Jenny's Lesson

by De Von

Copyright© 2011 by De Von

Sex Story: A teen girl finds out what it takes to become part of the 'in' crowd. It's just a bit more than she bargained for.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Reluctant   Coercion   Heterosexual   First   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   Voyeurism   .

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Jenny was a quiet, shy sophomore at Central High. She was the kind of girl that's described as cute, rather than hot. She was 5' tall, and had finally lost most of her 'baby fat' and was developing into a nice looking young lady, but her own view of herself was very dim. In spite of the attention she was getting from boys, she still thought of herself as "that little fat girl."

Jenny wasn't a cheerleader, even tho she was better looking and more athletic than a couple of girls on the squad. So when she got invited to a party with the cheerleaders and football players, she almost said no. The thing that really made her reconsider was that Ryan was going to be there. Ryan, a defensive captain on the team, was a good looking senior who Jenny had a monstrous crush on. He had noticed her in the hallways, but she hadn't realized it, as she typically ran away when she saw him coming; fearing she would say something dumb and he would think of her as just another kid. She was sure Ryan didn't know she existed. She had initially told Christie, the head cheerleader, that she wouldn't be able to go to the party.

That all changed at lunch on Wednesday. Jenny was in line, getting her tray, when someone put a hand on her shoulder. She looked around, straight into Ryan's electric blue eyes. "Uh, hi" she stammered. "Hey, I'm Ryan," he replied, then went on, "Christie told me she invited you to the party on Friday, and I just wanted to tell you I think that's really cool, and I hope you can make it. You should go out for the cheer squad, too. You're better than Marissa and Kelly, already."

"Well, I'll have to ask my Mom," Jenny replied.

"I hope she says yes. See ya later, Jenny!" Ryan said as he turned and walked away.

(He knows my NAME!) Jenny thought with excitement as she watched him go. (I HAVE to talk Mom into letting me go!)

Convincing her mom wasn't nearly as difficult as Jenny thought. Turns out Christie's mom had called her earlier in the week about the party, and Jenny's mom thought it would be a good idea for her daughter to get out and socialize more, especially with these outgoing, popular kids. After the brief conversation, Jenny couldn't wait for Friday.

When the day finally came, she dressed in a cute new skirt and blouse her mom had gotten her for the occasion, then took the keys her mom offered and headed to Christie's house. She was a little surprised when she got there at how remote the house seemed. Even tho it was relatively close to town, the neighboring houses were some distance down the road. "We can play loud music and dance without disturbing the neighbors," Christie said when Jenny asked.

Jenny was also surprised to learn that Christie's parents had gone out of town for the night, leaving the kids unsupervised. She almost called her mom for guidance, and a sure command to come home, because of it, but Christie convinced her it was ok. "And besides," Christie said, "You don't want Ryan to think you're a baby, do you? You're 16 already! Grow up and handle it!" That did it, and Jenny went on in.

As she walked down into the basement great room, where the party was starting, Jenny was looking around, surprised at how many of the kids she knew, when someone put a glass of punch in front of her. She followed the arm holding it to Ryan's smiling face. "Glad you made it! Have some punch." he said. "we'll get the music going and have a good time!" Jenny relaxed once the music got started. She was a good dancer, and the guys noticed quickly, and lined up to dance with her.

Jenny realized the punch was spiked from the slight sting, so she made sure to sip it sparingly, as she knew she had to drive home and also didn't want to do anything dumb. As the evening went on, Christie brought out some sandwiches and snacks, along with some bottled water. This made Jenny happy, as the energetic dancing had left her hungry and thirsty.

After the food break, someone put on a slow cd. She saw Scottie crossing the room with his eye on her, and knew he was coming to ask her to dance. Scottie was cute, and unlike Ryan, didn't have a girlfriend that she knew of. Ryan had Christie, of whom Jenny was jealous. Just before Scottie got to her, Ryan stepped in front of him. "Dance with me," he said, and held out his hand. It wasn't really a question, but that didn't matter to Jenny. She was just happy that Ryan and the other guys seemed to have accepted her as a normal member of their group. She took Ryan's hand and he led into the center of the room, where the floor was open and several other couples were already dancing.

As she turned to face Ryan, the room's lights dimmed. He reached out and pulled Jenny closer to him, something that made her a little uncomfortable with Christie in the room. She didn't want to offend her friend by moving in on her man. After a little gently pressure, tho, she allowed Ryan to hold her closer as they swayed together in time to the music. She kept a few inches between them, however, so as not to upset Christie, even tho Christie seemed to be mysteriously absent. Jenny was swaying in time with the music, enjoying the scent of Ryan's cologne and the feel of his arms around her. She let her eyes drift closed, feeling safe and secure. She felt his hands moving, but didn't give it much thought, as they stayed away from her sensitive areas. Then, suddenly, Ryan reached lower and squeezed Jenny's ass in his hands, causing her to flinch forward, pressing her body against his. As she looked up at him, intending to ask why he did that, he met her halfway, kissing her fully on the lips. She was stunned, and accepted the kiss at first, then broke it off and tried to pull away, but Ryan held her close.

"I can't," she stammered. "Christie..." "Is ok with it," Ryan said, turning her head toward the stereo, where Christie was standing, looking at them. When she saw Jenny looking, Christie smiled and gave her a thumbs up. Jenny was now thoroughly confused, and allowed her head to be turned again, as Ryan guided her and put his lips back to hers. Since Christie seemed ok with it, she decided it was ok to 'make out' with Ryan. After all, they were in a room full of people, so what could really happen. Christie was just trying to let her fit in, Jenny decided, and she was going to make the best of it.

