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Erotica Sex Story: Thirteen-year-old Mindy in in the hospital the night before her tonsilectomy. Her night nurse, Jennifer, helps her learn how to "relax."

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/ft   Consensual   Lesbian   First   Oral Sex   Doctor/Nurse   .

I was in the hospital 'cause of my operation. My tonsils. They didn't really even hurt, just a little scratchy, but Dr. Collins said we should take them out, 'specially since it was early August. Him and Mom agreed that it would be better to get it over with instead of having it pop back up during the school year.

I guess I kinda agreed, 'cause this year I'd be starting at a new school, Maple Street Junior High. Seventh grade! I thought it was sooo lame that our elementary schools went through sixth grade. Kids in other districts get to go to middle school for sixth. I was twelve years old, going on thirteen, but barely out of elementary – get real!

Anyway, my Mom brought me in during the afternoon, and I was gonna get my operation first thing in the morning. Everybody said that afterwards, the only thing I'd be able to eat would be ice cream. I sure hoped so, 'cause the dinner they brought me was lousy. And they said I couldn't eat anything after seven p.m. 'cause of the ana-setic or whatever you call it.

My Mom stayed with me during the afternoon and after dinner. I didn't like the first nurse who came by – she was fat, and old, and acted like a principal or something. But about six o'clock, right before dinner, they changed nurses. The new one was young, and pretty, and seemed real friendly.

"Hello, Mindy. Getting our tonsils out, huh?" She smiled.

"Yeah, Dr. Collins says they gotta go!"

"Well, I know Dr. Collins is one of the best, so I'm sure he's right. Are you nervous?"

"Well, I've never had an operation before, but they say you go to sleep and wake-up and you don't even know it happened."

"That's right. Well, your throat will be a little sore, but that's an excuse to eat ice cream for a few days." She smiled and me, and looked at Mom.

"That's all she's been talking about," Mom said with a laugh.

"Well, Mindy, I'm Nurse Hancock. But you can call me Jennifer, okay? I'll be with you this evening, until after you go to sleep. Anytime you need me, just ring the call button right here, see? In any case, I'll be checking in on you from time to time."

"Will you be here in the morning, too?"

"No, sorry Honey, my shift ends at midnight. But Carla will be your early morning nurse; you'll like her. Actually, this is my last shift, at least for a while. I'm getting married in a week, and I have to prepare for the wedding. I haven't decided if I'm coming back to nursing eventually, but right now I plan to be a homemaker."

"Gosh, I'm lucky then, that I get to have you as my nurse. I like you. You're so pretty." I don't know why I said that, and I was suddenly embarrassed. I could feel my face getting red, but then Jennifer smiled and I felt better.

"Why thank you, Mindy. And I'm lucky I get you as one of my last patients before I leave, and not just because you're so pretty yourself."

Mom left around eight o'clock, I know 'cause Alley McBeal just started. Not long after she left Jennifer came by.

"Mindy, honey, it's time you changed into your gown and climbed into bed. You can stay up watching TV for a while, but we have to start getting relaxed."

She handed me this funny pajama thing, and when I put it on she watched me the whole time. That was kinda weird, but I didn't mind.

The gown was funny, 'cause it tied in the back. I felt like my butt was sticking out, especially after Jennifer told me to take off my panties, too. I felt kind of naked, so I didn't mind at all when she told me to climb into bed, even though, like I said, it was only just past eight. I was glad I had the room to myself; there was another bed but no one was in it to see me.

At about nine, right after Alley ended, Jennifer came by to take my temperature.

"You like Alley McBeal, huh?"

"Yeah, it's a good show."

"The girls are real pretty, I'll grant you that," she said with a smile. When she said this, it reminded me how pretty she was herself. I hope I grow up as pretty as Jennifer. She had beautiful hair, and a great figure. Especially her boobs. I was staring at them, 'cause they were so big, especially compared to my little nubs, and she caught me. I was sooo embarrassed.

"They'll grow," she said.

"What will?" I asked, trying to look anywhere 'cept at her chest.

"Your breasts. They'll grow. They'll be beautiful. They're beautiful already."

"Um, really? Do you think they'll ever be as nice as yours?"

"Mindy, what a sweet thing to say. To be honest, I think your breasts are prettier than mine, just as they are. That's a matter of taste, of course. Now open up, I need to take your temperature."

