A Weekend to Remember

by WTSman

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Romantic Sex Story: George was annoyed that his parents wouldn't let him stay home alone for the long weekend. Like he would wreck the house with a wild party! Well, he would, but instead he now had to stay at his best friend Jack's house. And then Jack was taken away in an ambulance with appendicitis in the middle of the night. Suddenly George was the baby-sitter for Jack's little sister Lilly. Or should that be babe-sitter?

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   First   .


There was a lot of yelling at the Eastman residence this Wednesday evening. OK, George did the yelling, his parents were maddeningly calm. George, at 16, was fuming. His parents were going away for the long Memorial Day weekend - some pampering get-way for senior management from his dad's company and their spouses.

George had planned a party to end all parties. It was a brilliant plan - party wildly all Saturday night, chill out Sunday, clean up Monday - and his parents would be none the wiser. Unfortunately, his friend Neil - the idiot! - had leaked the plan to his mother. It was to talk his way out of a deadly family get-together on Sunday and Monday. But still! What a jerk! No need to tell any parent that the need for days of cleaning up was anticipated! Neil's mother worked for George's dad. She spilled the beans and the plan was shot down in flames.

"We are not leaving you alone in the house," George's mom said sternly.

"I promise I won't have a party. I'll just have the boys over for pizza and a couple of movies," George pleaded. By 'the boys' he meant Jack, his best friend, and Neil and Dave. Well, maybe not Neil. He would be on George's shit list for a long time after this.

"You've made that promise once before," George's dad said equally stern. "And then you planned something completely different behind our backs. We don't feel we can trust you."

"Aw Dad," George started, but his mom cut him short.

"I agree with your father and that's final. I've arranged with Mrs. West that you spend the weekend with them."

Mrs. West was Jack's mother. George liked the family and spent a lot of time there, so things could be worse - at least he would get to hang out with Jack. But it wouldn't be the same!

Neil had told him an interesting bit of information about Nancy Languini. George had the hots for Nancy. Most boys did; Neil did too, George suspected. George had taken Nancy out a few times, but never got past a chaste kiss. As far as he knew, no-one had - she was notoriously straight-laced.

But now, Neil said that at this party two weeks ago someone had gotten Nancy to drink. Nancy absolutely didn't drink, but this guy - not the host - had laced her soft drinks and after two or three of them she was a wild woman. She had willingly followed the guy to a bedroom and was in a state of almost complete undress when the hosts' parents came home and entered their bedroom. Much shrieking and yelling ensued and, thankfully, Nancy's virtue was still intact.

George got hard just thinking of Nancy bare-boobed, wasted, and willing. He had planned on following the recipe on Saturday and rid himself of the stigma of virginity while plugging Nancy's. Instead, he now had to phone Nancy and tell her the party was off. "I know, Neil told me. Your mommy won't let you," she mocked. "But that's OK. Neil's taking me to another party."

George was furious. Not only had Neil ruined his party, now he was taking 'his' girl out. In an uncharacteristic fit of spite, George sneered "Have fun - just watch what goes in your drinks!" and ended the call.

Apart from Nancy and 'the boys', George hadn't actually invited anyone. The way teenage parties worked, scuttlebutt would tell people there was a party on and scores of people would show up, so at least George was spared any more embarrassing cancellation calls. Dave lived next door and had actually heard the yelling, so a sympathetic text message informed George that Dave knew the party was off.

George arrived at the West household, only a couple of blocks away, in the late afternoon on that Friday. It was Lilly, Jack's 14 year old sister with one of her friends, that opened the door. "Hiya George," she chirped. The friend giggled.

"Hiya Lilly, hi Elsa," George said pleasantly which was met by more giggles. He had known Lilly since she was little and liked her. He was always nice to his friends' siblings, having none himself. Dave's two smaller brothers hero-worshipped George and he had always gotten along well with Lilly; sometimes better than Jack did.

Elsa, Lilly's friend and the little sister of another of George's class mates, was the same age as Lilly, but still quite little-girlish to look at. Lilly on the other hand had filled out nicely over the last year. Very nicely, George had to admit. Come to think of it, none of the girls in his class - with the exception of Nancy - had a better rack than Lilly. Well, Susan perhaps, but she was fat. Lilly wasn't. "That's a very nice dress," George said to Lilly. It was too; a light summery thing that showed her ample cleavage.

