High School Senior Party

by just-this-guy

Copyright© 2011 by just-this-guy

Erotica Sex Story: The new seniors threw a celebration party at the beginning of the year and my sister went since she was a senior. Circumstances allowed me to come along even though I'm an incoming freshman.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Mult   Teenagers   Drunk/Drugged   Fiction   Incest   Brother   Sister   Group Sex   First   Oral Sex   .

As soon as the lunch bell rang I headed toward my sister Mikayla's class. I needed to ask her a favor. I spotted her with her back to me talking to her friend, Taylor. I overheard their conversation.

"So it's going to be this Friday night at Ashley's place. Her parents are gone."

"This Friday?" My sister sounded distraught. "I can't. My parents are going to be gone overnight. I have to be home with my brother."

"He's like 14, right?"

"I know but my parents don't like for him to be home alone yet. They still treat Michael like he's a little boy."

That was true and I didn't like being treated that way.

"Bring him."


"You have to be there, Miki. It will be okay if he comes."

"Yeah? Okay. Great!"

Taylor headed away. Mikayla turned and saw me.

"Michael, I need to talk to you. There's this party Friday night that I can't miss and since Dad and Mom will be gone you have to go."

"Yeah, I heard you talking to Taylor about it just now."

"So you'll come right?"


"Great!" She gave me a quick hug and headed off.

Go to the senior party? Hell, yes I would go. Awesome!

Miki was attired in a short black party dress. I would say she looked sexy if not for the fact that she was my sister. The dress had shoulder straps and a V-plunge in the front that displayed her cleavage. It was made from some fancy kind of fabric that only girls would care about. Since she was my sister, it was hard to imagine any boy would be interested in her but I wondered if Miki planned on getting laid. I wondered if the primary purpose of this party was to get most everyone started off with a "bang". I didn't like the idea of some boy banging my sister. She may be three years older than me but I still felt protective.

I was dressed in jeans that had a partial hole in the right knee and in my Nirvana t-shirt. They were before my time but they were the best band ever.

I got in the passenger seat of Miki's 4-door sedan. She started the engine and drove off.

"Now don't embarrass me," she said.

"How could I embarrass you?" Just what kind of consequences did Miki think would happen? Sheesh!

"You know by letting people know that I had to bring my little brother."

I knew enough not to argue when she dished out her off-handed insults during those times when she was so absorbed with herself which was basically all the time. It wasn't like I was going to spend all my time hanging around my sister. So what if a few people knew we were related? I honestly had low expectations for this party. I would only know some of Miki's girlfriends and a few other guys and girls. I'd probably be bored but it was the senior party so there was no way I could pass on attending.

We arrived later so Miki had to park several houses down from Ashley's home.

As soon as we got out of the car, my sister said, "Wait like five minutes before you come in. I don't want to show up with you."

I frowned but nodded to show I heard. She was being too sensitive and too worried about what she thought would be negative consequences of appearing with me but I respected her wish. She could have insisted that I wait in the car for the entire party. I'm glad she didn't think of trying something like that.

Miki left and I only waited a couple of minutes before I headed to the party house.

Inside, I quickly felt overwhelmed by all the people and the loud music. I weaved my way through the front room to the kitchen area and finally into the backyard. The music was slightly quieter out here which I liked. This also happened to be where a cooler of beer was. I smelled the distinct aroma as soon as I came outside.

I took a seat in a patio chair and took everything in. This was so exciting. I was here at a senior party!

Over the next couple of hours, the place became packed even outside. When I had to use the bathroom, it took forever to work my way through the people then I had to wait in line to use it and one girl took for what felt like an eternity.

I found a spot in the main room to sit against a wall. I watched the girls and watched the guys flirt with the girls. I even saw a girl who looked drunk let a guy grab and squeeze her boob for what seemed like a long time. That was fun to see!

I must have dozed off because there was hardly anyone here. I used the bathroom then wandered around. No one was outside. It was too cold and all the beer was gone from the cooler.

