Taking Doug in the Diner

by Eros Alban

Copyright© 2011 by Eros Alban

Sex Story: Stopping at his favorite local diner, James gets more than just a late night bite to eat.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma   Reluctant   Gay   BiSexual   Anal Sex   .

Standard Rules and licensing applies. This story comes from the depths of my mind. Enjoy.

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The call came at 2am, one of my after hour techs needed a part. So I left my wife asleep in bed to drive into work. After everything was done and the office and warehouse was locked up I decided to stop and get a bite to eat. Luckily there is a fantastic 24 hour diner near my house which serves the best food.

Walking in the front door, I saw that at 3 in the morning the usually hopping place was dead. Not a soul in the place. As the door swung shut the jiggle of bells brought Doug from the kitchen. Sigh. Doug was working. My wife called him my not so secret lust object. Over the years he had gone from skinny gangly busboy to built hot waiter / jack of all trades. He had just recently graduated from high school and soon would be leaving for college. And tonight instead of his usual loose fitting dinner issued shirt he was wearing a tight gray t-shirt which hugged his body tight and showed off his bulging arms.

"Hello, Mister James." He said smiling at me. "Do you want a menu?"

He started to lean over the counter to grab a menu. The black jeans he was wearing should have been replaced ages ago. They hugged his ass tighter than his shirt. As he leaned over I could see each cheek of his perk bubble butt, as well as the wide crack as his cheeks were held apart. There was a loud growl and suddenly I found myself pressing my hard cock into the crack of Doug's ass.

"Doug, what did I say about calling me 'Mister'?"

I could see Doug, in the mirror behind the counter, trying to speak. He hazel eyes were wide with a clear mixture of shock, fear and lust. I reached around the boy and gently flicked his perky nipples. They were rock hard. A soft moan emanated from his lips as he began shaking. Raking my hands down his chest and belly I could feel the taught muscles of his 8 pack as I ripped his shirt to pieces. Pulling his belt off and opening his jeans I could feel the heat and hardness of his throbbing cock. As I had guessed he was going commando. His smooth bubble butt popped into view as his cock began dripping a steady stream of thick pre-cum.

"What are you going to do to me?" He asked finally finding his voice.

"I'm gonna pleasure you until I've had enough."

"But ... but I'm straight." He stammered.

"So!" I chuckled as I buried my face into his ass.

Doug grabbed the edge of the counter and screamed in pure delight as I started licking his tight boy pucker. The taste of his virgin cherry ass was clean and only slightly tangy from a little sweat that had dripped down his back. Tongue fucking his cherry hole, Doug began bucking and moaning. I could feel him spasm on my tongue and knew he was ready to be fucked. Standing up I pulled my cock free from my pants. It was soaked in my own pre-cum. Rubbing my cock head across his twitching pucker I could feel the heat of his hole searing me.

"No wait ... I don't know about this." He moaned, full of fear and passion.

Whispering in his ear I told him. "Doug you're younger, stronger and bigger than me. Stop me if you don't want this."

Reaching around his barrel chest, I roughly pinched both of his taught nipples as I pushed my wide cock head into his formerly virgin boy hole. He whined and moaned and pushed back onto my thick dick. Feeling his lips snap around my cock head I nearly lost control. His ass was fantastic. Not only was it tight and hot, but it was twitching and pulling on my cock unlike any one I'd ever fucked before. While pulling on his firm, I and could feel Doug start to shake and tremble.

"Oh god, oh god Mister James, Your cock feels so good in my little hole. Oh gawd. I'm gonna cum soon. You're not even moving yet and I'm gonna shoot. I'm gonna blast..."

He screamed as his balls pulled tight and one massive load after another blasted, coating the chair and counter in front of him.

Once he stopped coming he simply laid on the counter top being held in place by my cock head in his ass. He would moan softly and I could feel his cock pulsing. His ass held my cock in a vise grip. But I hadn't even begun to fuck this young buck yet. Spreading his ass as wide as I could I firmly pushed all ten inches of my thick cock deep inside Doug's super hot boy hole. A load scream of pleasure came from Doug's ripe lips and I made a mental note to use them later. As I slowly shafted his amazing butt, I could hear Doug's rock hard cock smacking against his firm belly.

Looking around me, I realized that with all the glass windows anyone driving by would see me fucking the young boy beneath me. That tastily thought made my cock super hard and I started drilling deep into this ass.

"Yeah James, fuck me. Fuck me harder. Oh gawd you're gonna make me cum again." He started moaning.

Feeling him starting to cum again, I started long shafting him. Pulling out until my cock head popped out, then slamming back balls deep. As his hole once more started to spasm with his orgasm I slid as deep as I could and unleashed a torrent of white hot come deep inside this "straight" boy's deflowered ass, while he hosed the counter with another massive load of his own.

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