The girls giggled again. "Thank you," Lilly chirped. "Jack's in his room." The girls sashayed away. Lilly could pull that off. Unlike her angular friend, she had a cute rounded bottom. Very cute.

George followed her with his eyes. For the first time in a several days he wasn't thinking of Nancy.

"Hello George," a nice, feminine voice said.

George was still looking at where Lilly's door had closed to cut off the view and had to mentally pull himself back to the present.

"Hello Mrs. West," George managed just as Jack's mother came out in the hall from the kitchen. "Thank you so much for having me this weekend." His politeness was natural and would have pleased his parents, had they known.

"You're welcome, of course," Mrs. West said. "You're never any trouble." Mrs. West had only heard George complimenting Lilly's dress, not seen his lustful gaze, and she simply thought that George was once more being sweet to a friend's younger sibling. All the mothers knew he was like that and adored him for it.

"Is Mr. West home yet?" George asked. He liked Jack's and Lilly's dad a lot. Unlike his own dad who was always working, Mr. West frequently took the boys to see a game. There was an important game this weekend; perhaps they would go and see it.

Mrs. West dashed his hopes. "No George, Fred won't be home at all this weekend - he's out of state on business."

George's face fell. Too bad, but it couldn't be helped. He recovered quickly "Bummer! - and on a national holiday too!" George said. "Poor Mr. West. He hates missing the big games, but I'm sure we'll have a nice time all the same."

George chatted happily with Mrs. West for a while. Unlike his own mother who spent hours and fortunes on her looks, including a substantial amount on cosmetic surgery, Mrs. West apparently didn't mind looking her age - close to 40. And in George's eyes she was very pretty in a completely natural way. It was obvious where Lilly got her good looks - and her curves. They say that if you want to know what you're getting 'long term' then you should take a close look at your girlfriend's mother. Well, Lilly certainly won hands down over Nancy on that score. Mrs. Languini was barely older than Mrs. West, but she looked like a huge Italian Mama.

"Much as I always enjoy talking to you," Mrs. West eventually said with a smile, "I'm sure Jack must be wondering what's keeping you. He's down in his room. He said he wanted to get his homework done so that nothing would interfere with the weekend."

George could relate; he'd done exactly the same before coming over. And for once - miracle of miracles, their teachers hadn't piled on essay after essay which they easily could have done since every single teacher seemed to be in a frenzy over how little was left of the school year and how far behind they were on the curriculum.

George barged into Jack's room. He expected Jack to be at his desk - either finishing homework or playing some computer game. Instead he found his best friend curled up on the bed snoring. As in actually snoring. Loudly. "Wake up lazy bones," George said cheerfully. He had to repeat it several times before he could get any signs of life from Jack and to his dismay, and growing concern, George noticed that Jack had an ashen grey color to his face - so unlike his usual, ruddy good looks.

"You look like crap," George said.

"I don't feel too good," Jack admitted. "My stomach hurts and I feel warm."

George nodded. He could see that Jack's short red hair was plastered to his head with moisture.

Before he could say anything there was a knock on the door and Lilly and Elsa came in. "Would you guys like to go for a dip in the pool?" Lilly asked. "Dad got it ready yesterday." The girls had already changed. Elsa was in a one-piece suit whereas Lilly wore a bikini. The bikini itself was fairly conservative, but it was last year's bikini and Lilly's large breasts were barely contained. George's jeans started to feel tight.

"I'd love to," he said.

"Won't it be too cold?" Jack asked at the same time.

"No, it's nearly 70 already," Lilly exclaimed. May had been unusually warm, so it wasn't surprising.

"Maybe a dip would do you good," George said persuasively and Jack reluctantly agreed.

The boys showered and changed; George hadn't brought swim wear so he borrowed a pair of shorts from Jack.

