The Game

by MaryS

Copyright© 2011 by MaryS

Fantasy Story: A "Hanging" game televised on TV in Cherish Valley.

Caution: This Fantasy Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Snuff   White Female   Exhibitionism   Caution   Nudism   .

The game was played at the conference center in downtown Clanton every third Saturday of the month. The game was called "Your Number is up". It was a voluntary hanging game that had six women contestants, two who would hang themselves and the other four remaining women and their families were paid a cash prize of $100,000. It was one of the highest rated shows in the Valley.

The object of the game was that the women would stand nude on small stools with a noose around their necks on the stage while a lottery machine randomly mixed six golf balls with numbers imprinted on it and when a ball popped up to the top of the glass bowl, the woman who had the corresponding number, would hang herself. The randomness of the game is what made it exciting to watch, each woman got to select what stool to stand on and the lottery ball machine randomly selected the ball. A lot of bets were placed all over the Valley and a lot of money exchanged hands when the game was on.

For today's game, the six women came from different parts of the Valley; all worked different jobs and had diverse backgrounds. The women had to report by 1pm to the conference center, their families after dropping them off, would be first in line outside the auditorium and could sit where they wanted once inside. There were always a long line of people waiting to get into the auditorium for the game.

The six women undressed backstage, were sent to the "make-up" department for their hair arrangements, nail polish, and face make up. After a trip to the "make-up" people each contestant then filled out forms and waited for the show's producer to motion them on stage. Each woman selected what stool she wanted to stand on, some women selected the stool based of a lucky number, others because of the vantage point it gave them in watching their fellow contestant hang.

On the far left one stool, number six, was still vacant. Mrs Marti Allen was the last of six women to step naked onto her stool. Marti wasn't cold being naked, but she was shivering in anticipation. On the drive over to the auditorium, her daughter asked her if she had given any thought as to what number stool she wanted to stand on. Marti replied that she would like to stand on number three; three was her lucky number from the last two times she had been in the game and won the cash prize.

When the curtain opened the stage would be brightly lit. On that stage six little stools, with numbers painted on them, were arranged in a shallow arc. A beam high up repeated the arc, supporting a rope and noose above each stool.

A twelve year old blonde attendant, wearing a see thru white blouse with no bra and a short plaid skirt with no panties, carrying a small step ladder, was just behind her. Mrs Allen waved the youngster off and pulled the noose down over her head with her own hands. It slid easily over her dark hair. She lifted her hair out from the noose, brushing it over to rest on one shoulder.

Marti held the long knot before her face for a moment, then moved it around to

her left ear. The first time she had played the game, Marti read the book that her young daughter had brought her, it stated that this placement of the knot behind her ear could provide her the longest conscious time, and allow her to look forward at the audience instead of down at her toes. If tonight were to be her night, she hoped this was right. If she were to lose the game (or was it win?) she

wanted to see the audience while they watched her willingly hang herself for their entertainment.

And she wanted them to see her face, not just her forehead. Most of all, she would want to stretch out the experience for the audience of kids and families before the noose finished its work.

The young girl took Marti's hands, placed then behind her back, and attached blue handcuffs to Marti's wrists. Her ankles were not bound. The rules of the game demanded that a woman's ankles should not be tied, the audience, to their delight, would want to see a hanging woman's feet kick and strain to find a solid surface which would be several inches beneath her out stretched toes as she tried to save herself.

The blue handcuffs around Marti's wrists signified that she had personally paid her own entry fee to the game, in other words, she had handed the entry over to the game officials herself and not a member of her family. Two of the other women had the same blue handcuffs binding their wrists behind them. Three women had red handcuffs, meaning their families had paid their fees and that a member of her family had personally handed the entry fee over to the game officials, not her. Everybody in the audience preferred to see a woman, sometimes quite reluctant when the moment came, hang because their family had risked her life for prize money. But for others in the audience, they were far more interested in women like Mrs Marti Allen. Women so fascinated by the noose that they actually paid the fee themselves to enter the game.

