Connor's Training Day

by fertile_kitty

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Science Fiction Sex Story: Connor undergoes his first semen collection session at the breeding colony

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Science Fiction   Post Apocalypse   Cream Pie   Teacher/Student   .

"One ... Two ... Three ... Four..."

Connor's chest strained once again in the sparsely populated Exercise Room. The boy puffed as he pushed the metal bar, the last rep he had to do, and the last exercise in his circuit for the day. The metal holder clanged as he dropped the heavy bar onto it, and Connor gasped for breath on the bench. Tired, but elated, he gave himself a moment to recover as sweat soaked the bench under him. His muscles ached, but at least he was done.

"Good, you're done for the day" said the weight room trainer as he helped Connor off the bench.

The Exercise Room was more than simply recreational though. All breeders were placed on strict exercise programs with severe consequences for those who did not adhere to them. Even trainees such as Connor had very strict diet and exercise regimens which had been tailored for their bodies and were to be followed without any objection. The exercise regimens were designed to complement the artificial hormone and steroid injections that breeders received and placed an extra emphasis on the muscle groups used most in love-making. That meant less bicep curls and more lower body work to strengthen the glutes, thighs, and core.

Connor had been one of those rare boys who had been sent to the Eden Repopulation Institute after his semen counts were found to be "above board" (the informal term used to signify breeder potential) during a routine screening at his school. Because of solar radiation from neglect of the ozone layer, fertility rates had fallen dramatically and sterility became commonplace. Because their genitals rested outside the body and thus were more vulnerable to environmental radiation, nearly the entire male general population became statistically sterile. The situation was only moderately better for women.

After further tests, Connor's was deemed as "breeder potential" and he officially joined the extremely small segment of the population that were deemed to be "rehabitable to fertility". The government would ship him off to the Eden Repopulation Institute and he would be given intense chemical and physical conditioning to bring his fertility levels back up to the levels of a normal healthy male. Once his fertility levels reached a point where his sperm could realistically survive to fertilize an egg inside the hostile environment of a womb, he would be put to work inseminating hundreds of fertile women that were shipped in yearly in hopes that some of them would conceive.

As Connor lifted himself from the bench and grabbed a towel to wipe off his sweaty body, the wall intercom crackled to life. A voice from one of the administrators boomed into the exercise room as Connor dried his sweaty hair.

"Attention Trainee 3833. Please report immediately to your designated Instructor."

Connor stopped rubbing his hair and glared up at the wall from which the announcement was coming from. "What?" he said, "But I am not scheduled to be there until-"

"Trainee 3833 will undergo a mandatory Progress Report, as per the request of his designated Instructor."

"Progress report? Now? But I just had one a few days-"

"Trainee 3833, please report immediately to your designated instructor without any further verbal delays." The intercom shut off before Connor could respond.

Connor sighed, frustrated and tired but unable to argue with the voice. He draped the towel over his bare shoulder and left the sparsely-populated gym in his loose green shorts, annoyed that his Progress Report was bumped forward to today, of all days.

The halls of the Colony milled with activity, as was usual for place. Scientists looking at lab reports while they walked to and from offices, trainers jogging circuits around some of the massive structures, enjoying the scenery over the dull environment of a treadmill. Administrators, talking on the phone about this problem or that problem to government officials while to and from their way from lunch. Muscular breeders, milling around in their bathrobes and slippers, waiting for their next session of group sex. And young women everywhere, coming too and from their insemination sessions.

Connor passed the halls of closed door suites which housed breeding chambers. It was much like walking through a hotel, except that the suites were fully stocked with lubricant, toys and furniture for sex. It was a given that every couple going into a suite would not come back out until the insemination had been completed.

As Connor walked by each closed door, he tried to imagine what was going on at that moment inside. Although the rooms had been especially fitted with sound proofing equipment to ensure intimacy for each couple, he had seen enough CCTV chamber footage during his training sessions to have no illusions about what really went on between the sheets when a breeder and his breedee were left alone. By chance, as he passed by one of the suites he was able to peer in as the door had been left ajar. A young girl had just had her bathrobe robe removed and was standing naked, laughing nervously as she backed herself onto the foot of the bed from the slow advance of 4 breeders who had also taken off their robes, some already showing signs of erection as they knew what was about to come.

Connor breathed hard, he thought was used to all this by now, though the first few weeks of watching girls nervously scampering down the halls clad only in a silky smock and the Breeders following like a pack of wolves behind were very hard to believe as 'normal'. Life here was so different from the life he knew before.

A group of girls burst out laughing far down the hall and one of the breeders inside the suite turned around and noticed that the door had been left open, Connor staring through it. Connor saw him walk over naked, grinning as he closed the door and put an end to the inadvertant voyeur session. Connor felt himself start to become erect as envy got the better of his emotions. Group sex sessions with one female and many males were a technique rapidly being adopted among breeding institutes worldwide as new scientific researched re-confirmed that male spermcounts rose when a male sensed potential challenge or competition from other males during intercourse. It also tended to produce a healthier baby as sperm competition increased within her womb.

Continuing on, Connor rounded the corner and found the Testing Room – reserved under his instructor, Miss Elaina Keelin. She was waiting for Connor right outside the door, arms crossed over a silky purple robe and leaning against the wall with a data slate cradled in her arm.

"You're late, Connor," Elaina announced without looking up from her slate.

Connor hung his head, "Um, I'm sorry Miss Keelin..."

