Bubbin to the Rescue

by Fast Eddy

Copyright© 2011 by Fast Eddy

Romantic Sex Story: How does Bubbin rescue Mike and Katie?

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Romantic   Incest   Mother   Son   Petting   Leg Fetish   Big Breasts   .

My dad hated weddings. He detested talking sports with the other guys who obviously had the time to sit on Sunday and Monday nights to watch that spectacle. He was a truck driver and could share no insights with the, "big business men" as well. He hated to dance, never learned, didn't want to either. He didn't fit in. Being from West Virginia coal country, there wasn't much he could add to any conversation with this crowd.

Katie on the other hand did fit. She was five foot eight inches tall, with long, graceful legs, and large tits. She made anything that she wore look fantastic. All of the guys that saw her would gladly take the time to make conversation with her. Few would miss the opportunity to dance with her no matter what kind of music was playing and they all seemed to grind into her on the dance floor, and try to linger with her after the music was over.

Dad hated to watch as Katie got rubbed by her dancing partners. Occasionally, he would get a glimpse of a strange hand cupping her large tit. It pissed him off, and he added to his misery by drinking even more. He loved his beer, and he could drink by the case full. When he had finally had enough, if he didn't pass out, he got into a fight with the latest asshole that felt up his gorgeous wife. It would have never happened if he spent more of his time with her instead of his beer bottle. But he never got it.

Dad took a stand on this occasion, refusing to attend this wedding ceremony for one of mom's cousins. Of course, he knew his in-laws, who barely tolerated him. But he didn't know a single person other than them. His conversation was limited to his experience in the coal mines and his tour in the Army through Europe during WWII. When he got juiced, he recalled every battle that he ever fought in, through France, and Germany, from the "D Day" invasion through the Battle of the Bulge. I had heard it all at one time or another and so had most of our relatives.

Katie had little choice in the matter as far as her parents were concerned, it was mandatory that she attend. And that's all she had for support. Her parents had helped her out plenty as she was raising her family. And that meant that she had to put up with a lot of grief from them over the years.

Especially her brother, Hector, he was in the process of taking over the ownership of the family grocery store and he felt as though he owned the world. He drove a new car and dressed in the finest. He was always available to offer a snide remark belittling our family. He was still pissed that my dad refused to work for him, and did whatever he could to shove himself in our face. He had a stock boy from the store bring over produce that was a day from being discarded to our house, along with any other outdated food that he had to move. I'm sure that he took the maximum write off for his donations. We had to throw most of the food away, being unfit to eat. On occasion, Hector would bring the food over himself and exact his price on my mom. That is until I figured out his game plan and wacked him with a frying pan. He mostly stayed away after that but we all felt his animosity towards us.

Mom was crying at the thought of being unescorted at the wedding, knowing that at every opportunity, Hector and his friends would be after her. I volunteered to go with mom as her escort. And since I was younger, I could stick to her for the entire time she was there. Of course, I would need to learn to dance with her to ward off any floor grinding that might take place. But I could do a little of it myself. The wedding would take place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, it was a one and a half day journey up there, and we planned to take the bus, since our car was not up to a trip of that magnitude.

At the last minute, Grandma insisted that we ride up with her and Grandpa in the back seat of their car. Mom agreed since it would save us a lot of money. It was the middle of August and screaming hot and humid for our trip. Fortunately, Grandma & Grandpa's car was a new Chrysler Windsor, complete with an air conditioner which was uncommon for the time. We dressed in shorts and light shirts to feel relief from the weather when we were out of the car. We crawled into the back seat to find that it was full of boxes that Grandma had packed to give to her grandchildren up north. There was just enough room for us to squeeze in together for the ride. With our bags as well we didn't have any extra room at all. As the trip began, Grandma started chattering about her latest sewing project to mom. Mom was a seamstress too and was engaged in conversation with her. I of course, had no interest in sewing, so I tried to sleep. In spite of her chattering, I did manage to get a nap but when I awoke, the car was like a refrigerator. Grandma had been nudging the temperature control colder and colder all along our trip. As I cuddled up against my mother I noticed that she was cold as well. I looked over the boxes and found a light blanket that I spread over us in an attempt to get some warmth.

