Derik's Mom

by Fast Eddy

Copyright© 2011 by Fast Eddy

Erotica Sex Story: Helping Claire in rough times

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Mult   Reluctant   Incest   Mother   Son   Group Sex   First   Oral Sex   Petting   .

We hung out at Derik's house a lot last summer. He was new to the neighborhood and a few years younger than us, but his mother was a fox, they were from Ireland and she had the classic auburn hair that seemed so abundant over there. She also has a trim figure that made her look much closer to our own age. But between her full sized tits and her trim thighs and ass none of us could decide what her best feature was. We talked to Derik often about his mom. Things like what she looked like naked, and did he ever see her tits. Derik was so happy to hang out with us older guys; he did talk about his mom whenever we engaged him. We thought that he was just bragging about anything that he said that she did with his mom, but he insisted that he did get to play with her at times.

We were doubtful that he ever got anywhere with his mom, and teased him about it. He would get so excited about describing what he did to her, that we urged him on to tell us what he planned next for her. He took a deep breath and continued on with his fantasy, describing how he would strip and nurse her tits while fucking her. He was hot while he told us of his thoughts, and started to masturbate. We would interject our ideas of what she would do if we joined him in playing with his mother. This brought him to a climax as he contemplated the three of us molesting his pretty mom.

We all were stretching our dicks as we dwelled in this fantasy, in his basement during the hot afternoon. When Jim, my friend suggested that we, "camp out", in the back yard overnight, Derik was excited at Jim's suggestion, but thought that his dad would not allow it. Then the conversation moved around to Derik's dad. Things like what he did for work, and did he ever go out for work? We talked about his dad for some time, trying to get an idea if he would be out of the house anytime soon. Derik responded that the only time his dad was out at night, his mom and dad got into a fight. Dad ended up sleeping on the couch after that, for quite some time. And his mom and dad didn't talk as much as they use to.

This was the time when he got to play with his mom; he caught her lying in her bed, in her pajamas, crying and went over to comfort her. She pulled him into her soft tits and just cuddled him. He took the opportunity to hold one of her tits as they lay there. He took a nap with her that day, rubbing her tit through her pajama top.

Jim and I looked at each other in amazement at Derik's revelation, our minds working feverishly at scenarios that would get us into a situation with Derik's mom. I told him that I had a large tent that we could camp out in and that we could spend our time reading comic books during the day and with flashlights at night. He was excited at the thought and was set to ask his mom for permission to put up the tent in their yard.

Jim and I looked knowingly at each other hoping that our plan would come into fruition as we headed to our homes for dinner.

As Jim and I went to baseball practice, we stopped by Derik's house to take him with us. When he joined us, he was a little subdued as we walked to the ball park. Finally, I asked him about his demeanor and he told me that his dad hadn't come home last night and that his mom was worried. She had previously granted permission to set up the tent today, but Derik wondered if things would change now that his dad was out. I told him not to worry and that we would bring the tent after ball practice. He accepted that as we were approaching the field. We split up and started practice.

After practice we all packed up and headed for my house to get the tent. It was pretty big for us to carry so we piled it into my wagon and pulled it over to Derik's house.

We picked our spot in the middle of Derik's back yard and soon had the tent up. The three of us went home to get our comic books and sleeping bags, and then returned to the tent to read them.

Derik's mom, Claire came out to bring us lunch and Derik insisted that she come inside of the tent to see how neat it is. Reluctantly, she crawled into the tent on her hands and knees to take a look. Jim and I were already sitting inside watching her crawl in, and as she did, her blouse hung open, exposing her bra encased tits to our inquiring eyes. She exposed a nice cleavage that mesmerized us as she moved. And as she got in, she turned and sat with her smooth legs crossed on one of our sleeping bags that we had unrolled, and looked around. Derik was talking a mile a minute, convincing her to eat lunch with us in the tent. She was kind of quiet much like Derik was when we picked him up this morning, as she picked one of the sandwiches that she brought with her and started eating. Derik finally stopped chattering and reached for a sandwich himself as he sat beside his pretty mom.

We went back to our conversation about our favorite comics and Claire joined right in, talking about some of the comics that she had when she was a kid. She especially liked Bat Woman and Wonder Woman comics and finally revealed that she had a crush on Super Boy back in the day. She seemed to perk up as she got into the conversation with us and she was out in the tent with us for a couple of hours. When she finally had to go, Jim and I got a very nice eyeful of Claire's butt as she crawled out of the tent to go inside of the house.

We were all excited as Jim and I congratulated Derik on getting his mother to join us for a while We played quietly in the tent, reading our comic books and Claire would come out to check on us from time to time, under the guise of bringing a snack or drinks. But we always liked to see her and we always coaxed her into the tent with us as we lay around on the hot summer afternoon, checking her out. She came out to us subdued and went away with a smile on her face from the compliments that we would heap on her from the way she was dressed to her selection of the snacks that she brought. Actually, it was easy to convince her to stay with us since there was a breeze gently blowing, making our tent cooler than the inside of her house.

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