Wendy and Susie

by Athalia

Copyright© 2011 by Athalia

Erotica Sex Story: A sequel to "Wendy," where Jim's thirteen-year-old daughter comes home and gets a piece of the action from both Wendy and Jim. (You should probably read "Wendy" first.) Although I've categorized it as "Erotica," it's really a love story.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   ft/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Incest   Father   Daughter   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Cream Pie   Nudism   .

I hadn't planned this at all.

I hadn't planned to fall in love with a twelve-year old girl, let alone my daughter's best friend. I hadn't planned to be the first one to give her an orgasm, the first to penetrate her, the first to introduce her to all the mysteries of love. But it happened.

The day after I deflowered Wendy, I bought three dozen condoms, and we'd used them all by the time she announced that her mom had put her on birth control and we no longer needed them. Dispensing with the condoms was a problem at first; the sensation of my cock's bare skin sliding into her pussy was overwhelming, and we soon realized that the only way it was going to work was if we masturbated each other to orgasm first, as we always had before. She became an excellent cocksucker, but she seldom swallowed. Instead it became part of our sex-play for her to retain the semen in her mouth and spit it into mine, our tongues sliding over each other and savoring the pungent taste together. Then it would be my happy task to return the favor, finger-fucking her and lapping at her clit until she came with a gush of fluid, which I would then invite her to lick off my face.

And then we'd lie together and gently pleasure each other, in no hurry to get to another climax. All of the other women I'd made love to would leave me wondering if I'd pleased them completely. And after sex, most of them would rush to the shower to wash the evidence of our lovemaking away. But Wendy was different. I don't think the thought of faking an orgasm ever crossed her mind, and there was nothing about our sweaty, cum-covered bodies that she found repellent. Sometimes, after our orgasms, she would bury her nose in my armpit hair and inhale the odor as if it were the finest perfume. And I would just as often bury my own nose in her crotch, lapping up my cum as it mixed with hers and flowed from her pussy.

Once she learned to get herself off, she did it whenever she wanted, whether I was there or not. Sometimes she preferred it to fucking, in which case I'd just watch her as she brushed her long blond hair, tracing circles around her clit with her free hand. And whenever she was in my house, she'd be in the nude, showing not the slightest trace of self-consciousness.

At first, she wouldn't stay the night, but after a while she said that her mom had given her permission to, on the grounds that they'd be "sleepovers with Susie;" she'd evidently convinced her mother that my daughter, who was Wendy's age, was in my custody much of the time. It was then my pleasure to have her fall asleep in my arms after making slow, sweet love, and to lick, suck or fuck her to a morning orgasm before we even got out of bed.

But the following summer, about a week after Wendy turned thirteen, fiction became fact. Susie was coming to stay with me for a few weeks. I asked Wendy how she felt about that.

"It's cool," she said. "I can sleep over with her, just like we used to. When she's not around, we can still fuck."

So when Susie came home, it wasn't long before Wendy called to ask for a sleepover. She sailed through the door and gave Susie a huge hug, and then gave me a peck on the cheek. It was very surreal, watching the two girls chat and catch up on their lives, with my daughter never suspecting that her father and her best friend were lovers.

That night, I tucked them in and kissed them both goodnight. Then I retired to my own bed to masturbate, thinking as usual of Wendy's body, now only two doors down the hallway.

The next morning, I got up and made breakfast. It was Susie's own thirteenth birthday, so this was more elaborate than usual. As the bacon was sizzling, I noticed that the two girls had arisen as well. Wendy was the first to use the bathroom, and came downstairs while Susie took her turn. She had a robe on, which she opened to show that she had nothing on underneath. I noticed something else: she reeked of sex. I'd been smelling her pussy for months, and there was no mistaking it.

She looked into my eyes as if looking for a reaction. Her expression showed both a knowing self-confidence and a need for understanding. I kissed her on the forehead and said, "I see you had fun last night."

She flashed a smile. "Oh, yeah. We slept together."

"You did more than that!"

