Katie's Surprise

by Fast Eddy

Copyright© 2011 by Fast Eddy

Incest Sex Story: Young son dominates sexy mom.

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Chapter 1

I slept in the unfinished portion of our basement. It comprised of about one fifth of the floor space in our two story family home. There was no ceiling; just floor joists and painted concrete block walls. The studded sheet rock walls that bordered our finished portion of the basement were even unfinished on my bedroom side. Just pipes and electrical wiring through the studs were evident. There was also a steel "I beam" down the center of the room with a steel column supporting it. It wasn't much, but it was mine and private. The privacy means a lot to a teenager, so I didn't mind.

I had a double bed in the middle of my room that I could sprawl on to masturbate, or entertain my friends. Mom was my alarm clock on school mornings or when I had to get up before ten AM. She would make two to four trips to my room in an attempt to awaken me. She was dressed in a thin, translucent night shirt for pajamas with a terry cloth robe over the top. Each time she would call me louder. I would just lay there under my covers, lightly dozing while covertly stroking my morning wood. The third time she called me; she would walk into my room and uncover me while she would address me in her loudest voice Telling me that I would be late. Mom had been preforming this routine with me for years. And I knew that there was plenty of time for me to get underway. For whatever reason, this particular morning, I felt playful and decided to surprise mom when she came in to wake me for her fourth and last time of this morning.

As she leaned over, about to whisper in my ear, telling me to get up once again as I was lying on my back, spread all over the bed. She straddled my right arm, to get closer, as it lazily dangled over the side of the mattress and as she did, I raised my arm and slid my hand up the inside of her smooth thigh until I cupped her panty clad pussy, threw my other arm around her neck and rolled away from her dragging her unprepared body across mine, and onto the bed. I was now on top of her overwhelmed body with one hand massaging her crotch and the other hand holding her neck as I immediately started kissing her neck as she lay there totally surprised. She started laughing at my antics as I continued to molest her, touching her and rubbing my morning wood into her thigh. This went on for a few minutes as we arose together and I started to get myself ready for school. By the time I got up to the kitchen mom had preceded me and was blushing profusely as she directed me to the table and cereal that she had poured for me. This set the mood for the day, every time I looked at my mother, and smiled, she blushed, no doubt thinking of my antics with her that morning.

We played this game many mornings, sometimes with her trying to avoid being tricked, and other times letting me take full advantage of her. We would wrestle around in my bed, in the morning and it was in this scenario that I totally seduced my mother the first time. After a couple of times of dominating her and then dry-fucking her, I just let loose and penetrated her warm, moist, pussy. I didn't go to school that day, but I did receive plenty of lessons.

Mom and I were always close. I think it was because I was her first born. But it was my aggressive personality towards her as well. Mom was submissive and as such, craved to be dominated. Sometimes, the most outrageous acts of mastery over her were her greatest turn-ons. Occasionally, I would take her to the Saturday matinee at the theatre, and inside, I would feel her up right in front of some guys there who were checking out her massive tits. She would blush, but allow my manipulation of her very large boobs. The guys would shy away at my brazen actions and mom and I would laugh about it. But I could tell that it shocked her and it turned her on at the same time. I would take those occasions to make out and fondle my mom while we sat in the theatre. As time went on, I became an usher and would escort mom into the infant cry room located in the ladies room. We would go in there and lock the door, and I would molest my mother, we often stripped down and I explored her naked body throughout the movie.

Mom was my slut now and I would randomly fuck her at a moment's notice. As I was stroking into her, approaching her climax, I would ask her who she belonged to and whose pussy it was. In her bliss she always exclaimed it was me and I rewarded her by bringing her to another climax. This was great for my ego as I stroked into my frantic mom.

My greatest thrill was when I took my mom in front of my dad. She never experienced a greater orgasm in her life. It all started when I caught my dad and one of his drinking buddies fucking my little sister, Marti. She was 14 at the time and already a slut in her own rite. Anyway, dad took Marti downtown for a little party and I caught wind of it. It seems that he owed one of his friends, Fred a little pussy and he planned to use Marti to pay the debt. He got a drunken Marti down to the hotel that this party was planned to be held and started in on her. They were taking Polaroid's of her with Fred and Fred took pictures of dad doing Marti also. I was looking in on them while on the fire escape to see them leave to buy more film. While they were gone, I climbed into the room and rescued a drunken Marti while gathering the pictures taken of her. We escaped, and later on in the day, I approached dad with the pictures of him fucking Marti. He was caught and I traded an occasional fuck with Marti for my dominance of my mom, Katie. He had no choice but to capitulate to me, or lose his family and go to jail. The deal was to begin with me fucking Katie on her marriage bed completely succumbing to my enslavement of her. We handled it this way= mom and dad would go to bed for the evening and I would enter their bedroom about a half hour after they retired. Dad would pretend to be asleep as I began molesting my mother in their bed, next to him. I would perform the complete seduction of mom ending in her sexual intercourse. I would fuck her as often as I could, to completely dominate her and asking her "who do you belong to?" while bringing her off. We were not going to be quiet or gentle as I planned to pummel her sweet pussy at my convenience. Well it went as I planned; I petted her, and then ate her to many orgasms. I enjoyed stroking her "G spot" with my fingers after which I fucked the shit out of my mother until she couldn't control herself as she climaxed, loudly time and time again. Looking back on it, I had to laugh. Here we were fucking up a storm while dad faked being asleep in the same bed. Mom was on top of me, literally jumping up and down on my steel hard cock, bucking and writhing while exclaiming her devotion to me. I know that we made so much noise that Marti looked in on our union that evening. The knowledge that I was brazenly dominating my own mother thoroughly overcame her and propelled her to orgasms of epic proportions. Katie was all mine now, to do as I pleased with her.

Dad got the consolation of fucking Marti somewhat regularly, but I decided that it would not last as long as he anticipated. He had disrespected my mother and sister, and I did not take that lightly. I knew a few leftover sluts that he could use, but Marti was too good for him in my book.

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