Katie and Marti's Date

by Fast Eddy

Copyright© 2011 by Fast Eddy

Romantic Sex Story: Mike goes out on a couple of dates.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Consensual   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Oral Sex   Petting   Leg Fetish   Big Breasts   .

I had just finished swapping the engine in my fifty three Ford. It took two weeks to do this job but I was proud of the fact that I had installed a fifty seven Cadillac Eldorado engine under the hood. I contemplated that this car would make an awesome street machine, and I couldn't wait to get it on Woodward Avenue next Friday evening. This three hundred sixty five cubic inch engine with dual quads, and a three-quarter cam would, most likely rule the road. And that was saying a lot considering the GTO's and Mustangs that were out there.

In celebration, I decided to go out to a drive in restaurant for a burger. The kids in our neighborhood all went to Dan's. You could never find it now. In fact, you could never find it then. That's what it was named in the fifty's, when it sold out the new owner gave it another name. But we didn't, it was about a block north of Thirteen Mile, on the west side of Woodward Avenue, right next to Yorba Linda Bowling alley and pool hall. (Maybe that's still there today.) Whenever I went to Dan's I had to tell my sister so she could go with. In fact, we usually filled the car if the destination was Dan's. This time Katie came too. I was surprised since she didn't usually go out with us kids, especially on the weekends. So we headed out, all three of us in the front seat, with Marti riding shotgun. I loved it when the front seat was full. I had a Hurst Synchro lock floor shift and it gave me the perfect vantage to feel my passenger's leg as I was driving. I didn't miss the opportunity to slide my hand up my mom's thigh as I shifted into third gear. Being dark outside no one noticed my wandering hand especially Marti who had experienced my hand travels countless times in the past. She knew that it made no difference to me, if it was a female leg next to me, I would caress it.

By the time that we got up to Dan's it was packed, but our timing was excellent as one of the spots emptied as we approached it. We backed in as was the custom so that we could sit, eat, and watch the neat cars cruise through, with their engines rumbling, vibrating the ground around us. All types of cars rumbled in but it was the ones with the super reversed chromed radar mags that caught my eye. I loved it when they would put lights in the wheel wells to accent the effects of the lift kit and the chrome.

This was a hot night with all of the super street machines winding through the drive in restaurants that were lined up and down Woodward Avenue. We ate our sandwiches and decided to go to a drive in theatre to watch a movie. There was one close by and we were off. It was getting pretty dark and the movie would start soon, and we were just in time for it.

It was a James Bond flick; one of the original, Sean Connery (is there any other?) And we settled into the back seat to watch it. We chose the back seat because there was no floor shifter in the middle of the floor to bang our knees on, besides we could slide the front seat all the way up to give us the maximum leg room. I sat between the two girls and placed my hand on each of their thighs and began sliding them up towards their panties. Both women sat there giggling as I proceeded to molest them, while I alternately kissed each of them. I stroked them each until one of them opened her legs to give me greater access to their charms. That would be Katie this time; I rolled toward her and started kissing her as I went for her massive boobs with my other hand. Marti just sat and watched the movie until she just had to get in on the action, as she reached for Mike's zipper and started to remove his pants. As Mike was making out with Katie, Marti had his hardened cock in her mouth and preformed her masterful blowjob talent for her excited brother.

Mike progressed to undressing his mother while kissing her passionately, moving his kips down to her massive tits, grasping each nipple in its turn and nursing on it. Katie was reaching for her next orgasm as Mike moved further down to her dripping pussy, and slid his tongue into her slippery groove, stroking her from ass hole to clitoris eliciting a long, low moan from his mother.

Mike stroked his hardened cock into Katie and pounded her mercilessly as he brought her to climax a second time. As she was Cuming down, Mike withdrew and entered Marti with the same vigor and pummeled her little pussy to a climax as well. They all laid there satiated as Mike started to put his clothes back on, in preparation for their journey back home. They cuddled together and lightly fondled each other as they watched the movie to its conclusion. When they departed, they cruised Woodward one last time for the evening, to check out any activity that may be around the next corner.

The following Friday evening, Mike took Katie out to the Northwood Inn. He liked going there because it was located right on Woodward Avenue, in the middle of the cruising strip. He always liked to take his dates there, and then be on the scene when the cruising started. He would head south into Ferndale and turn around to head north, stopping to go through each drive in restaurant to show off his car and to meet with others there that did the same. They would continue to cruise up to Pontiac, where they would turn around and head south again. Woodward was a four lane drag strip in the day. Looking at it even today indicates its design for street rodding. You can find the same design on Telegraph Road, on the west side of the Detroit Metropolitan Area as well.

It all starts with their solution to the left turn. Prior to this design, cars turning left, moved into left turn lanes, and turned at the changing of the left turn signal. If the traffic flow is heavier, the left turn lane is doubled to accommodate it. Pretty normal stuff right?

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