"You bet! I guess horniness is inheritable. She just wouldn't quit. I gave her some head, and she just went nuts. She said it was the first real orgasm she'd ever had. She was good at giving it back, too, once she got the hang of it." As she told me about her tryst with my daughter, she hugged me and played with my nipple, stroking it and pressing it into my chest. My cock stirred as I felt her hands opening my own robe and nude body pressing against mine.

"Jimmy," she continued. "I wanted it. She wanted it. Did I do wrong? Is this going to make it hard ... for us?"

"No, darling. You did just fine. I wouldn't be much of a father if I didn't wish all the happiness for my daughter that I could give her. But I don't know how this will play out. She doesn't know we're lovers, right?"

"Well, no. I haven't told her. Should I?"

"I'll let you decide that for yourself, kitten. In a way, you know her better than I do." Then we heard the toilet flush, and fastened our robes shut. When Susie arrived downstairs, she found us innocently going about the chores of cooking breakfast and setting the table.

The change in my daughter was startling. Besides reeking of pussy, just as Wendy did, she exuded a confidence she had never displayed before. She gazed adoringly at Wendy, a look that was more than two old friends enjoying each other's company. When they kissed, the kiss was a fraction of a second too long. And when Susie kissed me, she did it on my mouth, instead of my cheek. I chuckled as I kissed her back, and she suddenly realized that I was smelling Wendy's cum on her face. She broke off the kiss with a guilty look, but I hugged her reassuringly and even gave her face a lick. Then she smiled, the smile that I always loved to see on my daughter. Somehow she understood that I knew about her and Wendy, and that I approved.

The breakfast then proceeded normally (or at least as normally as possible under the circumstances). The girls disappeared upstairs to shower -- probably together, I reflected with a grin -- while I cleaned up the kitchen. By the time I finished, they were done with the shower, so I took one, too. The girls were kind enough to leave me about a half a shower's worth of hot water, so I cut mine short. Then I went to work.

Since the weather was nice and my workload was light, I knocked off at around three and went home. The girls were in the backyard, swimming in the pool. I was amused to see that Wendy was still using the swimsuit she had last year, even though it was now too small for her; she still hadn't bought a new one, since we'd dispensed with suits when we began our affair and swam in the nude. Susie's own two-piece swimsuit fit her perfectly, displaying a body that was Wendy's equal in pubescent femininity and form. I realized how beautifully her dark skin, the inheritance of my Portuguese genes, set itself off against the light blue of her suit. The garment was too chastely cut to be called a bikini, but I couldn't help but notice that it did little to conceal stiff nipples and a camel-toe. After greeting them, I changed into my own baggy swim-trunks, and found them standing by the pool hugging each other when I returned.

"Nice swimsuit," I told my daughter. "Did your mother buy you that?" Susie shot a glance at Wendy, and the two girls giggled.

"Yeah, Momma got it for me."

"But Susie modified it!" Wendy added with a cackle.

"Let me guess. You cut some fabric from the bra cups and the front panel of the briefs."

"I TOLD you he'd notice!" Susie said to Wendy. "I didn't like the way it felt," she added lamely.

"Did your mother approve?"

"She doesn't know. We only did it this morning."

"It was my idea," Wendy said. "I told her she needed to be more daring."

"You're one to talk, girl. You're falling right out of that swimsuit of yours!"

"You want to see falling out? I'll show you falling out!" And with that, Wendy slipped the straps off her shoulders and pulled the top of the suit down, exposing her breasts and their hard, plump nipples.

"Are you nuts? Right in front of my dad?" Susie cried.

"He's seen it before. When I came over last summer to use the pool, we swam in the nude."

"Are you serious? Dad, is she lying?"

"No, dear. I'm afraid not."

"You mean you swam nekkid? Both of you?"

"Um, yes."

"And I'm gonna do it again," Wendy announced. She then pushed her swimsuit down her legs and kicked it off. Then she smiled at me. "Your turn."

"I can't do this in front of Susie!" I protested.

"Sure you can. She wants to see you naked. She said so last night!"

"WENDY!" Susie shouted.

"She did! What are you going to do about it?"

"Susie, would you mind if I took off my trunks?"

"Uh, no, Dad. If it makes you feel comfortable, go ahead. It's your house."

"Do it, Jimmy!" Wendy urged.