The girls were swimming laps when George and Jack got into the water, but then Lilly wanted to play a bit and suggested a game of water tag. Jack quickly tired of the game and got out of the water and Elsa got out too, saying she wanted to work on her tan, but George and Lilly stayed in the pool. The shorts George had borrowed were white and became almost transparent when wet - more than a little embarrassing since George was now very erect from seeing Lilly's scantily covered breasts. It was obvious that Lilly was constantly checking him out and trying to touch him; more than once her hand slid over his hard-on but she didn't say anything - she merely smiled and giggled. On one occasion, when George tried to 'catch' Lilly, she stopped suddenly so his hard-on collided with her ass. He gripped her around her midriff, but she blatantly moved his hands up to her breasts, at the same time moving her ass backwards and rubbing it against George's straining dick.

George was sure it wouldn't take much for him to come and out of the corner of his eye he saw Mrs. West approaching the pool area, so he hastily moved backwards, but he did give one of Lilly's nipples a light squeeze which caused Lilly to moan. "Dinner's nearly ready kids," Mrs. West announced. "Time to rinse and change."

George deliberately swam to the far end of the pool and climbed out with his back to Mrs. West so she wouldn't notice his hard-on. But Lilly came over with his towel, her eyes plastered to the tent in George's shorts. "Here you are George," she chirped and waltzed away with a giggle.

George saw Mrs. West stop her daughter. "You really need a new bikini Lilly," she said in a low voice. "That one leaves far too much visible. Poor George must be so embarrassed." Lilly's reply was inaudible and George fled to the bathroom to rinse quickly.

Dinner was nice - Mrs. West was a great cook and George ate hungrily. But Jack, who usually wolfed down giant meals - God knows where he put it; he was tall and skinny as a bean stalk, was barely touching the food. "Are you OK Jack?" his mother asked in concern.

"No, I feel awful," he replied. "I think I'll go and lie down."

"You do that sweetheart," Mrs. West agreed. "I've already put up the guest bed for George next to yours so he doesn't disturb you if you're asleep when he goes to bed."

Jack just nodded. "Thank you Mrs. West," George said, polite as always. "But you shouldn't have gone through all that trouble - I could easily have done it myself."

"That's OK George," Mrs. West smiled warmly. "You were so busy entertaining the girls, and it only took a minute."

'It was more a case of the girls entertaining me, ' George thought. 'Or Lilly, actually.' He noticed that Lilly was wearing the summer dress again, but something was different. When she got up from the bench to allow Jack to get out George realized that she wasn't wearing a bra. She actually didn't need one; although her breasts were large they looked - and had felt - very firm. Once more the space in George's jeans seemed constricted.

As they were finishing dessert the doorbell rang. "That must be your mom," Mrs. West said to Elsa who gloomily nodded agreement.

"Oh, I thought you were staying over too Elsa," George said.

"No," Elsa said regretfully. "We're going over to Gran's first thing tomorrow morning."

"I'm sure that will be nice. Aren't your cousins coming?" Mrs. West asked.

"Yes they are," Elsa said, "and it will be fun once we're there, but the drive's so long and I always get car sick on those roads."

"Poor you," George said with sympathy. "I hope you're over it quickly. Have a nice weekend."

"Thank you George," Elsa chirped. "You too." She walked out to the hall with Lilly and Mrs. West.

The two West women returned to the dining room a considerable time later. George wasn't surprised; Mrs. West and Mrs. Henderson were great friends and could yak for hours. George had only just returned himself, having cleared the dining table, put leftovers in the fridge and filled the dishwasher. "Aren't you just the sweetest boy?" Mrs. West exclaimed. "Promise me you marry someone like George," she said to Lilly. "You won't regret it!"

Lilly blushed slightly. "I will Mom," she said. There was a small smile on her lips.

"I fear this will be a boring evening for you George," Mrs. West said. She had just been to check on Jack who was deeply asleep. "What with Jack being unwell and Fred away."

"No, that's fine Mrs. West," George protested. "It's always nice to be here."

George sounded sincere. Mrs. West smiled. 'He is a nice boy, and no mistake, ' she thought. "There is a good film on TV tonight. Well, at least Lilly and I think it is good - it is a romantic comedy called 'When Harry Met Sally'. Would you care to watch it with us?"

