Waitress Service

by Paladin

Copyright© 2011 by Paladin

Erotica Sex Story: Avoiding a downpour,after a visit to the tax office,I dropped into a cafe and met Adele.The sexiest looking waitress I've ever seen.Ditched by her husband, the father of her 3 kids,we strike sparks and I give her wonderful lesbian sex in the toilet.She turns out to be eager and a fast study!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Squirting   .

As I walk out of the tax offices I'm thoroughly pissed off! I've wasted hours and a lot of breath, not to mention a trip from one side of the city to another, to have them admit I was right all along. For weeks they've been murdering me with excess income tax and trying to tell me I also owe them back taxes.

I tried phoning, you can be on hold forever, and when you do get through you're talking to morons! I Emailed and wrote them, and got fucking nowhere, so finally I go there in person. I finish up with a "tax officer" who looks like he hasn't started shaving yet! Ahmed was polite and bloody useless so I yelled at him till he finally sent for his supervisor. Mr Cameron at last got to the root of my problem.

"I'm so sorry Ms Carson but it appears that the National Insurance number on your tax docket doesn't match the number entered in your computer file. One of our staff has made an error entering it!"

"Then I don't owe you any back taxes?"


"And you've been taking too much tax off me for all those weeks?"

"Er well yes!"

"So in fact you owe me money?"

"I'm sorry and I'll arrange for your rebate to be paid directly into your bank account as fast as we possibly can."

I don't bother thanking him. Why should I? If they did their job properly I wouldn't have to have been here in the first place! I get out before I get round to punching somebody. The cherry on top of it all is when I get outside; what was steady rain is now a bloody downpour. I know it's my own city, but this south side is an area I've hardly ever been to before, and all I know is I have to head down St Michael's road to get to the bus stop to go home.

A couple of blocks down the road I realise I'm gonna be soaked to the skin if I stay out in this lot for much longer; and then my memory kicks in. On the way up to that office I recall passing a small eatery of some kind; not big, but it looked clean and smelled nice as I passed it. If I pop in for a cup of coffee I can maybe wait out the worst of this weather!

When I step inside the first thing I notice is the place is like the bloody Marie Celeste! Totally deserted by customers and any staff. Dripping rain off my zip jacket I lean on the counter and tap with a pound coin.

"Hello anybody there?"

A voice emanates from somewhere at the back of the place.

"Hang on love I'll be with you in a second."

While I wait I look the place over. It's small but clean; along one wall is a line of oblong tables bolted to the floor with high backed benches on each side, four customer places to a table and six tables, so no lack of choice for me. I settle for one well away from the door and the gusts of wind blowing outside. A minute or so later the owner of the voice comes in from the back of the premises.

"What can I get you hon?"

The first thing out of my mouth is "Just a cup of coffee" before I see who's speaking from behind the counter. I shut up and take in her appearance even as my nipples go hard and erect. Her hair's the exact same colour as mine, copper red, but while mine is cropped short hers is long at the back and sides with a fringe across her forehead. She's small, maybe six inches shorter than my five feet eight, so I can't see a lot of her above the counter. However what I can see turns me on!

Just let me make things clear that she's not the most beautiful woman in the world; but to me she may well be the hottest. At a guess she's late thirties which makes her more than ten years younger than me. There are a few lines on her face and her neck tells you she's past her first flush of youth, but her snub nose and wide, thin lipped mouth, suit me fine. She's pale skinned and heavily freckled; again just like me. She's wearing a tight "V" neck top, really tight, and the outline of her bra which cradles large breasts is clearly visible through the thin, white, cotton.

Also visible are the outlines of her large nipples which stand out despite two layers of cloth!

"A cup or a mug hon?"

"A mug please dear!"

She busy's herself with the coffee machine and a mug and then calls over her shoulder to me.

"Stay right there hon and I'll bring it round to you. Today you get waitress service since we're like a morgue today."

When she emerges from behind the counter I get even more steamed up! She's wearing a short, black, miniskirt, well micro-skirt to be precise. Her legs, sheathed in black pantyhose, are maybe the best I've seen for years. Her waist is very narrow and there's a nice swell to her hips, though they aren't really wide, and her thighs and calves are smooth and shapely like a dancer's. She arrives, places my mug of coffee on my table, and braces her palms on the plastic surface while looking out through the window at the curtain of rain.

"Christ look at it out there! That's in for the day!"

I can't take my eyes off her so I try to keep her around a while longer.

"Well the weather's bloody awful so maybe that's why I'm the only one in here?"

Thank God she slips onto the bench across the table from me, rests her elbows on it, and rests her chin on the back of her hands.

"The weather doesn't help, but with the other end of St Michael's closed to traffic with the road works we're not getting the passing trade. I haven't seen you in here before hon do you live round here?"

"Me? No I've been to the tax office to get them to stop screwing me out of my money for tax I don't owe them. Don't you get any of them in here for food?"

She shrugs which is fine by me since those big tits bounce interestingly.

