Aunt May

by RonBo

Copyright© 2011 by RonBo

Erotica Sex Story: Billy screws up and his Aunt decides to spank him leading to sex and a spanking of the aunt. Later Billy's girlfriend becomes involved.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Aunt   Nephew   MaleDom   FemaleDom   Spanking   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

I found this story hidden away and converted it to a PC file. I wrote this when I was in my late teens or early twenties. I am not a writer but this story did arouse me and you may enjoy it also.

spank incest anal oral and other stuff.

Don't read this if you are offended by sex or it is illegal where you live.

Part I

I once got spanked by my aunt. I remember it well. I was fifteen and spent the entire summer at the shore with my aunt, uncle and their three year old daughter. That's why I was there, to give them a break once in a while. I babysat little Alice whenever they went out. I spent the whole day at the beach screwing around and babysat three or four nights a week so they could go out. I met a lot of great looking chicks that summer.

I screwed up bad during July. I was more interested in the girl's I was meeting than my 'job'. While I was making out with a new friend one night the baby fell out of the crib and broke her leg. The whole night was a mess. Trying to get a hold of my Aunt May and Uncle Ray. The ride to the hospital. The screaming and crying.

Around midnight my aunt and I left with my friend Pat, leaving Uncle Ray to spend the night with little Alice.

After we dropped off my friend Pat, the door to the car no sooner closed than my Aunt May started lecturing about my responsibilities and my failure to achieve them.

Knowing that I had screwed up royally I kept my mouth shut the entire ride home. When we arrived and entered the cottage I thought she would leave me alone, but Aunt May kept on me hard. I apologized several times and finally walked away from her and went to my room and closed the door.

The door was closed for less than ten seconds when Aunt May threw it opened and said. "You're not getting off that easy. I'm going to beat you until you understand what you've done." She grabbed me by the shirt-sleeve and threw me across the room. I landed against the wall not knowing what to do. My Aunt was a slim lady much shorter that myself but I knew fighting her off would be more trouble in the end than playing a passive role.

She told me to drop my jeans because she was going to punish me. I did as she said trying to pacify her. I took my jeans off and stood in front of her in my tee shirt and jockey shorts. She leaned over, sweat covering her forehead, and slipped my belt from the loops of my jeans. She stood in from of me and said. "I'm going to teach you responsibility, young man."

She was perspiring badly by now. Her white silk blouse was glued to her upper torso. I could see the image of her bra showing through the saturated material. Looking straight at me she unbuttoned her blouse, removed it, wiped the beads of perspiration from her upper torso with it, then threw the crumpled blouse on the floor.

She was standing there, in her tight jeans, half naked above the waist, holding my belt and looking me in the eyes. Her bra covered, but didn't cover, her breasts and as I stared at them I could feel my cock twitching and growing in response. By the time she told me to remove my underwear for a good spanking I had a full hard on.

I was horny enough that I felt no shame dropping my shorts and exposing a raging erection. I could not tell if Aunt May even noticed that I had six inches hard teen age cock standing at attention between my legs. She told me to bend over and grab my ankles, which I did.

She began spanking my bare bottom with my own belt. It hurt and felt good at the same time. The harder she hit my ass with that belt the harder my cock became. When she stopped I stood up with my prick, standing at full attention, dripping clear juice heavily from the pee hole. She stared directly at my hard cock and quickly brought the belt down on it's head. The pain was intense but surprisingly did nothing to relieve the aching hard on I had. Without thinking of the consequences I grabbed Aunt May's hand and relieved her of the belt with my left hand, and with the right I grasped one of her bra covered tits and squeezed it gently. I put my hot lips against her soft and protesting mouth. She attempted to pull away but I held her tightly after a minute she returned the kiss and, at the same time, cupped one of my naked buns in her small right hand.

I pushed her down to her knees so that she was eye level with my blood engorged cock. Using one hand to rub my prick across Aunt May's face I grabbed her hair tightly with my other hand and said. "Your turn to be embarrassed Auntie May." Holding her head tightly with one hand I used my other hand, gripped tightly around my cock, to force myself into her mouth. She tried to pull away but without much force as if she wanted what I was offering.

