Coming of Age

by Rod O'Steele

Copyright© 2011 by Rod O'Steele

Erotica Sex Story: A young teen comes of age with the help of her family, all of them

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Incest   Father   Daughter   First   .

You get a better class of person at orgies, because people have to keep in trim more. There is an awful lot of going around holding in your stomach, you know. Everybody is very polite to each other. The conversation isn't very good but you can't have everything. Gore Vidal

I grew up in California but my ancestors were from Tennessee. After meeting my mom and marrying, my dad never went back to the hometown, instead looking for the American dream which, for him, happened to be in California, at least they thought so. I will say they mostly found it, lucky for me. One uncle also escaped Tennessee in the Navy. He was stationed in San Francisco several times as I grew up and so I had cousins I grew up with, my only cousins since the rest of the family was in Tennessee. One cousin, Billy, got interested in the family after we grew up and traced our ancestors back to Ireland. It turned out that our direct ancestor came from the Old Sod and settled in Carolina. From there, searching for land his son went over the mountains and into Tennessee and grabbed a bunch of land. He was one of the first white men in the State. He also married a Cherokee woman and was accepted into the local tribe by marriage. His descendents had spread out all over that part of Tennessee.

Billy talked me into a road trip back to Tennessee one summer in college to meet the family and incidentally set this story in motion. I wasn't really interested in going to Tennessee. Born and raised in California, everything east of the Sierra Mountains had always seemed hopelessly 'Middle America' - corn fed, out-of-date, parochial, Norman Rockwellish.

For the most part, my prejudices were confirmed, except ... I met a kissin' cousin and fell madly in lust, an emotion which turned out to be reciprocated, which over time developed into a deep abiding love. Teri was more than happy to move to California. We went after our own version of the American Dream; I worked, she got pregnant, and raised our daughter, Molly, a good Irish name for our Irish lass, red-haired, pale-skinned and green-eyed like her mother.

Molly was in middle school when one morning, she came out to breakfast wearing a new nighty her mom had just given her. It was her first 'grown up' night wear. My eyes bugged out. Where had my little girl gone? Molly had hips and a waist. The filmy material hid nothing, it accented all. She had grown into her long legs, which just a little while before had looked coltish on her, now they looked dazzling. At their juncture she had a dark reddish patch of what had to be hair. My little girl? And she had developed boobs. Where had those come from?

"Morning, Daddy," she said.

It sounded like Molly. "Morning." I croaked trying to get my composure. Where had my little girl gone to be replaced by this suddenly sexy young woman?

I looked over to see Teri trying to stifle a laugh. Her eyes danced with mirth and I could tell it was at my expense which only made it worse.

Molly grabbed something from the 'Frig and said, "Mom, I'll just have yoghurt this morning." She grabbed a spoon and was back out the door.

Teri came over and sat at the table in our breakfast nook. "Where's my daughter?" I asked.

She patted my hand. "We'll talk about it tonight."

That night, after dinner and TV, Molly tottered of to bed, Teri went out to the kitchen and brought back a couple glasses of wine and sat down. "Let's talk about Molly."

"Jesus, yesterday she was my little girl. This morning I almost didn't recognize her." I said.

"She is going to be thirteen in a few months. My mom called this morning and asked if we were bringing Molly to the family reunion this year," Teri said portentously. Having been married for so long I could tell just by her voice there was more to that statement.

"Yes?" I said prompting her.

"Your mom wasn't family, was she?" Teri asked.

What the hell did that have to do with anything? "No, dad met her when he was in the army. She was from Seattle."

"Mike, I am going to tell you some things. Keep an open mind until I tell you it all. Promise?" she said.

"Um, sure." I wondered what I had just promised.

"Our family is different than many, being from the hill country. Okay, we were hillbillies. And we were one family, well, really more of an extended clan. Because of that we developed our own ways of doing things back then. No one knows for sure when some of these customs started but as far back as people remember, the family has been following these customs," she said.

"Like what?" I asked, curious now. I didn't know anything about the Tennessee side of the family as dad never talked about it and mom wouldn't have known anything.

Teri took a deep breath and let it out. "You promised," and launched into a little presentation. "It has been a tradition that when a girl turns thirteen she is considered a woman and is able to decide things for herself, even marriage and especially sex, who and when. Because of that it became tradition that at thirteen the girl would be inducted you might say into womanhood. On her thirteenth birthday she would have sex for the first time."

