Dark World

by NMBlue

Copyright© 2011 by NMBlue

Fantasy Story: This is a meditation I had when I was going through a rough patch in life. Made what was going on in my life seem so much smoother and helped me through, different from anything I have seen here on storiesonline

Tags: Fiction  

There seems to be a sense of dread, the smell of death heavy on the breeze as it rushes past. Time is rushing forward, nothing can slow it down, the pulse races, the heart pounding hard in your chest as the panic begins to rise. Adrenaline floods through your system as you frantically search for a way out, there is open field for miles before the trees begin. The blood red sky flashes as if split open by a deep purple bolt of lightning. The wind picks up, beginning to howl across the whole planet, everything seems afraid, its not just you. The animals that inhabit this area have disappeared, hidden away as their instincts have dictated. A sulfuric smell comes into the wind, with it grits of ash colored dirt that sting your skin as you try to run for cover. You can see the trees in the distance, getting closer, they are bending and swaying with the wind, branches looking stressed as they are pushed, you begin to slow, the wind seeming to push you backwards now, the storm is getting stronger. The sky's red hue casting everything in a red light as if there is already a coat of freshly spilled blood on everything. You see it up a head, there are tornadoes forming in the forest, ripping trees out of the ground, throwing them everywhere, leaving total destruction in their paths. The same ash color as the ground, they stand out vividly, like monsters of our childhoods, promising to destroy us too. As they rip through the forest at terrifying speeds, they seem to move in slow motion, while you are frozen in place watching, feeling the pain of everything around you as its brutally torn apart. There is an eerie calm inside you, the end is near, but the pain still resounds through your body as your whole world is brutalized by its own forces. It feels like your own body is destroying itself in time with the tornadoes. You're left feeling weak, your mind is numb while racked with pain, your heart feels as though its ready to rip through your chest as you stand watching the erratic, though systematic destruction of everything you care about, and the feeling that you caused it. There's nothing you can do to change the course of anything, its become bigger then you know how to handle. You're in over your head, the world is eating itself because you've been allowing everything to slowly build, allowing it to become what destroys you. This is your new world, everything breaking down, watching as monsters of the earth rear up, taking away everything The dust kicks up, sweeping your feet out from under you, slamming you against a downed tree. You feel your blood flowing freely down the back of your skull, your heading throbbing as you see black spots, nausea washing over you. The hammering in your head fades as you lose consciousness, the world spinning as you close your eyes, an uneasy peace settling over you as you blackout.

As you open your eyes, you see the complete chaos that is left behind, everything is trashed. There is an emptiness inside of you as you look around. You hurt all over, stabbing pains as you move, your heading throbbing, the black spots staying just at the outer edges of your vision. The ground shakes violently, throwing you off your feet, fresh pain pulsing through you as you hit the quaking ground. An ear piercing shriek cuts through the dusty air. The sound of stone grating on stone as the earth continues to quake, a blast of heat cuts through the air as the earth splits open, venting so much energy it makes your head swim. The force enough to make you feel insignificant, weak. The sun glows a hot piercing blue, the dust thick in the air, the heat oppressive as you begin to crawl away from the breaking surface. The earth still trembling, the sun beating down upon you as you try to stand, your legs shaky still. You feel like you're caught in the middle of a violent battle of the gods. The forces trying to tear you apart. Despite feeling weak, you feel the need to keep moving. You can't rest until its done, you can't stop moving. There is nothing left, nothing for you to do, you just know you can't stop, there will be no rest for you. All that you loved, all that you cared about is gone, destroyed. As you march across the dark soil, the red sky darkened, the blue sun beats down on you, you remember a better time, remember what was lost.

The trees shimmer in the bright sun, the blue sunlight creating purple rings of varying shades around it in the red sky. The opal leaves reflecting blue, red, and purple light back everywhere. The golden bark glittering in the light. The grass lilac in color, seeming to shine as the clouds clear the sky. A soft breeze carries the scent of roses with it.

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