Do You Trust Me?

by A_Jerotica6969

Copyright© 2011 by A_Jerotica6969

Erotica Sex Story: He gives her a night to fulfill her ultimate fantasy

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Light Bond   Gang Bang   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

Do you trust me? That's what the note said. Just a simple note.

Do you trust me? Then the time, place and what to wear. Of course I trust you. Of course I would be there tomorrow night, at the mandated time, wearing the mandated outfit. You know what I like, so I trust you to make this night special.

I stood on the corner by my house, waiting. I was wearing a pair of red, four inch fuck me pumps, black thigh high stockings and garter belt, and a trench coat. That's all I was allowed to wear, according to the note. A warm breeze was blowing, and it caressed my thighs and pussy under the coat. It was a pleasant feeling, knowing I would see you soon, and I was wearing next to nothing.

as wearing next to nothing.

At precisely the right time, a car pulled up. The driver got out and said, "I am supposed to ask you a question. The answer will determine if you are the person I am supposed to pick up. Do you trust me?"

"Yes" I answered.

"You are her" he said and he opened the door for me to get in.

I climbed in the car. And there was another note. I opened it. Do you trust me? Of course I trust you. In the note you told me I was to put on the blindfold that was in the car and sit back and enjoy the ride. I did as you asked. I was beginning to get wet just thinking about what you may have in store for me tonight.

After just a short time, the car stopped and the driver told me you would be there in a minute to collect me.

When the car door opened, I heard you whisper "You DO trust me."

You helped me out of the car and we walked slowly to the door. We walked in and you asked for my coat. Naked except for stockings, shoes and blindfold, you led me through the building. I wasn't sure what type of building it was. It felt big. You opened another door and as we walked through, you said there was a bed in the very center of the room. I was to lie down on the bed, as you prepared the rest of my surprise.

When I laid down, I felt silk ties wrap my wrists and ankles, securing me spread eagle to the bed. The door opened again and I heard the rustle of feet as others entered the room. I don't know how many, nor did I care. I knew they were there for me, and that's all that mattered. The bed shifted as someone got in it. It was you. You whispered to me that my favorite fantasy was about to come true. You kissed me, as I felt someone else climb in bed. I felt long hair caress my legs as that someone slid between them. It was a girl! She began kissing my thighs at the top of my stockings. She kissed me in the hollow between my my thigh and my pussy. She went to the other side and did the same. Her mouth was soft and hot as she breathed on me. And then her tongue found my dripping wet pussy. She lapped up what juices I already had flowing, before she licked my clit.

As her tongue found my clit, I screamed out in pleasure. She sure knew what she was doing. She sucked my clit into her mouth and nibbled lightly at it with her teeth. She licked me all over as you leaned over and kissed me.

You said, "Let the games begin"

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