Miki, Taylor, and Ashley were in the kitchen talking. My sister spotted me then ignored me like I wasn't still here. Miki's eyes looked different. She might be a little drunk. Taylor looked unsteady and kept having to hold onto the countertop. Ashley's back was to me so I couldn't tell for sure but something said to me that she was likely drunk also.

I went to the main room. I was bored so I might as well watch TV.

A sleeping girl was collapsed on the couch. She took up the whole couch so I wondered if I could move her legs without waking her. I looked at her sleeping face ... oh my god!

Her left tit was hanging out of the top of her cream colored dress. How did I not notice that immediately? Vanessa! That was her name. She was another one of my sister's friends.

Her tit was milky white and a perfect semi-conical shape. At the end of it was a perfect brown nipple which was partially erect probably due to the coolness of the air. My cock forged out more room in my jeans. I did a quick reach down my pants to guide my cock so it could grow upward instead of trying to go to the side.

Something took over me. I wanted a closer look so I decided to guide her legs so they would be more under her. She stirred and mumbled something which totally freaking me out. She sat up then slouched with her face turned the opposite way.

I stared, taking deep breaths. Vanessa didn't move and her breathing was slow and steady. I watched her exposed tit rise and fall. It called out to me.

I sat down next to her. I smiled happily. What an amazing tit! I could look at it all night.

Something took over me again. I rubbed the top surface of her tit with my hand. It was so soft and smooth. Tingles shot through my body and my cock throbbed. I was enchanted.

I dared to give her nipple a tweak then shot my hand away.

She didn't react or move a muscle.

I gave her nipple a slow pull again and felt it firming up. I gave it several pulls. The nipple became nice and long. I felt most pleased with myself.

I looked up.

Oh, shit!

Vanessa was looking straight at me. She seemed to have trouble keeping her head steady and her eyes seemed to have trouble focusing. She produced a crooked smile.

I jerked away to the other end of the couch.

She opened her mouth and words came out. It wasn't the words I expected. I thought I was going to hear, "What the hell are you doing?" I expected it to sound loud and livid.

"That feels nice."

Her speech was a little slurred but it was clear what she said. It was especially clear what she did not say. She did NOT use the word "pervert".

"Come here," she said with that drunken little smile.


"You need to give equal time."

She slid both dress straps down her arms until the top of the dress fell to her waist. Now two incredibly beautiful tits were before my adoring eyes. My cock throbbed as if trying to burst out of my pants. I scooted slightly toward her on the couch. She extended her arms out in a welcoming gesture.

Okay, Vanessa was drunk but she definitely was inviting me to touch her tits. How could I refuse to do something I've always wanted to do? I've frequently fantasized about touching a girl's tits.

I moved closer.

She grabbed my hands. Before I could follow my instinct to pull my hands away, she placed them on her tits. I squeezed them. Wonderful! Simply wonderful!

She looked happy. Boy was I happy! I liked tits!

"That's nice," she said again.

"Yeah," I agreed. "They're amazing."

"You're cute. I don't remember seeing you before."

"I'm ... uh ... new."

"I'm Vanessa."


"Do you have something for me?"

"Like what?" I had no idea what she could mean.

"A big Michael."

She startled me, shocked me more like it, by grabbing my hard cock through my pants and doing her best to try to wrap her hand around the shaft. I gasped.

"What do you have here?" she said flirtatiously.

I had stopped playing with her tits and just hung on to them.

"Can I see it?"

She didn't wait for an answer. She opened my jeans and pulled them down. She stuck her fingers into the flap of my boxers and fished out my cock.

Vanessa had her hand wrapped around my cock! And it felt awesome.

"Big Mike is a big boy," she said, giving it a slow stroke.

I groaned. A girl was stroking my cock! This was heaven!

She ran her finger over the tip. I moaned. I couldn't believe how good that felt!

My cock surged harder and harder as she played with my cock. I was captivated.

"Why don't you finish undressing?" she said.

