by Rod O'Steele

Copyright© 2011 by Rod O'Steele

Erotica Sex Story: A dark night especially of the soul as I help a father despoil his daughter

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Reluctant   Incest   Father   Daughter   First   .

Aubrey's a Brave Little Girl

This story was written after reading My Brave Little Girl by Stepdaddy. I liked the story and as usual when I really like a story, I steal from it. As T.S. Eliot said when accused of imitating another author, "Mediocrity imitates; Genius steals!" You don't need to read his story before this one as this story is complete. But after reading mine, go ahead and enjoy his story. Let him know if you like it. It's little enough reward we authors get. Don't be stingy.

When choosing between evils, I always like to take the one I've never tried before. Mae West

It was a dark and clear night, not stormy at all. My soul was stormy but the night was calm and crystal clear. With no moon to compete, every star shone brilliantly in the midnight black sky. This was a part of town I didn't know at all. I followed the green glow of 'Little Nag, ' my pet name for the GPS through the dark night. "Turn left in two miles," she commanded.

"Yes, little nag, I will," I assured her.

My mind was going a million miles a minute. Why, why was I going to do this? It was so unlike me so very unlike me. My wife was working her usual evening shift at the University hospital. My daughter was safely in her bed. Why was I doing this dangerous and odious thing? That was a question I couldn't answer even as my stomach clenched up from the nerves. But I knew I couldn't back out, not now. I'd do it. I was being driven by something inside me, something I didn't know, something I don't think I wanted to know, something dark that I was afraid of.

"Turn left," she said, and I did, obediently. Isn't that odd? I refuse to listen to the collective wisdom of society but I'll obey every little whim of a talking computer chip. Maybe, just maybe, that is because little nag is always right and society's rules have this way of being wrong so much of the time, impeding happiness and pleasure instead of promoting it. I glanced at the screen. I was almost at my destination. "Turn right," I did and crawled along the street. "You have reached your destination." Oh, my mind played tricks on me and I thought she had said I had reached my destiny. So different are just a few letters in a word.

I shut off the engine and made sure this was the right house. Yes, everything checked. I looked around, no one was in sight. I carefully got out and walked towards the house. Under a bush, I found a gun. I pulled the ski mask from my pocket and pulled it over my head after checking once again for any neighbors out and about. The last thing I needed is some nosy neighbor calling the cops. Crouching now, I sidled up to the door and found it unlocked. Silently, I opened the door, and holding the gun in front of me, entered. I could see the flickering light of a TV in the next room. My soft soled shoes made only a whisper of a sound. I saw him sitting, facing the TV.

I stepped between him and the TV, the metal glint of the gun in my hand. "Christ," he shouted. "You scared the shit out of me, Frank."

"Shhh," I hissed.

He glanced around, but all was quiet.

"You ready?" I asked. He nodded, but I could tell he was nervous, nervous as I was, no doubt. My chest felt like it had a hundred pounds on it, the heart trying to pound its way out.

He stood up and waved me to follow him, "Her mom is back in Korea visiting the folks," he said quietly.

The bedrooms were upstairs and we trudged up the carpeted steps, neither of us making a sound. He stopped in front of a door and slowly opened it. The light from the hall lanced into the room illuminating a bed with a young girl in it, the sheets pulled up to her angelic face. I followed him in, staying back in the shadows.

"Seung," he said shaking her. "Seung."

She stirred, wiped her eyes and opened them a slit against the light shining in her face from the hall.

"Sweetie, listen. This is very important," he said urgently.

That opened her eyes. "What Daddy?"

"This man came into our house tonight." I chose that moment to step into the light.

"Him?' she said pointing.

"Yes, now listen and don't say anything. Do you understand?" She nodded. "He has a gun." I moved my hand so the light glinted off the metal. It was actually a track starter pistol designed to make a loud noise and as dangerous as a cap pistol, but she couldn't tell that. Her eyes widened. "He wants to have sex with you." She shook her head. "Now listen, this is very important. He said he will shoot both of us unless we do as he says. Do you understand? We must do as he says." She looked at his serious face and nodded. "Good. And he wants to make sure we never tell anyone." She nodded looking at me still being a good girl and not talking. That wouldn't last long, I knew. "Seung, I can't even tell you, but he is going to make us do something so shameful we can't ever tell anyone, not even Mother. That way we'll be too ashamed to tell about him."

"What Daddy?" her voice more puzzled than scared.

His voice catching, he told her, "He is going to make you and I have sex first."

She was so shocked she froze. "But Daddy..."

"I know sweetie. Let's just do this and get it over with. We don't have any choice about it. I want to choose life for you. I'll do anything rather than have you shot. Okay?" She nodded.

Wearing only a robe, he quickly disrobed. I could see his cock, good size for his small stature, bouncing as it stuck straight out. He reached for her clothes helping her out of her pajamas. In the light from the hall I could see her small perfectly formed breasts, quite large for such a young girl, and not a hint of hair above her pubescent pussy. She was perfect at thirteen, a perfect little sexual angel. A researcher had just published a study in our city and found that half the girls started sex at thirteen. That meant half of Seung's friends had been having sex. She had to know that so she would have been thinking about it, wondering, desiring. It was time she found out. Kevin lay on the bed with his daughter, softly stroking her silky skin, preparing her for what was to come. Lucky shit, getting her cherry. I knew how much perverse pleasure he was going to receive from that gift, his daughter's virginity.

He kissed around her face as she lay back with eyes open and looking at me. Slowly, Kevin began kissing lower until he came to her perfect little tits. He laved them with his tongue before sucking and licking those hard dark points on her tits. Now, her eyes closed in pleasure as her breathing changed. His hand went down between her thighs, pressing them open as his fingers slid over her pussy. A touch on her button and Seung moaned.

