My Hottie Little Sister

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2011 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: I guess the title says it all.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

Chapter 1

There are all kinds of terms for it: lolita, nympho, skank, tramp, hottie, slut, well, you can probably add to the list.

Some of the names are pretty low-class but that really doesn't apply to my little sister. She's hot, she's sexy, she's just obsessed about boys and sex but she's not exactly low-class about it. But you won't miss it either.

Her name is Kim, Kimberly, and she's three years younger. When she was little, she was really cute, everyone just oohed and aahed over her and when she turned about eight, well I know this is young, but she started showing off her little body. And, yes, she knew what she was doing.

She would flash herself to my friends, find a time to be around without panties on and open her legs for a peek. How do I know? She did it to me, too. She started turning from cute into pretty and before she was ten, she was getting boobs.

Kim never wore anything under her teeshirt, her little bumps were always on display and she, at least two or three times a week, she would find a reason to let me see her without a top on, sometimes fully naked. She just seemed to enjoy teasing boys with her body and that included her brother, me.

She never tried to be especially coy about it, it was more that she wanted me and my friends to know that it wasn't an accident, that it was purposeful, she meant to show us what we were seeing.

That really was apparent one summer afternoon when she got back from her best friend's house. I was in the kitchen when she came in and she seemed all excited.

"Oh, come up and see my new bikini. You're not going to believe it. I ordered it with Julie, her mom lets her buy clothes over the internet. Wait until you see this. Come on," she said and she trotted up the stairs carrying a box in her hand.

Now, when this happened, my sister was twelve, almost thirteen. She had nice breasts, they were B-cup size, I'd looked at her bras, and she also had a figure, a nice figure. She had a slim waist and nice hips and pretty legs even though she wasn't especially tall.

I followed her into her room where she tossed the box on her bed and began pulling off her teeshirt, then unbuttoned her shorts as I stood there admiring her beautiful breasts, so young and firm, each tipped with a swollen nipple with the middle poked out.

Soon she had her shorts off and pulled the smallest panties I'd ever seen down to the floor and stepped out of them. Now I hadn't seen a lot of panties but these were smaller than I had even imagined. Now, that's tiny.

Then she pulled to flap open on the box and took out some tissue paper as I watched my little sister's sexy body while she unwrapped her bikini and held the two parts up for me to see.

"Whadda you think, big brother? Sexy, huh?"

"Yeah, I guess so but not as sexy as what you're wearing right now."

"Oh, come on, you're my brother, you're not supposed to be looking at me like that," she said with a wicked grin as she put the top on.

"Well, I may be your brother but I'm a guy, too."

"Yes, I had noticed that, just like I'm noticing that bulge in your shorts, big brother. My big brother's big bulge ... all from looking at his naked little sister," she taunted as she tied on the bottom.

Then, she struck a pose and asked, "Well, sexy or what?" and turned in a circle for me.

"I just wouldn't want Mom to see you in that, Kim," I warned my sister.

"Way ahead of you, big brother, as usual. Don't worry, I'll take it with me and change at the pool. So, you like? Yeah, I know, you like me better naked. Like every other guy in the world."

Well, that's a taste of what my sister is like. Oh, sorry to use that word, taste. Probably got you going. It sure would if you could have seen her.

I was also hearing her almost every night. I would be in my bed, slowly stroking myself, getting good and hard as I heard her, right on the other side of the wall, moaning and gasping, it was obvious that we were both masturbating.

So, one night, I got up and went into the hallway to listen. She was really into it, so I carefully, quietly rotated the doorknob and gently pushed the door open a few inches. There was Kim laying in the dim light, her teeshirt pulled up gathered around her underarms, her feet together, knees splayed wide with two fingers running in and out of her as the other hand rubbed circled around her clit. Oh, she was going at it.

I was just about ready to pull my dick out and quietly jack-off, when her eyes opened and she looked right at the opening of the door. I quickly pulled back and went back to my room, rather embarrassed that I'd been caught.

Then, a soft rap on my door as the knob turned and my sister came over to my bed.

"I don't mind if you watch me, Ryan. You don't know it but I've watched you sometimes. When I've seen you shoot your cum, it's just made me so hot."

