Our Cabin Experiences

by Fast Eddy

Copyright© 2011 by Fast Eddy

Fantasy Sex Story: A family is captured and repeatedly raped while on their vacation.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Mult   Reluctant   Rape   Fiction   Wife Watching   Incest   Mother   Son   Sister   Father   Daughter   BDSM   Rough   Gang Bang   Oral Sex   Petting   Size   Leg Fetish   Big Breasts   .

I was tied to a chair, next to my dad. Both of us were naked, as we looked at the women of our family, bound at the wrists and hanging in a row from a cross beam that ran across the common room of the three bedroom log cabin that we had rented. We sat there, gagged with our underwear, embarrassed as our semi hard cocks started to show interest in the proceedings around us. The women, my mother and my twin sisters were hanging from their wrists, standing on their toes to maintain their balance, fully clothed. The convicts, three of them, walked around them, making comments about their bodies. I could see that they were getting embarrassed at the crude descriptions that the gang was using when one of them stood in front of my mother and asked her age as he caressed her face with his rough hand. Mom turned her head away from him and he immediately slapped her hard eliciting a yelp and a red hand print on her cheek. He instructed her to look into his eyes as he resumed his fondling only now he was extending his touch to her neck and shoulder. Mom was visibly shaken as the crook asked her age again. This time she responded with thirty seven. The crook slid his hand down her front to caress her tit as he explained to her that she looked too young for her age. He accused her of lying and grasped her tit with greater force, and lifted it off of her chest. Mom gasped as the assault continued on her large boob, with the crook kneading it roughly. Mom tried to back away from the assault but it was no use. The crook slid his other hand into mom's blouse covered bra and grabbed her bare tit, before he released her from outside of her clothes and slapped her again. Mom hung there with tears in her eyes as the thug continued to molest the ripe tit in his hand. I looked over at my dad to gage his reaction to this latest outrage to see that he had an impressive erection growing between his legs. I wasn't too far behind, when the thug bent over to my mom and stole a kiss from her. It was a long kiss and when he withdrew, she had a distasteful look on her face. The crook squeezed her tit harder as he told her that her daughters looked very kissable too. A look of fear came across her face as she pushed her lips against his and kissed him for a second time, with much more passion.

Dad's cock was standing at attention as the couple were actually making out as the crook was now shifting mom's blouse and bra, exposing her large boobs to everyone in the room as he now fondled both of them with his hands. Mom was panting and her nipples looked like hard pebbles and the criminal pinched them incessantly as he kneaded her tits like bread dough.

The other two convicts descended on my mom as she hung in the room like a side of beef, one cutting off her blouse and bra while the other removed her jeans and panties. We all looked on like spectators attracted to a train wreck as the trio insinuated themselves onto my mother's body. One of them nursed at her tit while the other sucked on her clit as she writhed at their manipulations of her frenzied body. Dad ejaculated over himself at the sight of mom's ravishment. His cock did not go down. I was as hard as a nail as I looked on at my mother, seeing her naked for the first time. She was a beautiful grown woman that my friends referred to as a MILF. She was five feet six inches and weighed about one hundred forty pounds. She was of Irish descent and had Auburn hair, blue eyes and very white skin. She also had big tits. A look in her bra indicated that she had a thirty six "D" cup bra, and I could see now that there was little or no sag to those firm orbs.

After mom had her first orgasm the group stopped molesting her and she hung from the beam, looking down in obvious embarrassment. The group came over to look at my dad and I to see that he had cum all over his lap, while I had a screaming hard cock. As they were laughing at our excitement, one of them got the idea to let my mom relieve my tension and they proceeded to untie her in spite of my gagged protests. They led her over to me and had her sit on my hard dick. Mom was already wet from her previous exercise and my dick slid into her to the hilt. Mom sat on me stunned at the fact that her son was inside of her pulsing pussy. At the urging and prodding of the gang, she reluctantly raised and lowered herself on my rampant cock, as dad looked on with another massive erection growing. Someone removed the gag from my mouth and commanded that I suck one of her extended nipples, as she increased her speed on my unyielding cock. After a relatively short time, I filled mom's pussy with my hot cum. It was the most intensive orgasm of my young life. Mom sat on me, exhausted with her arms around my neck and her head on my shoulder, panting on my neck. Her large tits were pressed into my chest as she plastered herself against me. Her pussy was still undulating on my growing cock as she sat there. Our family all looked on us in amazement at the display that we exhibited to them. We both were too sated to be embarrassed.

Next, another thug started to molest one of my twin sisters, Marti. She was the spitting image of my mother, they could have been sisters. They didn't take as much time introducing Marti to their sexual molestations of her. They just stripped her and the three of them began to suck on her body, driving her rapidly towards a climax As she cummed, one of the guys impaled Marti with his hard prick and began fucking her violently as he squeezed her tits. She had her climax and a second thug immediately penetrated her and continued their rape of the young girl.

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