More High School Cyber Sex; Real Email Daddy Fantasies by Sunny

by Chandra

Copyright© 2011 by Chandra

Incest Sex Story: For a short time, I was exchanging incredibly hot emails with a very sexual high school girl named Sunny, who has daddy/daughter incest fantasies. With her permission, this is the second compilation of some of her/our emails and they're posted here for your pervy pleasure. Keep your tissues at the ready.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   ft/ft   Consensual   Lesbian   Fiction   Incest   Father   Daughter   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

Several months ago, I received an email from a high school girl named Sunny, who was in search of daddy/daughter incest cyber thrills. She'd read my stories and reached out to me. She's a very sweet, very pretty and insanely sexual girl. We quickly established a relationship and she's been sending me the hottest emails I've ever read. She also sends me pictures of her and her girlfriend, who she not only has a sexual relationship with but with whom she shares their mutual fantasies about their fathers while they fuck one another with a strap-on.

None of what you are about to read is made up. I've put this together with her permission, as the following cuts and pastes come directly from her emails to me. In some of the emails, I ask her questions and you'll read her answers. In others, its just Sunny, the hottest little bi sister daddy-fucker cyber slut I've ever known. No attempt has been made at winning the Nobel for literature. I'm presenting it for your entertainment.

Remember: What you are about to read is from a high school girl and I can tell you from her pictures that she is a young, petite, pretty, sexy and very innocent-looking blond Midwestern cheerleader type. Her friend, a brunette, is also a young hottie. (No, you cannot see their pictures. They're only for me. Besides ... You don't want to get me in trouble, do you?) I told Sunny about some of the email that her first story generated:

Sunny: Hey My Loving Big Sis. Chan, I can't tell how much I liked seeing my emails like you had posted them, girl I got so fucking hot, I was fingering my cunt while reading it and your reply. I love the thought that men are thinking of me sucking and fucking my dad and jerking off thinking of their daughters or granddaughters. YESSS I would love to see my dad like that, am sure I would be playing with his cock. I love seeing those words, cunt, sucking cunt, dad's sucking my cunt, that's so hot.

Sunny: It does turn me on to let my dad see me in my bra and panties. I do hope he gets hard seeing me. When I listen to them fucking I always pretend it's me that my dad is fucking.

Sunny: I LOVED THIS so much. Chan I would REALLY, REALLY like for this to actually happen, know you think I shouldn't and I do understand you but still I would like for it to happen with me and my dad. I want my dad to play with my cunt, tits and asshole to talk real nasty to me, telling me how much he wants my cunt to fuck his little horny daughter, that he wants to fuck my tight young ass, that he wants his slutty little daughter to suck daddy's hard cock, that he wants to see me finger fuck my cunt and asshole, Chan am so fucking wet now.

Sunny: Chan my Love, Want to send you this before I went to school: Thank you so very much for sending me this. (A little fantasy I wrote for her about her and her dad.) Girl this is so fucking hot, When I read it last night my cunt got so wet so fucking fast. I went to my room and finger fucked my cunt and asshole thinking of this email and that it was me and my daddy doing all the nasty words and we watched each other masturbate, Chan I really would love to talk like this with my dad and him talking to me the same way, just like you and your dad did.

Sunny: Chan it was early last night when I was finger fucking myself and I got a little loud I think because as I was fucking myself I am sure I heard noise right out side my door and I didn't stop, in fact I think got a little louder, saying: "Yes daddy fuck me, fuck your horny little daughter's cunt, I want your cock dad I want you to fuck me with your hard cock" Chan I couldn't help from doing it I was so fucking turned on, am so wet now just typing this. Not sure if was my mom or dad that was outside my door but the thought one of them was there turned me on so much more. When I came out later neither one said anything about it, Mom ask if I was feeling OK and if had my homework done.

Later that night mom and dad fucked real loud in their room too and I was listening to them, mom was saying yesss fuck me with your large cock, dad was saying how much he loved fucking her tight cunt. Chan they were louder then I ever heard them before and I was on the floor outside their door finger fucking my cunt and my ass.

Chan I know you think I shouldn't but I would really like to do what you and your dad did with my dad, except I would also want him to touch me and me touching him, at least sure would love to have him see me finger fucking myself as he jerked off in front of me.

Sunny: Sorry wasn't able to write to you last night but was so fucking turned on I just had to get off, like I do now. But did want to tell you thank you so much for this email. (I told Sunny how much I wanted to watch her and her gf going 69, which is something they've done) Sis I will write after work tonight before I go out.

