by Misstaken

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BDSM Sex Story: Hindsight is 20-20 yet even now I could not explain how I knew. The memory still as fresh as the scent that lingered on my lips and in my mind. Besides me c sat quietly, unconsciously fingering her collar, smiling to herself, still amused no doubt by the security check.. As the plane gathered speed I turned to c, smiled, winked, her eyes shining, she knew what I was thinking, shared my sadness, understood what last night meant to me.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Slavery   Lesbian   .

Hindsight is 20-20 yet even now I could not explain how I knew. The memory still as fresh as the scent that lingered on my lips and in my mind. Besides me c sat quietly, unconsciously fingering her collar, smiling to herself, still amused no doubt by the security check ... As the plane gathered speed I turned to c, smiled, winked, her eyes shining, she knew what I was thinking, shared my sadness, understood what last night meant to me.

The aircraft began to shudder, rotate speed, the nose lifting, the ground dropping away, only the memory remains, heart-warming, heart breaking, a gift to last eternity.

The departure lounge was unusually empty, even though the flight was delayed, perhaps missed connections accounted for it? The unexpected fog has succeeded in causing chaos as usual. To pass the time c had buried herself in a book, one I knew well, had read even before it was published, yet still I had bought it, partly to keep a promise, partly for the joy I felt seeing it on the bookshelf. One of a steadily growing collection all written by one very special author.

Whilst c read, I sat back, looking around, people-watching, a private game, matching kinks to people, assigning them each a sexual persona, kindy, vanilla, so many variations. Mannerisms, posture, dress, attitude, all revealed something. One by one I worked my way around the lounge, never staring, just passing glances. discrete ... The tannoy crackled into life, raucous yet muffled, as of the announcer was chewing cotton panties.

The fog was not expected to clear, the flight delayed indefinitely. Perfect, just perfect. I laid a hand on c's thigh, "let's go find somewhere that serves tea." Closing her book c tucked it into her bag and stood, rising with one fluid motion, pausing as I to stood up, before following me out of the lounge and back into the terminal's wide walkway, always on my left, close but never touching, c kept pace with me as I headed for the central area where we could find a café.

I took a seat at one of the few empty tables whilst c headed to the counter, not needing to ask what I wanted. The table was next to the 'webzone' where a bank of computers were occupied by those who sought to kill time or make up for not having brought their laptops. A seating area provided somewhere to wait when the computers were all busy, as well as providing somewhere for the laptop users to recharge or take advantage of the wireless connections.

Back to the game, people-watching central, then I spotted her, just as c returned bearing our drinks, Earl Grey tea and a large latte. "Thank you sweetheart." Sitting besides me c opened her bag, retrieved the book and opened it carefully, knowing full well what it meant to me. I sipped my tea and resumed the game, the girl intrigued me, though at first I could not work out why.

The pantie gagged announcer seemed pleased to announce that all flights were cancelled and that those passengers holding valid tickets should contact their airline for further information. Perfect, just Perfect.

European but not English, slim but not overly so, Flat shoes, smart but casual, skirt, blouse, jacket, a stylish shoulder bag at her side, a laptop balanced on her thighs, long hair loosely bound. My eyes had lingered too long, the girl looked up, glancing at me, then away, then back, but this time not looking at me, but at c, but not ... at the book. I knew right then, thought I have no idea exactly why I knew, not with such conviction. Her eyes widened, looking at us both, that expression, those eyes, I had seen them so many times, my imagination conjuring them, uncannily accurate, yet still the real thing was so much better.

Standing, I walked towards her, our eyes locked for the first time. Yet so often they had locked before, in our world of shared words and shared imaginings. As I drew closer she fumbled closing her laptop, letting it slide into the chair as she stood, blushing, eyes wide, her knees seemingly undecided between standing and kneeling. "lucy..."


Her voice surprised her. I smiled, what do you say to the love you never intended to meet?

"Join us..." A command phrased as a question, leaving a way out, only fair, given the circumstances.

A little flustered, conscious of her blushes that at any other time she would score as a breaking the meter, she packed away her laptop, lifted her bag and moved to follow me, her actions far ahead of any conscious decision, as her eyes made plain. As we approached the table c stood, aware that something important was happening, yet unsure of what. "lucy, meet c. c meet lucy, you're reading her book..." They smiled, both well aware of the others relationship with me, and therefore with each other.