"Teri, that is way too young."

"Ha," she said. She proceeded to pull out a file folder full of studies and polls from around the country showing that more than half of the girls in the US were having sex before their 14th birthday, maybe as high as 20% by age ten. The evidence was overwhelming and I had to admit to myself as well as her, I didn't have a leg to stand on. Obviously, my wife had been preparing her case for some time.

"Remember, this tradition goes way back," she continued.

"So the girls in Tennessee pick some guy on her birthday and bang him?" I asked.

She shook her head. "No, the tradition is that she learns from her dad, and if he can't, from her oldest brother."

I sputtered as Teri laughed.

"Calm down," she said giggling. That upper cut had me rocked and on the ropes so she kept up the attack. "That's to prepare her for the reunion. On the last night of the reunion, all the young kids are shuttled off to a local lake for a kiddy campout. All the girls that turned thirteen are given the choice of any man they want. That gets the real party going. It's an all-clan orgy that lasts all night."

"You've been to this party?" I asked.

"I've been to every one after I turned thirteen till we moved out here," she said

"And you never told me that you've been going to orgies since you were thirteen," I huffed.

She raised her eyebrows at my demeanor. "Is it any wonder?"

I have been married long enough to know immediately that I was going to be losing that line of argument by her confidence so I changed tactics. "And you don't mind all these older men demanding sex?" I asked.

"You've got it wrong. It's the women who run the sex. The guys don't do the asking, they get asked, if they behave and look good." Teri could see I was stunned, to put it mildly. "Let me explain why I think this started. It looks like hillbilly inbreeding, right?" I nodded since that is exactly what it looked like to civilized me. Those people are different therefore uncivilized. "Not really. A little less than half of the adults are married into the clan. The orgy actually brings a lot of genetic diversity into the clan by spreading those outside genes. It's funny how many people have February and March birthdays, nine months after the reunion. I think it was a way to avoid inbreeding by getting all sorts of different folks together and making babies, jumbling up the gene pool for the good of all." Teri gave me a wicked smile. "People look forward to reunion night as it is called all year long. 'See you at the reunion, ' has a whole different meaning."

"Jesus," was all I could say. Then I remembered, Molly.

"And your mother asked about Molly? No Fucking Way!" I huffed.

Teri simply looked at me with that look that a wife can give a husband.

"What?" I said, calming down some. Then, "Teri," I whined. She just kept waiting for me to capitulate, which I did. "Jesus, Mary, and Joseph." I wasn't a practicing Catholic but being Irish I had been raised in the church. I have really studied the early Biblical history and could no longer believe in it. The facts simply didn't allow a rational mind to believe. There are too many, 'you have to have faith' explanations to explain away all of the factual contradictions and pure nonsense. But being raised Catholic you could never truly leave it. The church had two thousand years of practice at instilling mind control in little kids through their schools. Once brainwashed always brainwashed.

Teri let me stew for a while. Three days later, a manila folder showed up on my desk. In it were all sorts of articles about genetic diversity, incest, age of consent. The ones that hit home were the incest articles, and how variable the taboo was. I had always thought it was an absolute and everyone felt that same way. In fact, the taboo has always been around but what is considered wrong and right has varied widely. It's like the age of consent laws. 14 is okay here, but two steps that way and 17 is a felony. It is irrational and I try to be rational. When my own prejudices run smack into an irrational wall I fight to adopt the rational view, even if I have to admit I was wrong.

A few nights later, after I wrestled with the angel, I asked Teri. "Okay, I read all the stuff. Do you really think Molly is going to buy into this? She wasn't raised a hillbilly," I said.

"Don't insult your own family," she said with a smile. "Actually, dear. I have been talking with her for some time. She started asking questions when her body blossomed. That led into discussions about sex, which led into our unique family, and that led into the reunion. As for her willingness, I had to stop her from pulling you into her bed that night. I told her she had to wait for her birthday. Dear, she isn't just willing; she is chomping at the bit. You have to remember, her body is filled with more 'want sex' hormones now than it ever will be again. She thinks it is a great idea and she wants to go back for the reunion this year. So, if you decide you don't want to, well, be ready to break her heart."

"That isn't fair," I protested.

Teri smiled as she patted my arm. "Life seldom is."

My perceptions were hyper sensitive after that. I noticed, or at least I thought I noticed Molly looking at me differently.