"Sure," George smiled. He knew the film and actually liked it. He would never admit to his buddies that he liked romantic comedies, but he did. And he always watched them on dates; the girls swooned over boys who didn't drag them along to violent, testosterone-filled films. As he had read in a sex story somewhere: "Take a girl to 'X-Men 27' and the most you get is a peck on the cheek. Take a girl to a romantic comedy and you are almost guaranteed to get her tongue in your mouth and two handfuls of warm boobs." So far that had worked. Well, the kissing at least. And he had been allowed to feel boobs through shirts and bras; he was hoping to get further than that.

But not tonight, evidently. For sure he would like to have Lilly's naked boobs in his hands, but with her mother present that didn't seem likely. And yet...

Mrs. West sat in her favorite armchair. Lilly had said she wanted to 'get ready for bed in case she got sleepy' and returned in the skimpiest of tee-shirts and a pair on miniscule panties just before the film started. If the bikini she wore in the afternoon was last year's, this outfit must be several years old. She sat down at the other end of the sofa George was in, swung her legs up and covered them with a blanket, motioning George to do likewise. Moments later her foot was massaging his crotch. Even through his jeans it felt fantastic. Lilly was being very careful and discrete - the motion was barely noticeable and she was looking at the TV, not at George.

The feeling was building up and George fleetingly wondered if his first orgasm from anything but his own hand would be from somebody's foot. The thought made him giggle, but since it coincided with a particularly funny scene in the film Mrs. West didn't wonder why George was laughing. The laugh brought him back from the brink, but Lilly continued her foot-work and soon George was on a knife's edge again.

Just before he was going to explode Lilly withdrew her foot and went to the bathroom. George was slightly frustrated - he had been that close to coming, but on the other hand he was concerned that a massive ejaculation in his pants could not go unnoticed. When Lilly returned she sat at her end of the sofa with her legs curled up under her. She noticed George's disappointed look and mouthed 'poor darling' before refocusing on the film.

Before long the film ended and Lilly announced she wanted to go to bed. George and Mrs. West murmured agreement and got the living room tidied up. George brushed his teeth, stripped down to his boxers and quietly entered Jack's bedroom.

Jack was snoring again - not quietly and not regularly either. His breathing actually sounded labored and he was whimpering in his sleep. Between the noise and his concern for his friend, George found it difficult to fall asleep. After what felt like a long time George decided to "flip around" and reverse his sleeping position to get a little way away from the noise. It was a wise move; not that he actually managed to fall asleep, but just moments after George had moved his pillow to the foot end of the bed, Jack sad up with a loud cry-like moan and vomited helplessly all over the beds - his own and George's - with the brunt of the spew ending up where George's head had been not three minutes previously. The spasms made Jack scream in agony, he then fell backwards like he had fainted and George, realizing that something was seriously wrong, ran for help.

"Mrs. West, Mrs. West," he yelled outside the master bedroom upstairs. "Come quickly. It's Jack. He's really, really sick."

Mrs. West appeared moments later dressed in a flimsy dressing gown. It looked like she wasn't wearing anything else underneath and George was momentarily distracted. Mrs. West's breasts obviously didn't have the gravity-defying firmness of an early teen, but she had nothing to be ashamed of. George knew he had something to be ashamed off, but mercifully Mrs. West was too preoccupied with the emergency to notice the lustful gaze or tented boxers of the young man.

And an emergency it was; Jack was barely conscious, he had a burning fever - 104 F - and just the lightest touch to his abdomen made him scream in agony. Even if she hadn't been a nurse - and she was, although she was working in geriatrics - Mrs. West was in no doubt what was wrong with her son. "It's appendicitis," she said to George. "We gotta get him to the hospital and quick."

She dialed 911 and explained the situation. Then she got dressed. George, now also dressed, admired the competent, methodical way in which she got everything arranged. She hastily packed a small bag for herself and even remembered to find some clean sheets for George. She gently woke up Lilly and told her what was happening. "I'll try and get hold of Daddy, but it might be difficult. George will look after you." Lilly nodded; she looked frightened.

Mrs. West beckoned in George who was waiting outside Lilly's room. "Are you OK with that George?" she asked. "I know it is a lot to ask when we were supposed to look after you!"

