Monday at lunch. She would have rope burns on her wrists and ankles, and I could see hickeys on her tits and around her pussy as well. I hurt the most when she came in with welts across her front and back limping with a butt plug inserted in her ass. It was the largest one that I have ever seen and I even hurt trying to get it out of her ass.

It was as if her torturers tired of abusing her and tried to outdo themselves on her body each weekend. The torture got continually worse each weekend.

Rena would tell me about some of the abuse that she was subject to sometimes with a gleam in her eyes. She was bound in devices and whipped; often limbs were twisted and tied into grotesque shapes then whipped and raped with a dildo. No part of her body was off limits to these fiends who started to burn her, first with candle wax, then with raw flames. She was water tortured then shocked while she was still wet.

I couldn't listen to her anymore and begged her to cease this masochistic endeavor. I broke up with her and she moved out to places unknown. I noted that she missed school most of the time and she started looking thin and disheveled, as if she was taking drugs. I thought that she was working toward an all-time low, by the way she looked.

When I came home from school, Rena was sitting on my front porch. She looked wasted with her rope burns and emaciated body. She begged me to help her, saying that she would do anything I said to get better.

I took her into my bedroom and laid her on my bed for an examination. I took off her clothes to see her beaten body. She had many deep bruises all over her under- nourished body, and cuts from being whipped. I then rolled her over on to her stomach to see that her back had many welts and cuts like the front. I stripped the blanket off of the bed and treated her wounds with salve and iodine to aid in her healing, then rolled her over on to her back. I wanted to tie her to the bed, but she had severe rope burns around her wrists and ankles, I had to think of how to restrain her.

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