Now the twelve year old girl touched a button on a hand held control. The rope above Marti rose until it was taut. The youngster stepped onto her stool and adjusted the noose to make it tight around Mrs Allen's neck. She checked the knot, asked if Marti was happy with its position, and pushed another button to lock the rope in place.

The youngster kissed Marti sweetly on the cheek, and lowered a hand to Marti's trimmed pussy. She inserted a finger through the little nest of hair, into the wet slit, and drew it out slowly. The youngster ran her shining finger over Marti's lips.

Mrs Allen murmured "Oh," and licked the taste of herself from the youngsters lips.

The twelve year old leaned to Marti and whispered in her ear, "You're so beautiful Mrs Allen. Of all the women here today, it's you I want to see hang from the rope. I hope you don't mind."

"No," Marti replied nervously, "I understand. And thank you."

The youngster touched Marti's shoulder, then the knot, and stepped away. The girl then worked her way around the stage adjusting the noose for the other five women.

The noose was tight, but Marti could turn her head and look at the other five women on their stools. She knew from the first game she entered that the arc of the stools' positions was a courtesy of the game to the women. When one of them was hanged, the others would have a very clear view of the process.

For four of them and herself included, Marti thought, watching the first woman hang would be an extraordinary event. Each of the four would know that very shortly she might have the same experience. So much more intensely than the audience, they would imagine the same pressure of the rope on their own necks, the choking gasps for tiny sips of air, and the incredible sexual high. Marti Allen had played this game before, it was a lot different when you paid to hang yourself rather than having your family insist on entering you in the game.

Then as the first woman's struggles became desperate, they might rethink the price of this sexual high or the prize money. The woman might be screaming silently in her mind, pleading not to dangle, not today. And then, as her movements slowed, she would hope to hang quietly for her family, friends, the studio audience and the TV audience. A woman who hung quietly, without much of a struggle was admired.

Looking across at the other women, Marti thought the game shouldn't be wasted on the paid-for women with the red cords, at least not both rounds. She was of the opinion that women should only pay a fee to hang themselves, like the requirement to buy a hanging license that the board of elders required or be randomly selected to hang when a woman turned forty. But in a game of chance like this one, each woman should pay her own way.

Two stools down, an older woman with beautiful brown eyes and blue handcuffs around her wrists smiled at Marti. Her name was Mrs Amy Young. They had talked briefly backstage, and Marti felt drawn to her. Amy's hair, even darker than Marti's, was gathered in a pony tail with a pink velvet ribbon at the back of her head, Mrs Young mentioned that her daughter had put the ribbon on her. The woman had wonderful tits, the nipples like little thumb tips, already erect. Below Amy's waist, a small thatch of hair sat above her shaved lips. Her knot was like Marti's, tucked behind her left ear.

Amy nodded to Marti, and Marti nodded back. She wants us to be the ones to hang, Marti realized. She knows we share the bond.

"I'd love to watch her hang," Marti thought. "But do I really, really want to hang myself, or is it the thrill of being here a third time that I crave? One chance out of six to feel the rope bite, with no going back now."

As the stage curtain opened to start the game, the studio audience starting clapping and cheering. A well dressed man at a table below the stage stood up. His name was Robert, the host for today's game.

"Hello, Cherish Valley..." he said over the PA. The audience cheered and clapped. " ... and hello to our TV audience where ever you are..." the audience clapped some more. " ... Welcome to this month's hanging game, 'Your number is up', more clapping from the audience. " ... we have six lovely women today, three who have paid their own entry fee..." the audience clapped and cheered some more. " ... and three who have had their entry paid for by their families..." there was a polite round of applause. " ... before I get to the rules, let's meet our contestants..." more clapping from the audience.

Robert walked up on stage holding the microphone and walked to the first woman on the right, the camera man right behind him.

"Contestant number one, your name is?" Robert asked.

"Mrs Gayla Hill from Shady Grove" she replied.

"Your age and occupation is... ?" prodded the host.

"I am forty-three and a homemaker" Mrs Hill replied.

