by Olderneighbor

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Erotica Sex Story: A very cute next-door neigbor. And so naughty!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   First   Slow   .

"Hi, I am new to the neighborhood and thought I would come and introduce myself," the pretty girl announced as soon as I had opened the door.

"My name is Jessica and I live just next door there with my father."

At the time I did not have a screen door so could clearly see this young girl as she could see me, a man in my mid-forties. "Well, hello, very nice to meet you. My name is Steve and I live here with my son. I'd call him to meet you, but he's in the shower."

"That's okay, Steve," she replied. "I just wanted to meet the neighbors. And there is Daddy, I see, just driving up." I glanced to her driveway and saw the van with something written on the side, a locksmith service. "Why don't you come and meet him?"

Jessica went inside her own house under a seemingly stern look from her father, as I introduced myself. We stood in the drive and chatted awhile. Seems he was recently divorced and had Jessica now because her mother was having a tough enough time in Colorado without having to deal with her, too. "She's only fifteen, but wants to be eighteen already, I'm afraid," he added.

I told him of my being a single father as well, so understood at least a little of what he was talking about. It so happened my son was also fifteen at the time. I did not tell him that I was glad that he was the one with the girl.

Over the coming months, we conversed casually and Jessica said her hellos and such. I mentioned her to my son once, wondering if he had gotten to know her. He just said that yes, they had talked, but indicated that she had found a crowd of friends quite different from his group. I sort of thought too bad because she was so cute and at least seemed nice.

Soon summer had arrived and my son went off to be with his mother for a month or two. Being a teacher, I sometimes worked summer school, but this summer I decided to take off. I had some money saved for when he came back so we could still take a vacation.

So I pretty much just took care of the lawn and house, and did a lot of reading as well. I would awake rather early every day to try to get the outside done before the scorching heat arrived. I also liked to open up the windows to let a cool breeze flow through to delay having to turn on the air conditioner. Damn, the bill was expensive in summer. My vaulted ceilings were nice, but were certainly not conducive to either efficient cooling or heating.

It was one of those mornings when I was opening the window facing the neighbor's house when I caught Jessica at her bedroom window. She was smoking a cigarette and blowing it out the window as best she could. I smiled when she looked up to see me, whereas she immediately got a panicked look on her face and quickly put the cigarette out and disappeared.

Soon I heard a knock on my door. As soon as I opened it, Jessica blurted out, "Please don't tell my father I was smoking. He would kill me. Or worse, he would send me back to my mother. Please, please, Steve," she begged.

"Calm down, Jessica, calm down. I wasn't even giving it a second thought. You are a little rascal, though, aren't you? I'll tell you what. Since I smoke too, I will let you come over here any time you want and light up. That way I will be your partner in crime."

That was certainly possible mistake number one. What on earth was I thinking? Here I was, a teacher, and I was offering a fifteen year-old girl my house to smoke in? Looking back on it now, of course, I feel lucky.

Her reaction then also took me aback. She absolutely beamed with delight, "Oh, wow, if you're sure, I'll be right back." Well, by now I thought I wasn't so sure, but she did not give me time to express any misgivings. She was gone in an instant.

Her return was not as soon as she implied, so I left the door open and went to sit and have a smoke. She almost scared me when she did rush in, closing the door behind her, then moving to my couch. I had forgotten to get another ashtray for there, so I got up to get one.

Placing it now in front of her, I now also noticed the reason for her delay. She had changed her top to one that was a little more revealing than the one she had on earlier. Leaning down to place the ashtray, I could see she had some quite an attractive space between her tiny boobs and was not wearing a bra, as I could tell by the tiny pokes against her top.

I guess Jessica may have caught my glance, because she referred to her apparel now, "My father hates when I dress like this. Sometimes he catches me wearing my sexier clothes when he comes home during the day for a break. Maybe you've heard the yelling?"