We sat, whilst c excused herself, heading for the counter. lucy and I simply shared the moment, lost in each others eyes, words did not exist that could convey the feelings we shared right then, words had built our relationship, now words were unnecessary.

Placing the cup of coffee before lucy, c sat quietly, sharing our silence, knowing now was not the time.

Deep in her eyes the question formed, as yet unspoken, the answer reflected in my our eyes, a conversation of souls.

"Phone your Master, ask him." We both knew the question, neither knew the answer.

How do you ask the one you love for permission to spend time with one they know you love? How great must the bond of love, of trust, of compassion be to grant such permission?

lucy spoke quietly, her eyes cast down, not in shame, but in respect. "Mistress?" I took the offered phone, holding it as I looked at lucy, who sat perfectly still, body controlled, holding her breath, awaiting judgement.

Our conversation was short, direct, polite. Hearing her Masters decision it would be wicked to conceal my feelings, unfair to remain outwardly calm, evil to show no emotion. I handed the phone back to lucy. I am evil.

I sipped my tea, smiling, watching lucy's emotions running riot, her body trembling, eyes flashing, unable to hold back any longer she leapt to her feet, throwing herself at me as I rose to meet her, holding her in my arms as we kissed, no polite peck, a deep kiss of long felt passion, our bodies recreating the union our minds had created so many times.

Meanwhile c had been busy, her usual quiet efficiency produced transport, a hotel booking, re-booked flights and more Earl Grey. Both girls sipped coffee, sharing a look, a submissive conspiracy between sister slaves.

None of us had checked baggage as our plans had meant to be day trips, so we only needed to make out way out of the terminal to meet the limo that c had arranged. The journey passed quickly, both girls aware of what would happen, neither knowing exactly what I might require of them. I let the anticipation build as I considered how best to take advantage of this unexpected opportunity, one that would never be repeated.

As usual c took care of the check-in formalities, leaving lucy time to be alone with me, a hotel lobby is not the most romantic of places, not that either of us cared, as usual words were not needed to convey our emotions.

Only as the lift ascended did lucy begin to tremble. Reaching out I grasped her hair, all that was needed to calm her, my grip firm, her blushes spreading as I stepped from the lift and led her down the corridor to the suite c had booked.

Once inside I waited only long enough for the door to click shut... "Strip."

Bags placed aside, both girls obeyed with alacrity, two neatly folded piles, two naked slaves. "Go shower, it's time you both met properly." Few of my commands ever phased c, but it was obvious that lucy had not expected this. Yet the hesitation showed only in her eyes, her body moved to obey even as c joined her. As they walked side by side towards the bathroom I smiled, my imagination had been correct, lucy really did have a perfect ass.

Moving into the bedroom I put aside my bag and as I undressed I studied the room, noting everything that might be of use, then naked I made my way to the bathroom, to join my girls. Clouds of steam and the multiple jets of water could not conceal the two naked bodies pressed together, lips touching, hair hanging down behind each head. Stepping into the shower I took a firm grip on each girl's hair, pulling them to me, holding them close, I kissed each forehead, then with a simple command I released them, standing still as both went to work, soaping and rinsing, taking the care that both knew I required.

Freshly showered and dried by my girls I left them to dry each other whilst I returned to the bedroom, making myself comfortable in the single well padded chair. I had no need of clothes, after all, if you cannot dominate whilst naked, you can't dominate.

My girls entered together, walking side by side, stopping three paces from my chair, both stood proudly, heads up, eyes cast down, awaiting my pleasure. Indicating the spot before me with one extended finger I spoke. "Kneel." Both girls stepped forward, then slowly lowered themselves to their knees, c in one fluid motion, lucy almost matching her, hindered only by lack of practise.

Looking into lucy's eyes I spoke. "You know that all that happens will be mine to decide."

"Yes Mistress."

"However as tonight is unique, I grant you three requests, you may make each any time before dawn, but (there is always a 'but') I promise only to listen to each request, even if I allow it, I will chose the manner in which it is granted."

"Yes Mistress, I understand, thank you."

"Very well, then we shall begin."

