Detention Affair

by Sweet Willy

Copyright© 2011 by Sweet Willy

Erotica Sex Story: A teachers assistant, helps some students and gets more than she thought

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   .

I was working as an aide to a development center for the local school district. It was called a development center but in reality was a special school for students with behavior problems that the regular schools didn't want to deal with. The grades ran from 6th through 12th with most of the students being in high school. My job included various tasks from answering the phone to making copies to even helping out with the lesson plans of the teachers. My third year there a new policy was implemented in that after school detention was now allowed for the students involved in minor problems. Usually the teachers picked straws on who would run it the one day a week but none of them wanted to. It was proposed that the aides, of whom there were three of us, should be allowed to handle the detention. The other two aides were not interested but it was extra money for me so I volunteered. This story is about one of those times.

I guess now would be a good time to describe myself. My name is Janice; I am 36 years old, brunette and am overweight. Unfortunately most of my extra pounds are around my belly, neck, and in my breasts. My husband doesn't mind and loves the size of my boobs, being that they are 48D in size, but I wish they were smaller. Of course with their size it's kind of hard to keep them under wraps so to speak. Anyway back to my story. Working with the students I had developed a good relationship with them as a few learned that they could talk with me and that if needed any help, I was there. As a result of this, if one of the students did something right, or got a good grade, or finally learned something new, they would be extremely pleased with themselves and would come and thank me. Now, it started with the girls but then the boys started it also, but they would ask for a hug during these bright moments. I didn't mind and thought nothing of it. However, one night I mentioned to my husband that two boys, Jamal and Devon, both kept asking for hugs for every little thing they did. In a laughing manner he said "they probably just want to feel your tits against them". "I don't think so" I replied not thinking that that could be the case. "What are these boys like?" he asked. "Jamal is 17 and Devon's 16 years old, both kicked out of school for various discipline reasons. Both are tall, thin, and they're black" I told him. "Well there you have it" he said. "What do you mean?" "You have a couple of young, horny, black boys and an attractive white woman with big tits. What else do you think it could be?" I guess he had a point. "Tomorrow in class keep checking to see if they are checking you out, or more importantly staring at your boobs" he suggested. The next day at school, I did as my husband said and did notice that they would keep glancing at me but couldn't tell if their stares were directed at my chest or not. When I told my husband that he was right he just laughed. Then after a while he said "You should wear something that shows them off" waving his hand at my chest. "You know show some cleavage, gives those boys a treat". I hit him in the arm but he just laughed at me. "Might be funny to see what they do" he said. "Wouldn't mind seeing them for myself" he said with a wink. And that night my husband got to more than just see them.

The next day, I put on a top that had a wide V shaped neck opening which gave a hint of flesh but if I bent over then my girls were on display. My husband approved of the top and told me to have some fun at work. After I got to work I noticed that Jamal and Devon kept looking at me more than usual. So after building up a little courage I made sure that I bent over when just those two would be watching and stayed that way so they would get a great view. When I glanced up I saw Devon staring with wide eyes but Jamal was looking at me with this weird smile on his face. The rest of the day was spent doing our usual routine but when the time was right I would give the boys a little treat. I found that I was actually starting to enjoy it and was feeling turned on. When my husband got home that night from work I practically jumped him as soon as he got in the door and we both ran to the bedroom. I had him pay extra attention to my breasts and he knows just how I like having my nipples licked and sucked. After we were finished, I told him what had happened at school and this turned him on as it did me when I was telling it. We ended up making love the rest of the night, something we hadn't done in years. Luckily it was the weekend so we both slept in. The rest of the weekend we discussed what had happened and what we or rather I should do next. "Try wearing a short, tight skirt and show some more cleavage" he suggested. "I can't wear that kind of skirt as the other teachers and students would notice and question. Maybe I could let them see more of my boobs though". That we agreed on and my husband helped me pick out a top that would work and one of my more "sexy bras" as he calls them. One that has the least amount of material and just barely holds them in place as long as I don't jiggle too much. "Keep showing them more of those tits and they'll want more than just a good look" he kidded me and I just laughed at that suggestion. That Monday at school went along as usual and Jamal and Devon got to see more of my breasts as I bent over for them. At one point, I must have been bending over too much because they popped out of my bra. Luckily no one else saw and my top held them in enough but the boys got an even better view, if just briefly, as I was able to stuff them back in. When I looked up, Devon was staring wide eye as usual and licking his lips and Jamal was giving me that smile of his but also rubbing his crotch. As soon as I noticed that I quickly looked away. I felt embarrassed by what had happened but also excited and kept seeing the image of Jamal rubbing himself. By the time I got home, I was so horny that my panties were actually a little wet. Unfortunately I remembered that my husband had left that morning for a business trip and would be gone for a few days. When we talked that night I didn't tell him everything that had happened but he still told me that I should wear a sexy skirt and start to show off my ass some also. I tried to relieve myself especially after talking to my husband but it didn't work enough for me so I went to bed frustrated.

The next morning I decided I would wear a skirt but chose one that was knee length. For a top I first picked another wide V-neck but this one was sleeveless which I then covered with a conservative looking jacket and again I put on one of my "sexy bras" and matching panties. When I got to school, one of the teachers reminded me that they were holding an after school detention and that I had volunteered to run it. No problem I said and settled into my work not thinking any more about the detention. Throughout the day I would give the boys a little tease but with the jacket on, it made it harder for them to see and I would also bend over the edge of the desk sticking my butt out some. These actions were starting to excite me and I couldn't wait to get home and tell my husband over the phone and maybe try to do some self-relief. When the day ended and everyone started to leave I stayed behind in the one classroom to run the detention. The teachers usually handled everything else about it like getting the students to the classroom and started on extra work. All I had to do was sit there and monitor them until the time was up.

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