"No, no, that's perfectly all right," George reassured her. "You look after poor Jack. Lilly and I will manage together."

"You'll find my car-keys and some cash on the kitchen bench along with a list of our mobile phone numbers," Mrs. West said. George nodded.

A few moments later the ambulance was there. Just transferring Jack to the stretcher caused him screaming agony. Mrs. West kissed her distraught daughter goodbye and also spontaneously hugged George. It felt good; George couldn't remember when he'd last been hugged by his mother.

Just as spontaneously, George and Lilly were holding hands as the ambulance drove off into the night. They were still standing like that in front of the house after the flashing lights could no longer be seen and the sirens barely be heard. It was a fine, balmy early-summer's night. The air was full of the heady scents of flowering trees and bushes and it was so quiet that night-active insects could be heard. They both drew comfort from touching and were in no hurry to get back in, but finally George pulled himself together. "Better try and get some sleep kiddo," he said and leaned in to give Lilly a brotherly peck on the cheek,

But Lilly had other ideas. She turned her face so the kiss ended up on her lips and she shot her tongue into George's mouth. Moments later they were kissing frantically, grinding against each other. With the greatest reluctance, George ended the kiss. "We got to get some sleep," he said.

Lilly nodded, but she was still holding on to George. "Can you sleep with that?" she asked, running her hand over the tent in George's jeans.

"I'll try," George eventually said, pulling himself away with an effort. "When you mother asked me to look after you, I'm sure she meant something quite innocent."

"True," Lilly giggled and went indoors.

George followed her in and returned to Jack's room. Sometimes it's a pain being a gentleman!

It wasn't so much the discomfort of a hard-on as the smell in Jack's room that kept George from sleeping. Despite removing all the soiled bedding and opening the windows wide, the odor was so bad George nearly gagged. He traced the source to the two mattresses and decided he had to take quick action or they would be permanently ruined. Having been a frequent guest in the West household since kindergarten, he knew the house fairly well, but he had no idea where to find cleaning agents. There was nothing for it; he had to ask Lilly for help.

"Lilly," George said in a low voice as he tapped her door gently. "Are you asleep?"

"No, I couldn't sleep," Lilly replied.

"I wonder if you could help me," George said as he came into her room.

"What's the matter?" Lilly asked.

"Well, poor Jack spewed all over his bed and mine," George started. "The whole room stinks - it must have gotten into the mattresses."

By 'it', George meant Jack's vomit, but he didn't want to say that. "His and mine," George added by way of explanation.

"Yuck! Did he puke all over you?" Lilly asked in horror.

"Thank God no," George said and explained how his attempt to escape Jack's snoring had saved him from that indignity.

"That's a mercy, but what do you want to do?" Lilly asked.

"Well, if you have some Clorox I could rinse the mattresses and get rid of the smell," George said.

"I think we do," Lilly said and walked out to the laundry room. "Here it is," she said triumphantly when she located the bleach. "Where are the mattresses?"

"I actually chucked them out of Jack's window," George said with a grin. "They shouldn't stay in the house any longer, and this stuff is better used outdoors anyway even if you dilute it."

"You go ahead," Lilly said. "I'll put all the stinky sheets in to wash - they will not improve with storing, and Mom will have enough on her hands when she gets back."

"That's a good idea; do that," George said, made up the bleach solution and went outside to work on the mattresses.

"Is there anything else I can do?" Lilly said when she joined George in the garden a little while later, kneeling close to him and allowing him an enticing view of her charms.

"I must be insane sending this vision away," George chuckled, "but it would be a good idea to wipe the floor in Jack's room with a weak solution of this stuff too."

"Will do," Lilly said. "It is actually fun 'playing house' with you this way," she added and kissed George as she got up.

"It is, isn't it?" George agreed.

They finished roughly at the same time. The evening was still warm; there was no risk of rain so George decided to leave the mattresses outdoors to dry - and told Lilly to leave the windows in Jack's room open to get rid of the last of the odor.

"Where are you going to sleep?" Lilly asked. The spare bed no longer had a mattress.

