Pam, Sam, and Julie

by Pope Perv

Copyright© 2011 by Pope Perv

Erotica Sex Story: Julie introduces a mother and son to erotic pleasures

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   .

Pam Coburn could not concentrate on her work. No matter how hard she tried, her mind just was not in it.

Pam was a thirty-two year old single mother of Sam, who was fourteen. She was raised in a Christian home and believed most of what she was taught in Sunday school. She attended one year at a Christian college but was asked not to return for the following year when she could no longer hide her pregnancy.

She knew fooling around with Tom was a stupid thing to do but being young and away from her parents for the first time, she let her hormones do her thinking. Nine months later Sam was born and she never heard from Tom again.

Her parents were disappointed but supported her both financially and emotionally as she struggled through three more years of public college. It took hard work, a lot of determination and downright stubbornness but she earned her degree in accounting and graduation near the top of her class.

Sam was the cause of her not being able to focus on her work today. "What am I going to do with that boy?" she screamed to herself.

"Hi," Julie Anderson said, as she poked her head into Pam's office.

"Hi," Pam answered.

"We're going to lunch," Julie said, mater of factly. Julie and Pam had been friends since Julie started with the firm four years ago. On Julie's first day, Pam did the same thing that Julie was doing now. She had poked her head in her office and informed her that they were going to lunch, launching a wonderful friendship.

"Uh, not today, Julie," Pam said, sitting back in her chair and glancing at her friend. "I've got a lot of work to do."

"We both need a break and the work will wait," Julie told her, not letting her off the hook.

Pam knew that Julie was right. She needed a break; more importantly she needed to talk to someone. She took a deep breath and closed the file that was open on her computer screen and put the open folder in her bottom desk drawer. "If the Palmer account doesn't get done, I'm blaming you."

There was a small café within walking distance of their office that Pam and Julie visited often enough to be on first name basis with most of the staff. They walked in and were greeted warmly by the owner.

"The special today, ladies?" David asked.

"Sounds good to me," Julie told him as she walked to a booth with Pam following close behind.

"Just coffee for me, thanks," Pam said with a smile.

Julie sat and looked Pam in the eye but did not say anything. She knew her friend well enough to know that something was bothering her and sooner or later Pam would tell her.

"Well?" Julie finally asked when it seemed Pam was not going to talk.

"Well what?"

"Care to talk about it?" Julie asked.

Pam raised her eyes and met those of Julie's. Pam was a few years older then Julie but the bond that they had forged over the years over-looked that. They often talked about personal things with each other, things they couldn't talk about with anyone else. Pam opened her mouth to speak but then closed it and looked away.

"What is it?" Julie asked softly.

"It's nothing."

Julie laid her hand on top of her friends in a friendly gesture. "It has to be something. I haven't seen you this flustered in a long time."

Pam removed her hand from Julie's and folded her hands in front of her. She could only stare at them until David brought her coffee and Julie's meal. Then slowly she started to speak. "I found something in Sam's bedroom this morning I wished I had never seen."

Julie took a bite of her food but remained quiet.

"I was gathering his dirty clothes after he left for school. I saw something sticking out from his mattress so naturally I had to see what it was."

Julie raised her eyebrows as to say please continue.

"It was a pornographic magazine." Pam whispered with venom in her voice. "He knows how I feel about that filth."

"He's fourteen. You know he has to be curious," Julie offered.

"I don't want that trash in my house. Besides..." Pam stopped before she said any more.

"Besides what?"

"Julie do you want to know what it was, the magazine?"

"If it will make you feel better telling me, sure."

Pam took another deep breath and sipped her coffee. Her eyes were on Julie's as she continued. "It was very graphic with older women and young boys."

"Oh," Julie said. "How much older and how much younger?"

"Julie, the name of the magazine was 'Moms and Sons'".

Julie used her napkin to hide the smile that threatened to spread across her face. Images of Christy telling her what it was like to have Megan Simms between her legs flashed through her mind. Her pussy moistened as she thought of her brother, James, as he fucked her the night before with Christy and John watching.

"I see," she said in her most serious voice. "Do you think Sam has the hots for you?"

"Oh God!" Pam exclaimed. "Do you think so?" When she has seen the magazine, she was so furious with her son, she did not think of anything other than that a pornographic magazine was under Sam's mattress.

"Pam, I'm sure it's nothing to worry about," Julie told her friend. "Tell you what, what if I have John or James talk to him?"

"No," Pam said flatly. "I'm his mother, I will talk to him."

Julie smiled at her friend and then looked at her plate before speaking. "What are you going to say?"

Pam blushed as she remembered her first thought after seeing the title. Then looked at Julie, "My first thought was, "If he likes mom and sons porn, maybe I should be more accommodating. Maybe it will scare him enough to leave the stuff alone."

"Well there is always show and tell," Julie joked. She did not mean to say it out loud and was afraid Pam would be mad but when Pam remained silent, she knew she had escaped Pam's wrath. "But if you play with fire, you will get burnt."