The weeks leading up to her birthday were agonizing. My dreams were filled with images of wild unbridled sex but nothing was said during the day by Teri or Molly. It was as if nothing special was about to happen.

On her birthday, Teri said we were taking her to her favorite restaurant to celebrate. When we got home, Teri had fixed a cake which we all shared with ice cream. As we sat back, Teri asked Molly, "What do you want for your birthday?"

Molly blushed red, then as if practiced said, "I want Daddy to make me a woman."

Teri nodded, "It is your right. After tonight, you will be a woman." They both stood up as I sat there stunned. It was going to happen. The whole thing had an unreal sense to it, for me. "Come on," she said to me leading Molly and me to her bedroom, all pink like a girl's bedroom. "Change into your robe," she said to me. When I had changed and joined them in Molly's room Teri smiled and touched Molly's cheek. "A woman only has one day like this her life. It should be special." Teri gave Molly a kiss and left us together in the bedroom.

I had resolved that if this did happen I would do the best I could for her and I would.

Molly looked at me and blushed. "I'm so nervous. Daddy, I have been going crazy thinking about tonight. Is it okay I want sex so much?"

"I know exactly how you feel, sweetie," I replied as I slipped my hands under her short skirt and gently massaged Molly's firm, pert, butt, "I've had to relieve myself several times a day to keep from going insane with desire while I waited for today to get here." The mutual confession of unrequited lust was followed by a long deep kiss during which my robe came untied and Molly's panties were pushed down onto her thighs leaving her virgin pussy open to my exploring fingers. Getting down on my knees, I unbuttoned Molly's blouse then, with a hand on each side of Molly's chest, just below her armpits, gently kissed then sucked on each of her pert nipples as Molly shrugged the loose blouse off onto the floor. Molly moaned deeply as her nipples grew hard in my warm sucking mouth and wrapped her arms around my head.

"It feels so good when you do that." Molly said as I ran my hands down over her sides, over her hips, then down her thighs pushing Molly's panties the rest of the way down her legs. Holding onto my head, Molly kicked her shoes off and stepped out of her underwear without pulling her nipple from my greedy, sucking mouth. I moved my mouth to Molly's other nipple as I brought my hands up the back of her legs to her firm young ass. I unzipped her skirt which fell to the floor leaving her gloriously naked.

"You have no idea how much I've looked forward to the taste of your body," I said as I released Molly's nipple and kissed up Molly's neck while I got off my knees and held her tightly against my naked body.

"Here," I said turning and slipping my arm around her waist, "I can't wait even one second longer, I've got to taste that sweet pussy of yours, or I'll go insane right here on the spot." With my strong arm around my naked daughter, I led Molly to the bed. I sat on the edge of her bed and, with Molly standing between my thighs, my hard cock pressing against her flat young girl's belly, and once again showered her cute body with kisses.

"Your nipples are wonderful," I could hear myself gushing, almost as if I were, once again, a young boy playing with my first set of schoolgirl tits, discovering the power of sexuality for the first time, "I love the way they feel as they get hard in my mouth." Molly blushed, embarrassed to have her handsome sexy daddy praise her nipples so extravagantly. Taking Molly's nipple between my lips once more, I slipped my hand between Molly's firm young thighs. Molly clung to my head with both hands and spread her legs in eager welcome. My experienced fingers quickly found her already hard clitoris and stroked it gently while I planted kisses on her young girl neck. The heat of Molly's body next to mine drove me to an even higher state of erotic excitement. All of the fantasies I had for years of fucking a young virgin were coming to fruition; and even kinkier, she was my daughter and my libido nearly overflowed with perverse energy. Nothing gets the engine running like a little kinkiness.

Molly's mouth found mine and our tongues danced and slithered around each other's as my finger moved to the still virgin hole between her legs and pushed gently into it. I could feel the vibration of Molly's moan through our tightly connected lips. While I kissed her, gently exploring her virgin opening. Without breaking the passionate kiss, I picked Molly up and laid her on her back on the bed. She looked so young, so innocent, so virginal and small I felt like she was made of air. With lips still connected and tongues still exploring each other's mouths, I climbed onto the bed and crouched over her naked body, her knees splayed open on each side of me.