"Don't know," George admitted. "I was thinking the sofa in the living room, but it may be a bit uncomfortable to actually sleep on." He smiled. "Perhaps you have a better idea?" He added - there are limits to how much of a gentleman you can expect a 16 year old to be.

"A much better idea," Lilly said. She took George by the hand and dragged him off to her room. His pillow - the only thing to escape Jack's 'outburst' was already in her bed. "It will be a tight fit, but I'll do my best to make it comfortable," she said in a tone of voice that sent a massive amount of blood to George's groin.

"And it may be a little warm..." she continued as she took off her tee-shirt in one smooth movement.

"I don't think that will cool me down, but I'm not complaining!" George said as he openly admired Lilly's gorgeous boobs. "Not - at - all!"

They met in a close embrace and almost fell into bed. They were frantically kissing and touching all over. Within moments they were naked. George kissed Lilly's face, then moved down and suckled her nipples. She was moaning loudly, straining to reach and touch George's dick. George moved back up again to give her better access. They resumed kissing. They were lying on their sides and George lifted up Lilly's leg to rest on his knee to gain access to her crotch. He ran a finger down the length of her pussy, eliciting another loud moan from Lilly and a firmer grip on his dick. "Gently!" George said. Just move your hand up and down gently."

"OK", Lilly said. "I've never done this before, so tell me what feels good."

"Me neither," George admitted, "so you have to tell me what you like too."

"That feels just fiiiiiine" Lilly gasped as George's exploration found her clit. "Yessss. Right there! Keep going!!!"

He did, circling her hard little knob with two fingers. She was moaning louder and louder and at the same time speeding up her caress of his dick.

They came at the same time, Lilly with a loud scream, George with a grunt and four or five powerful jets of semen that - mercifully - missed Lilly's pussy, landing on her stomach and her breasts instead. The last strong spurt shot all the way up to Lilly's head, leaving a streak stretching from her forehead, down her nose and over her lips to her chin.

"Was that fun!" she laughed and experimentally sampled the liquid on her lips with a long slow lick. "Not too bad, actually" she said.

George's dick, which had only gotten partly soft after the ejaculation, stiffened at the erotic sight. Lilly saw it rise to full hardness and her eyes widened. "George," she whispered, "I want to do it for real - I want it in me."

"Not without a condom," George said. There were definite limits to his recklessness, enhanced by the realization that he really loved this girl. He would love to make love to her, but he cared too much for her to subject her to the risk of pregnancy at 14.

"I can't get pregnant the first time, can I?" Lilly asked, clearly vulnerable to teenage urban myths.

"Oh yes you can," George replied. "And many girls do because they think they can't, or because they think they're safe."

George's parents had never talked to him about such things and the school district was controlled by the loony right, so Sex Ed was essentially just embarrassed teachers preaching the 'gift of abstinence'. But Mr. West, during the long drive back from a game in a neighboring town, had given Jack and George a very good version of 'the talk'. George particularly remembered Mr. West's reply to Jack's question about 'safe times.' "Boys," he had said, "the only time a girl is 'safe' is when she is already pregnant." They had all laughed, but the message stuck.

Lilly's face fell. "Where do we get hold of condoms at two in the morning?" she asked.

"From Jack's room," George replied with a grin. "Your dad made sure Jack has them for the day he needs them, and I know where he hides them from your mom."

George found the condoms and also brought back a warm wash cloth and a towel. If he spent an inordinate time cleaning up Lilly's breast, she wasn't complaining. Lilly in return cleaned George's dick very carefully. She wasn't ready to use her mouth for that yet, but she wasn't completely adverse to the idea of sucking him off some time either.

They unwrapped a condom and rolled it onto George's iron bar dick together under much giggling. And suddenly it was time. "I'm told this may hurt the first time", George said, "and you may also bleed a little." He held up the towel and Lilly, who understood what he meant at once, lifted her bottom to let him put the towel under her. He lined up his dick at the entrance to her soaking wet vagina and looked into her clear blue eyes. He saw no fear, only trust. Lilly, in return saw only love, not lust, in his equally blue eyes. She felt so happy this was happening. She felt so happy it was with George.

It did hurt, but only a little bit and not for long. George stayed very still once he was completely inside her and as the brief pain in Lilly's pussy subsided, it was replaced by the exciting sensation of being filled, of being possessed, of being loved in an adult way.