"It won't go that far," Pam said, suddenly getting defensive.

"If it ever did, I would love to watch," Julie teased.

"You, you, would?" Pam said, getting flustered and taken back a little by Julie's comment.

"A young boy's first time? With his mother? Oh yeah."

"Julie! What happened to your Christian beliefs?" Pam asked, trying to sound disapproving.

"You're the one that said you should be more accommodating and you ask me about Christian beliefs?"

"But ... but..."

Julie leaned closer to Pam and lowered her voice to a whisper. "Can't you just imagine him between your legs?"

"I don't think this is appropriate," Pam said, squirming in her seat.

"His naked body standing in front of you, his cock sticking up?" Julie continued.

"Julie, please, don't," Pam whispered, as she closed her eyes.

"The magazine turned you on, didn't it, mom?" Julie asked.

Pam paused and thought about what Julie had asked. She sighed deeply and then whispered, "Yes."

"Tell me Pam," Julie whispered.


Julie just smiled at her friend, their eyes met and no words were needed for the communication to take place.

"Yes, I want him," she told her younger friend.

"We better get back to work," Julie said sliding out of the booth.

They walked silently back to the office but as Julie reached for the door, Pam stopped her. "Would you really want to watch?"

"Oh yeah," came the throaty reply.

"How awful am I that I'm even considering this?"


Friday night came. Pam knew that John was out of town again, so she invited Julie over for dinner. They had talked some more on the matter of seducing Sam and decided this was as good as a night as any to try.

Julie drove to her friend's house feeling anxious and excited. She purposely did not tell Pam anything about the new relationships forming in her family. She thought that might make it sound like she was pushing Pam into doing something she did not want. Although the idea of watching her and her son aroused her, she knew that Pam would have to be the one to make the final decision.

"Hi," Sam said, greeting Julie at the door.

Julie looked at the boy and smiled as she entered the house. "If he knows anything about the plans for tonight, he is being amazingly cool about it," she thought to herself. "Hello."

"I see he still remembers his manners," Pam said smiling, as she walked from her bedroom. "Dinner is all ready."

As they ate their meal, their conversation covered many topics. When they had finished, Julie helped Pam rinse the dishes, leaving them in the sink. "Now what?" Julie asked.

"Now we talk to him," Pam said, as she dried her hands on the dishtowel.

Julie followed her friend into the living room where Sam had started playing Halo on his game system. They sat on either side of the young boy and watched him play his game, asking the usual questions non-gamers ask. When his character died, Pam asked him to turn the system off so they could talk.

"What's up?" he asked.

"You want to tell me about what I found in your room?" Pam asked.

Sam's eyes grew large and his face drained of color. "It's, uh, it's..."

Pam looked at him with a smirk on her face that only a mother can have when waiting for a lame excuse from her child. "It's what?"

"What did you find?" Sam tried to back paddle.

"Oh, I think you know what I found."

Sam glanced at Julie and felt his face flush in embarrassment. "Mom, please."

"Tell me," Pam said. "What did I find?"

"A dirty magazine." It came out as a defeated whisper. Sam knew that this conversation could not be good and wished that it did not have to take place in front of Julie.

"What was the name of it," Pam pressed.

"Mom!" Sam said, looking at Julie hoping his mother would take the hint and drop it until Julie left.

"Sam," Julie spoke up, "Your mother asked me to help talk to you about having material like that."

Sam lowered his head knowing this conversation was not going to go away. It was embarrassing to be caught with porn knowing how his mother felt about it. It was even more embarrassing being caught with porn about mothers and their sons. It was even worse being asked about it in front of someone else.

"Well?" Pam asked.

"Moms and Sons."

"Where did you get it?" Julie asked.

"A friend at school stole it from his dad and gave it to me."

"Do you find it exciting?" Pam asked.

Sam shrugged his shoulders. 'Yeah, I find it exciting, but I'm not telling you that, ' he thought to himself.

Julie glanced at Pam and saw a strange look on her face. She glanced back at Sam and saw him hanging his head, staring at the floor. When she looked at Pam again, she saw her unbuttoning the top two buttons of her blouse.

"Sam, look at me," Pam told her son.

Sam slowly raised his head and looked at his mother. His eyes widened when he saw her hand playing with the collar of her blouse. "Does it excite you? Moms with their sons?"

Sam's mouth suddenly felt dry. He tried to swallow but could not. He tried to speak; to say anything but found he had no words to say. Finally, he just nodded his head, yes.

Pam gave Julie a look that said, "It's now or never" and took a deep breath. Her fingers opened another button on her blouse as she asked, "Do you find me exciting?"

Julie watched Sam as his mother pulled her blouse apart, revealing her cleavage and some of her lacy bra. She saw his eyes move to her breasts and heard him take a ragged breath. "It's what you want, isn't it?" Julie asked the boy, as she rubbed his shoulders.