Well, it was my house, after all. So I dropped my trunks, relieved that my cock was still only semi-hard after seeing my darling Wendy in the nude. Wendy laughed in delight.

"Okay, Susie! Your turn!"

"I can't!"

"Sure you can. You're the only one who has clothes on now. And, girl, they ain't hiding much!"

"Well, I guess you've seen me naked before, Daddy. After all, you changed my diapers and gave me baths." With that, she doffed her own bathing suit.

It had been years since I'd seen her entirely naked, and she sure had changed. Her nipples, dark brown and very large, sat atop breasts that were a shade larger then Wendy's and well-defined, sitting impossibly high on her chest as little-girl breasts do. They were a few shades lighter than the skin on her shoulders and legs. Evidently, she'd been doing some tanning that summer. The pallor of her breasts was matched by her hips and ass cheeks, glistening provocatively in contrast to the deep tan she exhibited everywhere else. And I couldn't fail to notice a covering of hair over her crotch, as dark and curly as her head hair was. There was no denying that my little girl was now well on her way to womanhood. I stared at her in frank wonder. I'd never seen her mother at that age, but there was no doubt that Susie looked exactly like she would have.

And I noticed that she was staring back. At my cock.

It was Wendy that broke the spell. "Let's go into the pool!" she said, and grabbed us both by the hand. We smiled at each other and tumbled into the pool. After much whooping and horseplay, we'd had enough of the water and dried ourselves off. The girls spread out large towels and applied suntan oil to each other, and then to my back. When they told me to turn over, I mentioned something about having to use the bathroom and excused myself.

What I had to do, of course, was wank. The sight of the oil gleaming on the naked bodies of the two girls, and the sensation of four young hands spreading oil over my ass was enough to send my cock into rock-hardness. I used the small bathroom that adjoined the changing room, and brought myself to a quick climax. When my cock softened enough, I peed and washed my hands, and returned to the patio.

By this time Wendy had rearranged our two lawn chairs, and I noticed that they were just as they were when we'd had our first mutual wank the previous summer. She lay down, spreading her legs and giving me a splendid view of her pussy. Susie was lying on a third chair, studying us. She sensed somehow that there was an intimacy between Wendy and me that she hadn't expected. But aside from giving me a show, Wendy wasn't doing anything particularly erotic. She was, in fact, showing the same un-selfconsciousness that she always did, as if parading around in the nude was the most natural thing in the world. She got up at one point and fetched some potato chips and sodas from the kitchen. Although she may not have intended it, it was clear to the rest of us that she felt utterly at home here, that it was her house as well as ours. In this way, I realized, she was preparing Susie for the inevitable announcement that she was more than a friend to me.

We went out for dinner, where the restaurant provided a celebratory birthday cake for us free of charge, and then Wendy phoned her mom that she was staying an extra night with us. As usual, there was no protest, and I imagined that no sooner had that woman hung up the phone than she picked it up again to invite one of her boyfriends over. I didn't care. It was enough for me to have the company of these two extraordinary young women, my daughter and my lover.

We watched a couple of DVDs -- Susie's birthday presents from her mother -- on the couch together, Wendy sitting in between me and Susie and putting her arm around both of us. I could feel her kneading my shoulder in her sexy playful way, and glanced over to see that she was doing the same thing to my daughter with her other arm. And my daughter as responding as I was. My own hand slipped behind Wendy, stroking her waist. Susie did the same, and we sat there in a row, fondling Wendy as she fondled us back. I caught the scent of feminine arousal, but from which girl it was impossible to say. Perhaps both of them, I thought.

My suspicions were confirmed when the two girls got up abruptly after the last movie ended, saying that they were tired and wanted to turn in. I kissed them goodnight. Again, Susie kissed my on the mouth, more self-confidently than before. And Wendy, no nobody's surprise, gave me a little tongue as well. Then she whispered, "Good night, Jimmy. I love you. Thanks."

And they were gone.

As before, I went to bed, masturbated myself to a fierce climax, and dozed off to sleep. At around two in the morning, I heard the bedroom door open and Wendy slipped in. She was naked. I could smell pussy.

