Working the Night Shift

by Micahe7l

Copyright© 2011 by Micahe7l

: A true story about a young girl a webcam and bikinis taking place in a clothing store overnight.

Tags: Ma/ft   True Story  

Kara is a beautiful young girl that works overnight at a clothing store. She refuses to tell me which one cause she's afraid I'll visit and that is more than likely the case. She is 17 and very intelligent. She has somewhat long brown hair that reaches the middle of her back or there about. She has emerald green eyes that I'd say are football shaped. She has a small frame which perfectly supports her AA breast which by the way are very perky and unusually high sitting on her chest. When she speaks her voice is somewhat squeaky but not annoyingly so and she often times for some reason speaks with a fake British accent. I think she does that because I told her how sexy British accents are

I've known Kara for a couple of years now but we hadn't really talked online until just recently when she found me on Facebook. The hard part about talking to her online is I have to talk to her while she's at work. I know what you are thinking. What's so hard about that? What makes it difficult is that she works overnight and often times while she's at work I'm asleep.

Last night was different from usual because I was awake and as soon as I signed on to Yahoo messenger she IMed me. This was not unusual. What was different was that she now had a webcam and a microphone built into the camera.

She asked me if I wanted to see her on webcam and I jumped at the chance. She continued typing as opposed to actually talking. I reminded her that she didn't need to type that she could just speak. Then my speakers came alive with her high pitched cute little British accented voice. Hearing that fake accent and her gorgeous body was a major turn on. When I looked a the camera closely I noticed behind her was a whole bunch of bikinis and swim trunks for the upcoming late spring, summer, and early fall swimming and sunning season. I asked her about those and she explained that her office was also a storage space. I questioned why she had an office at the age of 17. She said cause I've been with this company for 3 years and I am that damn good at my job. She had worked for the company when she lived down in Miami and then transferred up her when her mom got transferred.

I jokingly asked her if she'd model one of the bikinis. We both laughed but then she asked if I really wanted her to. I said of course. She got a hesitant look on her face but then said she would. She grabbed several suits and laid them out in front of her. She held up the first one and asked which on she should try on. I asked her if she could try them all on. She got a thoughtful look on her face then said out loud why not. She stood up and stepped off screen to change into the first bikini an d when she got back on screen and I saw her my eyes nearly fell out of my head. Her beauty in that was shocking she looked so good in it. She did reach into one of the cups to adjust herself. I'm not sure if she meant to or not but she gave me a quick view of her tiny little pink tit. Then she turned around and showed me that fabulous ass as she was in a thong bikini. I didn't know they sold those in the northern states.

She went through the bikinis and picked out another one this one was green with gold flecks all over it. She shocked me with what she did then. She undressed right there on webcam. She took off the top and showed both of her fabulous breasts and then put the new top on. The she took off the bottoms of the firs suit showing me a bit of peach fuzz on her teenage pussy. The she proceeded to put on the bottom of the second suit. She looked up with a worried look on her face which quickly changed to a devilish little smile. She looked in to the camera and asked, "Did you enjoy my little show?"

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