"I see that you paid your own way today" smiled Robert.

"Yes, I am proud to say" replied Mrs Hill as she turned slightly to show off her blue handcuffs to the audience and the camera.

"I bet your family is proud of you, is your family here today with you?"

"yes they are proud of the fact that I paid my own entry fee and they are seated halfway up on the right"

Robert turned around, "Could the family of Mrs Hill please stand up?"

A family of four stood up, the audience clapped and the family waved at the audience. The camera man turned around and zoomed in on the family.

The boy yelled, "We are proud of you mom!"

The studio audience laughed and clapped some more.

"Please tell the audience and our television viewers about your family"

"That's my husband Ken; he works for Greyson mortgage, my daughter Abbie, who is seventeen and a senior at the high school..."

"Abbie was accepted into the hanging academy, right?" interrupted Robert. Each of the women had to fill out a personal history card backstage, the information would be used by the host in asking questions.

"Yes she was Robert, she starts this fall" smiled Mrs Hill.

The audience clapped and Mrs Hill continued on.

" ... next is my daughter Dayna who is fourteen and a straight A student at the middle school..."

"Dayna is on the PTSA at the middle school, right?" interrupted Robert.

"Yes she is, she is on the 'strap-on' selection committee..."

"What exactly is the 'strap-on' selection committee?"

"It is a small group of mothers and daughters within the PTSA organization that selects the size and length of strap-on dildos to be used during their monthly meetings"

"Very good" smiled Robert.

" ... and last is my son Ken Jr. who is nine years old and in the third grade..."

"And Ken Jr. got a special award from the school last month didn't he?"

"Yes he did Robert..."

"Tell us about it"

"He got the school superintendent award for assisting with the production and editing of x-rated DVD's..."

"And what else" Robert prodded.

"Mrs Elders, the school principle, made him an honorary member of the school audio and video club, he can't become a full fledge member until he turns twelve" smiled Mrs Hill.

"Very good," Robert said, he turned around, "let's give a big round of applause for Mrs Hill and her family"

The audience clapped and cheered, the family waved at the audience again and sat down.

Robert and the camera man walked over to the second woman.

"Contestant number two, your name is?"

"I am Mrs Amy Young from Karaway" smiled the woman.

"Your age and occupation is?" asked the host.

"I am forty-five and an office manager at Greyson Meats" Amy replied.

"So you would be the one we thank for the choice cuts of meat we all enjoy?" laughed Robert and the audience laughed with him.

"Yes" blushed Amy.

"I see that you too have paid your own way today" observed Robert.

"I am very proud of that, yes" Amy replied as she too turned slightly to the camera man to show off her blue handcuffs.

"Is your family here today?"

"Yes they are, Robert, but I can't see them with the lights" Amy squinted.

"Will the family of Mrs Amy Young please stand?" asked the host.

A man and girl stood up in the back of the auditorium and the audience had to turn around in their seats to see them.

"Please tell the audience about your family" smiled the host.

"That is my husband, James, he works for the county roads and ground crew ... and my daughter Mellisa, who is eleven years old and in fifth grade..."

"I understand that she is a budding young scientist"

"Yes she is, she is working with Dr Strangelove after school, advancing the theory and technique of puppy girl training at his laboratory"

"Very good, please give a round of applause for Mrs Amy Young's family" smiled Robert.

The audience cheered and clapped.

Walking down the row, Robert and the camera man stopped at number three.

"Contestant number three, your name is?"

"I ... I am Mrs Helen Baker, I ... I am forty-three years old from Shady Grove" she said nervously.

"Nothing to be nervous about Mrs Baker, your occupation is?"

"I am a teller at Greyson first national bank" Helen smiled weakly, sweat covering her naked body.

"I see that your family has paid your entry fee for today's game" the host said.

"Yes" Helen barely replied, starring down at the ground, the camera man moved around her to get a quick shot of the red handcuffs.

"Come, come, Mrs Baker, cheer up ... is your family here today?"

