After the Fun

by Fast Eddy

Copyright© 2011 by Fast Eddy

Erotica Sex Story: Katie takes a time out to contemplate her "fun"

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Incest   Mother   Son   BDSM   Torture   Petting   Sex Toys   Big Breasts   .

Katie and I went home from the contest. She was silent the whole trip. I didn't know what was on her mind, but I knew that she was in deep contemplation. Was it the photo session? She seemed to get excited with her nude photos and containment on the examination table. I know that I sure did, should I have interceded to end her ravishment? Maybe so, but I was as caught off guard as she was, and her overwhelming went off so smoothly that it was half done before I knew what was taking place. Katie was trapped on that table, but she always got turned on when I took the choice away from her, and that's exactly what these two guys did. What about the fact that two guys that she didn't know fucked her. I don't think that she had ever been exposed to two guys so intimately before. Was it too much for her?

Then there is the contest that was staged. Katie knew all about it and agreed to try it; of course it was with my encouragement. She's had small audiences before, was this too big of a crowd? Or was it Lisle's taking control of her the problem? I was worried that this time I had damaged my mom and I hoped that it wouldn't end our relationship. Fucking Ruth in front of mom couldn't have helped either, did she have security issues? This weighed on my mind as well. She was in contemplation but I carried a look that indicated deep concern as well.

Marti detected it as soon as she saw us. She asked about us but we were both noncommittal and still kept to ourselves. Marti left for school and I stayed behind. I couldn't let my mom dwell on her problem much longer without at least knowing what was bothering her.

After Marti left, my mom went into the living room and sat on the couch. She had her face in her hands, rubbing her eyes, quietly. I sat next to her and placed my arm around her shoulder. She cuddled in to me and started lightly crying. I tried to say comforting things to her as she put her arm around my waist and nuzzled into my neck, like a little girl seeking relief. I pulled her into me, gently rubbing her shoulder and back.

"What is it mom?"

"I'm so worried about what I'm becoming." she said.

"Talk to me mom, what are you becoming?"

"I feel like a slut."

"Nonsense, there's nothing slutty about you!"

"Why do you feel this way? I asked.

"When we went to the photo shoot, and those two guys used me, I enjoyed it! It's a good thing that I was gagged or everyone would have known how hard I climaxed." She added. "I felt so cheap afterwards and in spite of that, I get so turned on every time I think of it. It scares me."

I hugged her tighter and kissed her forehead as I started to massage her tense body as she sat there. As I gently relieved her knotted back and shoulders she continued.

"When we went to Lisle's house to play that game, I was hot at the thought of being felt up by another stranger as a group looked on. Lisle commanded me to strip, shocking me with the force of his voice and thrilled me with his roaming hands, I was out of control again. Then, when you won and screwed his mother, I was wishing that you had lost, and it was me that got ravished. I was so wet watching you."

I explained to Katie that what we did was different from what the others did to her. We made love; I always concentrated on bringing her as much pleasure as possible. While what the others did was sport fucking. They were just getting off, and boosting their ego by dominating you. If you got anything out of it, it did not matter to them. It was your body responding to their manipulations, not your heart. Katie was relaxing more as my massage turned into sensuous stroking, as I started to remove her clothes, and invade her body with gentle touching. I could feel her excitement level increase as her breathing turned into light gasps. I explained that no matter what, I would always be there for her. That she would always be first with me as I gently stroked her engorged clit. Katie would only be my possession, my slave.

We made out on the couch as I completely stripped her and rolled on top of her to take my position as I impaled her squirming body with my hardened cock. She cried out as I stroked my steel hard dick into her clasping pussy as I grasped her large tit, kneading it, and kissed her neck. Katie wrapped her arms and long legs around my body in an attempt to draw me into her seething pussy, as she humped me with abandon.

Our conversation helped to free her mind and allowed her to enjoy those occasions where she lost control. I sort of set the standard with her allowing her to engage in some naughty pleasures without her feeling responsible.

I mentioned to Jim that I was seeking a unique experience for Katie, an experience that would take her control away from her and turn her on. I wanted something that would not involve others, except as I permitted. I felt as though I had to orchestrate Katie's next encounter with her issues of control.

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