Stepbrother Becomes a Slave

by b biddle

Copyright© 2011 by b biddle

BDSM Sex Story: Alice is allowed to spank Bill at will and thereby reduces him to her cunt slave.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   NonConsensual   Heterosexual   FemaleDom   Spanking   Humiliation   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   .

"Take off your clothes for a spanking," Stanley bellowed at his 15-year old son, Bill. Bill was appalled. His dad was not only threatening to spank him in front of his 13-year old stepsister and his stepmom, but was going to make him strip first. He couldn't believe it.

His dad had always spanked him, but recently the number of spankings had increased. The biggest change was in how he was spanked. In the past, Dad had simply pulled his pants down and whacked his bare bottom.

But in the last few weeks Stanley had instituted a new rule requiring Bill to strip completely before the spanking began. Each spanking was severe and it would usually take an hour for Bill's ass to calm down enough to sit.

The thought that his dad would spank him in front of his stepmom and his stepsister was mortifying. "Dad," he protested, "you can't spank me in front of Alice and Mom."

His father thundered "Strip!!! I'm not going to spank you, your sister Alice is!"

Bill's inner world crumbled. The thought of being spanked by his stepsister was overwhelming. He himself had often fantasized about spanking and fucking that gorgeous girl. He masturbated regularly to visions of playing with her firm tits and round ass. When he stroked his hard cock he often thought of how it would feel to take her over his knees, her cunt pressed against his cock. He imagined the pleasure of spanking her as hard as he could while she howled in pain. In his visions he forced her to suck his cock to final steel hardness. He would then cum to images of his cock deep in her tight virgin cunt pumping gallons of jizz into her twat.

In his fantasies he had a huge cock of 9-inches rising proudly above golf-ball sized testicles. The reality was that he could barely get 4" inches and his balls were puny.

While his cock and balls were puny, his libido was not. He whacked off at least twice a day, before and after sleep and often a couple of times during the day when he found an opportunity to be alone.

So Bill, who in his imagination was the spanker of a naked girl, found the tables turned. He was the one who was going to be naked and spanked. His stomach churned and he could feel his already puny cock and balls pull further into his crotch. Color rose in his face.

While Bill was appalled at being stripped in front of his stepsister and his stepmom, Alice was elated. She had been surprised and delighted when her stepdad apparently threatened to strip and spank his son in front of her. But now her cunt flooded and her nipples hardened as she contemplated the pleasures of being the one who would actually spank her naked and mortified stepbrother.

Bill wasn't the only one with fantasies concerning a step-sibling. Alice considered Bill a pain in the butt. She too had dreamed of stripping and spanking him before forcing him to lick her teenage cunt. She had this fantasy often. She would stroke her clit with her vibrator and run her hands over her b-cup tits tweaking her own nipples to hardness while imaging howls of pain from a defenseless naked Bill over her lap. Perhaps there was a way, she thought, to parlay this spanking to sexual services. Her twat gushed in anticipation and her nipples strained to poke through the thin, tight tee that she had put on that morning over bare tits.

Helen, Alice's mom was delighted. Her own cunt was on fire. She was a trim 30-year old woman who had learned the joys of subjugating men to sexual slavery and she was eager to introduce her daughter to the pleasure. Helen had long legs, large firm tits and a beautiful shapely ass. Men drooled in her presence, and she took full advantage of her sexual power. Her current husband did everything she demanded, and she demanded a lot.

Bill and Alice didn't know it but Stanley was acting under orders. He was completely in Helen's thrall

It was Helen who had forced Stanley to begin using naked spankings as a standard disciplinary tool with her cute stepson. She had made it clear that not only was Bill to be made to strip before a spanking, but that he must, as a part of the punishment undergo the humiliation of displaying himself before and after by standing with his hands on his head and his legs spread.

Stanley might not appreciate looking at a young boy's cock and balls in servile display, but she did and was looking forward to it. She was pretty certain her daughter would enjoy the display also. It wasn't just the sight of cock and balls that turned her on; it was that the cock and balls were attached to a male under her absolute domination.