I stood there with my aunt kneeling in front of me with all of my hard prick jammed into her mouth, enjoying the feeling of power. I fed her my cock, stroke after stroke, without a protest from her. The warmth and wetness of her mouth pushing me close to a climax. I didn't want to cum just yet so I stopped thrusting myself into her hot mouth and ordered her to her feet and to my surprise she obeyed immediately, without the slightest hesitation.

She was no longer in charge and she knew it. I reached behind her and undid her bra. She blushed crimson as her bra slid from her sweaty torso and fell to the floor, uncovering her small ripe breasts. I caressed her naked tits with both my hands, concentrating on the hard nipples and told her. "You're thirty years old but you are going to kneel in front of your fifteen year old nephew and suck his cock for as long as he wants."

"Yes." was all she said. I commanded her again and watched carefully as she took off her pants and pulled down her panties. When she was standing naked in front of me I fondled her softly all over with absolutely no resistance from her, finally slipping one finger through her thick pubic hair to her love nest finding her slit moist with her juices.

Then I told her. "Get on your knees and blow me." She kneeled in front of me immediately, saying for the second time a quiet "Yes." She grabbed my cock in one hand and brought it to her lips. "Fuck my mouth!" she said. I pushed my cock in her mouth until it would go no further, then pulled it out very slowly. I did this several times before Aunt May grabbed me tightly by my the ass and forced my cock in and out of her mouth rapidly.

As my cream spurted wildly from my prick into her hot mouth I yelled. "Oh yes, suck that fuckin' cream out. Eat my juice bitch. Swallow it all."

She remained kneeling with my softening cock still in her mouth. "From now on Auntie May, when my cock needs relief you will suck me off." As she looked up at me I could see her hot mouth still encompassing my softening prick.

She pulled her mouth off of my cock reluctantly and said "Yes, I know."

I found out later that in the eight years they were married my aunt had never sucked on my uncle's cock. He thought it was perverted and would not even discuss it. I had found out by accident that Aunt May had strong submissive tendencies that no one had ever explored. Throughout the rest of the summer I took advantage of the situation when ever I was alone with her. Can you imagine the power I felt at fifteen having a good looking woman, twice my age, under my control? She would do anything I asked except let me fuck her. She and my uncle were trying to have another baby at the time.

At my insistence we slept together that night. Aunt May woke me early the next morning so we could go and pick up Alice and Uncle Ray. She was already showered and dressed in a prim summery dress. I was still naked under the sheet and had my usual morning erection. Last night was like a dream that I didn't know how to get back to. She was acting like my aunt again and I wasn't sure how much control I had left. As she was asking me what I wanted for breakfast I threw back the sheets and sat up on the edge of the bed. My cock was at full attention and I was a little embarrassed sitting there naked with my fully dressed aunt in the room. When she stopped speaking in mid sentence and looked directly between my legs I knew I was still in control.

I stroked myself lightly and said. "Come here and have your breakfast." She stayed where she was and told me we didn't have time for that. Continuing to stroke my cock I told her. "Get over here and suck my pecker." With only a slight hesitation she walked over to me and kneeled between my outstretched legs. Somehow it excited me even more with her kneeling there still fully clothed. She pushed my hand off my cock and bent her head and kissed the head of my prick softly. She gripped my erection lightly in one hand and began licking me.

I began speaking to her softly as she stroked and licked my hard teenage cock. "That's nice. Put it in your mouth now so I can shoot a big load down your throat." She put just the head of my slippery cock in her wet mouth and stroked it faster with her hand. "That feels good." I said as I watched her sucking and stroking it. She was making low moaning noises obviously enjoying what she was doing. " My ass is still sore from last night. At the first opportunity I'm going to put you on the receiving end of my belt."

She stopped sucking long enough to say "Yes, I deserve to be spanked." I knew we didn't have time that morning for everything I wanted to do, but as she began sucking me again, I told her how I was going to raise her skirt and lower her panties to prepare her for a good bare ass spanking. Her moans were getting louder and I realized that she enjoyed her submissive role so much that she was having an orgasm without being even being touched. At that point my cock exploded in Aunt May's mouth. She continued to stroke and suck my cock until she nursed every drop of cum from it.

