A Change of Routine

by Stepdaddy

Copyright© 2011 by Stepdaddy

Erotica Sex Story: After months of reluctant blow-jobs, my fifteen-year-old stepdaughter is finally about to start servicing me even more intimately.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Reluctant   Blackmail   Incest   Father   Daughter   First   .

[Note: This is the second episode in "The Arrangement" series. It is not necessary, but probably preferable, to enjoy the first episode, "Let's Make a Deal," before reading this installment.]

I had thoroughly enjoyed the past ten months, savoring the blow job my fifteen-year-old stepdaughter Kimmie gave me each day after school while her mother Denise was out pursuing the self-improvement program I had instituted. Kimmie didn't enjoy it much, but I can't say I was actually raping her mouth. Blackmail is a powerful thing. Once a policeman had brought her home after catching her in a compromising position with her drug-dealing boyfriend Billy, only my continued good graces could keep Billy out of prison and Kimmie in her nice private girl's school. Not to mention ensuring that she continued to live the good life my wealth could provide. The right clothes, the right friends, and the right home can be very important to a status-conscious fifteen-year-old.

Today was Thursday, the night that Denise wouldn't be home from her activities until about nine. By four that afternoon, I had pumped my load down the petite teen's throat, untied her wrists from behind her back, and sent her on her way with a couple of slaps across her white-cotton-panty covered ass. Kimmie had then run off to dress for a quick date with her convict-in-waiting boyfriend, leaving me to think about her virgin pussy and ass. I had been planning on ravaging both holes eventually, but the reflected sight of her sweet little schoolgirl ass this afternoon as I had shuddered in orgasm had convinced that the inevitable was becoming urgent.

Not only did I ache to take those pleasures, but also, with our "arrangement" approaching nearly a year in place, I feared that little shit Billy might talk her into breaking her agreement with me and surrendering her precious hymen. If he did, he'd find himself in prison as quickly as I could call in my marker from Police Sergeant Thompson, whom I was supporting financially to control the kid, and who I suspected harbored a history of sexually abusing the kid. Yes, if the punk talked Kimmie into violating our deal, he's end up in jail and on the wrong end of many a blow job. But that wouldn't give me her virginity back, now would it?

Well, tonight I would give her her weekly hymen and sphincter exam, something I like to do when her mother is home and blissfully unaware. Meanwhile, I would wait, and use the idle time to plan my next depravity.

Denise came home at about nine, as expected, but Kimmie had not yet returned. Part of our arrangement was that as long as she served my needs and kept her lower holes whole, I would help her "date" Billie, provided her absences were kept hidden from her mother. I covered for her because I had to, but I promised myself that there would be hell to pay.

"Isn't Kimmie home?" my wife asked.

"She had to run over to her friend's house, over on Elmwood, what's her name, Natalie?"

"Nanette. What's she doing over there?"

"That's right, Nannette. They had to compare homework or something. I told her to be back by now."

"You know, she's still a little girl. She shouldn't be out so late on a school night. You are always spoiling her; it doesn't surprise me that she doesn't mind you about things like this. You really should take a firmer hand with her."

"Perhaps you're right, honey," I replied with an unseen smirk. "Tell you what, I'll call her on the cell phone I just gave her and make sure she's headed home. You go take a shower, and I'll be along to show you a firmer hand."

I quickly called Kimmie and told her to get her ass home. I heard some smart-ass remark in the background and reflected on the necessity of sending young Billy to prison sooner rather than later. Right now, his freedom was my biggest leverage with Kimmie, however, so I had to put up with the punk for the time being.

She got home in about ten minutes, while her mother was still in the shower.

"Listen, I don't like lying for you. By the way, the story is that you were comparing homework over at Nannette's. Now, since you can't seem to enjoy your 'night out' responsibly, I think next Thursday will be another marathon blow job, from the minute you get home from school until your mother pulls into the driveway." Her face paled a bit. She knew I'd do it, I had before. It had been an excruciating experience for her, resulting in sore knees, a sore jaw, even sore lips, but the climax for me after several hours of stimulation had been unbelievable. "Now go get ready for bed, tonight's your weekly exam." The look she shot me was not one of love, but off she went, just as I had directed.

My wife Denise is naturally submissive, and although I actually get very little charge out of tying her up, she enjoys it. After her shower I tied her to the bed, blindfolded her, stuck my cock in her (to flavor it), replaced my cock with a vibrator, and told her she could wait like that until it pleased me to return. This always got her charged up, and I often performed this little scene for her on Kimmie's "exam night".

I left her to her buzzing torture and made my way to Kimmie's room. I pushed the door in without knocking, as usual. Kimmie looked up at me from her little desk. She was wearing only a pair of panties and an oversized T-shirt. She stared at me with her huge brown eyes, and she had put her long brown hair into pigtails. Damn she looked cute, and I knew she was intentionally trying to look younger so I wouldn't punish her for getting home late. Good luck. But for now, I might let her think she was out of the woods.

"Daddy has your bedtime snack, honey. Open up." She opened her mouth and I inserted my cock, covered with her mother's juices. She sucked on it dutifully for a couple of minutes, and I pulled out. I had to save that for her mother – I certainly didn't want a necessary lack of ardor to arouse any suspicions on that front. "OK baby, hop up on your bed for your exam."

She reluctantly lay down on her pink-and-white quilted bed. Her stuffed animals and dolls looked upon the scene, and a young teen girl's Justin Bieber poster hung over her bed. How young, sweet, and innocent the setting seemed. God I loved this!

