Jezebel's Key

by Gospodin

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License

BDSM Sex Story: A voluptuous young gold-digger finds that she's played the game a bit too close to the edge, and she underestimated just how kinky her mark truly is.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Reluctant   Coercion   Slavery   Heterosexual   BDSM   DomSub   .

Jezebel writhed with the playboy master, grinding to the tunes of his elaborate stereo. She followed him home from the party that night, and her predator eyes scanned his worldly goods.

She reveled in her power, and held him in her gaze. She thought herself queen of the world. But little did she know that her power and her life would escape her control before dawn.

She tempted him with breast and thigh, showing flesh enough to imply much more. A catch like him would end her pain, she mused, the alimony plans already formed.

He took her bait, just so and no farther. He parried and riposted with smiles and glances. Before too long he had her hooked, new evening plans requiring preparation.

Fancy dress, he said, and her eyelids fluttered. Costuming and dress-up games fumbled in the walk-in closet, peeking and groping and kissing. The uniform of the well-kept slave rolled over her teasing almond skin, clutching her like a possession of great value.

Latex rubber, in deep aubergine, rolled over her toes and up to her novice thighs. Jezebel giggled naughty, and smoothed her glossy limbs with tender caresses. She played loose with the hem of her skirt as her royal limbs of purple slickness bent and swung for her audience of one.

The One moved again, a deep embrace with a passionate kiss and the blade soon had her expensive cocktail dress shredded to the floor. It's okay, he purred, I can always buy you another one.

Black leather boa constrictor nipped in her every exhalation. His pull on the lacing and her dizzy compliance soon made ends meet for the hourglass that surrounded her. Stunned by the force of her containment, she made weak ploy to entice him to her will with her new silhouette.

He saw her weakness, and set to pounce. Towering mary-jane shoes pointed her purple schoolgirl feet. Bulbous toes thrust forward like rump-cheek or breast, windows of space to the woman within like a low neckline, and cross- straps buckled in adorable bondage made inescapable by heart-shaped padlocks.

Without breath or balance, Jezebel was easy prey passed from paw to paw. She spun as her new master wrapped her in his gooey thread, ready for storage in his web until he had need of her. Slick purple latex slid from fingertip to shoulder, and an inky black frock stretched and squicked down over her head to snap over bosom and wide crinoline.

Buckles cinched creampuff sleeves over second-skin gloves, and three more down her front held wide straps circling her corseted waist. Chrome hearts sealed each belt to the tune of her mewling protest.

Hush my pet you will have the key no do not worry it is in the closet and they look so pretty sparkling in the moonlight like raindrops or dewdrops or teardrops down your cheek...

Jezebel was caught, but she underestimated her master. She waited patiently as he snapped the padlock onto the buckle of the wide steel collar that made each gulp a chore. She let him dress her as his black-haired barbie doll, keeping her powder dry.

Jezebel made eyes at her master over dinner. It was all she could do with her elbows bound together behind her with leather straps, and her wrists joined to her ankles. She kneeled at her master's side as he ate his gourmet meal. He was not completely unkind, for he smeared a little sauce over the eggplant- colored ball that spread her teeth.

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