"Yes, but I can't see them in the audience"

"Will the family of Mrs Helen Baker please stand up and be recognized?" Robert said into the microphone.

A family of three in the middle of the auditorium stood up, the audience clapped politely.

"Please tell us about your family" prodded the host.

"That is my husband Bennie, he works for school board..." Helen almost whispered, she was a bundle of nerves.

"Please speak up Mrs Baker" Robert said smiling as he held the microphone to her mouth.

" ... next is my son Josh, he is sixteen and a junior at the high school..." Helen said in a little stronger voice.

"Josh was recently recognized for some good work at the church, wasn't he" asked the host.

"Yes he was, he organized a youth group at the church..."

"And what did this youth group provide the congregation?" prodded Robert.

"The youth group provides an outlet for young teens to get in touch with their sexual interests, kind of a sexual experimentation group" replied Helen.

"Very good..." Robert said as he waited for Helen to continue.

" ... and my son Ben Jr who is fourteen..."

"And what is Ben Jr a member of?"

"Ben is a member of Chief of Police rape enforcement squad..."

"And what exactly does the rape enforcement squad do?" asked Robert.

The audience laughed at this question, everybody knew what the rape enforcement squad did.

" ... Ben rides with a female officer and responds to rapes in progress, they enforce the proper rape etiquette procedures. They also generally keep watch around the Valley for women and girls who look like they are acting seductively and take action to call in the rape squad"

"Excellent, Mrs Baker, now that wasn't very hard was it?" asked Robert.

"No" replied Helen as she stared at the ground.

"Let's give a big round of applause for Mrs Helen Baker and her family"

The audience clapped very little enthusiasm.

Robert and the camera man walked further to number four.

"Contestant number four, your name is?"

"Mrs Kimberlee Green of Pleasant Hill" replied the woman.

"Your age and occupation is Mrs Green?" asked Robert.

"I am forty-seven and a stay at home mom also" the woman smiled, she was determined not to be nervous.

"I see that you have the red handcuffs..."

"Yes, Robert, my daughter paid my entry fee" Mrs Green replied as she turned slightly to show the camera man and the audience her red handcuffs.

"Is your family here today?"

"Yes she is, my daughter only" beamed Mrs Green.

"Will the daughter of Mrs Green please stand for the audience?"

A young girl stood up in the middle row about halfway up, waving at the audience.

"Tell us about your daughter, Mrs Green"

"Well, it is probably no secret here in Valley..."

The audience, the five women on stage and Robert all laughed at this.

" ... but my daughter, Cari who is sixteen, and I are getting married at the end of the month..."

There was loud clapping and whistling.

"I assume your husband is Ok with this" smiled the host.

"Oh, no Robert he wasn't," Mrs Green replied matter of factly, "I had Judge Judy Saffeau cancel our marriage so that Cari and I could get married"

"Well, I must ask then, and I am sure our audience here and on TV would want to know, who will play the part of the husband and wife?"

"Cari will be play the husband part, she will make the day to day decisions in our lives and I will still be the wife and we will be known as Cari and Mrs Cari Green" Mrs Green said proudly.

"Very good, let's give a big round of applause for the future Cari and Mrs Cari Green"

The audience clapped loudly, cheered, and whistled, Mrs Green blushed bright shades of red.

Robert and the camera man walked to the fifth woman.

"Contestant number five, your name is?" he asked.

"Hello, Robert and Cherish Valley, I am Mrs Gillian Turner of Possum Ridge" the woman beamed.

"What is your age and occupation, Mrs Turner"

"I am forty-one years old and I work for Mrs Diane Colster over at the canine escort service"

"You hear that kids? ... bring your pets..."

Some of the kids in the audience started making barking sounds and several "woof, woofs"

"Now, now, please let's keep a sense of decorum here" admonished Robert " ... I see though that you have red handcuffs ... please tell the audience about that"

"Yes, my family can't afford the entry fee so I got special permission from the board of elders last week to have my co-workers at the canine escort service pay my entry fee for me"

"I see..."

The audience clapped loudly.

