At College With Suzy

by hotwetnshaved

Copyright© 2011 by hotwetnshaved

Sex Story: My first day at college and i meet the lovely Suzy

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   .

I was nervous as I looked at the board telling us who was roomed with who, it was our first day at college and we were all looking forward to the life of a student.

I'd never been away from home before except on holiday or at boarding school, so it was with some trepidation that I followed the signs to room E2, the one I'd been allocated along with someone called Suzy Nicholls.

I followed a lovely blonde girl upstairs trying not to look at her sexy little backside swaying beneath the tight, white jeans, but by the time we reached the top my pussy was soaking.

The room was the first one on the left at the top of the stairs and I nearly bumped into the blonde as she stopped at it to fumble for her key,

"You must be Suzy" I said and she laughed as we shook hands, "Yes so that makes you Jane, right?"

"Right" I laughed and we entered the room together, there was a living room, a bedroom with two single beds, a small shower room with a toilet and a very small kitchenette, typical student accommodation and I loved it, Suzy did too and we quickly decided who was having which bed and whose personal belongings were going where.

It was late afternoon before we were settled and she suggested going down to the student union bar for a bite to eat, the place was mobbed with a long queue at the bar so we went off campus to the nearest pub where we were served straight away and sat down with our drinks whilst waiting for our meals.

"There's something I need to get out of the way" she said suddenly, "We're going to be living together so it's only fair that I'm honest"

"OK" I said, "Sounds fair"

"I'm gay" she took a deep swig of her drink and looked at me defiantly,

"So am I" I smiled, but she shook her head,

"There's no need to be nice" she said, "I'm not going to say sorry, I'm gay so if you want to get another flatmate that's ok"

"You're not listening are you?"

"I heard what you said, you said you're gay but you're not are you?"

"Take me to bed and find out for yourself"

The waitress brought our meals then and we tucked in with relish, she looked at me over her fork and smiled,

"Are you really gay?"

"Really" I confirmed, "I was kicked out of boarding school when they caught me in bed with my form mistress"

"Boarding school?" she raised her eyebrows,

"Yeah mum and dad are loaded"

"Wow, what was she like, your form mistress?"

"Kinky" I laughed, "I thought I loved her"

"And did you?"

"I certainly loved her when she was eating me"

"What happened to her?"

"Nothing, well only the sack of course, they hushed it up and daddy made a rather large contribution to school funds"

"Have you seen her since?"

"God no" I said vehemently, "She's the past, I'm young, free and single and until I meet the right girl, that's how I'm going to stay"

"Yeah me too"

"What about you?" I asked and she shrugged, "I hadn't really had anything to do with girls, sexually that is, until a boy I was with took me to a party, two girls were getting it on in the middle of the floor, they weren't butch or anything like that, in fact they were both gorgeous, it really turned me on, my fella got wasted and started on at me 'cos I told him how much I'd enjoyed watching them, he called me a fucking dyke and told me to fuck off, I ran upstairs into a bedroom and sat there crying, then the two girls came in and sat with me telling me he was a prat and that he was probably a closet gay himself"

"Poor Suzy" I said softly and laid a hand on top of hers, she made no move to pull away.

"They started kissing me and the next thing I knew one of them was taking my panties off, I lay there and let it happen, it was the most beautiful thing I'd ever known, I came like a fucking train"

"Wow" I exclaimed, "Two girls at once, it must have been mind blowing"

"It was" she grinned, "I've not been with a boy since"

I realized that she had turned her hand over and was now holding mine,

"The real hardcore lesbians look down on people like me 'cos I wear skirts and I like girly things, sexy underwear and everything feminine"

"I haven't got one pair of Doc Martens either I laughed, "I'm a girl and I love it, I like everything feminine too and I know I'd die without make up or an hour at the hairdressers"

"Let's get a bottle and talk some more at our place" she said and I agreed,

"Yeah, sounds like a good idea"

She slipped an arm through mine as we walked in search of an off license, it was remarkable, in less than an hour we'd become friends, there was nothing overtly sexual, we just liked each other.

We got the booze and went back to our little flat eager to find out more about each other,

"Have you ever been with a boy?" she asked as we settled on the couch with our drinks,

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