Brother Gets Twins

by Eros Alban

Copyright© 2011 by Eros Alban

Erotica Sex Story: Twin sisters convince brother to turn them into his sluts and more

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Cuckold   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Orgy   First   Pregnancy   Size   .

Both my twin sister and I were in heat for our stud brother. Johnny was only a few years older than us but was well over six feet tall and had muscles everywhere.

Beth and I wanted his hung swollen cock deep inside our tight virgin cunts badly. When our parents decided to go on a weekend trip away we acted fast. Friday morning after they left we convinced Johnny to skip school.

"Why should I stay home today?" he asked.

"Well, because, we both want you to make us your cum dump sister whores."

To prove it he made us drop to our knees there in the dining room and pull out his massive cock. There we spent over an hour sucking, licking and making out over his cock 'til it was soaked. Once his cock was properly lubed Johnny stripped us naked. Lifting Beth was easy with his bulging muscles; he laid her down upon the dinning room table before lifting me up and laying me on my twin. He made sure our rock hard clits were rubbing across each other.

Spreading our legs I felt Johnny's steel rod slide deep into my sister's pussy. As she came she grinded her pussy into mine making me cum too. Johnny fucked Beth slowly for a few minutes before pulling out and thrusting deep inside me.

The feeling of my brother's horse cock, splitting me apart was fantastic. I came instantly and multiple times. I could feel Beth beneath me still coming too as I grinded into her.

For the next few hours he fucked us back and forth Beth then me then Beth again. My god the boy ... no the man had stamina. He didn't come once. I could feel his massive nut sack grow as it banged into our twin slut pussies. Finally after more orgasms then I could count Johnny announced he was about to cum. Wave after wave filled my pussy to over flowing. But before he was finished he pulled out of my now soaked cunt and finished dumping his load into my sister's cunt.

"For now you two will share every load I drop." he told us.

He pulled out and left us holding each other while lying on the dinning table. The lost of his throbbing cock left slightly chilled. Looking into my twin's eyes I knew no words were needed. We'd both been fucked senseless and had loved every millisecond of it. Not only were we now our brother's cum dump sluts, we were now and forever his sex slaves.

Once we found our strength, we sought Johnny out again. Finding him stretched out in his bed, we began cleaning his cock and balls with our tongues until he was hard again. Hard once more Johnny put us in our fucking position, one of us lying on top of the other as he spent the rest of the day fucking us and breeding our teen twin pussies.

Over the course of the weekend not much was said between the three of us. We took care of all of Johnny's needs. And he fucked us. Over and over he fucked and filled our cunts 'til we dripped. Each time he'd share his load between us. Then he'd fuck us some more. He was our horse hung stud brother.

Once mom and dad returned home, Beth and I worried about how things would return to normal. But to our delight Johnny refused to stop fucking us. The only thing that changed was the marathon fuck sessions. At first Johnny would wait until the parents had gone to sleep and then fuck us all night. Then as the need grew in all of us, Johnny would grab us a throw a quick fuck to our cunts. And by a quick fuck I mean only an hour or so. Finally he need to fill our cunts grew even greater.

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