It was four days before we had the cottage to ourselves again. About fifteen minutes after my uncle left the house with Alice, Aunt May came into my room wearing the same light blue summer dress she had worn that first morning. She must have been extremely horny because the first words out of her mouth were. "I've been a bad girl. I want you to spank my bottom good so that I'll know what to expect when I don't obey you." I was immediately hard.

I let her set the scene but at that point I had full control again. I told her "Come over here." I sat on the edge of my bed and as she slowly walked over to me I asked. "Have you ever been spanked before young lady? And no lies."

"Yes, only once." she said softly her eyes staring at the floor.

"Tell me about it. I want all of the details." and she did. When she was thirteen she had played hooky from school and been caught. After dinner that evening her father ordered her to her room to wait for him. She had gone to her room not suspecting anything other than a harsh scolding because her father had never hit her before. It was spring and she had been dressed in shorts and light weight blouse. As soon as her father entered the room he told her to remove her shorts because he was going to spank her. He lectured her about playing hooky while she stood in front of him in her blouse and white underpants. When he was done lecturing he sat at her desk chair and told her to lie across his lap. He used his hand on her pantied bottom. It was then that she first realized her submissiveness. As he repeatedly slapped her bottom she had her first orgasm. Although her father never said anything she felt that he knew and because of that never spanked her again.

Her face was flushed and her eyes still looked at the floor as she ended her story. "Raise your skirt May." I told her. I watched intently as the shimmering blue material rose upwards exposing her shapely thighs. She stopped raising her skirt at waist level. She was wearing pale yellow bikini panties that contrasted beautifully with her darkly tanned legs. I slowly pulled her pants down until her rich brown bush was fully uncovered. Neither of us said a word as I pulled her down and across my lap positioning her bare bottom where I could get at it easily. I rubbed my hand across the cheeks of her ass several times before I started.

As my hand repeatedly beat on her bare bottom she squirmed and moaned in my lap. when I stopped hitting her she was crying softly. She rolled off my lap and kneeled in front of me hurriedly unzipping the fly of my jeans. I was already getting used to her kneeling blow jobs and took itfor granted. I lie back as she pulled my dripping prick out of my pants.

She sucked hungrily on my tool and it was only a minute before I could feel my release building up. "Take it out of your mouth. I want to shoot in your face." I commanded. She quickly obeyed and as she stroked me to a climax I watched as the semen spurted from my cock and onto her face in several hard convulsions.

She had several globs of my sperm scattered across her face just starting to drip. Her pointed pink tongue slowly emerged from her mouth, reaching to her upper lip licking as much of my juice as she could reach. My orgasm had not softened my cock at all. I held my prick lightly in my hand and used it to paint May's face with the cum that remained on her face. She remained kneeling between my legs, my cock juice making her face glisten, smiling up at me.

I stood quickly, grabbing her short brown hair with both my hands. "Open up", was all I said as I commenced to fuck her mouth. She tried to pull away when my rapid hip movements pushed my cock further into her throat than she wanted but I held her head tightly by the hair. For a second time in only minutes my cock exploded, this time deep in Aunt May's throat. She gagged a little but managed to swallow my load without losing any of it.

I sat back on the bed exhausted. Aunt May was pulling her yellow panties back up. She was no longer smiling. "You scare me sometimes Billy. You have some very sadistic tendencies."

I lie back on the bed with my hands cushioning my head. "I know I do Auntie dear, but you have yourself to blame. You are the one who taught me the pleasures of having a woman as my sex slave." Looking up at her, all prim and proper again, I added, "Do you want me to stop?"

Blushing, she looked down at the floor and with her soft little girl voice said. "No, I don't want you to stop. I'll do whatever you want."

"Why?" I demanded.

"Because", she was still looking at the floor, "it feels so good to be your slave."

I had given Aunt May her chance to end our strange but satisfying arrangement and she had refused.

Part II

In August Uncle Ray went back to work and commuted to the beach each evening. I took advantage of every nap little Alice took. May started calling me "Master" when we were alone and vowed to be my slave forever. I spanked her at least twice a week at her request and sixty-nine became our favorite pastime when we were alone.