I lay there speechless for a few moments, then, she asked, "Aren't you going to say anything, Ryan?" and leaned over and kissed me on the lips. My sister. My hot little sister. As she kissed me, she moved down to my bed and I felt the tip of her tongue begin to push between my lips so I opened and her tongue came in more fully.

She was sitting next to me, leaning over me, kissing me and in a minute or two, I raised my hand up under her tee and cupped her warm breast in my hand. Her nipple felt hard as a little pebble.

As we kissed, I felt her hand slip into my briefs and take hold of my dick to begin pulling up and down. I just couldn't believe that my sister was in my room, french-kissing me as I felt her boobs while she jacked me up and down. Incredible.

She raised up from kissing me, then turned and went right back down over me, kissing and licking my stomach, then onto my abdomen, then onto the tip of my cock, all the while looking up at me, watching how I was reacting to her pleasuring me in such a wonderful way.

This was not the first time I'd ever been sucked but that first time I was so nervous, the girl's parents were downstairs and we were up in her room with the door open, but I was now getting the best blowjob of my life.

Kim's mouth was so soft, so warm and snug, every pull, every suck was heaven. She turned her head just enough to be able to look at me while she sent me into ecstasy.

Well, I'm only human. What fifteen-year old boy could hold off for very long under those conditions.

"Oh, Kim, I'm just about to cum," I whispered as I felt my muscles tense. I wanted to giver her a chance to stop or pull off and finish me by hand, whatever. But, no, she just sucked on, smiling, her eyes gazing at me.

She sucked on as she looked at me. Then, my whole body seized, my hips arched up and I felt the incredible release and waves of pleasure engulfed me from head to toe as my semen spurted into her mouth over and over.

"UHHN, UHHN, UHH, UHH, uh, uh, mmm, oh, Kim, mmm, oh, wow, that's so good," I groaned as she softly sucked the last few drops out of me, then raised up and opened her mouth, showing me, strands and strings of my cum stretched across.

"See all your cum? You really shoot a lot, Ryan. But it tastes nice. Did I do it okay?"

"Oh, Kim, you were the best. You must have done this before."

"Well, I have had a lot of practice. It's something I really love to do. I just love it when I feel a boy's dick start to cum, when I feel that first pulse, that I know I've made him feel so good."

"You sure made me feel good."

"Be nice to me and maybe it won't be your last," she said as she leaned over, kissed me softly, gave my dick a squeeze, then left, saying, "Sweet dreams, big brother," over her shoulder.

I was sound asleep the next morning when I felt the bed move and opened my eyes to see my naked sister slipping under the covers next to me. Before I even moved, she had her hand in my briefs gripping my dick.

"What's this, Ryan? Is this for me?" she asked saucily as she kissed me, slipping her tongue inside moving it back and forth like she was fucking me with it.

"I have such a hot little sister," I mumbled as I reached for her breasts.

"Can you get those briefs off?" she asked as I pulled them off and dropped them on the floor.

"Mmm, better, " she whispered as we hugged each other.

"This is nice, huh? Nice way to wake up in the morning with your sister wanting your cock?"

"You are something else, little sister. You can do anything you want with what you have in your hand, I'm yours," I said waking up fully to what the morning might hold.

"Would you like to fuck me, Ryan? I'm pretty good, I've been told."

"You've had sex, like fucking?"

"Um, yeah, thought you knew. Well, I've had a few of these inside me," she said as she squeezed.

"I'd have to try and get some condoms. I know a quick-mart where they sell them."

"Don't bother, I'm on the pill. Have been for almost two years now."

"You are? Does Mom know?"

"Oh, you are so lame. Sure she knows, she took me to the doctor herself, stupid."

"Well, yeah, I guess but I'm just surprised she would put you on the pill like that."

"I'm not. When Ricky Goodman's mother called Mom to tell her she caught us naked, it was the first thing Mom did. Smart mom, I'd say."

"Oh, I guess I didn't know about that. You must have caught a lot of hell over that."

"Not really. Mom was pretty cool about it, mostly wanted me on the pill. She still lets me have Ricky come over to our house though his mom wouldn't let me visit him. Well, she just didn't know after that."

