by Fast Eddy

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Horror Sex Story: A beautiful young girl is turned into her school's punchboard. Is there anyone around to save her?

Caution: This Horror Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Romantic   Reluctant   Rape   Drunk/Drugged   Horror   BDSM   Sadistic   Gang Bang   Caution   Violent   .

Yes! I was one of those guys. A young teen covered in news print, delivering the local shopping news, door to door. I was one cut above the vagrants that passed around the news fliers and pamphlets in the neighborhood. It was fifteen blocks of drudgery that I preformed twice a week for one dollar a day. It was chump change even in that time. But I needed an income and this is what I could get, given my age.

Delivering papers got me out of the house and into the fresh air twice a week. It was because of this, I first saw Rena. She was a couple of years younger than me and lived just outside of my normal stomping grounds. When she was outside, she was hard to miss. Long blond hair in a ponytail and blue eyes made her very appealing to me. But she never seemed to notice me. The only time that I was on her block was when I was delivering papers and I never got within fifteen yards of her.

I spent a couple of years delivering that rag and occasionally seeing that blond beauty grow up around her house. She was developing nicely as was I; carrying the heavy loads of newspaper twice a week helped my physique. Her physique was being helped by her Scandinavian genes.

I finally gave up my indentured servitude at the newspaper route for a new career at the movie theatre as an usher. I walked around the theatre in my light blue jacket and flashlight like a young soldier. The teenage girls looked up to me as a man in uniform and they all seemed to be smitten with me. Always in awe as I looked upon them. They were especially enamored if I spent any time talking with them.

I was part the crowd control team on the weekends, particularly the Saturday Matinees where the twin features were geared to the main audience of the day, kids. We were responsible for maintaining an orderly line to the ticket booth at the front of the entrance. The line would wrap around the theatre building with impatient kids waiting to be crammed into the theatre for the double feature. Once the kids were all inside and seated, we were the ones that were designated the sitter. We walked up and down the aisles to insure general order and were usually successful.

Sunday matinees were usually geared to the slightly older teens and significantly fewer little kids as well. Since this crowd was more manageable, there was usually only one usher on duty. And I was it. I liked working that shift as I could watch the features without much interruption.

It was at this feature that I came across my Scandinavian dream girl. But not the way that I had hoped. She was seated amongst four guys that I recognized as about her age and they were molesting her. There was a guy on each side of her nursing on her exposed tits while they pinned her arms behind their bodies and into their seatbacks, the third guy had pulled her head back over the seat back and was forcing his tongue down her throat. A fourth guy was trying to finger her pussy. She was struggling, but completely restrained by the guys that were surrounding her, when I arrived on the scene. The guy that was trying to finger the girl ordered her to open her legs using the threat of hurting her. She knew that she was helpless, as the fourth kid lightly punched her bared stomach with his fist. She reluctantly opened her legs to give him access to her nether regions. And he crammed his hands into her panties he took charge of the hapless girl.

I illuminated my flashlight on the group and told them to unhand the girl. They all were startled as they jumped up to see what was interrupting them. The guys formed a menacing group in preparation to attack me as I stood there with my flashlight held like a club facing them. I promptly ordered them to the nearby wall as I threatened to club the nearest kid with my flashlight. They all moved quickly to the wall and stood there. I looked down at the stunned girl who was still partially exposed and laying in her seat. I took off my coat and covered her exposed front and turned to the four guys and pushed them ahead of me to the rear of the theater with the intention to take them to the owner's office. They all ran away from me and I had little chance of catching them but, I knew who they were.

I went back to the girl and helped her to the ladies room to clean up, and redress as I talked to her to try and calm her down.

She told me her name was Rena and the guys that I had seen around her were a group that molested her most every time they saw her. They would catch her unaware and pounce on her, stripping her of all of her clothes and then forcing her to redeem them by granting sexual favors to the guys that held her garments. She barely got enough of her clothes back to make it back home. Her attackers would fondle her naked body for hours, before letting her go. She said that they would hold her, so that she could not move and take turns exploring every inch of her young body. If she struggled too much, they would punch or spank her into submission to continue her molestation only they would make a point of being more sadistic in their treatment of her. She was crying even more as she contemplated her current situation. Since I had spoiled their fun at the theatre they would be extra nasty to her the next time that they caught up to her. She said that they weren't above holding her down and encouraging young kids to explore her body. She went on to say that they threatened to let animals have her as well.