" ... are your co-workers and family are here in the audience?..."

"Only my co-workers and friends are, Robert, my family couldn't make it" smiled Mrs Turner.

" ... will the friends and co-workers of Mrs Turner please stand up?"

A group of five women stood up on the left side of the auditorium waving at the crowd.

"Very good ... so what do you do as an escort for Mrs Colster?"

"Well, owners of male dogs can leave their pets off at the kennel to be cleaned and groomed and while the dog is there, well ... we uh ... kind of take care of them, if you know what I mean..." blushed Mrs Turner.

"I really don't Mrs Turner, please tell us..." urged the host.

"Well, um, uh, we take the dog for a walk, exercise, and, um, take care of the dogs sexual needs..." said the still blushing woman.

"And these five lovely friends of yours in the audience also work for the escort service?" Robert said pointing out to the audience.

"Um, yes, they do ... well, three of them do, the other two women are teachers at the middle school" the woman stammered.

"Very good, let's give a hearty round of applause for Mrs Turner and her friends" smiled Robert.

The five women sat down talking excitedly each other.

Robert and the camera man walked over to Mrs Marti Allen ... number six.

"Contestant number six, please tell us your name" Robert said into the microphone.

"I am Mrs Marti Allen of Clover Hill" smiled Marti.

"And your age and occupation is..."

"I am forty-two years old and work as an attorney in the public defenders office" Marti kept smiling.

"This is your third time here, right?" asked Robert.

"Yes it is, Robert" acknowledge Marti.

"Our TV and studio audience, I am sure, will want to know what keeps bringing you back to the game? Is it the money or the thrill?'

"Not so much the money, although that is a nice bonus to the game, but I think the thrill of the game is what excites me most"

"Is your family here in the audience today?"

"Yes there are..."

"Will the family of Mrs Marti Allen please stand?"

A family of three stood up near the front row center of the auditorium. The audience clapped and the family waved backed.

"I also see that you have the blue handcuffs..."

"Yes, I believe that a woman should pay her own way for the right to be in the game" Marti replied.

"I see ... so tell us about your family"

"My husband there is an attorney for the office of the chief Valley persecutor..."

"I bet that makes for some interesting times at home" laughed Robert and the audience laughed with him.

"Yes it does Robert" laughed Marti, "then my daughter, Misti, who is seventeen years old and a senior in high school..."

"Tell a little about what Misti does?" urged the host.

"Misti works in the school administration office for extra credit as a sexual support coordinator for the principle..."

"Kind of like a pimp coordinator then... ?" asked Robert.

"Exactly, she works closely with Mrs Birch, the principle of the school, coordinating the pimping out or whoring of the teachers and mothers of students at the school, setting things like the date, time, and place the women are to meet with students for sexual activities..."

"Very good ... and your other daughter?" smiled Robert.

" ... my other daughter, Nicki, is fourteen years old and an eighth grader..."

"Tell us a little about what Nicki does..." interrupted the host.

Marti wished Robert wouldn't interrupt her so much ... she was getting irritated by it ... but as host, he did have to make this interesting for the people watching at home and in the audience.

" ... Nicki is the sexual activities coordinator for the church youth group she is a member of..."

"Yes, my daughter is a member of that group and she is always excited when she gets home after attending a youth group meeting ... Nicki is very good at what she does..." admired Robert.

"Thank you, I am sure Nicki appreciates hearing that..." smiled Marti.

Robert quickly turned around facing the audience and the camera man, "Let's hear a big round of applause for Mrs Marti Allen and her family..."

The audience clapped and cheered and then Robert and the camera man walked down to the front of the stage.

"As a formality to our six contestants and an explanation of the game to our viewing audience, I will go over the rules ... the lottery machine..." Robert said pointing the glass bowl, " ... holds six numbered golf balls, numbered one to six, each ball is perfectly balanced, of the same weight and dimensions ... when I push this button on the glass bowl ... air will rush in and mix the balls together ... after twenty seconds ... the air flow will increase and one of the numbered golf balls will pop up to the top, which why we call the game, 'Your number is up'..." Robert paused for affect ... he had the audiences attention.