It was Lilly that initiated the actual fucking. She started to move her pelvis and squeeze the hard dick inside her to show that she was ready. George eagerly responded, establishing a fast rhythm. Every time he bottomed out in her, their pubic mounds met, stimulating her clit and sending electric shocks to her womb and her brain. Since neither of them had tried this before, they had a lot to learn. Once or twice their movements got out of sync causing George's dick to get all the way out. But they just giggled, realigned and kept going. And after a while they moved perfectly together. Because he had come so recently from her hand-job, and because the condom did reduce the stimulation of his dick, she was in the midst of her third orgasm before she felt him go rigid and felt his dick jerk in a different way.

She knew he had come. As they were lying very still and very close with his dick as deeply inside her as it could get, she felt a fleeting regret that he had insisted on the condom. At that moment she felt so loved and possessed by him that she would gladly have borne his baby. But only fleetingly. As he carefully held on to the condom to avoid it sliding off his now softening dick when he pulled out of her, she was glad of his care and concern for her. She realized that nature plays tricks on you when you're young and horny and fertile and in love. Had she let him come in her unprotected she would now have been in a panic and full of regrets - getting pregnant at 14 would be a very a poor idea.

But having sex at 14 with someone like George, no with precisely George - and safe sex at that in all the meanings of the word 'safe', that she would never regret. On this night she had no idea what the future would bring, but they say everybody remembers their first time and Lilly knew for sure she would remember hers with fondness.

There was a tiny amount of blood as George had predicted. He went to dispose of the condom and wash himself and returned with a fresh warm cloth. He cleaned Lilly's pussy up very gently, switched off the light and pulled her in close.

Sleep eluded them - the adrenalin high of what they had just experienced and the sensation of lying closely together naked reignited the passion. George was rock hard again and Lilly started playing with him. He wanted to reciprocate but Lilly stopped him. "I'm just a little bit sore," she said.

"Poor darling!" George said. "Shall I kiss it better?"

"Would you?" Lilly asked eagerly. A class mate of hers had talked about being licked. While most of the other girls had been grossed out by the notion, or at least pretended to be so, Lilly had found the idea exciting. And she knew she was very clean; George himself had just taken care of that.

"I'd love to!" George said and moment later his head was between her legs. Lilly's blond pubic hair was fairly sparse and she trimmed it too, so George's tongue had unimpeded access to her pussy lips and her clit. And how! He had asked her to guide him, but there was no need - alternating between licking the length of her pussy and almost sucking her clit had her at an orgasmic plateau after just a few minutes. And he just carried on and on and on. Lilly had a 7 minute continuous orgasm; in the end she had to beg him to stop and she was like a limp rag doll afterwards: Before she could even think of returning the favor, she was overwhelmed with fatigue. "Thank you George, I love you!" she mumbled, rolled over and was fast asleep. George, more than a little pleased with himself, was resigned to having to 'wait his turn' until later.

As he drifted off he took stock. It had been his plan to lose his virginity this weekend - and that had now happened. But instead of it happening with someone who didn't want it, someone he would have had to get drunk to get to, well rape, actually, he was lying here in post-coital bliss with someone who really wanted him, someone who said she loved him and whom he loved back. A pity that it had only come about because Jack got ill, but he had no regrets. None whatever. And he felt pretty certain Lilly wouldn't have any either. He drifted off.

George woke up to the sensation of having his dick licked. He got up on his elbows, looking down at the erotic sight of Lilly's mouth sliding up and down over his dick. She looked up at him with a smile and let go of his dick briefly. "Good morning!" she chirped. "I reckoned it was your turn!" She then engulfed his dick in her mouth again and continued slurping, kissing and sucking.

It didn't take long before George felt the tell-tale tingle that precedes an orgasm. "Lilly," he croaked. "I'm gonna come!"

She just looked at him with a grin and continued. Seconds later he erupted, but Lilly just swallowed it all and carried on sucking.

He had to stop her. "Thank you, sweetheart, that was wonderful," he gasped, "but no more now!"