LOVE YOU SO MUCH Your Slutty Little Sister Sunny

Sunny: OMG Chan: Have just got up and was so happy to see I had 2 emails from you, will do this one first.

Chandra: God you turn me on, Sunny. I want to see you finger fuck your cunt and your ass while your father watches you and then you and your dad fuck and suck one another. Watch him bend you over and oil up your ass, then put his finger in and then his cock. "I'm putting my finger in your ass my slut daughter. I'm sticking it way up inside, deep and I'm fucking your ass with my finger."

Sunny: YESSS I want you to watch my dad suck and fuck my hot young cunt and ass. Chan watch as I open my cunt so dad can see my little clit that is so fucking hard. Look dad look at your young daughter's cunt, see how wet I am dad. I am so wet dad because I am thinking of your hard thick cock. Take your cock out dad. Let me and Chan see it, stroke it for us, dad you like seeing me finger fucking myself don't you. Yes sunny I love seeing you fingering, please do it now. yes dad you know I love masturbating for you, watch dad as I finger my tight ass, yesss you want to fuck my ass don't you dad? want to let Chan see you fucking your young daughter's tight asshole don't you dad? Do it dad, suck my cunt and asshole, let Chan see how much we love doing incest, hot nasty daddy daughter fucking and sucking incest OMG Chan I do want to do this with my dad so much.

Sunny: Chan am going to do something today if I can, later today will try to use the computer while dad is home and will play with my cunt and tits and get my panties so fucking wet and then I am going to leave them on the floor by the chair and let dad find them. Hope he will take to his room and jerk off with them. If does take to his room, am going to be outside the door and will finger fuck if I hear him doing anything that sounds like he's jerking off.

Chandra: Oh my God ... do it, Sunny. Do it. Play with your cunt while you have your panties on. Get the crotch wet with your cunt juices.

When your dad finds them, he'll put them to his nose and smell your cunt and he'll take his cock out and start jerking off. Then he'll lick the crotch of your panties and he'll get so turned on he'll have to get off. "Sunny, I have your wet panties on my face and I'm stroking my cock. I've seen you in your bra and panties but I want to see your cunt and your tiny brown asshole. Sit on my face, my little girl. Sit on daddy's face."

Sunny: OK here is how it went, yesterday was nice and warm enough to wear a tight tee and short skirt. I didn't wear a bra and the tee was tight enough to really have my nipples visible, during the day I kept rubbing my nipples so they would be hard and show more, once thought mom was going to say something but she didn't, dad did notice and was looking at me a lot, pretending he wasn't, am sure he got some very nice views up my skirt. When mom left to go shopping I went to the den where we have our computer, I started to read your emails and play with my tits and cunt, had a pair of white satin bikini panties on. Read your email when you were 13 and you and your dad were telling each other how much you want to suck each other. I was so fucking wet, I took my panties off and rubbed them all over my wet cunt, don't laugh but I even shoved them inside my cunt, all of it and they were so fucking wet when I pulled them out, felt good too, I came in them and put the panties right next to the chair, anyone coming in to the room would have to see them, were out in the open actually,

When I went in to the family room where dad was and told him I was done using the computer so he could use it. After a couple minutes he went to the den, I was so excited, wondering how he was going to react, when he saw my panties on the floor and how wet they were when he picked them up. Right after he went in he yelled to me he was going to his room for a few minutes, when he left I went in and Chan the panties were gone, girl I was so fucking excited. I went to their room and listened, I could hear him jerking off, I layed on the floor outside the door and started to finger my cunt, could hear him saying "Sunny your cunt juices taste so fucking sweet, love to suck that sweet cunt of yours, suck my daughter's young cunt, want you to suck your daddy's cock, then he said dammn am cummmming. cummming in my daughter's panties,

Chan was so fucking hot, I know he knew I was listening, while I was finger fucking myself a few times I was saying ... daddy fuck me, fuck your little girl and I know he heard.

Chan I know you think I shouldn't have done this but please try to understand OK. As soon as dad was finished I went back to the family room. He came out about 5 minutes later, he went to the den and then came to the family room and sat down, I was afraid to really look right at him but he seemed ok, he told me I looked so pretty today, that I am becoming more beautiful each day, Chan that surprised me because my dad hasn't told me that for a while, that he was so lucky to have such a wonderful daughter like me, Chan I ran to him and gave him a big hug, I actually had tears in my eyes. He told me he wasn't needing the computer so I could use it if I wanted to and if I didn't if I would turn it off.

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