We had a changing room where we used to keep our uniforms while we were not on duty. The door was kept locked and there was enough room to change at the beginning and end of our shifts. I locked her in the room to keep her safe and completed my shift at the theatre. I came back to change, and then I took Rena to my house to visit for a while. We lay on my bed as we talked about her life when her mom was alive. She now lived with her dad and her younger brother for the past four years.

Rena said that her troubles started at a friend's birthday party that she attended. The kids were left to themselves in the basement and someone found some booze tucked away in the furnace room. Soon they were passing the bottle around, each one taking a swig. What she didn't know was that the guys pressed their tongues against the top of the bottle, preventing the booze from entering their mouth. Soon, everyone that actually drank the booze ended up drunk while the group of guys was in control of themselves. When the girls were completely smashed the guys all went after Rena, the prettiest girl of the group. She was always conservative in her behavior and would not even make out with any the guys.

They took turns dancing with the drunken girl, feeling her up as they began taking off her clothes. They all gathered around her, holding her up as they felt her. One of the guys suggested taking Rena up to the garage where they could play with her uninterrupted and they all agreed. They carried the drunken girl up to the garage, to continue playing with her drunken body. The two guys holding her up for the others to play with, wanted to trade off so they could get in to the festivities with the drunken Rena. One of the guys found some rope and suggested that they tie her wrists to one of the roof trusses overhead, so they could all take their turn with the hapless girl. Rena was out of it, she was in and out of consciousness as the boys hung her in the garage and resumed taking her clothes off. When they had her naked they mauled her, until one of them decided to fuck the non-responsive girl. Two of the guys each took one of her legs and spread them wide while another pressed his cock into her moist pussy and commenced to rapidly fucking the girl. She awoke from her stupor and began struggling as the boys held her in position for her first rape. After his rapid pounding stopped, he held her tight as he deposited his youthful load into her ravaged cunt. He stood between her wide spread legs and let his hard prick drain into the helpless girl as he tongue kissed the girl. This signaled the beginning as they each took their turn, filling the young girl with their seeds. They left her hanging in the garage, blindfolded as the party continued. Occasionally, someone would come in and fuck Rena one or two times before leaving her naked body hanging in wait for her next encounter. Rena was raped countless times that day marking her as her class's punchboard. By the evening, she had regained her sobriety and knew that she had even experienced s couple of grown men rape her vulnerable body. She, of course couldn't see them but she knew by their smell and the fact that they hadn't shaved and the massive size of their rampant cocks as they plundered her body.

It was after nine PM before she was released by one of the boys, still blindfolded. He punched her in the stomach as she hung in the garage, telling her that her treatment would get much worse if she told anyone what happened to her today.

From then on she was the town's constant victim. She would be grabbed where ever she was and detained while numerous guys would rape her young body until they were sated.

Rena explained that she had no one to turn to; her dad was a letch and a drunkard and her brother was a younger version of his dad. The both gave her little privacy as they would burst in on her as she was bathing or dressing. Occasionally she would awake to find her dad in bed with her in a drunken sleep, with one of his hands inside of her top, grasping her tit. Other times, she would get trapped by her younger brother and he would slip his hands into her private parts and fondle her with a strange smile on his face, a smile of dominance.

As Rena was relaying her story to me with a constant flow of tears running from her eyes, I held her in an embrace and stroked her back as we sat on my bed cheek to teary cheek. I liked this girl from the first time that I saw her, and it hurt me to see what had been forced upon her. She was cursed with her beauty. She held on to my head with her hands as I whispered into her ear terms of endearment.

Rena called her house and left word that she was staying with a friend and would stop by to pick up her school clothes. There was no response from her father or brother, and there was no one home when we went to her house to retrieve her school clothes and books. I looked around the house to see that there was very little in the way of food. And there was trash all over the house. Rena's room looked ransacked.

Rena and I left her house with a couple of garbage bags full of her things. Surprisingly, she had very little in the way of dirty clothes, although some of them were worn out or too small for her. Together, we sorted her clothes and hung them on the I-beam that spanned my bedroom. Her underwear was another problem since it was too small for and torn and tattered as well. It was plain for me to see that she needed a mother in her life.

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