Christy's Sexy Afternoon

by Pope Perv

Copyright© 2011 by Pope Perv

Sex Story: Christy shares an afternoon after school with a girl from church.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Fa/ft   .

It was Wednesday evening, the night of the weekly youth meeting at the Baptist church Christy Putnam's late father-in-law pastored. As one of the leaders of the youth department, it was her responsibility to get to the church early and set up the tables, chairs, and whatever else was needed for that evening's activities.

She pulled into the empty parking lot, knowing the teens would not start arriving for another thirty minutes. So it surprised her when she saw Megan Simms sitting on the steps, waiting.

"Hi, Megan," Christy said, as she got out of the car and made her way to the side door of the church.

"Hi," Megan responded cheerfully.

Christy smiled at her and a sudden tingle rush across her body. The memory of watching Megan getting her young pussy licked by Christy's late mother- in-law, Patricia, flashed in her mind, as well as the confession that she wanted to do that with Christy.

"Why are you here so early?" Christy asked, as she unlocked the door and held it open for her.

"Mom had a meeting so she dropped me off here."

Christy got busy and with Megan helping her, they finished the set up quickly. "I was wondering," Christy said to Megan, as she sat next to her. "Is it possible that we could meet after school tomorrow? It's been a long time since we had a chance to talk."

"I would like that."

"Good. Is it alright if I pick you up from school?"

"That would be great!" Megan said, excitedly.

Christy smiled at the girl and then heard the first of the teens enter the room.

The rest of the evening went smoothly. They played games, had some refreshments, and then a short Bible study. It was an unwritten rule that the person who did the set up, did not have to do the break down. So shortly after the Bible study, Christy slipped out the side door, got in her car and drove home. She thought about going over to see John but decided against it. She hadn't talked with her parent's since the afternoon they made love with each other and decided not to see them tonight either.

Her mind was on Megan. Ever since she heard the young girl confess that she wanted to lick her pussy, she thought about how to make it happen. Tomorrow was going to be the first step in the seduction of young Megan Simms.

"Hi," James greeted his wife as she entered the front door. "Did you get a chance to talk to her?"

"I'm picking her up after school tomorrow. I have never been so excited yet so scared in all my life."

James put his arms around her waist and pulled her to him. "Relax, let it happen the way it's going to happen. Don't push it." He smiled at her before lowering his mouth and pressing his lips to hers.

Christy wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back. She opened her mouth and allowed his tongue into it. Their lips slowly parted and Christy looked into the eyes of her husband, "I love you. Now take me to bed."

Christy waited for several minutes before she saw Megan exiting the school building. Being a fairly small school, it didn't take long for Megan to find her.

"I have been excited all day about this," Megan happily said, as she crawled in the car and automatically fastened her seat belt.

"Me too," Christy said, smiling, as she pulled away from the curb. "Where do you want to go?"

"Could we go to my house?" Megan asked, her voice sounding a little less sure than it did a moment before.

"If you like."

"Mom made some brownies last night," Megan said.

Christy looked at the young girl. A few moments ago this girl was all bubbly and excited. Now she sounded like the nervous little girl she was. Giving her a warm smile and a pat on the leg, Christy told her it sounded like a wonderful idea.

The drive to the Simms house only took fifteen minutes. Christy asked her young friend about school, her friends, and what her favorite classes were. When they arrived in the driveway, Megan opened the car door and smiled sweetly at her older friend before getting out. "Come on," she said.

Christy admired the girl's legs as she followed behind. They were long and slim and ended in a tight, round ass. She had thought many times how to approach the subject of sex with this girl. Did she just come out and tell her that she saw the video and knew what Megan wanted to do? Did she slyly get close to her until she gently kissed her? She thought about many different ways but in the end, she decided that she would just have to wait and see how it happened.

Megan held the door open for her friend and closed it when they were both inside. Christy turned to face the young girl and was surprised by Megan's sudden actions. Megan stepped close to her, put her hands on the front of her shoulders and kissed her.