So many memories, so much packed into a single long evening. We knew each other so well, even though c had never met lucy she knew enough, besides if asked c would explain that it did not matter, regardless of my wishes, she would obey, willingly. Through stories and role plays, conversation and brief poignant notes, the relationship between lucy and I had long since surpassed that which it might appear, Only we know exactly what was fiction and what was fact, an inside joke we shared, enjoyed, played upon.

Some time later I lay back on the bed, my head propped up on the pillows, a girl in each arm. All three of us needing a moment to catch our breath. "Mistress?" Her head resting on my shoulder, her hair spread out, damp from her exertions just like her body which rested alongside my own, her skin glowing with a fine sheen of perspiration.

"Yes my sweet?"

"Mistress, my first request, please, I know I'll never get to serve you in your dungeon, but is there anything that I could do, could experience, that you would have me do if I was to visit?" Her lips brushed my neck, kissed just below my ear. "Please Mistress?"

I knew exactly what my girl meant. It was not that our time together was spent in lovemaking alone, far from it. It was just that a hotel suite provided limited opportunities for many of the activities that we would have shared in the dungeon. Or did it?

I rolled over to lay half covering lucy, my hand reaching for her hair, my other moving down to cup the juicy heat of her sex, two fingers sliding inside, curling as they went deep. A throaty moan confirmed that held in such a way lucy knew that somehow her request was about to be granted.

Though my lips brushed lucy's lips as I spoke, my words were for c. As always she obeyed instantly, fetching a dry bath towel she used a knife from the room service trolley on which our meals had arrived earlier, to cut it into strips. Then as I directed she used four of the strips, carefully binding each of lucy's wrists and ankles, using each long strip to secure my girl spread-eagled upon the bed. A fifth strip, the only narrow one she used to bind lucy's hair into a ponytail before pulling the strip tight and tying it to the headboard. Another strip covered lucy's eyes, wrapping around her head and back, the ends tied together, the knot in front.

I kissed lucy again before placing my lips to her ear, "you know the rules, you are mine, you made your request, now we'll see if you can take all that I give."

Her voice was soft, yet firm, "I am yours Mistress, always." As I rose from the bed my fingers slipped from her wetness, inducing a gentle moan followed by a sigh. Silently I moved away, c following, out of the bedroom and into the suite's sitting room, leaving lucy bound and helpless, her anticipation building, her agile mind no doubt dreaming up endless possibilities.

Whilst c filled and boiled the kettle, her expression betraying her confusion, I raided the mini bar, selecting a bar of chocolate conveniently sealed in a plastic wrapper, smiling to herself c carried a mug and the kettle into the bathroom and poured the near boiling water into the basin, the sealed chocolate bar bobbing about as the steam rose to mist the mirror, the mug served to hold it submerged. Soon enough the chocolate had melted, the warmed mug quickly dried with a towel, the hot plastic opened to allow the now molten chocolate to be decanted into the mug. An unused make-up brush from my bag and a suitably sized bottle from the fridge completed the preparations.

Back in the bedroom lucy was trembling with anticipation, unaware of our return, lost in her thoughts. Dipping the brush into the mug I carefully painted lucy's left nipple, her gasp confirming both surprise and bewilderment, which grew as I continued my artistry, adorning her body with carefully placed blotches and long sweeping swirls of liquid chocolate. The last of it coated her clit and labia.

A pause whilst lucy squirmed and moaned, then as instructed, c carefully climbed onto the bed, moving to straddle lucy's body, her body supported on hands and knees as she assumed a classic sixty-nine position, taking care not to let their bodies touch. Feeling the presence on the bed lucy had rolled her hips, offering up her cunt, silently begging, awash with need. A need that c began to address as her tongue followed the length of lucy's labia, licking off the melted chocolate as she went, taking her time as instructed, removing every trace. My girl loves chocolate.

Only when every trace was licked from lucy's cunt did c move higher, her tongue swirling around the swollen nub of lucy;'s clit. As se did so I pressed the cool bottle to my girl's eager sex, the blunt rounded base stretching her wide, parting those puffy lips as I increased the pressure and eased it deeper, lucy's cries were muffled, her mouth covered by c's smooth sex.

My girl's know better than to cum without permission, but as I thrust the bottle in and out, fucking my girl with the cold glass and c's lips and tongue traced their way up her body, inch by inch, swirl by swirl, lucy grew more and more desperate, her hips rocking, body writhing, yet still c's pussy covered her mouth, stifling her moans and cries, just as she prevented lucy from begging permission to cum. All the while the cool glass moved steadily back and forth, in and out, a steady rhythmic fucking.