"Do you enjoy doddling about in the Exercise Room and keeping your Instructor waiting?"

"N-no Ma'am, I was just ... uh ... a little distracted today."

Elaine looked up again at Connor, "Looks like my Trainee is pretty eager too..." She grinned at Connor's tented shorts, and Connor felt his face get hot. He didn't try to hide it though – his Instructor trained that impulse out of him within the first week.

"Come along then, Connor..." She waved her hand over the recognition pad and the door to Training Pod #65 slid open silently. She stepped up the short steps, and Connor followed behind.

Connor couldn't help but notice Miss Keelin's hips, the way they swayed to and fro under her silky robe – it barely covered her nicely rounded ass and showed her long toned legs walking so perfectly. In her early thirties, Miss Keelin like most Instructors at the Colony was a prime specimen to behold. Peak of her sexuality and fitness, she was offered a position on the Colony staff to teach the Trainees proper technique and form despite her 'standard-population fertility' – near sterility, as was the norm amongst the civilian population. He wondered how she had gotten here. Many women tended to come from the commercial sex industry and there were always rumors about the illicit things some women did to secure themselves such a relatively cushy government job.

Despite the monikor of 'standard-fertility', the sheer amount of fully unprotected sex one had at the Colony meant that pregnancy could never be fully taken out of the question. Connor's last Instructor liked to 'train' with groups of Initiates very frequently, her sessions well documented and encouraged by the Colony staff for the idle Initiate Breeders. Conner remembered her during his tutoring sometimes glistening with more than just sweat. A few months later she found herself pregnant, much to the Colony's surprise and glee. Connor would watch her belly grow rounder and rounder for the next six months before his assigned instructor was changed to Miss Keelin just a few weeks ago.

Connor couldn't keep his eyes off Miss Keelin's ass ... He knew she enjoyed being a tease, and today was no different.

"I know this is a bit different from our normal room, but I was quite sure you would enjoy the decorations..." She stopped and leaned to one side, arm still cradling her data slate and her hand on her hip. Connor had to tear his eyes away from her body to the room around him.

It was mostly empty, none of the standard training equipment in sight. Instead, the Training Room was bare, the usually bright lights of the room brought down to a softer glow, the soft-padded floor held none of the carpets or cabinets or furniture that lent it the usual hotel-like atmosphere. The broad wall screen before them, used by Miss Keelin to show various breeder techniques and demonstrations, was dim, waiting for a command.

Connor looked around finally, not used to the somewhat familiar domicile transformed into an almost clinical pod. "Where is everything, Miss Keelin?"

"To remove all distractions from your upcoming test, as well as to see how well you respond to a different environment ... You'll be encountering quite a few as a Breeder." She turned and smiled at him, that knowing half-smirk that crossed her lips whenever she tended to hint at something Connor knew nothing about. A month of it and still it made Connor's heart pound in his chest.

Before Connor's face could get red or his eyes start to wander about her body again, Miss Keelin turned back towards the wall. "Jenny," she said, and the wall flickered to life in a bluish light.

"Yes, Instructor Keelin?" Another computerize female voice responded, the sound seeming to come from the room itself just like in the Exercise Room.

"ETA of Request Number 06-54-0965."

"Estimated time of arrival is twenty-two seconds, Instructor." The bright numbers appeared on the screen, but didn't help Connor understand any better of his alluring teacher's intentions.

"Umm, what's on its way, Miss Keelin?"

"Its a new device that we've gotten from Japan that we've been testing the last few weeks with our Alphas," she replied, tapping on her data-slate as various statistics and number sheets appeared on the wall screen. It took her a moment to realize Connor was still staring blankly at her.

"It's a device used for semen extractions, it will work just fine for our purposes..." Another smirk as a page entitled "Trainee 3833 Profile" appeared on the room's far wallscreen. Connor's picture appeared with tons of statistical data. Height: Weight: Blood Type: Eye Color: etc. Connor saw those stats all the time after workouts, and Miss Keelin wasn't giving up any hints by tapping on her data slate with her back to him.

Connor heard the mechanical hiss of the door accompanied by the sound of footsteps. Miss Keelin, not looking up from the slate nestled in her arm, nonetheless waved the assistant nurse along towards the middle of the room. The nurse wore the standard-issue dressings a standard white medical uniform made from cotton that ran her full body from her neck down to her toes. Her hair had been piled high and Despite the professional, sex-less outfits, Connor liked what the nurses wore.

"Is that the device?" Connor pointed.

"Very good, Connor!" Miss Keelin said, "You can observe that Mounts can be different than sexy staff members!" She giggled to herself as Connor's face went red again. He thought about arguing for a moment, but she spoke to the nurse instead.

"See why he always gets top marks? Smarter than most of the Breeders here already..." The nurse gave her a sweetly trained smile and nod, and then transported the covered Mount to the center of the room.

Connor looked with facination at the device. It resembled a gymnasts mount, long and rectangularly shaped but with a one end moulded in the shape of a woman's rear, her legs tucked in doggy style in anticipation of being penetrated. Connor walked forward and touched the flesh colored device in fascination and was amazed to discover that it was warm to the touch. The material felt surprisingly similar to skin, although there was no mistaking that it was made out of some sort of silicone based derivative. There were even inlaid grips in the front for him to hold on while he mounted "her" and proceeded to give his deposit. The entire thing whirled with a low hum and was constantly streaming information wirelessly to the tablet PC which the nurse was holding in her lap at the side of the room.

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