She first lay on her tummy, and I slowly pulled her panties down over her tiny, tightly rounded bottom, down her thin but sexy legs, and off. Sitting down on the edge of her bed, I pushed her legs slightly apart, wet my little finger, and without further ceremony pressed it into her anus. Still felt plenty tight. If she had been sodomized in the past week, I'd know it, and since she was subjected to this exam at least once a week, I was pretty confident in her nether integrity. Next, I rolled her over and gazed at her tidy, firm, down-covered mound. My cock, still hard from her mouth, lurched at the sight. Soon, I told myself, soon.

I gently began to stroke her little cunt. Her eyes glazed a little bit as she looked into mine, her half-lidded gaze indicating that despite the fact she probably hated me, her body couldn't help but enjoy this attention. I always got her a little lubricated before checking her hymen, so this little routine was nothing new to her. What I did next was unusual, but not unique: I leaned over and ran my tongue up her virtually hairless slit to her clit, swirled it around a bit as she gasped involuntarily, and pushed my finger gently around the entrance to her hole, confirming the presence of her intact maidenhead. I pulled my finger away, licked it, announced that she had passed the exam and thus avoided calamity to her boyfriend and her lifestyle, and returned to my wife. Since I had found this week's exam particularly exciting, my cock vented its fury on Denise's cunt with great energy. It was an added, and most exquisite, irony that the bound and trussed Denise always especially enjoyed her daughter's exam night, without knowing why.

The next day, I called Denise from work. Knowing that my hypochondriac mother would, by her very nature, play her part unwittingly, I told my wife that her mother-in-law wasn't feeling well and would like to see her for the weekend. Although my wife did not exactly relish the duty, I had selected her, after all, partly for her pliability. I told her that since Kimmie enjoyed visiting my mother so much (yeah, right!) and needed to be punished for staying out later than allowed, and since I had to stay in town for work reasons, she would have to go alone. I knew my mother would keep Denise busy all weekend, nursing her non-existent illnesses, even without any coaching on my part.

I left work early that day, calling Kimmie's school from my car to inform them that I needed to pick her up a little early. When I arrived, she was glumly waiting on the front steps of the school building, not sure what was up, but wisely assuming it was to be no picnic. She climbed into my Mercedes without a word.

As I predicted, her outfit was quite tasty. Since it was a Friday, she was allowed to wear regular clothes, rather than her normal uniform. Although the uniform could certainly stir my lusts, I also kept her in the latest clothes, whatever she desired. Since the fashion among fifteen-year-old girls is almost always directed at showing off their budding sexuality, this was one area in which Kimmie and I generally saw eye-to-eye.

She was wearing a tight, short mini-skirt, a light lime in color, a yellow, midriff-baring, sleeveless top, and heeled, sandal-like pumps that showed off her red-painted toenails. Her long brunette hair was up in a high ponytail. Perfect.

"Your mother is unexpectedly out of town until Sunday night. Since you showed such disregard for our 'arrangement' last night, you will not be allowed to leave the house this weekend. I guess it's just you and me, kid." I looked right at her sullen, scowling face. Time to establish authority. "Hey with that attitude, you can take those panties off right now, young lady! Take them off now, or you'll have a LONG session ahead of you."

She reluctantly complied, and I took them from her. I couldn't help but raise them to my face. The slightly tangy aroma of teenage poontang greeted my nostrils, and I felt a slight dampness. She had probably been daydreaming about that little shit Billy during class, I thought. We pulled up to a busy intersection, where I rolled down my window. The filthy panhandler working the corner eagerly approached. I pointed at Kimmie. "Do you see this little slut? These are hers, here, you can have them." The bum gratefully stuffed the panties in his pocket, grinning and leering at the mortified Kimmie as we pulled away with the green light. "That's what Billy's life will be like once he's done hard time. We don't want that, do we?" It was going to be a long weekend for her.

By the time we reached the house, her mother had left for the weekend. Kimmie led the way from the garage and into the house. She knew the regular drill, and knew exactly how she was to speak to me at this time of the day. She may not have liked the details of our relationship, but she had the self-discipline to play her part properly.

"Daddy, what can I wear for you today?"

"What you have on right now is just fine, honey. And today we'll dispense with the wrist restraints. Go to your room and wait for me there." She looked at me curiously, but happy for once to avoid her leather wrist cuffs, she headed for her room.

Meanwhile, I eagerly headed down the hallway, rounded the corner, and quietly opened the linen closet. After moving a stack of towels and pushing aside a strategically-placed shoebox, I saw light stream out through a tiny hole, no larger in diameter than a pencil. Good, she hadn't put a poster or anything over it. I opened the shoebox and removed a special video camera. That had cost me, but I could afford it. I slid it into brackets mounted on either side of the hole, depressed the starter switch, and put my eye to the viewfinder. Its special lens system allowed the tiny hole to provide a full, focused view of Kimmie's bed. I could see she was sitting on it, glumly. I wasn't sure exactly how this afternoon would progress, but I was sure I would enjoy a video record of the event. I closed the linen closet door and proceeded to my stepdaughter's room.

I pushed the door open, and entered. The sweet little schoolgirl looked up at me nervously. Kimmie had clearly noticed that things were going a little differently today. It's odd how something as unusual as wolfing down your stepfather's cock on a daily basis can become a somewhat comfortable routine when faced with the unknown! I decided to start with something familiar.

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