That sound energized me and as I knew it must have been Kevin, that moan of innocent sexual desire. He bent down, his face inches from her pussy. Oh the aroma of virgin, I imagined it so vividly. His face melted against her pussy. She jerked, then began moaning. I could follow the movements of his tongue by her moans – faster and slower, harder and softer. My cock was as hard as it had ever been, straining against the black slacks. I pulled it out to release the pressure and slowly stroked it.

Seung shuddered and her moaning changed to a rhythmic wail as she must have climaxed. Kevin quickly moved up covering his daughter, his cock finding her pussy and in a nonce, his hips jerked forward and ground against the girl. Her eyes flew open and her arms went round his neck. "Oh Daddy!" she cried out.

Kevin began fucking the girl, the old in and out, grinding against her as she moaned and chanted, "Yes ... Yes ... Oh yes, Daddy," again and again. It was so sensual I had to take my hand off my cock or I would have spilled my cum right there and I had plans. Seung again gave voice to that rhythmic wail as Kevin started jerking, unloading his cum into his no longer virgin daughter. They both collapsed, her hands stroking his shoulders and neck. I could sense the tenderness in her movements. She had enjoyed their little tryst.

As Kevin stirred, I poked him with the gun. He slid out of the bed and into the chair. I pulled out the clothes line from my back pocket and tied him to the chair. I quickly disrobed and climbed into the bed with Seung. Disguising my voice, just in case we should ever meet, I said, "It looked like you enjoyed that. I hope you'll enjoy this just as much." She looked a bit confused. I slid my cock forward to find her wet and relaxed. My cock slid into her quite easily. As I filled her, she reacted and her tight little pussy clamped down. Her channel filled with her spendings, my cock easily continued on until I bottomed out.

I started fucking her just as her dad had done. She was caught right back up in the pleasures of sex, meeting me, thrust after thrust, climbing back up towards climax. I was so hot from watching that I knew I wouldn't last long so it was a good thing she was still excited. I felt her pussy spasm around my cock and that was it for me as gobs of cum surged out my cock filling her for the second time in minutes, my sperm forcing out her father's as all the goo ran out of her pussy and down the crack of her ass, gathering in a great pool under her.

I climbed off her as her legs splayed open, her reddened pussy glistening with cum, a wet spot under her. God, it was a deliciously perverse and therefore, erotic picture. I put on my clothes, untied Kevin, and told him to fuck her again. He had gotten hard watching. Seung had sat up watching as I untied her dad. She smiled when I told him to fuck her again. [seung] As he climbed onto the bed, her arms went up around his neck pulling him down between her legs, splayed open in welcome. He easily slid into her. As she was filled for the third time in minutes, she cooed, "Daddy. Yes," her arms round his neck pulling him desperately into her, his cock sliding all the way in.

As they started fucking, completely unnoticed by the couple caught up in their incestual bliss, I slipped from the room and out of the house, hiding the gun back under the bush where Kevin had secreted it for me. I pulled off the mask and got back in my car. I was hurrying although I knew Kevin wouldn't be calling anyone. The wicked flee goes the old saying. I turned on Little Nag as I turned the car around and had her take me home.

Kevin and I were now even. For one week ago, this night, Kevin had been the intruder and I had to tell my daughter, Aubrey, the horrible news that she and I had to have sex or die. She had agreed, just as Seung had, to the tryst. I also got the feeling that she had enjoyed it just as Seung had seemed to this night. After, we had talked and we both agreed that it was so shameful we couldn't tell anyone. She had been a very brave little girl and she had kept her word never mentioning anything to her mom.

Since that night, I had sent smiles her way when her mom wasn't looking and she had returned those looks, glances that conveyed a meaning that was unmistakable: lecherous and flirty. Aubrey had enjoyed our forced encounter, and from the glances, wanted another chance to experience such pleasure. I returned those glances and looks, hoping she would have the courage to seek a return bout.

When I returned home, the house was quiet. I changed out of my burglar clothes, took a shower, and went to bed, waking when my wife came to bed but otherwise sleeping through the night.

I'd see Kevin Pak the next day at work. We would nod and say nothing, since we didn't work in the same department and normally our lives never touched. No one would know that a month before, Kevin and I had been in a management training class together, Pak next to O'Hara alphabetically, and bored with the class and sitting way in the back of the auditorium we had started talking about our families. We connected and over the course of the day, we had opened up both acknowledging the love we felt for our daughters and that our wives no longer had much interest in sex. Kevin had broached the ultimate taboo and I hadn't upbraided him. The little plan was his, worked out over the next few weeks and put into motion when his wife left to visit family in Korea with their two younger kids. I'll probably never be able to say why I went along, as I said it was some dark demon of my soul, but now, I was glad I had.

Most nights, the wife would have some sort of dinner underway before she left for her shift. Tonight was no exception. I finished off the prep and called Aubrey to dinner. We talked about school and work. Neither of us had mentioned the incident out loud, but it was there. Tonight, the logjam broke. Aubrey asked me, "Dad, did you like, um, what we did? You know, the other night." She looked up at me, her face a study in concentration.

"Sweetie, I didn't like that; I was forced to do that and I hated that I forced myself on you. (Funny ... when I think about it but both of those things were true. I had hated to force her. I wish somehow it had all happened without the need for the prevarications.) But I guess it can't help but be fun, doing that with someone you love."

"I have been thinking about that. I mean, the love thing. You're only supposed to love one person that way. You're my Dad and I'm not supposed to love you like that, but it was so good. I mean, once I wasn't scared anymore. It started feeling so good, better even than some of my friends said. I don't understand," she finished.

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