Fun With Mum

by Fast Eddy

Copyright© 2011 by Fast Eddy

Incest Sex Story: Mike and Katie's first sex party.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Incest   Mother   Son   Petting   Big Breasts   .

I was startled when Jim told me that he discovered a guy in our neighborhood that dominated his mother like I did to Katie, and thought that we should get together and party with our moms. I was apprehensive about turning my mom over to some random guy for a party. This was some guy that I didn't know, to do what he wanted to MY prized possession, and for what?

Initially, I was against any kind of trading, because, with ownership comes responsibility. Of course I wanted to play games with Katie, but it had to be within my terms. As it turned out, the other guy, (His name was Lisle) felt the same way.

We agreed to show photos of our moms to each other for an audition. The problem was that I did not have any pics of Katie that would be suitable for showing her off. Jim told me of a couple of guys that liked taking risqué photos of women as a hobby. The problem with that is that they wanted to keep a copy of the shots that they had taken. I was against that until they told me that everything that they shot was headless or face obscured. I tentatively agreed to a sitting for Katie if I could keep the negatives. They reluctantly agreed, and we set up a meeting.

The location was an old bankrupt medical supply building not too far from the city hospital, downtown. It was an abandoned storefront with antique equipment strewn about the premise. There, Katie and I met a couple of guys about my age in the front of the store. It was once a showroom, but now there was trash spread around the floor. They led us to the back, where the warehouse used to be and we followed them into an alcove where there was a camera on a tripod and some flood lights. In the middle of the floor, there was a heavy wooden gynecologist's examining table, complete with stirrups and arm rests. The strange thing I noticed about this table was the head restraint at the top end of the table. In the corner was an old cloth partition that looked like a changing area. And folding chairs next to a wall mounted desk. We talked about the shots that we wanted and the guy suggested some light bondage shots of Katie also.

I agreed and took Katie back to the changing area and helped her strip to her underwear. She looked nervous but fantastic in her white bra and garter belt, connected to black stockings that showcased her long legs and high heels. When we came back into the examining room, the two guys stood there in awe of my beautiful mom. As she stood in the middle of the room they gathered around her and examined her smooth body.

They led her further into the room, on the other side of the heavy oak table and stood her up against the wall that was covered with a large, hanging sheet. One of the guys stayed with Katie and posed her while the other guy lined up the camera and lights. Soon, they were taking shots of Katie in numerous poses while the guy with Katie directed her into various positions. All the time he was feeling her up as he adjusted Katie's position in front of the camera. After a half dozen shots, the assistant removed Katie's bra, releasing her massive boobs. The photographer mentioned the bra lines around Katie's shoulders and rib cage, and the assistant began to immediately rub her skin to minimize the red lines. He also took the time to rub her tits and nipples in the process. I could see that he was getting excited touching Katie, hell; I was hot just watching them. And Katie was excited too. He progressed to groping Katie as he grasped her crotch and began fingering her excited pussy. Holding her head back, Katie was moaning at this kid's touch as his partner clicked away, voicing directions to the couple.

After a short time, the assistant led Katie to the examining table and helped onto it. He inserted a ball gag into Katie's mouth and helped her lay back, placing her head in the brace at the top of the table. She was secured with a single strap across her forehead and the assistant turned the brace to one side before locking it into place. Next he progressed to her hands; he stretched her arms across the arm rests and secured her wrists to hold them in place. Turning to her waist, he drew another strap across her body then moved to stand in between mom's spread legs. The assistant removed mom's garter belt and stockings, leaving her naked body strapped to the table except for her legs. He then guided mom's feet into the stirrups and secured her ankles in place. He stood back and looked over Katie for a few moments, as she laid on the table, totally nude, gagged and secured for his pleasure.

He walked around the table, lightly caressing Katie's body, drawing a shiver from her as his hands explored her soft flesh. After walking completely around her, examining her restraints he ended up between her thighs again and sat on a stool that he retrieved from under the table. He stroked Katie's inner thighs and placed little kisses where his hands had been. Soon he was at that place where Katie's legs met her crotch. He proceeded to lick and kiss the soft flesh at the top of her thighs as he pushed her legs open wider to gain even greater access to her crotch area. As the stirrups clicked into place, the assistant moved his mouth to Katie's pussy lips and proceeded to freely explore her dripping slit with his tongue, sliding it up and down her slippery groove. The photographer continued to click away at Katie's excited body, capturing her attempts to move away from her tormentor's hands and invading tongue. The ordeal continued until Katie let out a loud moan signifying her first orgasm on this examining table. The assistant worked his way up Katie's prone body with his mouth and hands until he reached her tits, where he began to manipulate those massive orbs, paying special attention to her elongated nipples while Katie continued to make sounds through her gag.

At the time, I didn't realize it but as the assistant bent over her crotch, he inserted his cock into my mom and slowly fucked her as he molested her massive tits. The heavy table didn't move and Katie was totally secured to it that she took the full brunt of his penetration as he speeded up his rhythm, pounding into her dripping cunt. Katie cried out another time in a massive orgasm while the assistant stood up while still imbedded in her rippling pussy, stroking in and out of her. After Katie went off again, the assistant froze and deposited his potent spunk deep in her satiated womb. After he finished, he stepped away to allow the photographer to slip into her sloshing cunt for his eager deposit.

After they both had finished with Katie, they released her then withdrew and dressed. I admonished them for taking advantage of Katie in her vulnerable state and they asked me what did I expect? Did I think that they would take these pictures for free? What could I do? They outnumbered me and they did take a lot of pictures that I needed, and Katie seemed to enjoy her ravishment as well. So I let it go but watched as they processed the photos to insure that there were no unauthorized photos made. A couple of the shots had her face exposed in them, but the guys blocked it out in the enlargement phase of the process. And then I had my photos and film. I was pretty happy with them since they showed off my mom's body well.

Well, Lisle and I finally met and auditioned our mothers to each other via the photos. I held back the examining table shots since they didn't highlight Katie's tits to their maximum. Lisle agreed to a tit-game contest for our moms. We would get together in a week for the fun.

When we met, Lisle laid out the rules of the game. It would be a contest for the boys to "Find Their Mommy". The game would be divided into three parts. The first part of the game is for the contestants to strip each other's mothers and wash their tits; at least two times. (This is to remove any scent of perfume or natural odor from them) The contestants had fifteen minutes to complete their task and prepare for the contest continuation. The second part of the game is to blindfold the male contestants and give them each fifteen minutes to determine whose tits belong to their mother. They may use their hands and mouth on each woman's mammary glands to make this determination. There will be no time warnings used with these examinations. The contestant that successfully identifies his mother gets to keep her to himself for the rest of the game. But if the contestant fails to identify his mother, she is adopted by the winning contestant for a predetermined length of time where she is entered into servitude as the winner's fuck toy. The third part of the contest is of course, the penalty round where the judgments are executed under the watchful eye if the losing contestant. If both parties lose, the contest begins again until there is a winner and a loser or both contestants agree to end or postpone the contest.

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