"So, Mom must have known that you and Ricky were fucking whenever he came over, right?"


"Geez, I just never knew. You've been busy, Sis."

"Yep. And it looks like my big brother would like some of this too," she said as she patted between her legs.

"And, you're on the pill? Right now?"

"You pick up on things real fast, Ryan. So, you wanna fuck me?" she asked as she rolled over on her back and spread open for me.

"Oh, yeah, you would? You and me, right now?"

"Well, I'm ready when you are," and I got up and took hold of my dick and started to push inside her.

"Hold on, don't you lick a girl's pussy before you fuck her? Let's teach you right. This is your first time, I bet."

"Yeah, kind of."

"Kind of. Well, okay, you should always get a girl good and hot licking her and putting your tongue in her first. Every girl loves it, at least all the ones I know, and believe me, the better you can give oral, the more pussy you'll get. If you do a good job, maybe I'll recommend you to a few of my friends. Now let's see what you can do on my poor, lonely, little puss."

"Oh, geez, my little sister, pimping me to her friends," I jested.

"You could do worse, Ryan. It would get you more pussy than you've ever dreamed of. All my friends are fucking their boyfriends."

"So, what about your's, Mike?" I asked, probably already knowing the answer.

"All the time. He lives with his dad and he lets us go in Mike's room and do whatever we want. And you know what we want, right? We just fuck all the time."

"Lucky Mike."

"Oh, I'll make sure my big brother is taken care of. I fuck Mike a lot and I'm still horny all the time. So, I'll just come in to bed with you when the parents go to work and we can have some fun every morning, just like this. Now, get me in the mood, like I'm not already," and she patted her pussy again.

I got down between her legs and began licking the smooth, soft skin that was on either side of the pretty little slit running up and down between her legs. She must have hair down here, I thought, she's thirteen. So, I guess she must shave it, lots of girls do I've heard but now I'm seeing it for the first time. Yum.

"Mmm, good, feels so good, get inside, mmm, like this," and she reached down to pull herself open with her fingers, exposing the wet pink insides of her pussy.

I ran my tongue all around in a circle, over and over, as she squirmed around moaning, "Ummm, mmm, ooh, mmm."

My tongue was wiggling inside her when she pulled me up.

"I am so ready. Fuck me now, big brother," and she gripped my cock and pulled it to her. I got it positioned right on her opening and pushed my hips forward.

Chapter 2

Looking down, I watched my hard cock disappear up inside my little sister's exquisite body. The first time ever inside a girl.

"Mmm, nice and slow, Ryan, just start slow, make me feel good, pinch my nipples, too, I really like that," and I followed her advice to the letter and it sure was making me feel good, that was for sure.

"You like it? You like fucking your little sister?"

"Oh, do I ever."

She raised her legs straight up and asked me to push hard down deep into her while she shook her hips back and forth. It didn't do much for me but she took off like a rocket.

"OH, OH, OH, UUNH, UUNH, UUNH, OH, OH, MMM, mmm, oh, god, I love that, mmm, just fuck me now, Ryan, oh, wow, that gets me off so big every time."

Well, I'm learning quite a bit from my little sister whose experience in some areas seems to be lots more than my own.

"Pull it out some, no, too far, in just ... oh, perfect, hold it right there," she asked as I arched forward, my cock out in front of me only in her about two inches or so.

I was wondering just what she was doing when she put her hands up under her hips and began moving herself around in a circle, just keeping the tip of my cock tight in her pussy as she rotated around and around.

"Omigod, that's incredible, it's gonna ... uh, UH, UH, UUH, UUH, um, um, mmm, oh, KIm, wow, that was incredible."

"See what your little sister can do? Made you cum really good, didn't I?"

I was just washed over with the most incredible orgasm I'd ever had. I'd jacked-off lots and lots of times and nothing ever came close to what I was now feeling as I jammed down into my sister all the way.

I was almost completely out of breath but I did squeeze out, "Yeah, you sure did, god, that was fantastic. You sure know how to fuck."

"Yeah, I am pretty good. They say you're always good at what you love to do. So, I'd say, yeah, I'm pretty good."

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