"Susie's asleep. Now fuck me." And there was her body, rubbing against mine, sending me into arousal. I contemplated whether to ask her if Susie knew she was here, but the question was swept away in the heat of the moment. The fact that I'd been in her presence for more than a day without the chance of making love to her now begat an urgency that I could have never resisted. We kissed hungrily, we embraced, and we coupled. Despite my orgasm only hours before, I found myself coming in a headlong rush, taking her with it. I was amazed at how fast she'd climaxed, until I realized that she'd just been making love with my daughter and was still aroused by that.

Breathing heavily, we hugged and felt the tension subside. Then she kissed me quickly and slipped back into my daughter's bedroom.

The next morning, it was the girls who were up first, and they had breakfast waiting. The morning was already warm, and promised a hot day. They had their thin robes on, as did I, and when we hugged, I could plainly feel their breasts pressing against my chest. But their embraces were affection, not lust, and I returned them quickly.

The day, a Friday, proceeded very much like the last one. Again, I begged off work (much easier this time, since all the computers in the office went down and work was impossible) and came home to find the girls in the pool. This time they hadn't bothered with suits at all. I shucked my clothes where I stood and joined them, and we relished the feel of the cool water on our bare skins. I left the pool first and hurried into the changing room to masturbate, knowing that the sight of two naked beauties sun-tanning would arouse me beyond concealment. And sure enough, when I returned, they were on the chaise longues, soaking up the rays. They'd already oiled themselves up, and when I lay down on the third chair they fell upon me and, giggling and joking with each other, applied oil to my back. This time, I rolled over and let them oil my front, as well, and Wendy lost no time pouring oil on my cock and rubbing it in. Then she grabbed Susie's hand and laid it on my crotch.

Susie stopped and looked at Wendy in surprise. Then she smiled and clasped my cock in her hand, and gave it a tentative squeeze. I smiled back, and the two girls took it as a sign to complete their project. We lay there for a long time, occasionally getting up to use the pool to cool off. My cock eventually began to get hard again, and I was about to excuse myself when Wendy grabbed me. "Don't," she whispered. "Susie wants to see it hard." Then, as Susie watched, Wendy gave my cock an extra rub and a squeeze, and it went to full erection. Susie's face was unreadable, but she showed no sign that she disliked what she saw, so I gave in to Wendy's whim.

"Watch this, Susie!" she said, and before I could react, she masturbated me to an orgasm. The sperm shot out of me in a rush as Susie watched in astonishment. I blushed as both girls broke out in laughter at the sight of my semen pumping out of my cock. The hard-on went down after a while, as we chatted easily amongst ourselves. At dinner-time, we got up. Susie surprised me by coming up to me and giving me a quick hug. "Thanks for the show, Daddy," she said simply. The heat of the afternoon had broken, and we all got dressed.

Wendy phoned her mom and got permission to stay for a third night. We ordered out for pizza and, when it arrived, fell on it with ravenous appetites and made short work of it. Then we watched another movie, taking up the same positions (and activities) that we had the night before. When it ended, we all hugged each other, and the girls went to bed.

Again, I wanked off before drowsing, and was awakened by the door opening at around two. I smelled pussy. A lithe, naked form got into bed and snuggled against me. But it wasn't Wendy.

"Hi, Daddy," she said.

"Susie? What are you doing here?"

"What Wendy was doing last night. She told me." And she kissed me on the mouth, hard.

"Susie, you're my daughter."

"Yes, and you're my father. But you're a man, and I'm a woman. Or almost a woman. When I saw your penis yesterday, I got all hot. And when I saw it shoot your jizz today, I got hotter."

"Baby, we have to talk about this. And about Wendy."

"I know that you two are lovers. She told me that, too. But she wants to be lovers with me, too. And she wants us two to be lovers. It's all good, every bit of it."

"I shouldn't be ... fucking ... my own daughter," I protested, although my cock was betraying me by swelling into hardness in her hand.

"You shouldn't be fucking thirteen-year-old girls at all. But you are. And it's cool with me. I love Wendy. I loved her all my life, as a friend even before I did as a lover. And if she wants to share that love with you, too, how could I argue?" As she was talking, she took my hand and laid it on her breast. Her nipple was hard.

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