"Did I do OK?" she asked. Not that she could be in much doubt from his body language, but it is nice to be told.

"You were sensational!" George gushed. "It felt so good."

"Goody," Lilly said and crawled up into George's inviting arms. They kissed, then snuggled up closely and might have drifted off when Lilly's phone started to ring. She got out of bed to get it. "It's Mom calling," she said when she picked it up and saw the display.

"Hiya Mom, how goes?" she said cheerfully. "How's Jack doing?"

George watched as Lilly's happy face quickly turned concerned. She didn't say much while listening to her mother. Mainly things like "Oh", "Aha", and "What's peritonitis?"

George looked up sharply. That word he knew, and it didn't bode well. Lilly was crying now and George came over to hold her. He took the phone out of her hand. "Mrs. West, this is George. Did I understand right that Jack has peritonitis?"

"Yes George," Mrs. West replied. "His appendix had ruptured. They operated on him for hours and he is in intensive care now - they can't get his fever to go down."

George could hear Mrs. West was close to crying. "That's terrible," George said - he didn't know what else to say.

"I had no idea he was that ill; he should have told me he was in so much pain," she sobbed.

"That's just Jack for you," George said soothingly. "Remember when he broke his arm playing football and still rode his bike home?"

Mrs. West sniffled. "Yes, I suppose..."

"Besides," George added, "he wasn't all that sick in the afternoon, or he couldn't have gone swimming."

"True," Mrs. West said, "but listen, I will have to stay with Jack. I cannot leave him."

"Of course you can't," George agreed. "Don't worry - Lilly and I will be fine. Have you managed to get hold of Mr. West?"

"No I haven't," Mrs. West almost wailed. "His phone is off, or perhaps there is no coverage where they are."

"Listen," George said. "Lilly and I will try to get hold of him. You concentrate on Jack, OK?"

"Oh thank you, George," Mrs. West sobbed. "Are you sure you'll be OK looking after Lilly?"

"Absolutely," George said with sincerity. "We've known each other always, remember?"

He nearly said 'known and loved', and Mrs. West had a similar thought. "I know George. She adores you - you've always been so sweet to her. I am so happy she can be with you when something like this happens."

Lilly hadn't heard what her mother said, but when she grabbed back the phone she confirmed the sentiment. "Don't worry Mom. There is no-one in the world I would rather be with than George."

She put the phone away. They kissed. "Let's get some breakfast - I'm starving," George eventually said.

"Should we get dressed first?" Lilly asked - they were both still stark naked.

"Not for my sake," George said with a grin, deciding that Lilly needed some cheering up,

It worked. "Fine!" Lilly said with a glint in her eyes. "If you spill anything on yourself I'll just lick it off."

That idea made George's erection return with a vengeance. "As far as I'm concerned, the only things I want to wear today are condoms!"

By and large that's what happened. They showered after breakfast, swam naked in the pool and ended up fucking outside three times - fortunately the West's garden was very private.

They decided to make some late lunch. Lilly deliberately spilled mayo on George's dick which she then licked off. Moments later they were fucking again.

Midafternoon, Mrs. West rang to say that there were signs Jack was finally responding to the antibiotics, but he was still in intensive care. George reported that they hadn't been able to get in touch with Mr. West despite having tried every hour, but they would just keep on trying.

"Keep trying what?" Lilly said. She knelt down and licked George to full hardness. They had remade the guest bed in the guest room now that the mattress was clean, dry and odorless, and they decided that the bed had to look like it had been slept in. Half an hour later it did.

"We gotta do some shopping," George said as their breathing returned to normal.

"Do you want to buy more mayo?" Lilly asked with a grin.

"Yes, that too," George grinned back. "No, we really need more condoms. There are only two of Jack's left."

They got dressed and drove into town. George had only had his license for a few months and was petrified that he would wreck Mrs. West's car. Lilly rubbing his groin didn't make concentrating on traffic any easier, but they got to the stores safely and stocked up on what they needed.

The drug store was last. "Won't it be embarrassing buying condoms?" Lilly asked.

"Wouldn't it be more embarrassing walking around with a huge pregnant belly?" George countered.

"Good point!" Lilly conceded and walked into the store with George hand in hand.

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