She left the room while I held the thermometer under my tongue, thinking about what she said. She was so nice, to say my little boobies were prettier than hers. As if!

When she came back, she shut the door behind her. It had been open about a foot, I think, although I couldn't really see it 'cause of this curtain thing. She also switched off the ceiling light, although with the TV and the lamp there was still plenty to see by.

She took the thermometer out of my mouth and shook her head.

"I was afraid of that. With your tonsil situation, I can't get a good read off of this thermometer. Sorry, Kiddo, I'm gonna have to take it the other way."

"The other way, Jennifer?"

"Yep. In your bottom. Lucky I brought a rectal thermometer along. Turn over, sweetheart."

I turned over, though I sure didn't like the sound of that. Jennifer untied the lower string on my gown and spread it out, leaving my butt out in the breeze. Then she took a pillow from the other bed, and asked me to lift my hips so she could slide it under them. Now my butt was really sticking up there!

"Oh, Mindy, you're so tense. You're going to have to relax for this. Here, I know just the thing."

I felt something cold on my bottom, and suddenly I realized it was Jennifer's hands, with some kind of lotion on them. They warmed up pretty quick, though, and suddenly it started feeling real good. She was right, it was sort of relaxing, although I started to feel funny in my belly.

"There's a good girl, Mindy. Just relax. Does that feel good?"


"Good. This will help me take your temperature, but it will also help you relax so you can sleep well tonight. It's important that you are comfortable, for the success of the surgery and recovery.'

It felt better and better, her hands squeezing and massaging my buns and all. My little cunny kinda tickled, like when I'm holding onto the edge of the swimming pool, and that water thing is gushing out onto my crotch. I sure hoped Jennifer didn't realize. She'd be so grossed out!

I about jumped off the bed, though, when she slid the tip of one finger right into my bottom, but she shushed me and gently pushed me back down.

"I have to get this relaxed for the thermometer, Mindy. Don't fight it, or we'll have to start all over."

So I calmed down and she kept nudging that fingertip in there, in and out, and you know what? It felt good, too. I was almost disappointed when she pulled it out and said it was time for the thermometer. I guess she was right about getting me ready, 'cause I could hardly feel the thing. I wonder how much it woulda hurt if she hadn't relaxed me first?

While it was in there, she started rubbing lotion on my lower back and then up to my shoulders. It sure felt nice. She also untied the higher-up string on my gown, and pushed it open. To make it easier, I guess.

After about ten minutes, she pulled the thermometer out and said my temperature was normal.

She let me roll over on my back, but said not to bother with the tie things. I was kinda disappointed the massage was over, 'cause it had sure felt nice.

She turned off the TV, pulled up the rail thing on the side of the bed, and started gently stroking my cheek. "Mindy, I'm going to turn this lamp off, and I want you to get some sleep. It's real important you're fully rested for tomorrow. If you have trouble relaxing, just hit the call button. I can always give you more massage. OK?"

"Yeah, I'll try to sleep, Jennifer. Thanks. This button right here?"

I tried to sleep, but something had me all wound up. Maybe I was nervous about the operation after all, but that didn't seem to be it exactly, either. Whatever, it wasn't too long before I hit the button for Jennifer.

She poked her head in right away, but said she'd be back. Something about making sure everything else was settled first. It took her like twenty minutes to return.

"Sorry about that, honey, but I wanted to make sure everyone else was okay so I could concentrate on you." She went across the room and switched on and then dimmed the lamp next to the empty bed, and then she came back and shut the room's door completely.

"Would you like some more massage?'

"Um, yeah, I guess I need more relaxing." God, I was sure glad the light was dim. I knew my face was really red. I don't know what was making me do this, but I know I wanted her touching me again. I felt butterflies in my tummy. Actually, I felt like I had ants in my pants. Except I wasn't wearing pants, or even panties, since Jennifer hadn't let me put them back on after my temperature thing.

"Why don't we try something a little different and see if that soothes you better," she said as she lowered the safety rail at the side of the bed. "No, don't turn over this time. Here, let me pull that gown off you."

Suddenly, I was totally naked laying on that bed, in front of a beautiful nurse. How embarrassing – exposed with virtually no breasts, hardly any pubic hair – I felt like a twerp. But Jennifer has this way of making you feel good, that's for sure.

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