Justice Is Served

by Stepdaddy

Copyright© 2011 by Stepdaddy

Erotica Sex Story: Our protagonist has a conundrum -- after deflowering his fifteen-year-old stepdaughter, he can no longer rely on weekly hymen checks to ensure she isn't screwing around. Time to lock in the girl's affection and lock up her punk boyfriend! The final episode in The "Arrangment" series. (Note: there is one non-detailed Mm scene, not involving the main characters, as part of a plot closure device).

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Reluctant   Blackmail   Incest   Father   Daughter   Light Bond   Pregnancy   .

[Note: This is the third and final episode in "The Arrangement" series. It is not necessary, but probably preferable, to enjoy the first episode, "Let's Make a Deal," and the second episode, "A Change of Routine," before reading this installment.]

I had actually started to drift off, but my fifteen-year old stepdaughter, Kimmie, shifted uncomfortably beneath me. This roused me from that drowsy afterglow that so often follows a man's orgasm.

"Daddy, I can hardly breathe!" I pushed up on my arms and rested over the little schoolgirl. I had finally done it – I had ravished her little virgin pussy. After ten months of blackmailing her into a daily blow job, it might not seem like much of a milestone, but believe me, this had just been the most momentous fuck of my life.

"Why the hell did you have to fuck me?" As the euphoria of her own pleasure faded, my less-than-willing conquest got some of her everyday attitude back.

She had been sucking me off daily so that I wouldn't have her drug-dealing, piece-of-shit boyfriend sent to prison. Although he was only seventeen years old, his record was a long one, and Sergeant Thompson from the local precinct assured me that any time I wanted, he could have Billy sent to the state pen as an adult. Apparently, Thompson had some kind of homo-sadistic interest – and possibly previous experience – with Billy. Since it had originally cost me ten grand in a bribe to this same Sgt. Thompson to keep Billy out of jail, I was pretty sure it would take a little cash to get things reversed. Fine with me. I had plenty of money, and having Billy's freedom in my hands was priceless – it garnered me almost complete control over my sexy little stepdaughter.

I ignored her question. The reason I had fucked her would be obvious to any man in my position. Her sweet little body had been asking for it, and her daily oral service had simply ensured I had plenty of opportunity to think about it. I rose to a kneeling position, and my satisfied prick slid out of her just-deflowered hole. With it came a sloppy ooze of semen, blood, and pussy juice, leaking onto her pink and white "little girl" quilted comforter. I'd have to get that cleaned before my wife Denise got home from her weekend trip.

I wasn't concerned that Kimmie might say something to her mother. Leaving aside the threat to her boyfriend's freedom, there was also the matter of lifestyle. She and her mother had practically been on welfare when I met them, and now she was enjoying a life as one of the richest little bitches in her private girl's school. She didn't want to jeopardize that by telling her mother, particularly when she knew I had Denise wrapped around my finger. I was the one who would be believed. She was the one who'd be sent back to her public school, with clothes and allowance fitting her former condition, as "a lesson about lying, dear".

"You said maybe I could go out this weekend, after all?" she asked in a slightly more conciliatory tone.

"Well, honey," I replied, "I have a bit of a conundrum. As you well know, part of the arrangement we made ten months ago, which I might remind you is the only thing keeping Billy among the free, was that you couldn't fuck him. I've been able to monitor this with the hymen exams you've been enjoying every week. Now that you seem to have lost that little integrity proof, how will I know you're holding up your end of our deal?"

"Wha-what?! Because you fuck me, I can't see Billy? "Cause you're afraid he'll fuck me? That's bullshit!"

"Watch your mouth with me, young lady! I didn't say that, I said I have a problem that I'll have to think about. In the meantime, for your sass, you can lick me clean." She hesitated for just a moment, and then slurped the messy thing right into her mouth. With the ambiguity of my last statement, she was probably hoping to please me enough to earn her reprieve. She'd sucked her mother's cunt sauce off my dick many a time, and my semen was nothing new to her. I guess she figured a little virgin blood mixed in was no big deal, either.

I did have a conundrum, though. Letting her see Billy once in a while, even restrained by the terms of our arrangement, had been an effective tool in managing this little sex kitten. Furthermore, having taken possession of that little slot for myself, I was even less willing eager to share it. I resolved to temporize over the weekend, sampling her sweet schoolgirl cunt as often as I could manage, and see if my jealousy might abate enough to relax my restriction – or better yet, find a way to deal with Billy once and for all.