"To tell you the truth, Jessica, I have heard a little lately. You do seem to want your own way. I guess in your defense, however, I don't see that you are wearing anything any different than most girls your age wear." I did not mention her butt looked better, though.

She smoked three cigarettes rather quickly as I listened to her complain more about her father, once in awhile her mother too. Then, just as quickly as she had entered, she excused herself. "I better go, Steve. I can't imagine what conclusion my father would make if he caught me leaving your house." I had to agree. I was not enthused about the possibility either.

Of course, that did not stop me from making a beeline to my bed, while grabbing a paper towel on the way. I beat off thinking about squeezing her bare titties while she sucked my hard cock. When I went to bed that night, I beat off to an image of her riding my cock as I watched her little titties bounce.

The next day, I awoke earlier than usual. In fact it was still dark. But since I was awake, I proceeded with my normal routine of first starting the coffee, then opening the blinds and windows. When I got to the one facing Jessica's bedroom, I giggled slightly, remembering the day before.

"Well, at least now I don't think I will catch her awake smoking at her window," I thought. And that was true. But I was surprised to see her light on, curtains open. And this time the window was wide open, giving me a very clear view of her bedroom.

As I continued my opening the house procedures, I wondered if Jessica and her father were up so early to go somewhere. But when I opened the front door (I had installed a screen door by then, by the way), I saw that his van was not there.

I returned to my window chore with more and more thought to Jessica's light being on so early. Too curious to finish, I decided to kill all the lights in the house and wait to see if she would appear. Maybe they had both left and she had just forgotten to turn off the lights?

"Oh, my god, I'm a peeping tom pervert again," I admonished myself briefly before finding a better view closer to my window and hers. Obviously, I was rather hoping that her father had gotten an early morning call, had awoken her to tell her he had to go, and she had gotten up to take advantage of his absence.

I was soon rewarded. I actually jumped back from the window with surprise as Jessica entered her room wearing only a towel around her. "Wow, she just got out of the shower," I stupidly noted to myself waiting for more. That too was soon rewarded, as the towel came off and she brought it to her hair, giving me a view of her body to her waist. "Damn, she has nice tits!"

I dropped my pajama bottoms.

Okay, they were bigger than I had imagined, but certainly not large. But nice just the same, especially not even twenty feet away from me and with a clear view. Having finished with her hair, the towel went below her waist where I could not see. I swear she looked right at my window as she dried what I assumeed was her pussy. I started beating my cock right there, hoping she could not see of course.

"Fifteen?" I asked myself, "I wonder how much of a bush she could have there already. Or perhaps she shaves it?" She turned around then to look at herself in the mirror. It was a good angle, however, because I could still see her perky boobies. Plus as she approached closer to the mirror, I got a good view of her cute ass. I beat harder.

Unfortunately, I had to back off as she opened her dresser drawer, got something out, turned and headed straight for the window. It was her cigarettes and an ashtray. I lost my hard-on immediately in a sort of panic, pulled up my bottoms, and sneaked into the kitchen.

I awaited there briefly before turning on the light. I poured myself a cup of coffee, pretended to reopen the sliding glass door, then window, and headed to the living room. Jessica's lights were off.

I did some other morning chores, then went to take my shower. Washing my cock brought back memories of Jessica, so I leaned back and jacked off. I actually pretended she had caught me stroking it at her window. I came then without a clear vision of her reaction.

After getting dressed, eating breakfast, and doing a few more chores, I turned on the television and reclined in my chair. I fell asleep soon.

I awoke mid-morning. I decided to awaken myself quicker by going out early to water the lawn. I did have automatic sprinklers set for three times daily, but this was the time of year that certain parts of my lawn needed extra encouragement to stay green. Occasionally I thought how silly to have a lawn in the desert, much like the silliness of vaulted ceilings inside.

So I was lost in thought outside hosing my yard from my driveway when I casually looked down the street. Jessica was several houses away, in the street, carrying her not very small dog in her arms. Then I noticed an absolutely huge animal, a dog too but damn big, trailing her not far behind.