" ... now, the woman with the corresponding number will kick her stool she is standing on, out from under herself and she will hang ... when she has finally stopped struggling and the applause quiets down ... we will then have a short intermission ... after which I will push the button on the glass bowl again ... air will rush in and mix the balls a second time ... and again after twenty seconds ... the air flow will increase and a second golf ball will pop to the top of the bowl ... the second woman with the corresponding number will also kick her stool out from under her and she will also hang. The four remaining women, will be paid for entering the game ... which is why we assume a lot families, needing the prize money, entered their mothers in the game in the first place."

The audience laughed and clapped at hearing this last part.

Robert announced the time had come. The audience could hear the nervous

shuffling of bare feet on their stools. Several of the women were trembling. All were breathing faster now, a light sheen of perspiration highlighting the rise and fall of their breasts.

Marti looked over at the other five women; Number 1 Mrs Hill, Number 2 Mrs Young, Number 4 Mrs Green, and Number 5 Ms Turner had nervous smiles on their faces but they raised their heads high, looking directly into the eyes of the audience, Marti knew their hearts were thumping hard, just like hers.

Only Number 3 Mrs Baker had her head hung low, tears streaming down her face. Marti didn't like the look of that, this was supposed to be a family fun, wholesome game of chance where you won or lost everything.

Robert pressed the button on the glass bowl, the machine turned on and he stepped back several feet. The audience was quiet as the auditorium filled with the sound of the rushing air and the clinking sound of the golf balls hitting the side of the glass bowl as they were mixed.

The twenty seconds seemed to last for ever, Marti thought, but then the air flow got louder, pushing the golf balls higher in the glass bowl, suddenly, there was a loud pop as the first golf ball rose to the top of the bowl and shut the air flow off.

Marti and five women on stage all leaned forward on their stools, straining to see the number on the golf ball, the audience leaned forward in their seats trying to get a better look and most of the people in the back rows stood up trying also to get a better look at the glass bowl.

Robert walked up to the glass bowl and pulled the golf ball off the top.

"And the number is..."

The whole auditorium was quiet; you could here a pin drop.

"2..." he announced.

Marti and the other four women let out a collected sigh of relief except for Mrs Amy Young.

Marti, the women on stage, the audience and the TV camera man all focused on Mrs Young who had tears forming in the corners of her eyes, but she turned and smiled bravely at the camera and the audience. The studio audience clapped loudly when they saw this.

Robert asked if she had anything to say before she kicked her stool.

Mrs Young turned shakily back to the audience and licked suddenly dry lips, "I'd like some water please, and a minute to think."

The youngster who had set the women up on their stools quickly brought a cup of

water and helped Amy drink. The girl put an arm around Mrs Young's waist to steady her. Then the girl stroked between Amy's legs, held up a wet finger for the audience and the TV viewers to see, and receded. Her footsteps echoed as she left.

It became very quiet in the auditorium. Amy's rapid panting was the only sound to be heard. Marti tried to imagine what Amy was thinking. She was very excited watching the dark haired woman mentally prepare herself for her hanging.

Amy worked to gain control. She stretched her shoulders over and over. Eventually she was able to take slow and deliberate breaths. She seemed more at ease. She even remembered her disappointment earlier when the twelve year old told her that her hands must be behind her back.

In her fantasies, Amy's hands were always tied down low in front, making it easy to touch herself. That wasn't needed now. Her pussy felt almost more stimulation than she could stand, all on its own.

Robert had been careful to give Amy all the time she needed. He knew the

audience and the TV viewers fed on the anticipation, it was what made the ratings so good for the game, so he let the audience enjoy the woman's preparations.

He moved slightly and got her attention. His eyes held hers for a very long time.

Amy's breathing quickened again, as she realized the moment was here.

"Let us know when you're ready Mrs Young to kick your stool"

She smiled. "I will do it now."