"That's enough, honey," I said as I felt my prick begin to swell. "Go make us some dinner. I'll tell you what ... you'll get to see Billy soon. Maybe this weekend." She scampered off hopefully toward the kitchen, her wrinkled mini-skirt only half-heartedly pulled down to cover her slime-painted ass. As much as I loved the sight, I didn't want blood or cum stains on any of the furniture, so I told her to clean up first.

After she headed downstairs, I headed to the phone in my bedroom. I had the beginnings of a plan.


A couple of hours later, after dinner, just as I thought about getting in another slice of Kimmie pie, the phone rang. Good, they'd found him. I answered the phone, got the details, and hung up. The timing was perfect, as Kimmie was beginning to get "all sweet" with me. That meant she was about to ask me if she could go out.

"Kimmie, that was Sgt. Thompson. They just picked up Billy; he's down at the jail. I didn't have anything to do with this", I lied, "but maybe I can do something for him. Not right now, though. That little twerp needs to spend some time in jail. I don't want to spend my money getting his ass out for every little thing, or he'll send me to the poor house." The only money I was really losing was the cash I'd have to pay Thompson to follow the special instructions I had given him during our earlier call.

"What! What happened? He didn't do anything!"

"Honey, we both know that's probably not true. Tell you what: I'll take you down to see him on Sunday. That is if you're cooperative this weekend. Now come over here and sit in my lap."

We watched a little TV, my fingers lazily toying with her naked pussy the whole time. She was upset about Billy, but it wasn't the first time since she'd known him he'd spent a night or two in jail, so she eventually relaxed. I could feel her pussy begin to warm up to the attention. Normally in a circumstance like this, I'd watch TV while she nursed on my cock, but I didn't want to waste any of my vigor on that old game this weekend. We watched one of her favorite shows for an hour, at the end of which she was so hot and bothered from my stroking that she didn't protest in the slightest when I fucked her from behind right there on the couch. She enjoyed it, and may even have cum, but if so, not with the force of her earlier episode at the end of my tongue.

After that, we went our separate ways for a few hours, although I kept an ear and eye on her to ensure she didn't leave the house. At bedtime, I let her retire to her own room, where she changed into her little panties-and-T-shirt outfit, before I surprised her with the news that she'd be sleeping in the bed I normally shared with her mother. I gently fucked her one more time, in the "spoons" position, before we drifted off with my wilting but happy cock tucked up inside her little fifteen-year-old snatch.

I awoke before her on Saturday morning, so I decided to usher in her day with a good tongue-lashing. By the time she was fully awake, she had already been moaning and humping up into my face for several minutes. I kept eating her, even after she began begging me to fuck her. Only after she had enjoyed a shattering orgasm from my oral attentions did I crawl up her teenaged body and give her a breakfast fuck.

It seemed my efforts to turn her attitude toward me around were beginning to work – as her body betrayed her, her mind tried to explain it. If she were like most women, she would come to believe that she actually did like me emotionally, and that was why she was enjoying the sex. "I must like him, because I enjoy sex with him, and I'm not a slut". "Cognitive dissonance", they had called that in my Psych 101 class back in college, and I've always found it a powerful tool in manipulating the female mind.

After breakfast, I suggested we break in our secluded backyard pool for the first time that year. It was a sunny day, one of the first truly hot days in May, and I knew she enjoyed sunbathing. It didn't take much to convince her that she might as well get to work on an all-body tan, so she didn't even bother with a suit. I enjoyed rubbing lotion all over her sweet little schoolgirl body, into every nook and cranny.

After enjoying the sun for an hour or so, we jumped in the pool. It wasn't long before we were splashing each other, and I was throwing her little 85-pound body into the air and "failing" to catch her as she hit the water. She started giggling and enjoying herself, and actually hanging around my neck, just like she had when she was a ten-year old. I actually sensed growing (or in this case, returning) affection from her, and to tell you the truth, I was feeling more than just predatory sensations toward her.

The ten-year old Kimmie however, had never led me by the hand to the shallow end of the pool for a leisurely, slow screw. I was surprised at the fifteen-year old Kimmie's turn-around, but I happily joined in. This was going even better than I had hoped.

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