The last week in August Uncle Ray went back to the city to put the house in shape and Aunt May's Mom took Alice in. We were left behind to pack and close up the beach house. All that last week the two of us were naked more than dressed and my cock was exploding two or three times a day.

The day before we were to leave I got up early. I wanted to go to the beach and say goodbye to all my summer friends. Aunt May had gone out shopping before I left the house. Unknown to her I had bought her a black velvet choker that I thought would make a very nice slave collar. It was gift wrapped with a bright yellow ribbon. I left it with a note asking her to be wearing 'her collar', my favorite white bikini and high heels for my return.

Around two o'clock the sun disappeared and a light sprinkle began to fall. I said my farewells and was walking back towards the house with a friend. Chip was a couple of years older than me. He was big, tall and blonde looking very much like the lifeguard he was. As we neared the house I had a thought. I wanted to see how Aunt May would react to my commands with someone else present. I wanted to embarrass and humiliate her. These were feelings I did not fully understand but as we stopped in front of the house I said. "Why don't you come in Chip. We can have a farewell drink together."

Glancing at my aunt's car in the driveway he said. "Your aunt's going to let us drink?"

"Sure, come on in." I shoved him towards the back door. We walked in finding Aunt May, dressed as I requested, washing the breakfast dishes. "Hi, how about bringing us in a couple of gin and tonics."

She looked surprised to see Chip but kept her cool and replied. "O.K. Billy. I'll bring them right in."

Chip and I went through the hallway to the family room and made ourselves comfortable on the overstuffed chairs. "Your aunt's got a nice body." he said and I just nodded.

Aunt May entered the room with a tray holding three tall glasses. She put the tray down on the coffee table and standing straight again said. "Mind if I join you two?"

She stood before us with her high black heels and skimpy white bikini. Her dark tan made the bathing suit appear a blinding. white. Her pubic hair and nipples showed as shadows through the white material. The black collar around her neck finished off the ensemble and knowing the meaning of it started my cock rising. "No, not at all. Please join us Mrs. Gary." Chip was trying not to stare and acted the perfect gentleman.

After twenty minutes of small talk Aunt May got up and went to make fresh drinks. Chip watched her tight ass until she was out of site. "Man, I don't know how you can stand it. I'd go crazy if my aunt looked and dressed like that. "I only nodded and smiled.

She came back into the room, passed out the drinks and started towards the couch.

"Wait." I told her "Stay standing. Chip thinks you have a beautiful body. Let him admire it." She stopped and looked at me with a frown. Chip was red faced and scrunching down in the chair as if trying to disappear. I think she finally figured out what I was up to because she faced Chip, standing up straight with her breasts jutting forward and said. "Why, thank you Chip. That's a very nice compliment and I would be honored to have you look at my body." Her next move proved that my plan to embarrass her was backfiring. Being humiliated only got her horny. She looked directly into my eyes. "Master, should I take off my bathing suit and let Chip have a better look?"

Somehow she had taken charge of the situation and it was my turn to be at a disadvantage. I couldn't back out now. I nodded my head affirmative and took a long sip of my drink. Chip was sitting there with a look of disbelief on his face tugging at his tee shirt trying to cover the bulge in his swim suit.

Now she looked directly into Chip's blue eyes and asked. "Would you like that, Chip."

He coughed twice before he finally spoke. "Yes, please." Still the gentleman. Aunt May reached behind her back and untied the top of her bikini. It fell to the floor exposing her milk white breasts with the dark nipples standing at attention.

She caressed her breasts and pulled at the nipples. "Chip, why don't you take your bathing suit off and let Billy's Auntie May see what's making that big bulge."

Chip was mesmerized. Without hesitation he removed his suit. Aunt May let out a moan as his cock came into view. It was a monster. I had never seen one that big before. As if reading my mind May said. "You are huge. How big is it Chip?"

"Fourteen inches." he answered, unconsciously starting to stroke himself.

She removed the bottoms of her bikini slowly letting her dark bush emerge little by little all the time staring at Chip's hand stroking his monster. She stood there naked except for her collar and high heels. Trying to regain control I ordered her to play with herself.