As the song ended and the next one began, Ryan took Jenny's hand and spun her around, into Scottie's waiting arms. She allowed herself to be pulled close by Scottie, enjoying the attention. "I thought he was gonna hog you all night," Scottie said. "Glad to get my turn!" Jenny blushed at this. "Can I tell you something?" Scottie nodded, and Jenny went on, "I wasn't sure about coming tonight, but I like it. I was just getting comfortable when Ryan kissed me, tho, and that got me all confused again. Especially Christie. I mean, I thought she would be super pissed, but she just smiled and gave me a thumbs up..." Jenny trailed off, and Scottie pulled her close, leaning down and whispering in her ear, so only she could hear, "They just want you to feel accepted, is all. And Ryan and Christie are funny like that. They make out with other people sometimes. It's ok. Besides, I want you to feel accepted, too. I like you." This overt admission by Scottie stunned Jenny into silence, and she silently danced along with him thru that song and the next, before Ryan came and asked to cut in again, handing Scottie a drink as he did so, then challenging him to down it. The two friends laughed as Ryan got a beer and they had a chugging contest.

Once their drinks were gone, Scottie went for another while Ryan pulled Jenny back onto the dance area of the floor. She was very relaxed now, and danced easily with Ryan thru several fast songs, then some slow ones. She let him pull her close for the slow songs, comforted by Scottie's explanation. The next song that came on was a popular 'dirty dancing' tune, and Ryan started playing the part with Jenny. She was uncomfortable at first, and thought about breaking it off to find Scottie, then she spotted him in one of the love seats, apparently passed out. She guessed he had had more than just the two drinks, tho he hadn't seemed that drunk when they danced. So she decided to get into the act with Ryan. (Might as well enjoy it) Jenny thought.

Ryan danced close to her, running his hands up and down her sides, barely missing her breasts. This made her a little uncomfortable, but she decided it was ok, as it was just part of the dance. As Ryan spun her around and moved close behind her, Jenny found herself caught between the back of a couch and Ryan. He pressed against her back, still caught up in the dirty dancing rhythm, it seemed. To Jenny, it was exciting and disturbing at the same time. She enjoyed the attention, but didn't really like him being so close and having so much contact with her body.

As the song ended and a new one came on, she realized she could feel Ryan's stiff member thru his pants as he pressed against her. The new tune had a loud, fast, pulsing beat, and she tried to use it to slip sideways and out of the jam she suddenly found herself in. (If I can get free, I can retreat to the restroom and let things calm down) Jenny thought. Just then, Ryan slipped his arms around her waist from behind, holding her in place, and then he slid them under her blouse and up to cup her breasts with both hands. The swift move caught Jenny off guard, and she panicked, but found herself firmly in his grasp.

(NO! Don't grab me there!) she thought frantically, but didn't want to rebuff him outright for fear of looking like a prude and being tossed out of the group. And then, (He's just testing me. That's all. He'll be done soon and I can get out without making a scene!) Jenny's mind raced to rationalize what was happening as Ryan's hands massaged her breasts thru her thin lace bra and his hard cock pressed against her bottom from behind. She felt a great sense of relief when his hands released her breasts and moved back south, out of her blouse. (Thank goodness I didn't squeal and kick like a little kid!) she thought with relief, (How embarassing that would have been!)

Just when she thought the test, as she thought of it now, was over, Ryan reached up with one hand and pushed her head back, biting her on the neck as he did so, then turning her head toward him and kissing her again. Jenny was excited and frightened by the look in his eyes and the speed with which all of this was happening. She glanced around, but noone else seemed to be paying attention to what was happening with her and Ryan, and the music blared on in the mostly dark room. She didn't remember the lights being turned down so much.

Ryan broke the kiss then, and as she turned and straightened up again, she felt one hand on her back, pushing hard between her shoulders. (I'm falling!) she thought frantically, then felt her thighs hit the back of the couch. The hand, (It must be Ryan's) kept pushing, harder now, bending her over the back of the couch. Becoming unbalanced, she put her arms out ahead of her body, resting her hands on the couch cushions, now fully bent over. She had no leverage against him as he held the hand on her back steady, holding her in the bent over position, trapped on the back of the couch.

(WHAT is he DOING?!?) she wondered with alarm, then felt his other hand on the inside of her leg, moving swiftly up her thigh and under her skirt, rapidly coming into contact with her panty covered pussy lips. (No! Don't touch me there! Boys can't touch me there! I'm not READY to be touched there!!!) She renewed her efforts to stand now, and managed to raise up some before he roughly shoved her back down again. She cried out softly as her face hit the couch cushion, but the sound was drowned by the loud thumping music. She could feel his fingers rubbing her thru her panties, pressing against her tender clit whenever he flexed his hand against her. (Stop doing that!) she thought, (don't rub me like that!! Oh God!! I'm getting wet!! NO! I can't! He can't feel me like that! Stop, Ryan, STOP!!!!)

But he didn't stop. Instead he slipped his fingers into the side band of her panties, and rubbed her moistening pussy with his bare hand. Feeling her wetness, he slipped one finger between her outer lips, causing her to jump and press against the hand holding her down again. (UHHH! NO! Don't put your fingers in me! Stop!!) her mind screamed, but no sounds came out of her mouth. She wanted him to stop what he was doing, but she didn't want to make him mad still, so she feverishly tried to think of a way to extract herself from the situation without embarassing Ryan. All the while, her body was reacting to his touch, preparing for what it expected to come next. Her pussy grew slick with her juices as he continued rubbing her, running one finger along her slit and then up to rub the nub at the top, sending an electric jolt thru her each time he did so. (God NO!!! Stop!!) she thought. (I can't do this! I can't take this! Oh God it feels so good!! No! I can't! Don't do this! PLEASE!!!!) Her mind raced, but all the sound she managed was a whimper, which was easily drowned out by the music.

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