A Full Moon Phase

by Maxicue

Copyright© 2011 by Maxicue

Caution: This Horror Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Were animal, Light Bond,

Horror Sex Story: East Germany, December 1979. Wolf, while working as a Stasi agent, seeks to remove the last remnant of the Nazi SS who had threatened to eliminate his kind. Things come to a head when he meets his mate after decades without one. Gretchen had been his target for subversive activity, and his instant attraction to her forces him to become a rogue agent, to extract her from Berlin, and to return to his hamlet in the Black Forest to reestablish his status as alpha wolf.


Having read some very good werewolf tales, particularly JazCullen's in Literotica, and with the whole popularity of the genre, I guess I was inspired to give it a try. As seems to happen to me as a story writes itself, channeling a sort of Zen experience of letting all of my brain channel through the narrow aperture of consciousness, the story swerved quickly from the source inspiration of a real event, the expulsion of Nina Hagen from East Germany for being too outrageous, turning that character into a minor one in the story (Trixie). Instead, I mostly focused on the relationship between Wolf and Gretchen and its catalyst for changing everything.

Knowing little about the specifics of East Germany in terms of politics and geography and language, I'm sure I've gotten several things wrong. Please be forgiving of these and consider them part of the universe I create which enables not only werewolves and werecats to exist, but gods and goddesses as well.


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