Hovering over her, greedily preparing for penetration, I starting kissing at Molly's forehead, kissed, licked, smelled, felt, and tasted every inch of my young lover's body. Molly's disappointment was obvious, and verbal, when I bypassed her young redolent pussy on the way down to her feet. As I worked my way back up her firm, smooth-skinned, legs, Molly urgently pushed them apart as far as she could, wanting me between them, filling her with her first cock. Lying on my stomach with my face only a couple of inches from my daughter's crotch, my cock pressed under me throbbing with my desire, I firmly kneaded her inner thighs while looking at the object of my obsession. Molly's pussy lips seemed larger and puffier than I would have expected for a virgin; undoubtedly the result of weeks of anticipation and the arousal she had experienced under my fingers and tongue.

I lowered my head and placed an almost chaste kiss on the moist slit in front of me. The smell of her young girl's excited pussy drove me almost to the point of orgasm as I extended my tongue and parting her nether lips, gently moved the tip up and down the warm, smooth folds of Molly's pussy. With one open hand on each of her thighs, I used my thumbs to pull her pussy open, then began the serious business of thoroughly tongue fucking my thirteen-year-old lover's virgin pussy.

After three increasingly intense orgasms, Molly displayed no shyness when she sat up and pushed me onto my back, and as my cock bounced high in the air, Molly straddled my hips, sitting high as she placed my thick cock right in her center, looked at me and smiled, a bit apprehensively. "Oh Daddy, I have been looking forward to this," and settled down, gravity pulling her down as my shaft spread her apart and pierced her for the first time. She was so wet and ready from the licking she hardly noticed the pain as my cock split the fringe of her hymen and filled her. Molly loved the feeling of stretching, being filled as she settled all the way down on my cock. "Oh God," she moaned.

I couldn't believe how tight she was as my cock was massaged by the trembling walls of her pussy, pulsing around my shaft. I too, realized how lucky it was that her pussy was awash in her juices of arousal and my spit. After a moment, she began fucking herself on a man's cock for the first time. I helped by grabbing her small firm ass and guiding her, up and down, around and back and forth until she got the primal rhythm of sex and began moving faster and faster, the feeling of impending climax driving her on. My cock was ready to explode almost as soon as she engulfed me, the intensity of my libido from fucking a young virgin surging like an electric storm in my body. Lucky for me, the recent orgasms had Molly on a sensual high and soon she exploded in her first man produced climax. The was it for me, all the anticipation of this moment exploded in my body as my balls rumbled and emptied themselves into her tight pulsing pussy, filling her time after time with sticky cum which poured from her every time my cock surged back filling her to the brim.

One last spasm and I fell back onto the bed. Molly collapsed onto my hard chest. We lay as though dead, recovering from the intensity of our mating. Molly moved up beside me to rest in my arms, both of us relaxing.

The next thing I remember was Teri's voice, "Wake up sleepyheads. Breakfast is almost ready."

Molly, lovely Molly was in my arms gently breathing. She wasn't about to get up and I had a responsibility. So I tickled her. She levitated out of bed and I followed grabbing for her. We went round the room once when she turned on me. I stopped, then laughed in joy. There was my lovely daughter, her red hair all in disarray, naked as a jay bird and looking so sexy. "You look beautiful," I said.

She smiled, then said, "I have to pee," and ran out of the room.

I went to our bath and showered. By the time I made it to the kitchen, Molly had showered and was wolfing her breakfast. I sat down and she gave me a beaming smile which I returned.

Teri sat down after putting pancakes in front of me. "How was it?"

Molly looked up a big smile on her face.

"That good, huh?" Teri asked.

"Oh, mom. It was better than I thought it would be."

"Good. So can I have him back?"

Molly's face fell. "But, I thought you said he would take time and teach me stuff, lots of stuff."

Teri smiled an impish smile, "Oh that's right, I did say that."

Knowing her leg had been pulled, Molly said, "Mom, that's not fair." Then she asked her, "I mean, how is this going to work. Like, how often do I, you know, get dad?"

I wondered this myself.

"Well, let's see. The reunion is in three months. I know you'll want to be proficient before then. How about you can borrow dad two nights a week till the reunion." Teri answered.

I did the math in my head and thought I'd be out of ideas way before then.

Apparently Molly did the same math and came up with a different answer. "That's cool, Mom. Thanks a lot. I am so looking forward to the reunion now."

Teri laughed, "There are lots of folks looking forward to it."