So here was Bill, threatened with a naked spanking from his step-sister and in front of his step-mom. Even in the face of his father's determination Bill still protested. He did not want to have to display his naked body in front of these females. He knew he was underdeveloped and didn't want to have to admit that he had a cock and balls that were more suitable to a 10-year old then a 15-year old.

"Dad," he pleaded, "you can't make me do it." he whined. But Stanley had his detailed orders. "I can and I will," he roared back. "My spanking you hasn't done any good. Perhaps a spanking from Alice will." "I won't let her spank me," shouted Bill. "Oh yes you will," responded Dad. "Either you let her spank you or I'll rip those clothes off you myself and hold you down while Alice spanks you. After she is exhausted, your stepmom and then I will take turns. So the choice is not whether Alice will spank you but rather whether you want two additional spankings in addition to the one she gives you." Helen nearly beamed. This was what she had told Stanley to do and he was performing his role well

Bill thought for a beat and then in defeat began slowly removing his clothes. "Hurry up," bellowed Dad, "we aren't waiting all night." Soon Bill was down to just his underpants. The briefs displayed the smallness of his bulge. He slid them off quickly and cupped his hands over his groin to cover himself. Alice was a little disappointed. She had expected to see more. Her Mom wasn't disappointed. She knew what came next.

Again Stanley roared "get those hands away! Put them on top of your head and spread your legs." Bill complied, humiliation suffusing his face. He had never felt so embarrassed. Here he was, stark naked before two gorgeous females displaying what he knew to be his inadequate male equipment.

Helen glanced pointedly at Bill's crotch.—"Humph, Alice. I don't see what he was trying to hide. There isn't much there." Bill blushed even redder with misery. Alice sensed what her mother was up to and had no compunction about adding to her stepbrother's humiliation. "Yah, pretty small for a guy who acts like a stud. I thought he'd have more hair around it too."

"He looks pretty underdeveloped to me," added Helen. Bill's ego was completely destroyed.

Alice almost felt sorry for Bill, but only almost. Her body was tingling in anticipation of delivering a bruising spanking to his round, firm ass and eliminating forever his arrogance. Her nipples were hard and her cunt was on fire. She was glad she was wearing a skimpy skirt and a thong of thin silky material. She already anticipated the feel of his naked boy-body through the thin fabric.

Helen moved an armless chair to the center of the room and Alice sat down. Stanley dragged Bill forward, his hands still on his head until his cock and balls were only a foot or two from Alice. Alice made a point of scrutinizing his pathetic equipment while making dismissive noises. "Pretty pathetic," she concluded aloud. Helen was proud of her daughter.

Then, sensing what was expected of her Alice reached out and grabbed Bill's cock and balls with one hand and dragged him over her lap. Helen nodded approval. She looked down delightedly at the firm, round ass now ready for the spanking she would deliver. She clamped his equipment between her thighs and began to spank him furiously.

"Whoa!" said Helen. "You'll wear yourself out too soon. Slow down and make sure each stroke is as hard as you can make it." Alice took her advice and began to beat Bill at a sustainable pace. She would reach as far back as she could, and then bring her arm down with as much force as she could muster making sure to follow through.

The effect was almost instantaneous. Bill began to scream and squirm, but Alice held him firm and continued the spanking. Bill's ass was reddening beautifully and his howls were now interspersed with sobbing and blubbering. Soon he was begging "Please, stop. I'll be good from now on!" But there was no signal from Helen or Stanley to stop, so she kept it up, spank after spank.

Helen's body was on fire as she observed her nubile daughter spanking the shapely, naked ass of her stepson. She desperately wanted to rub her inflamed clit and rock-hard nipples, but she contented herself with thoughts of abusing Stanley later. She was thrilled by her daughter's performance so far. It was clear that Alice would not need much encouragement or training to become an effective enslaver of men.

Stanley was sorry that his son had to go through this, but contented himself with the thought, planted by Helen, that it was good for Bill. Bill needed to learn discipline and it took a woman to provide a male with that.