Mrs Young brought her left off the stool and kicked hard; the stool flew out from under her feet and rolled off the stage. Her unsupported weight caused the pressure of the noose to quickly change. From a comfortably tight caress it became a vise pressing hard around her neck and into her throat. It hurt a little, but not unbearably.

The effect was even more sensuous than she'd expected. She could feel little parts inside her throat begin to bend and buckle. The warmth in her pussy was rising. She made a liquid sound, between gurgling and choking. Her feet pawed back and forth, trying to find the ground, but she swung gently back and forth.

Mrs Young held her body remarkably still. Her head held rigid to one side, eyes open and responsive, only her feet pawing and her fingers clenching. It was a very erotic sight for the audience and the TV camera man filming it.

A naked woman willingly hanging by her neck, hands bound behind her, staring at the audience of family and friends. Sharing the sexual tension. Her constant soft gagging reminding them all, especially Amy, of the price for this sexual tension.

Amy was refusing to give in to panic, but she understood the reality. The noose

would slowly become tighter and tighter until it crushed her throat. The audience admired her strength.

Her daughter Mellisa stood up, yelling, "Way to go mom ... show 'em how it's done!"

Some in the audience clapped politely.

Marti gazed in genuine awe. She was so thankful too for the chance to see the

dark haired woman strangling herself. She was hot and wet. Marti had never felt the tingling this strongly before, and it was just from watching. She pressed her

thighs together, sure Amy felt the same arousal.

Marti sucked in a breath, and watched the woman's chest work trying to do the same. Amy's tits were jiggling. It was easy to tell from the rasps a little air was making it through.

"That little bit of air should be enough," thought Marti, "The knot was in the right place to give her a nice long swing for the audience and TV viewers before her throat closed"

Marti was hopeful that Amy must certainly reach a climax. The most deeply felt climax a woman could ever have.

Marti also wondered, as she had before, whether Mrs Young would begin to regret her decision for playing the game of chance.

Amy's eyes were wider now. Her lips were moving. She was choking out some

sounds, but Marti couldn't tell what she was trying to say. The look in Amy's

face was of yearning. Her hips were bucking a little, with a definite rhythm, Amy's legs started to "bicycle" kick.

Marti thought that was a good sign, a sure sign of a pending climax.

Within a few minutes, things changed for Amy. Her whole body was shaking. Maybe the result of an orgasm. The noose had finally cut deep into her neck. No air could reach her lungs. No sounds came from her throat. Her time for dangling on the rope for her family and the audience was over. Her legs began to kick out strongly, in a scissor kick motion.

As Mrs Young thrashed, her eyes squeezed shut then snapped open, again and again. The eyes were bulging now. Her kicking became more frantic, almost manic. The tendons in her arms stood out as she tried to free her wrists. Her expression showed the realization had arrived. Amy's chest heaved and heaved, but she found no relief.

The heat in Marti's loins grew. Amy would be feeling her chest wanting to

explode. She knew the pain in Amy's lungs must be exquisite. Seeing her kick back and forth that way, fighting against it, Marti was terribly excited. She wanted very badly to touch Amy, help her through this, hold her as she struggled. Feel Amy's muscles finally stiffen as she willingly gave up her life for Cherish Valley.

But watching from her stool as Mrs Young was kicking and swinging at the end of the noose would have to be enough for Marti.

Eventually Amy's kicking slowed. Maybe her strength was gone, or maybe the urgent need for air had passed but then the sound of water was heard dropping on the floor of the stage, it was Amy's bladder, she was pissing down her leg, unable to control it.

Mrs Young was still aware of the audience watching her as she dribbled pee onto the stage floor, probably more so since her struggling stopped.

Every few seconds she blinked. Her tongue protruded from her mouth. Her head couldn't move, but her eyes seemed to turn to Marti. With a great effort,

Amy's tongue very slowly circled her lips. A last gesture for me, Marti realized, and she came at the thought.

Amy's face was soon a deep purple. Her eyes stood out in vivid contrast, still

blinking and shifting occasionally, still conscious. Her only other movement was

the odd jerk or spasm. The auditorium was completely silent for a time, the

audience rapt. It was only when Amy's eyes turned to glass that they understood.