It was a strange sight. Two teenage boys, one stroking his cock through his bathing suit, the other jerking his thick prick with slow deliberate strokes while a grown woman stood before them fondling her breasts with one hand while the other was busy fingering her pussy.

"Master," her breathing was irregular now. "should I relieve your friend?" Her right hand was a blur buried in her snatch.

"Ask him." was all I said.

Still watching him stroking his thick cock she moved closer to him never missing a beat on her wet clit. "Would you like me to put that big prick of yours in my mouth and suck the cream out."

He groaned loudly and nodded his head violently. She dropped to her knees in front of Chip and put both of her tiny hands on his huge erection. She was barely able to get the head of his prick into her small mouth. She kneeled there looking like she was trying to swallow a snake.

Using both hands she stroked Chip's cock furiously until he arched his back and shot his load into her mouth. At the same time my cock was unloading in my bathing suit.

She sat back on her haunches still in front of Chip, with a little of his juice still on her lips. "Thank you Chip. I really enjoyed sucking your big prick and swallowing your jism." She reached out and gently grabbing his softening cock brought it to her lips and licked off the last drop of his orgasm. She kissed the head of his cock once then got up and left the room.

Chip was watching her naked ass exiting the room as he pulled up his bathing suit hiding his soft but still large cock. He looked at me, his face red with embarrassment. "Thank you. That was great but I've go to leave now." He couldn't leave fast enough. As he left the room he bumped into my naked aunt returning. She gripped him tightly by his bulge and standing on her tip toes kissed him hard and long on the lips. When she released her hold on him he left quickly without a word.

I beckoned to my aunt. "Come here. I need cleaning up."

She walked over to me very slowly letting me admire her sleek body. The skin that her bathing suit usually hid contrasted starkly against her sun bronzed body. She helped me remove my wet bathing suit and started to wipe the mess I had made with it. "No" I told her, "not like that. Lick it clean."

She bent at the waist and with one quick move buried my half hard cock to the hilt in her mouth. With an equally quick sucking motion my now hardening cock was out of her mouth and free from my sperm. She bent again and buried her face in my dark and wild curly pubic hairs and began to suck drops of cum from the hairs. When she was done the cream was gone but my hairs were damp from her saliva.

I told her to get on all fours on the floor. She grinned widely as she assumed the position, with her ass held high and her ripe breasts hanging from her slim body. This was her favorite position to be in for a good spanking but it wasn't what I had in mind. I left the room, going to the bathroom for the jar of Vaseline. I returned and knelt behind my aunt, my cock already greased. It was then she realized that it wasn't a spanking her ass was going to get. She tried to crawl away from me but with a hand on either of her hips she couldn't get away.

"Relax and it won't hurt." I promised. Using my right hand I guided my erection up against her tight brown hole. She was whimpering now. "Please don't do that to me." I pushed hard with my cock head against her resisting anus. As the head forcible entered her she screamed and fell forward so that the top half of her body was on the floor. I still held her tight ass up high with both hands. I pushed again and my prick sunk halfway into her tightness. One more push brought another scream as my cock ripped into her and my balls slapped against her ass cheeks.

"Take it out. It hurts bad. Please take it out." she was crying and begging me. I commenced moving my cock in and out of her butt with slow deliberate strokes. She was crying hard now and repeating the word "no" over and over again in a soft, almost unheard voice. The tightness of her anus muscles had me creaming after only a dozen strokes. I pulled my prick out as slowly and gently as I could but she let out a whimper as the head popped out. She laid on the floor crying softly as I got up and headed for the shower. I stopped before I left the room. "I'm sorry, but I had to fuck you one way or another before this summer was over."

When I got out of the shower she was fully dressed and not speaking to me. Not long after that my uncle arrived with his van and my summer was over.

Part III

That winter my aunt and uncle got divorced. Everything was hush hush. Her name was never even mentioned in the house again.

I spent the next three years struggling through high school. I had plenty of girlfriends and although I had plenty of sexual encounters I couldn't find a girl receptive to my new found needs.

I finally met Jill a few weeks before I graduated. She went to another school in our city and was graduating the same week. We both decided to take a couple of weeks off to enjoy the warm weather before looking for jobs.

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