Bill was in agony. Not only was his ass on fire, but the humiliation of being spanked by a girl younger than he was mortifying. He desperately wanted not to cry and scream, but the pain and humiliation were too much. He wailed and blubbered, tears pouring out of his eyes.

As Alice had expected, Bill's squirming made his equipment rub against her cunt and the feeling was wonderful. This feeling was coupled with the incredible high of absolute power. She thought she would have an orgasm right then. On and on the spanking went until, finally, she did have an orgasm. The last of her energy was suddenly sapped from her. In a move that made her mother very proud, she pushed Bill disdainfully off her lap onto the floor. He lay there heaving with his sobs.

Stanley had not forgotten his role. "Stand up and assume the position!" Stanley said firmly. Bill rose slowly in front of Alice. He spread his legs and put his hands behind his head. "Now thank Alice for spanking you." Through his sobs, Bill managed to get out a sobbing rendition of the words "Thank you, Alice, for spanking me."

"Now listen up! You're going to remain naked and on display for the next hour. Then you can get ready for bed. From now on, whenever Alice thinks you need it she will give you a naked spanking and you will not resist." Bill started to protest and thought better of it. Sensing the incipient rebellion, Stanley said "If you don't let her spank you whenever she wants to, then she will let me know and it will be a gang spank as I warned you earlier. Understand?" "Yes, sir" whimpered Bill. Stanley drove the point home, "If Alice says 'strip', you strip!"

Bill stood there defeated and on display, but Alice couldn't enjoy it any longer. She was desperate for relief. "I'm sweaty and need a shower. See you in a bit." She raced upstairs to her room and locked the door. She frantically pulled her blouse over her head causing her beautiful b-cup tits with their large aureolae and long, hard nipples to bobble free. She stroked them frantically for a few seconds then stripped off her skirt and thong. The thong was sopping wet. Her twat was neatly shaved and her fingers lunged for her crack where she rubbed furiously.

She stroked herself only a few times before flinging herself on the bed, her gorgeous tits straining toward the ceiling. She turned on her cock-shaped vibrator, all 9 inches of it and in her frantic need almost rammed the whole thing up her juicy cunt. The vibrations against her clit were exquisite and it was only a few seconds before she came in a shuddering, prolonged orgasm. It went on and on. She couldn't breathe and she nearly passed out. But the high passed and she gasped for air. In just a few seconds she had another peak. She writhed and moaned on the bed as her body was wracked by orgasm after orgasm. She lost track after seven.

As she took her shower she thought back over what had happened and what Stanley had said to Bill when the spanking was over. She had been so eager to get to her room and her vibrator to soothe her inflamed, juicy cunt that she had not perceived the implications. Stanley had said she could spank Bill whenever she WANTED to. There clearly didn't have to be much of a reason or any. She decided right then that Bill would NEED a lot of spankings.

Her cunt got wet again and her hand moved to her crack to rub her hardening clit. As she had another orgasm she wondered if she could perhaps force him to serve her clit with his tongue. She didn't yet know that that was exactly what her mother had planned. Alice was soon to have her stepbrother as her own sex slave. A sex slave who would be forced to serve her every fantasy. Licking her cunt would just be a start.

Bill meanwhile was completely destroyed. His ass was on fire. He had been humiliated by a naked spanking from his little step-sister in front of his new step-mom. He was cornered and he knew it. He was afraid that there would be more such experiences. He was also worried that this might have been just a modest beginning. He was right.

The next day Alice and her classmate, Jill, were in the family room. Alice had been regaling Jill with the story of the previous night's activities. Jill was having a hard time believing Alice's story. The front door slammed and Bill came in. When he came in the room, Jill said to him:" I understand you're not the stud you make out to be." "Go to hell, bitch." Bill retorted. Seizing the opportunity Alice said loudly, "Don't you dare talk to any female like that! Strip now to be spanked!" "Bull shit!" he said as he stormed off to his room. Jill was disappointed, but Alice told her to stick around. It wasn't long before Helen and Stanley got home.

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