By the time c had licked up the last of the chocolate lucy's cunt steadily leaking cunt had soaked her sex and drenched the bed beneath, her body no longer writhed, now every muscle in her body strained to control her overwhelming urge to cum, trembling with the strain, gasping for breath, lucy lay bound, helpless, holding back her orgasm by will-power alone.

With one last thrust I pulled the bottle all the way out, bent forward, blew warm breath on my girl's ultra sensitised clit. "CUM." A single sharp command before my mouth covered her cunt and my tongue slithered inside her heat. My hands griped her perfect ass, just as well because lucy's orgasm ripped through her body with a violence that would shame a rodeo horse.

It was some time before lucy's body relaxed, to spent to move, only the occasional aftershock making her twitch and moan. That was when I finally lifted my mouth from her cunt, c taking my cue eased off and moved around, I too moved, settling myself besides my girl as c deftly removed the ties ... meanwhile lucy lay in my tender embrace, her smile as intense as any orgasm, her eyes unfocused as she lay safe in my arms, c's body close behind her, both of us holding lucy, kissing and caressing her as slowly her body stilled and her eyes regained focus.


Love is eternal, time transitory. Minutes can last hours, hours can pass in seconds. Three bodies lay supine, entwined whilst outside the city was still vibrant, lights bright, the room's windows full height, floor to ceiling, the view spectacular...

My open palm descended upon her perfect ass, Lucy's body jerking in surprise, eyes wide as she gasped then caught herself and rolled her hips, offering that perfect ass.

"Up girl... !!" My voice snapping her into action, all thoughts of rest and tender cuddling fleeing as she scrambled from the bed and stood before me, assuming the proper position, legs parted, back straight, shoulders back, hands behind her head, fingers interlaced, head held proud and high, eyes downcast.

The idea still forming in my mind as I paused, letting her wait, anticipation growing, her imagination in overdrive once more, I let her wait, my eyes caressing her body with intimate intensity, tracing every inch, memorising every curve, caring not for her opinion of her body, for who was she to judge? For so long I had pictured my love, now she stood before me in all her naked beauty, skin glistening in the soft light, the first hint of a blush tinting her cheeks and colouring her neck.

Besides me c knelt quietly, within reach but carefully apart, attentive but unobtrusive, waiting.

Both girls focused on me, yet each aware of the other, intimate strangers, sisters in submission.

It was so easy, rising from the bed, grasping lucy's long hair using it to half guide half force her to the window, a hand on her ass a spank, another, her body now pressed to the cold glass, nipples hardening, breath quickening. "Be still..."

The towelling strip once again served as a blindfold, cutting off Lucy's vision of the city spread before her, leaving her to wonder just who was looking at her pressed to the glass window, would the room's lights be enough to illuminate her for all to see?

A signal brought c to my side as I crossed the room, away from the window, a whispered instruction, an impish grin and c moved to obey whilst I opened the wardrobe, hoping to find ... Yes, perfect. The quality of the bathrobe says a lot about the hotel, this one was soft and fluffy, slipping it on I returned to where lucy still stood pressed to the glass. "You may take a bath whilst c."

"Yes, Mistress." My imp left us, soon the sound of running water, the door closing, leaving me alone with by blushing girl. Gathering her hair I gripped it in one hand, holding tight so that it pulled at the roots and sent a shiver through her body, holding her hair always made my girl moist and submissive, very moist, very submissive. My free hand flitted across her nakedness, caressing, touching, teasing.

Lucy's body began to respond, resonating, responding to my fingers as her arousal grew, the warmth of my hand contrasting with the cold glass that even the heat of her body could not warm up. Long ago I had learned the sensitive spots, cataloguing each and using them to tease and enhance our conversations, now I could see just how accurately Lucy had described her bodies responses. Just the feel of her skin beneath my fingers was almost to much of a distraction, almost.

Even more enthralling was the sight of her. The way her blushes spread, her neck colouring, her earlobes reddening as her arousal grew more intense. Bowstring and violin, Mistress and slave, that magical symbiosis that creates the perfect tune. Lucy's body lost in the melody as stanza by stanza my fingers drew from her the symphony of lust.

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