The blanket was too thin and offered little comfort to us as we huddled together underneath it. The car got colder and colder as we drove further north. Grandma was having her hot flashes and now had the temp control over to maximum cold. I was amazed that my mom's body was still so cold and I began to rub her thighs and stomach to warm her up. She just cuddled closer to me as I stroked her and kissed her neck. I could feel her breathing increase as my hands were feeling the warmth return to her skin.

We finally stopped at a motel, just after we crossed into the upper peninsula of Michigan. The motel sat right on the edge of Lake Michigan and the air was downright cold. We both were chilled as we sought refuge in one of the rooms, next to Grandma and Grandpa. It seemed like no amount of hot showering would abate our chill. Since it was summer, the heat was turned off in the room, minimizing the heat that we needed to recover from our ride. At least there were warm blankets in the room to comfort us when we went to bed. After our shower, we found that we were still uncomfortable as we headed into bed. Since they were both king sized beds, we elected to sleep together. We both crawled in bed dressed in our underwear in hopes to cure our condition with sleep. But it was too early to sleep and we just lay there, snuggled together, enjoying each other's warmth.

I couldn't help it, the closeness of our two bodies made me hard, and I pressed it into my mother's stomach as I pulled her closer to me. She returned my closeness by rubbing her body against me. I started kissing her as I slid my hands over her hot body. When I went for her clitoris, she had my erection in her hand and was slowly pumping it, spreading my precum over the head. We were climbing higher and higher as we both continued to stimulate one another. I started taking her clothes off as my mouth sought her private parts for the tonguing they deserved. Soon we were engaged in a sixty nine, eating each other leisurely. I loved the feeling of her soft thighs as they enveloped my head. I stroked her legs as she held me in place and began undulating her pussy at my ministrations of her moist pussy.

As I gently fucked my mother's sucking mouth, I slid my hands up her smooth, taught body and encased her massive tits. As I kneaded them and squeezed her nipples, mom increased her effort to bring me off in her hot mouth. We ate each other into frenzy and didn't stop until we both collapsed in our massive orgasms. Slowly, we untangled, both of us tingling with a warm sensation throughout our bodies.

I laid on my mother's prone body and slid my penis along her slippery groove, as I held both of her massive tits in my hands. I enjoyed lying with her this way. It reminded me of the way I felt just prior to my mating with her the first time. I continued stroking her with my dick until it recovered to full hardness. My mother was excited as she felt my arousal signifying her impending impalement of my excited cock. She spread her legs and allowed me access to her sweet pussy, as I continued to slide along her groove in long strokes. Finally, she shuddered and her pussy spasm, allowed me alignment with her overheated love tunnel. I effortlessly slid into my home, the place that I had come from to the hilt. I stopped there to savor the feeling of oneness that we have achieved with this union.

Mom's pussy clung to my manhood so tightly that I couldn't withdraw. And I leaned over and planted kisses on her beautiful face. Slowly, and gently, I thrust into her wet pussy, increasing my tempo and insertion force at a uniform rate until we were violently fucking each other with wild abandon. She was moaning incessantly and finally screamed her climax as she plastered herself around my sweating body, while I simultaneously filled her churning pussy with copious amounts of my boiling sperm.

We joined each other numerous times throughout the night and awoke to a beautiful northern morning. It was fifty degrees but promised to increase the temperature and humidity throughout the day.

We all met at the restaurant for an early breakfast and Grandma looked at mom in wonder. I guessed that she couldn't help but overhear mom's cries as her passion escaped her, last night. Mom knew what Grandma was thinking and blushed at her recollection of her antics. But Grandma, to her credit, kept her mouth shut and commenced to ordering her breakfast. As mom and I sat next to each other in the booth, dressed in our shorts from yesterday, I stroked her thigh possessively, while Grandma resumed her incessant chattering once again. Grandpa and I seemingly ignoring them, I was worming my fingers into mom's crotch to finger her damp pussy. Mom aided me by spreading her legs to grant me greater access to her love pot. I was now enjoying myself in spite of the relentless chattering in the background. Mom seemed to be feeling the effects of my stimulation as it distracted her from the constant noise being emitted by Grandma as well.