Christy was too shocked at first to make any movements. She felt her emotions melt as Megan's hands slid down her chest. Then she felt Megan's tongue licking her lips and a small moan of pleasure escaped her mouth. She was scared the girl would reject her advances but seeing the boldness and the aggressiveness, she knew this would not be the case.

"Wow," Christy said, as Megan pulled away from her.

"I'm sorry," Megan said when she saw the shocked look on her friend's face. "I, uh, I shouldn't have done that."

Christy reached her hand out to the girl's face and cupped her cheek tenderly, letting her thumb stroke it. In a soft voice she said, "Its okay."

Megan smiled as she looked into Christy's eyes and then took her hand. "Let me show my you bedroom." She led them to a very clean bedroom and allowed Christy to enter first, then closed the door behind them. "I know you watched the video."

"Yes we did," Christy affirmed, cupping the girl's face again. "You are a very pretty girl."

Megan stepped close to Christy and put her arms around her neck. She felt Christy's breasts pressing against hers as she kissed her softly. "Then you know what I want to do."

Christy's arms went around her young friend and pressed her body tighter against her. As their kiss grew more passionate, she felt her own nipples harden and her pussy start to moisten. Of all the ways she had imagined this moment, she never thought that Megan would be the one to instigate it.

Megan loved the way Christy's body felt against hers. She had lain in bed on many nights thinking of her, thinking how good it would feel to have her laying naked beside her, cuddling with her, talking softly with her. She moaned as she felt Christy's hand slide down her back and caress her bottom.

Their kiss waned but their passions grew as their hands explored the other's body. Christy raised her hands over her head when she felt Megan's hand slip under her shirt and slide up her sides then helped pull it off her arms, dropping to the floor. She watched Megan's eyes take in the sight of her boobs before cupping the girl's face with both hands and kissing her deeply. She felt Megan reach behind her, open her bra and then pull it off of her.

"They're so pretty," Megan told her. She did not wait for a response but quickly knelt in front of her lover and opened the front of her pants. She looked up into Christy's smiling face as she pulled both her pants and panties down. "You want me to lick it, don't you?"

"Very much," Christy told her, as she raised one foot and then the other as Megan helped her out of her pants.

Megan leaned in and kissed just above her slit. She could smell Christy's arousal and could feel the heat coming from the wet pussy. "Say it again."

"I would love to have you lick my pussy."

Megan got to her feet and walked to her bed. She pulled the covers down and patted the mattress. "Please lay with me?"

Slowly, Christy stepped in front of the girl and lowered herself to her knees and put her hands on the girl's hips. She then ran her hands up her sides, feeling her warm skin, as she kissed the soft skin around her exposed belly button. She smiled into her young lover's eyes, as she watched her pulled her shirt over her head and dropped it to the floor. Christy continued to watch as Megan undid the front hook of her bra and moaned as she covered Megan's young firm tits with her hands and felt her nipples harden.

Megan's breasts were not large for her age, nor were they small. They were about the size of tennis balls with pebble-sized nipples. Her areolas were a lovely shade of light pink which made them look all the more appetizing.

Christy quickly opened the front of Megan's pants and soon helped her out of them before getting to her feet. Her arms went around her waist and pulled her close. She felt a moment's worth of guilt as she remembered that Megan was only thirteen and if they were found out, this could land her in jail. The wickedness of that thought made her take a deep breath and hug her tighter.

Megan too felt the wickedness of the moment although it was not a new feeling for her. She remembered being in the Putnam's home office, sitting naked on the sofa as Patricia striped in front of her. She remembered hearing Patricia's lewd comments about what she wanted to do to her and how horny it made her. She thought back to when she was in the Pastor's church office and how she had teased him by showing him her panties and rubbing her inner thighs. A smiled always came to her face when she thought of him standing up, stepping to her, and kissing her tenderly on the mouth.

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