"Nah they've got a nice subsidised cafeteria in there so we can't compete with their prices. If things go on like this Dave might not be able to keep this place open much longer. Are you working?"

Not that long ago she'd have asked where I worked but the recession's changed the way people think.

"No I was made redundant a couple of years ago but I got a decent payoff and I'm not hurting for cash right now. Plus I started drawing a pension from my firm once I hit fifty."

"What! You're never fifty!"

That's nice to hear, good genes, good diet, plenty of gym work, have kept me in decent shape. I'd rather talk about her though.

"How are you getting by moneywise? By the way my name's Lorraine; my friends call me Lori!"

She shrugs again and I can't keep my eyes off the way her great tits move when she does. Tapping a finger right on her left nipple she replies to me.

"I'm Adele hon and to be honest it isn't easy what with me having three kids; so money's short. Especially since my prick of a husband went AWOL three years ago. I've not seen or heard a thing from him since!"

This time I go ahead with the compliments from me to her.

"I can't believe you've had three kids Adele!"

"Jeeze thanks Lori but I'm thirty eight so I'm no youngster."

I see just a tiny window of opportunity and decide to make the most of it.

Reaching across the table, past the empty coffee mug I've emptied, without noticing whether it was good or rotten stuff, I take hold of one of her hands.

"What kind of idiot would walk out on someone as gorgeous as you?"

There's two spots of colour high on her cheeks and I realise she's blushing quite hard!

"Ah come on Lori I've had three kids and I'm no spring chicken but it's nice of you to say so!"

I've made a chink in her armour so I'm not giving up now!

"Adele have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately? You've got the most fantastic figure on a woman I've seen for years. If you were in my bed I'd never let you leave!"

That blush is now furious but she's still holding my hand tightly so I raise it and kiss the back of hers softly.

"God! What are you doing? I mean... !

She trails off as I lean further across the table and kiss her hard on the mouth. Suddenly she grabs my head and kisses me back wildly.

"Oh fuck I've never been with a woman before but since Joey left I've forgotten what sex is like. I want you now!"

I'm losing it myself and if this goes on I'll fuck her on the floor right here.

"Where can we go? I wanna fuck you now!"

Tearing away from me she turns and calls out.

"Dave nothing doing here so I'm gonna take a break. I'll be out in the back if we get busy!"

From the kitchen a bored and disinterested voice replies.

"Take as long as you like love no-one's coming out in this lot!"

One finger to her lips she grabs my hand and leads me through the door to one side of the counter. Her rear is firm and round and the V of her panties shows through the thin cloth of that brief skirt. Grabbing a key off a hook on the wall she unlocks a door that turns out to be the toilet. Slamming it behind us she locks us in!

With a whimper I lunge for her, clamp my hands onto her arse, lock my mouth onto hers and kiss her like a wild teen on her first date. She's frantic, her tongue pushes into my mouth, her arms lock around my neck, and suddenly she hauls herself up to wrap her legs around my waist. Freeing her mouth from mine she hisses in my ear.

"Fuck me Lori! Fuck me right here and now I can't wait!"

Still standing with this small woman hanging onto me I grab the hem of her top and wrench it off her somehow. Her big breasts are spilling out of the cups of her bra as I press her back against the wall and bury my face against her rubbery flesh. Sucking and biting at large and erect nipples I'm trying to get a hand up that micro-skirt; but it's as tight as it's short. Somehow I worm a hand up there, between her thighs, to the crotch of her panties, to find they're sopping wet, as wet as I am now!

Tottering, somehow, into one of the toilet stalls, I bounce her onto the plastic seat, pausing only to rip off my sweater. My jacket lays dripping rain on the table outside. Then I'm tugging down her skirt and hooking my fingers into the waistband of her sheer pantyhose and her briefs. Now she's naked on a toilet seat; except for her bra twisted around her waist like a belt. Her vulva's sparsely sprinkled with copper hairs as though she's ready to shave it soon.

My clothes feel like they're strangling me so I pull down the straps of my bra and unhook it. Tugging loose the drawstring on my jogging pants I step out of them and then peel off my already creamy panties. She's staring at my breasts, even more impressive than hers, though I'm a big lady and she's petite.

"God I wanna suck those boobs Lori!"

"Yeah but first you get fucked by me then you get to fuck me!"

Dropping onto my knees on the vinyl flooring I spread her silky thighs wide. Her legs are superb and I'd make love just to her legs if I could. I gaze down at her wet pussy. It's so neat and taut I can't believe she's had three kids! Her labia are plump and dark from the blood that's flooded the soft flesh. First I lick and nip at the insides of her wonderful thighs. The smooth muscles beneath her soft skin tremble at my caresses. Bowing my head my pursed lips kisses her silky sex and she shudders at my touch.

As my tongue slides over her creamy depths she moans and crushes my face hard against her pussy. This first "O" will come too fast as she's wildly aroused but it will be really hard. When she orgasms it's astounding! Her eyes glaze over as her whole body shakes and writhes insanely. Her head lashes back and forth so hard I have to stand and cradle it to my breasts to stop it hitting the tiled wall.

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