We headed back to the car for our last leg of the journey and took our positions. This time, however, I took the blanket and covered us as soon as we entered the car. Mom and I immediately cuddled together and I kept us warm by my constant fondling of mom's aroused body throughout the remainder of the trip.

We arrived at my cousin's house at about two PM and I proceeded to unload the car of the boxes and luggage. This was a good project for me at the time since I was sporting a massive erection when we first arrived. Mom snickered as I tried to cover up my condition, but also helped me cover up by standing in front of our relatives for me.

Naturally, our arrival triggered many hugs and kisses all around and mom was getting her share. It seemed like none of the guys missed a chance to tightly embrace Katie and plant sloppy, wet kisses on her mouth. I noticed this right away and as one of them tried to dominate her I walked up and slipped my arm around her waist and pulled her to me in a possessive manner that didn't go unnoticed by her cousins. I could see from the start that dad was right on in his observation of mom's treatment by the guys there. I had my work cut out for me.

We were going to be doubling up in one of the guestrooms and I was happy about that. The only problem was that the bed was a double and we would be forced into a confined sleep area. Well we had to resign ourselves to putting up with the inconvenience for a day or two. (HeHe)

I spent the day with my mother, she was seldom out of my sight, and I often held her hand, or had my arm around her waist. We sat together whether it was in an easy chair or at a meal table I was always there. She usually accommodated me by sitting on the couch or a bench when she could. Her audience would never miss an opportunity to get within reach of her if I wasn't around. They were in fervor to touch her and I would come back with her drink to find her surrounded by the jackals. All in all, I was pretty successful in keeping the suitors at bay and we retired to our bedroom to change into our dinner ware for the father of the groom's dinner.

I helped my mom dress, never missing an opportunity to fondle her smooth body and insuring that everything that she tried on fit her exquisitely. I rubbed her panty clad pussy and guided her stockings on to her smooth legs, attaching them to the clips on her garter belt. I adjusted her massive tits into the cups of her matching bra. I finished dressing my mother leaving no part of her smooth body untouched. And she was ready to go. I donned my suit with my beautiful mother's help and she afforded me the same care of fit and function that I had provided. In addition, she relieved me of some of the massive amount of sperm that was trapped inside of my balls with her gently sucking mouth. When she finished, she lovingly put my deflated member away and patted it gently as she stood and took my arm for our entrance to the dinner.

The dinner was a lavish affair with a massive center place complete with place cards at each setting of fine china, and ornate silverware. As I was escorting my mother to her seat, looking for her place card, I noticed my name prominently displayed among a couple of guys that I didn't know. I reached down and removed it as I continued on my search for my mother's place card, further down the table. We came upon it nestled between Hector and another cousin that hung together with him. I reached down and flipped Hector's place card across the table and onto the floor and replaced it with my own. I seated Katie and moved to her side, I took the cousin's place card and swapped it with the card of the woman sitting next to him on his other side. I took my seat next to my mother and stroked her stocking clad thigh with my hand as the other guests were finding their seats. Hector came in to be seated as everyone else had found their seat and walked up to Katie's seat to look for his place card. He was surprised to see that I was sitting in the seat that he knew to be his. He refrained from complaining when he saw that my name card was prominently displayed where I sat. The cousin showed up during this confusion and found that he had been moved a seat over, between a couple of his old maiden sisters. I was amused as Katie quietly talked with the sister next to her, oblivious to the plight of her brother and cousin, Hector fumed about trying to find his seat, finally locating the only unoccupied place at the table, the seat without a place card.

Beyond that, the dinner went off without a hitch, the food was excellent and the company around us was entertaining. Katie had a marvelous time by not being the center of attraction of those jackals.

We adjourned to the living room where every one of the wedding party socialized and started drinking alcoholic beverages. Hector brought over a drink for Katie, as he handed it to her; I reached over and took it out of his hand. He looked surprised and told me that I was too young to drink and that the beverage was for my mother. I looked over at him and told him that she had her limit for this evening, and set the drink on an end table next to her seat. He then offered to get her a nonalcoholic beverage and I stood up and stated that it was time for us to leave. Katie and I walked to the patio without looking back, leaving Hector standing in the living room with his drink in his hand.

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