Three months later we were on a plane to Dallas to change planes for Knoxville. True to her word, Molly had carefully commandeered me twice a week. I could tell her mom had been coaching her as she would usually have a specific thing she wanted to try every time; maybe a new position or a new act, whatever it was that week. Not that I minded you have to understand I did my duty willingly.

This was Teri's first trip home with her family since we had married. She had gone home for weddings and things like that, but I had always begged off. I had no desire to go to Tennessee. I had seen it once and that was enough. I felt like I had stolen the best thing in Tennessee and taken her to California. What was left?

Her family met us at the airport and was instantly in love with Molly, their first granddaughter. As soon as we were in the car, Molly was talking a mile a minute asking Grandma all about the reunion. Grandma just kept saying things like, "You all will have a fun time," "There'll be lots of kids your age, Dear." I could tell Molly was a bit frustrated but didn't let on.

They owned a nice farm in a river valley east of Knoxville. When we pulled in the horses came up to the fence to greet us. Molly took one look and ran over. What is it about girls and horses? Grandma came out of the houses with an apple cut into pieces and showed Molly how to feed the horses without getting nipped.

In the meantime, Pappy was carrying luggage so I helped him. We got put in a room that had been Teri's room. It was still a girlish room. I noticed one bed. Teri came in and looked around and sighed. "I used to love this room. So much..."

I raised my eyebrows and looked at the one bed.

She giggled. "You know, when I was growing up I used to think how big that bed was. Now ... There are just making it convenient. They know it is Molly's first time. We'll just have to snuggle."

I set the luggage down and we all headed for the living room. Pappy was there and said, "Girl you sound like you is from California. What happened to you?"

"Pop. I am from California. I lost my accent."

"You didn't lose nuthin. You got yerself a stupid fureign accent, like them folks on the TV. At least try to talk like you is from here," he said vehemently.

"What about Mike and Molly?" Teri asked.

"They cain't help they selves, now can they? But you don't got to sound like a fureigner."

"Shush, Pappy. You sound like a redneck." Mom said.

He looked pained but held his peace. "This your first reunion?" she asked me.

"Yes, I didn't know anything about them growing up." I said.

"Well, I suppose it is more important to a girl but your Pappy could have told you," she said.

"Damn right. Your pappy loved the reunion let me tell you," he said. It seems that my dad and Teri's dad grew up together. Over the next couple hours, Pappy told me all sorts of things I'm sure my dad wouldn't have wanted me to know, Like the time they stole a chicken and took it down to the swimming hole. They built a fire and tried to cook the chicken. They didn't know squat about cooking a bird and all they managed was to blacken the skin. When they bit into the bird, it was raw inside. Made my daddy sick to his stomach. My dad lost his lunch right there while his cousin, Pappy, laughed his ass off not having yet bit into his. That explained to me why to this day, my dad will not eat chicken. Pappy had me rolling with his stories. My dad was going to have some explaining to do.

Like most farm families they turned in early, so we did as well. I was first in and took the middle of the bed. Teri snuggled in on one side of me and Molly, last out of the bath, snuggled in on the other. Now, this probably sounds just fine. But I am a California boy. I was not used to the nights being 80 degrees and 95% humidity. I was roasting alive and had a human heater on each side. I was dripping sweat in no time. How do people live like this? I kept asking myself. I must have fallen asleep sometime since I remember waking up: hot, sticky, and tired.

I dragged myself into the shower and had a cold shower which seemed to revitalize me some. Teri and Molly while affected didn't take the humidity as hard as I did. Breakfast was on the table and Pappy was already out doing chores. I felt like a slug-a-bed but couldn't help it.

After a hearty country breakfast, we loaded up the truck and headed off to the Cherokee Mountains. Teri's mom filled me and Molly in on the history of the clan and the reunion. It goes as far back as anyone can remember. The campground is now in a national forest named after Mabel O'Hara who was the clan leader when it was absorbed into the National Forest. Seems that the O'Hara clan has always understood that women really run the world. The clan has a standing reservation for this week that goes back to the first year the forest existed.

The first few days are just a normal camping vacation, mostly the youngsters playing and swimming in the pool made by damming the creek which runs through the campground. Oh yes, most the folks don't bother with swimsuits, so it was an old fashioned skinny dipping swimming hole. I saw Molly's eyes get big as I was pretty sure we hadn't brought swimsuits. The adults tended to sit around and visit, or play horseshoes or bocce ball on the grass meadow. The clan played the old fashioned game from England where you chased the ball around the field rather than playing on a court.

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