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Fantasy Sex Story: Pre high school teen girl fantasizes - gets raped and impregnated by her older brother.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Rape   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Pregnancy   Spitting   .

Susan kept a diary like many teens her age. But she was the type of person who could remember something from just simple keywords, so her diary didn't read like prose - at least, not to an outsider. But since it was HER diary, it was already supposed to be totally private.

Susan's parents trusted her and never displayed any inkling towards eavesdropping or snooping, so there was only Ted (her brother) for her to worry about intrusive behavior. But Ted was now a junior in high school ... and full of himself (some nights, literally).

One night during Ted's jacking sessions, Susan finally had her own urges that needed to be satisfied. She was thirteen and in junior high at the time, and when she took a hot bath and violated herself (to avoid the same pain when she loses her virginity to a male) she began writing about her sexual urges in her diary.

It only took a few days for Susan's mom to understand that her daughter was going through menarche, and with that, she would become fertile and need "the talk". Her mom scheduled an appointment with her gynecologist and ordered Susan to accompany her.

When Susan fought the idea forcefully, her mom understood the possible reasons and reminded her daughter that she would allow what was said between Susan and the doctor to remain between them only, and that calmed her daughter down.

Naturally, the doctor discovered immediately why Susan fought the idea and asked her how sexually active she intended to remain.

When Susan told him that her cherry was taken artificially and that she had never yet had sex, he didn't entirely believe her, but he didn't pry about it. Susan was relieved enough to make him her gynecologist and see him periodically, no pun intended.

Upon her last visit before summer vacation, Susan's doctor warned her that she was so petite (her pelvis was extremely small) that she dare not have any babies yet, or they would need to be delivered by Caesarean section; but that hopefully, she would grow to be of normal pelvic formation by the time she graduated high school.

Susan didn't like that scenario, but since she still had no boyfriends to fend off because she still looked immature enough not to be sexually active, she shrugged off the concept.

But she wrote it in her diary this way: "The gynecologist says I can't have any babies yet."

About a month later, Susan's brother Ted got hold of her diary while she was out. It turns out that he was moving up to new fantasies during his jacking sessions, and his first idea was jacking into a pair of Susan's panties, but while going through her dresser drawer, he discovered the journal of her inner thoughts.

Ted was miffed to discover that his little sister never had any thoughts of sex with HIM, not even as a fantasy, although she did mention three other boys in her class, indicating that her fantasy was to lose her virginity to one of them. But he DID read the line that Susan couldn't have kids yet, and he "knew" the window on that would be closing real soon.

Ted decided that the moment Susan had her next masturbation episode, it would end up with him!

It was perfect (for a rapist brother) because their parents were out for a Saturday night and Susan locked herself in her room.

Ted had a plan...

Not ten minutes later, Susan heard her brother moaning in agony as if he was wounded. She ran to Ted's room and found him lying on his back with his dick in his hand, coming down from the throes of orgasm. But when he spotted her, he never tried to cover up. He actually smiled and asked her to join him.

Susan turned and walked back to her room, soon being chased by this comically naked brother of hers with his dick flopping in the air, who overtook her at her doorway and grabbed at her nearest wrist.

He inhaled her fingers and shouted, "I can smell where they've been sis, so don't play the prude with me!"

Continuing, Ted said, "Y'know - we can each do each other. It feels better when someone else does it for you. (How would he know?)

Susan tried to push her brother out the door and lock it, but he overpowered her and she was topless in a heartbeat. Then, the fighting began.

Susan felt her smallish breasts being manhandled (more like boyhandled) but she really started kicking when she felt her belt being undone and her brother was trying desperately to strip her as naked as he was.

Susan kept repeating, "Don't do this. I'm your sister. We can't. Not this, Ted."

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