Mrs Young's body shook for a few seconds with convulsions then hung silently, gently swinging back and forth.

Mrs Baker, Mrs Green, and Mrs Turner were crying, probably regretting their decision to let their families pay their entry fee into the game of chance. Mrs Hill had a look of determination on her face, but she wasn't crying, and Marti? She had seen this type of behavior twice before, it didn't bother her.

The audience clapped and cheered, some stood up, turning to the family of Mrs Young, and offered a standing ovation. Some in the audience yelled out, "Good show ... well done ... that was awesome..."

"Thank you, thank you ... now we will have a short intermission..." Robert said into the microphone.

The lights softened and the curtain was closed. As the curtains closed, several women from the make up department came out on stage.

"Ladies, ladies, your attention please, we have to fix your make up for the next round..." the older woman said as several teenage girls came out holding make up equipment, "Ladies, these girls are from the high school beauty class, please cooperate with them in the applying of your make up"

Mrs Young's lifeless body, hanging next to them as they waited for the girls to began applying more make up, was a constant reminder of the chance they took.

"Aren't they going to remove Mrs Young's body?" sobbed Mrs Baker.

"No Mrs Baker, the body stays hanging for the duration of the game" replied the woman.

Mrs Helen Baker cried even harder.

"Please, Mrs Baker, stop you're crying you are a grown woman, besides your making your mascara streak, now the girls will have to work twice as hard to re-apply it" the women urged.

Marti looked over at Mrs Baker, her crying had turned to low sobs, "What is she doing here anyway? She is destroying the sanctity of the game, the bitch"

After five minutes, the stage lights were up and the curtain was drawn back. It was time again.

"Welcome back..." Robert said into the microphone as he looked at the audience and the camera, " ... we are now ready for round two..."

The audience clapped and cheered.

The five nervous women on the stage were shining with sweat. They'd had more

time than they wanted during the intermission to think about what would happen


Mrs Young's body was hanging straight above her puddle of pee. Marti couldn't help looking at Amy's glistening slit. She wished she'd had a chance to lick it while Amy could still respond.

Marti brought her thoughts to the present. Her heart pounded. She wondered if

any of the women with red cords were here for the same reason as she was. Had they all came for the money, hanging yourself was a very big risk for a game of chance, but it was also a very big reward for their family.

She thought of herself, Mrs Hill and Mrs Young as risk takers. If her own number wasn't called today, she'd like to see Mrs Hill hang, she had paid her own way and maybe next month, she would try again. But today, she'd already seen a willing woman hang beautifully for the audience and the TV viewers. To see that happen to someone dreading her own self hanging would be very different.

Marti focused again.

"Ok, here we go..." Robert said as he pushed the button on the glass bowl. He stepped away a few feet as air rushed into the bowl and the five golf balls started clinking around inside.

All of the women were quivering on stage.

After another very long twenty seconds another stronger rush of air whooshed into the glass bowl and pushed the golf balls higher, then suddenly one popped to the top and the rush of air and clinking of balls stopped.

The five women again leaned forward on their stools straining to see the number on the golf ball. The audience and those in the back rows leaned forward again trying to get a better look at the glass bowl.

Robert walked up to the glass bowl and pulled the golf ball off the top.

" ... and the number is..."

The auditorium was completely silent again.

"... 6..."

Robert called Marti's number. It was like a slap to the face, her heart leapt into her throat. Time slowed to a crawl. Every detail and sound suddenly became sharper.

Robert smiled kindly at Marti. The other four women on stage let out a collective sigh of relief, they would get paid today and for at least woman, she would never let her family talk her into something as stupid as this again.

Marti looked at the other women on their stools. They would again get a close up view as she willingly hanged herself. Their nooses kept them erect as they looked back at Marti, relief written all over their faces.

Robert asked Marti if she had anything to say. Like Mrs Young before her, her

breathing was very rapid now. She tried hard to get it under control. Knowing

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