Without much thought, I assessed her possible situation. Jessica's dog, I figured, was female and possibly in heat. Monstrous dog was male and was seeking the heat.

At that point and for some unknown reason, some sort of rescue reflex took effect upon me, and I strode a few steps towards the scene and shouted, well now I can't remember what I shouted, but I do remember it was directed at that huge dog. So maybe, "Go home, you stupid big dog, and maybe some cuss words dog, you!" Thankfully, it had the desired effect, and the dog quickly turned direction and strode off as Jessica arrived at my driveway.

I could see she was shaking as she let her dog down, and I certainly wanted to comfort her in her fright. But frankly, her dog often barked viciously at me behind the fence as I cleared weeds next to it. So I was not about to venture any physical reassurance for her now. Luckily, Jessica sensed it or just came up with the better plan.

"Fuck, I need a cigarette," she gasped. "Let me put Jenny in the yard, then I'll be right back." By the time I had the hose turned off, she was entering my house. She immediately plopped herself onto 'her' spot on my couch and lit up. I quickly retrieved 'her' ashtray.

Seeing that she was still a little shaky, I sat next to her on the couch. She leaned into me and I put my arm around her, "Thank you so much, Steve. I don't want to think what could have happened if you were not outside today," she murmured shakily.

I was thankful she had fallen so close to me, as it now allowed me to view her nipples poking stiffly against her slightly wet t-shirt without her noticing me looking. At the same time, I was hoping she wasn't noticing the bulge my hardening cock was now displaying against my shorts.

I answered her rather shakily myself, though for another reason, "Well, perhaps it was fate, Jessica. I was actually doing my watering a little early today." I mean I don't think I could just up and announce, "You know, Jessica, your t-shirt is dripping wet, and your nipples are poking against it, making me just want to give both of them a pinch."

But just then, Jessica noticed it too (her t-shirt, that is, though perhaps because she noticed my cock?). She stood up immediately, "I'll be right back, Steve."

I was standing near it as Jessica came bounding back wearing a new shirt. It was certainly drier, but I would not call it less sexy. It had spaghetti straps and low-cut enough to show some of her tanned cleavage. Plus her nipples were still visibly poking stiffly against the silky fabric.

"It's a good thing I went home when I did," she announced as she came back in. "Dad called, just telling me he would be home late tonight. He told me I better be good, the asshole. He's probably going to pick up some whore." She saw my somewhat shocked look and added, "Sorry, he just makes me so mad sometimes."

Then she shocked me even more, "Oh, I was going to yell at you, too, Steve, for not telling me about my wet t-shirt. I saw that you enjoyed my unintended show while it lasted, however. In fact, I think you're still liking it." She looked straight at my again hardening crotch. "Maybe you need to change, too, into something a little more comfortable?" she smilingly suggested.

I did take her suggestion and went to my bedroom. I decided on my silky sweat pants and button-down top. And I decided on no underwear. By the time I was back to the living room, my cock was drooping, though still slightly visible against the fabric.

As I stood near the kitchen, I asked what she'd like to drink. She took a soda while I decided I wanted (needed?) a beer. She was disappointed when she saw my beer and complained I had not told her I was having one. I told her that I thought I was already corrupting her enough by letting her come to my house to smoke. I wished I could also push the thought from my mind that she was just a fifteen-year old girl besides, but that one seemed to keep coming back to me.

Sitting beside her again, though not too close, I started small talk, "So how was your adjustment to a new school?" She was not accepting the sitting away from her part and moved next to me, placing my arm around her shoulder again.

Only then did she answer my question, "It was cool. I made new friends, even if they haven't called me during the summer."

"Have you tried calling them?"

"Yes, but most of them tell me about their upcoming vacations or about the boys in their neighborhoods and stuff. I finally got tired of hearing it."

"How do you like California?"

"It would be nicer if I could see it more. But my dad's always busy." This was not going well.

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