Manny's Mom's Boobs

by Lauren

Copyright© 2011 by Lauren

Incest Sex Story: Manny and his stepfather Stan see an actress on television and comment on how much her breasts resemble Manny's mother's breasts. Stan jokingly suggests that Manny climb into bed with his mother Gloria and take a shot at her boobs. Gloria has a surprising reaction when she finds her breasts being sucked in the middle of the night.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Incest   Mother   Son   Big Breasts   .

"Look at that lady on TV. Doesn't she look a lot like Mom?" Manny asked.

"She sure does," Stan replied. "A lot."

​"Especially her ... you know?"

"Yeah Manny. I know. You can say it. Her cleavage."

"Her boobs."

"Yeah, you can say that one too. Your mom's definitely gifted in ​that area."

"Was that why you wanted to marry her?"


"Do you not want to talk about this, 'cause you're my step dad?"

"Oh, no, Manny, not at all. I don't mind. No, I was just gonna say that without a doubt, I find Gloria to be really attractive in lots of ways. So, did I notice that she was built? Of course. But I just want you to know there are a ton of reasons I wanted to be with her." Stan kept looking at Manny. "But I'm certainly not sorry she has really big jugs!"

This made stepfather ​and stepson laugh.

​"Well, you're really lucky, Stan."

"I know it, Kid. I know it for sure. Of course, it's not like you haven't spent time with your mom's boobs. She breastfed you, right?"

"Well, yeah, I guess. But it's not like I remember it!"

"I guess that's true. Well, maybe you'll get hungry and she'll let you do it again!"

More laughter from the boys.​

"Very funny, Stan," Manny said.

"Hey Kid, you never know. As a matter of fact, why don't you just sneak in there sometime when she's asleep. You know Gloria sleeps naked, right?"

"She does?" Manny asked, scarcely believing his stepfather would speak so openly with him about such things.

"Yep. She's such a sound sleeper, she probably wouldn't even know."

"Yeah, right!" Manny exclaimed.

They both laughed again, then went back to watching TV.​ Eventually Stan fell asleep in his recliner, which he did most nights. Usually he would wake up at 3 or 4 in the morning and find his way to bed in a daze.

Manny sat in the recliner next to Stan's. Of course, he couldn't stop thinking about their conversation. Stan couldn't have meant what he said. No way. But Manny wondered if such a crazy idea could work. Could he sneak into his mother's bed and suck her boobs without her waking up?

The idea gave him an instant erection. Then when he found the same show on another channel, the show with the woman whose breasts reminded him of his mother's, ​he got so turned on that his desires took over.

"Mom?" Manny whispered from his mother's doorway. "Mom?"

Nothing. He ventured in and whispered again. Still nothing. He whispered once more from the edge of the bed. His mother gave no response, other than heavy breathing.

Manny slowly pulled the covers back to reveal his mother's fully naked, soundly sleeping body. He stared in awe at her beauty for a minute before climbing in. His mother was lying on her side facing him. He put one hand on one of her breasts and felt the hard-on in his boxers jump. Thankfully his mother didn't jump. She showed no signs of stirring.

​He carefully slid himself into position, laying parallel to her, with his head of course, directly even with his mother's big tits. He put his hand back on the breast on top and caressed it.

"Am I really doing this?" Manny whispered faintly to himself. "Mom?" No response.

His touch went from caressing to gently squeezing and eventually his thumb and forefinger found their way to her nipple. He tweaked it very, very softly, feeling it gradually harden. Finally, he did his best to grasp the large breast and hold it toward his face, then he moved in and began kissing the nipple.

"Ohhhhhh..." he whispered, mostly via exhaling.

Manny traced the nipple with the tip of his tongue, then he sucked it into his mouth. He was doing it. He was touching and sucking his mother's beautiful big boob. After a minute he took his mouth off the udder and brought his other hand to it. He grasped the breast from both sides and lifted it up slightly. He was amazed at how heavy it was. With both hands, he put the nipple back in his mouth. Then his mother did start to stir.

"Hmm?" Gloria mumbled as Manny froze. "Who's ... mmmmmm."

Then she was silent again. Manny's hands were still around her breast and it was still in his mouth. He was terrified. What if she woke up and found him there? He knew he could never explain it. His only option was to try ever so carefully to extricate himself from her tit and her bed.

As Manny began to separate mouth from boob, his mother stirred again.

"Mmmmmm..." she mumbled again. "OOhhhhhh..."

She brought ​her hand up and started caressing Manny's head.

"AAahhhhh... ," she sighed more loudly. "Ohhh, you haven't done that for a while."

Manny was petrified. Could she possibly want him to do this?

"I guess you've been wanting Mommy's tits, huh?" Gloria said softly. "Oh Baby, suck me. Suck Mommy's nipple. That feels so good."

Manny had no choice but to keep sucking in hopes that his mother might fall back to sleep and think she had dreamed everything. To his surprise, Gloria moved her hand from his head to her own breast. She moved his hand out of the way and grasped her boob herself.

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