Someone to Come Home To

by Will Wanton

Copyright© 2011 by Will Wanton

Erotica Sex Story: Kate Smith comes home from a hard day at the office. Luckily for her she has the sweetest mouth to come home to. One belonging to her 14-year-old daughter.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/ft   Consensual   Lesbian   Incest   Mother   Daughter   Oral Sex   .

"I'm home!"

Kate Smith closed the door of her suburban home behind her and threw her purse on the table in the hallway. Another long day at the office of the law firm for the 34-year-old woman. Walking and standing on her heels all day had played havoc on her calves and just rubbing them through her tan stockings made them feel better.

A 14-year-old teenage girl stuck her head around the corner of the door opening to the living room. Her long brown ponytail was swaying with the movement of her head.

"Hi, mom."

"Hi, Sharon. How was school today?"

"The same as always. Couldn't wait to be home. And you at work?"

"Look at my face and tell me how it went," the woman, looking good in her business outfit, said with dramatics. Sharon looked at her mother's face indeed, seeing a mock-weary expression on it. The light was shimmering in her mother's glasses and strands of curly brown hair were hanging over her ears across her cheeks.

Looking at each other in silence for seconds, Kate couldn't keep it up and the serious faces quickly turned to laughing ones. They often played "who breaks first".

"God, i really am done. Glad to be home."

"Mmmm..." Sharon responded, as if thinking about what her mother needed.

Sharon looked at her mom as Kate stood there in the hallway, dressed in her grey jacket, white blouse, grey knee-high skirt, tan stockings and black high heel shoes.

"Well... ?" Kate asked, and on cue Sharon smiled and walked toward her.

Walking up to her mother until she was standing right in front of her, Sharon wrapped her arms around her mother's neck and pressed her wet lips forcefully on her mother's. Kate in turn wrapped her arms around her daughter's back. Loud smacks echoed in the hallway as mother and daughter necked. This was what Kate expected every day from her daughter as a homecoming present. This was what Sharon wanted to give to her mother as a homecoming present.

Their lips opened and the closed-lip kiss turned into an open mouthed kiss as tongues started coiling around each other. Sharon's face was pushed against her mother's glasses and they fogged up quickly until Kate made a move to take them off. Sharon's mouth came from her mother's with a loud slurp and she quickly spoke.

"No, mom. Keep them on. You know how much i like the look from down there."

"God ... Sharon, baby ... I REALLY need it, baby. I'm all tensed up and i need it quickly. We can take a bath afterwards, but now ... just do it, honey. Just do me."

Sharon looked straight into her mother's eyes from a mere two inches away, connecting with her soul in a sexual, incestual way. Her hands slowly moved down her mother's back, over her skirted ass until they moved down her mother's hips and thighs, and finally reached the hem of her skirt. The teenage girl grabbed it and slowly pulled it upward.

First the band of her mother's tan stockings were exposed and the elastic bands holding them up; then her panties.

Holding the skirt up, Sharon took one step back and looked down. A woman, her own mother, dressed like a high-profile attorney, with her skirt up and panties exposed. It looked so naughty to Sharon.

"Do it," Kate whispered throatily. "Service me."

Sharon smiled and slowly bent through her knees until her face was level with her mother's crotch. She could smell the arousal. Her mother may have been wet for some time now, probably in anticipation for the arrival home, but maybe simply from fantasizing about being done in the office, right in front of everyone. Her mother had shared this fantasy with her daughter; a fantasy of a good hard fucking or a good hard eating out in the middle of the office where she works, as all of her colleagues would be watching. They'd even acted it out, with Sharon eating her mother out in bed, but pretending that the girl had visited her mother at her working place and her simply pulling her mother's skirt up in the office, pulling her panties to the side, and just eating her out as the various people came from all over the office to watch.

Sharon slowly pushed her face into the crotch of her mother's moist panties, feeling the warm wetness of her mother's cunt against the skin of her nose, and she inhaled the delicious aroma. Kate, in turn, felt the delightfulness of her daughter forcing her nose into her slit, hearing the girl inhale her hot, musky fragrance, and she automatically tried widening the space between her thighs without moving her feet. Her hand moved to the back of her daughter's head, her fingers moved into the brown hair, scissoring the root of the ponytail between them, and the horny older woman gently pulled her daughter's face harder, deeper into her steaming, pantied snatch.

Her ass made small humping motions, as she humped her odorous crotch into her teenage daughter's face. Kate licked her lips and her breath was quick.

"Smell me..." Kate urged nastily, barely above a whisper. "Smell your mother's cunt."

Sharon moved her hands to her mother's panty-clad ass, grabbing her mother's buttocks, kneading them with her fingers. She used her mother's ass as leverage to keep her face buried against the soft, wet, warm mound.

"Jesus..." Kate whispered, grinding her crotch into her own child's face, "Sweet fucking Jesus."

Sharon moved her hands again, grabbing her mother's panties by the waistband, and slowly she pulled it down her hips, off her mother's ass, down her legs.

Kate stepped out of the panties on the floor and then she step out of the heels that has made her calves ache so much, standing on the carpeted hallway floor on stocking feet. Sharon stared at her mother's naked crotch, up to her bookwormish yet gorgeous face to look into her mother's eyes through those glasses, and back down again. Kate didn't shave. She had stopped shaving. At her daughter's request. Sharon liked eating out a hairy pussy. The teenage thought the contrast would be great. A mother with a hairy pussy. Her daughter with a bald, shaven one. Sharon hadn't started growing pubes all that much but whatever there would be growing she would shave off constantly, to give her mother the sight, feel, and delight of a bald kitty.

Kate's pussy was soaking wet, the brown bush large and triangular with it's curls matted to the skin of her mound, the hair on her outer labia hanging down from the weight of wetness, her pink gash standing open and succulent between the fleshy inner labia, the pink clitoris standing proud from its hood. A drop of cunt-ooze clinging for dear life, waiting to drop to the carpet.

"Do it, baby," Kate urged, looking down at her daughter. "Lick it. Suck it. Eat it. Stick your beautiful tongue in it as far as you can and fuck it. Tongue fuck it, honey. Do it like your father never would. Make me cum with your mouth like your father never would."

And that was it.

Sharon moved her face forward and latched on to her mother's tasty cunt with all the passion she had. Her tongue swirled, her lips kissed juicily, and her mouth sucked noisily, all in utter cunt-thirst. The girl sucked the slime from her mother's pubic curls, licked the slippery juice from the labia, lapped the excess cream from her pink gash, and kept her mother's clit swollen with little flicks of her tongue.

"Oh FUCK YEAH..." Kate groaned loudly, having forgotten about the dull ache in her legs from the daughter's feasting on her fuck box. The feeling made her use the foulest language; the kind that one wouldn't expect from a woman dressed the way she was.

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