I'd do anything for her right now. I pulled off my shirt then worked to push my pants down. My pants were made more difficult because she never released my cock but I didn't mind. I didn't mind one bit.

When I had my pants down around my ankles, she helped by removing my shoes then slipping my pants off my legs. I eagerly pushed my boxers down. I was briefly challenged in getting my hard cock back inside first. She took over at my knees removing my boxers the rest of the way.

She stood and slipped her dress down over her hips letting it fall to the floor. She slid down her panties, lifting each foot to get it off a leg. She lay lengthwise on the couch and opened her legs.

Oh my god!

Oh My God!

She wanted me to fuck her.


I turned and got fully on the couch. I wanted to just stare and marvel at her amazing bare pussy but she pulled at me so I ended up on top of her. My cock slid over her pussy. She writhed and when she stopped I just automatically pushed forward.

I then felt the most incredible sensation in all my life!

It felt unbelievable good and I was ecstatic with the knowledge that I was inside a girl. I was having sex! I was fucking! And she was a sexy girl too. Even better was that I was no longer a virgin. That was definitely the best yet.

"Fuck," she said. "You feel so big."

I started to stroke, reveling in the sensations. She felt so warm and the stroking felt so excellent.

"That's it. Give me Big Mike," she purred.

I didn't know Vanessa but I think I loved her. She was awesome!

I groaned. I felt a build up in my cock already. I was going to cum soon.

Vanessa started moaning loudly which totally turned me on even more. I panted harder and thrust into her sweet pussy more forcefully.

"Yes!" she cried out.

My cock filled and expanded with cum and my eyes expanded in wonderment of the sensation. I drove my cock deep and held it then with a snort-like sound I came. Cumming never felt so good before. It felt absolutely and completely amazing.

"Your brother is pretty big."

Startled by the voice, I shot up inadvertently causing Vanessa to groan. The voice was Ashley's and she stood in front of the couch with Miki and Taylor. They had just watched me fuck their friend Vanessa!

"Why didn't you tell us?" said Taylor.

"I didn't know," said Miki.

The girls stared at my cock. Suddenly embarrassed, I covered up with my hands.

"No, let us see" said Taylor. Her arm motioned unsteadily for me to remove my hands.

I slowly obeyed. If they wanted to see it, what harm was there? They just watched me fuck after all.

"That's better." She had a smile. Ashley had a smile too and even Miki seemed to be happy.

"You want to fuck him?" said Vanessa, slurring her words. "Go ahead. I'll share. Just remember I found him first."

I knew it was the alcohol talking but it was still nice hearing Vanessa make a "claim" on me.

I looked at her still splayed legs. There was a couple of small round white spots on her pussy. I smiled. That was evidence I came in her. It's not like I doubted it. How could I forget the first time I had sex? Also, it happened to be a few minutes ago. I didn't need a good memory to remember it.

"You want to go?" Taylor asked.

"You go ahead," said Ashley.

I must have still been in the pleasant haze of my first fuck because I was completely surprised when Taylor, my sister's very best friend, took off her shirt. She dropped to the ground and used her shirt to wipe my cock. I did what any freshman boy would do when a beautiful senior girl played with my cock - I got hard and groaned joyfully.

"Lie down on the floor," Taylor said.

The girls were in an alcoholic stupor. I was in an orgasmic stupor. My stupor cleared much faster as Taylor pulled on my legs and I couldn't help but slide to the ground and be pushed down on my back.

I asked incredulously, my voice cracking embarrassingly, "You're going to fuck me?"

"You're the only boy here and I'm horny."

When I was a young boy, being stuck with a bunch of girls would be hell. This was heaven. This was better than heaven.

Taylor bobbed on my cock with her mouth. I was so glad to be the only boy here! My cock became very juicy in no time. It was drooling out of the tip heavily and her mouth provided a lot of my cock's wetness too.

She took off her bra then quickly removed her skirt and panties. I sat up so I could see. She pushed me back down and climbed on top of me. She grabbed my cock, lined it up, and pushed down.

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