Sam did not know what to think. His mother was opening her blouse, showing him her breasts. Her best friend was on the other side of him, rubbing his shoulders. Although his big head didn't know quite what to make of the situation, his little head did. It quickly started to swell in his pants, becoming almost uncomfortable.

He thought back about a week ago. He had just gotten home from school and wanted to get his homework done so he could play his video games. As he reached inside his book bag, he was surprised to see a magazine. It totally shocked him when he saw what it was. Never before had he had sexual thoughts about his mother, but after looking at the pictures, he could think of nothing else.

Julie slid closer to the boy and leaned close to his ear. "She is beautiful, isn't she?" she whispered, letting her lips graze his ear.

Pam heard and saw what Julie was doing and opened the rest of the buttons on her blouse. She slowly pulled it out from her pants and then off her shoulders. She knew that Sam had seen her in her bra and panties before, those things happen from time to time, but this was different. This time she was deliberately undressing for him, showing him her breasts. Suddenly she felt something that surprised her. She felt the lust that was building inside her and the moisture that was seeping out of her pussy.

"Is this what you want?" she asked her son.

Sam remained silent although his eyes never left her bra encased breasts. He wanted to reach out and touch them but was scared to. He then felt Julie's hand in his lap, rubbing his leg very close to his hardness. "Ohhhhhhh," he moaned.

"Mommy asked you a question," Julie whispered in his ear. "Don't you think you should answer her?"

Sam licked his lips and forced a swallow. He looked up to his mother's face and very quietly said, "Yes, I want to see them."

He felt Julie press her body closer to his and felt her boobs rubbing against his arm. Her hand was sliding closer to his crotch, which caused his breath to catch in his throat.

"You can touch them, if you want," Julie whispered.

Pam saw his hand start to rise and then fall back to his side. She knew that this was all new to him and he needed guidance. She took his hand in hers and lifted to her left breast. Her own breath caught in her throat as she felt him squeeze lightly.

Julie hand was very close to his hard and she felt her nipples harden as she rubbed them against his arm. "We can stop any time," she told him. "You don't have to do anything you are not comfortable with."

"No!" Sam said almost too loudly. "Uh, no, uh, I don't want to stop."

Julie got off the sofa and sat in a chair facing them. She saw both Pam and Sam looking at her and she just smiled and indicated they should continue without her.

Pam smiled at her son as she reached behind her and opened her bra but left it hanging on her shoulders. "Sam, if you want to see them, you have to pull my bra off."

Sam curled his fingers into the lacy fabric of his mother's bra and pulled it away. His eyes were wide as her breasts came into view. They were not as big as the women in his magazine but they were not small either. He licked his lips again, as he took in the sight of her hard nipples and the surrounding areolas. He had only seen pictures of breasts before, never in real life.

Pam reached down and took the bra from her son's hand and tossed it aside. Then she took both of his hands and brought them to her bare breasts. She felt the warmth and the softness of his palms as her nipples bore into them and she felt more of her pussy juice flow into her panties. It had been a long time since she had had sex. Tom had been the only one ever to see her naked, other then her parents when she was a small child. Tom had been the only one she had ever made love to and that was fourteen years ago. Her Christian upbringing and the shame of having a child out of wedlock kept her celibate, except for a small vibrator she had hidden in the bottom drawer of her night stand.

Without saying anything, she put her hand on the back of her son's head and pulled him to her chest. Her arms went around him, hugging him tenderly and lovingly as she felt him lay his cheek against her tit. "Do you want to suck them?" she softly asked.

Sam moved his mouth until her nipple was against his lips. Slowly he opened them and sucked it deep into his mouth. "Oh my God, I'm sucking my mom's tits!" he thought to himself. One hand was still on her boob and he squeezed the soft flesh with it. He had often wondered, if even fantasized what it would be like to see a girl's naked tits. Never in his young imagination would he have thought that his first experience would be with his mother. His fingers found her hard nipple and instinctively he let his thumb rub across it.

"Oh, Sammy," he heard his mother moan. "That feels so good."

Julie sat in the chair and watched as Pam experienced her first sexual encounter in many years. She could not help the tingling feeling she was feeling between her legs knowing that this was Sam's first experience ever. The sight of him nuzzled up to his mother's tit only heightened her arousal. Slowly, she opened the front of her pants and slipped a hand inside. At first, her hand stayed on the outside of her damp panties as she watched Sam move from one tit to the other.

Pam was watching in awe as her son suckled her breasts. She thought back to when he was a baby and how greedily he suckled then. She also thought back to that time and remembered how horny it got her and how she often had to use her fingers to relieve the tension after he was fed.

She looked across the room at her friend sitting in the chair. Her eyes widened when she saw that Julie had opened her pants and was rubbing her pussy with one hand, while playing with her nipple with the other. Pam was shocked at first that Julie would be so brazen as to play with herself in front of them. Then as she looked at her son's face pressed against her breast, she realized that it must be quite arousing for her.

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