Would Twins Do This? (2005 Original Version)

by Marc Nobbs

Copyright© 2011 by Marc Nobbs

Erotica Sex Story: Kenny's twin sister, Liza, finds it mildly disturbing that his new girlfriend looks remarkably like her. So like her, in fact, that all the boys at the valentine's party think it's Jessica and Liza that are twins! But the girls have a sure fire way to prove they're not. Or so they think. Written in 2005 for Ruthie’s club.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   .


Liza watched Jessica fold her arms over her chest and glare at Kenny—Liza's brother and Jessica's boyfriend. "What is?"

"Him! I go to the trouble of throwing a Valentine's party, and the bastard spends all night talking to his mates and getting plastered."

"He has drunk a lot."

"You know what the worst thing is? When he gets in this state, it means..."

"Means what?"

"I shouldn't really say, you being his sister and all."

"Oh, I've probably heard a lot worse. Come on, spill the beans."

"Okay. It means he goes straight to sleep later and I'll..."

"Have to take care of your own needs?"

"Something like that."

Liza shook her head. "I can't say I'm surprised. He's always been a selfish git. Even when we were little."

"It's just not fair!"

"I know. But hey, it's a party, right? Let's forget about him and enjoy it."

"I suppose, although I didn't know you planned to visit this weekend."

"Kenny and I have never been apart for this long before. I missed him. Even if he didn't miss me." She saw the look on Jessica's face and said, "What can I say? He's a selfish git but I love him."

Jessica sighed. "Yeah. Me too."

"Just not in the same way, eh? At least, I hope not. Look, why don't we go get another drink?"

It was the first time that Liza had met her twin's girlfriend. She liked Jessica—she seemed like a fun girl. Somewhere through the alcoholic haze that she'd been cultivating all evening, a tiny voice nagged at her. It told her something was not quite right about her twin brother picking a girlfriend who looked so much like she did. She glanced at Jessica again as the young woman spoke. It was almost like looking in a mirror.

"Are you twins?" She didn't recognise the voice that ripped her from her thoughts.

"Yes. Kenny's my twin."

"Get out of it. You're having me on. I mean, he's blonde. And male."

"Well, we're not identical, but..."

"Anyway, I meant you two." The stranger wagged his finger at Jessica and Liza. "You've got to be twins, right?"

Liza shook her head. "No. We're not. And if we were, we'd be triplets."

The man frowned. "Eh?"

Jessica laughed.

"But you must be twins. I mean ... You must be."

Jessica was hysterical. She held her stomach as she tried to stop laughing. She put her full glass on the table and attempted to look serious. "We're not twins. Here, I'll prove it. Would twins do this?"

She turned to Liza and put her hands on her face. Liza wondered what she was up to. Jessica bought her face up close to Liza's. Was she going to kiss her? Jessica closed her eyes. Their lips brushed together. Liza felt Jessica's tongue push against her mouth and instinctively her lips parted. She closed her eyes as Jessica's tongue forced its way into her mouth.

It was without question the best kiss that Liza had ever had. It was tender—Jessica applied just the right amount of pressure. Her tongue flicked against Liza's, ran along her teeth and flicked her tongue again. Men didn't kiss like that—they were too forceful. She kissed Jessica back and forgot about the slimy little man watching them. She forgot they were putting on a show. She kissed Jessica and she enjoyed it.

Jessica broke away. "See? Twins wouldn't do that, would they?"

"That was so cool! Twins snogging! Cool!" The man scurried away.

Jessica giggled. "At least he's got something to wank over tonight."

"Ewww! Jess! That's gross."

"Come off it. You can't tell me that the idea of giving that little squirt a fantasy that'll keep him hard for weeks doesn't make you just a little bit hot."

"Well ... When you put it that way..."

Another man Liza didn't recognise interrupted her. "Are you the snogging twins?"

"We're not twins," said Jessica, laughing.

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